Evil Nun 2 Walkthrough Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Escape from Your Unholy Captors

Developed by Keplerians Horror Games, Evil Nun 2 is the innovator to the designer’s previous video game Evil Nun, where you take control of a young kid as he runs away the clutches of the evil Sister Madeline and also her triad of chicken cronies: the rotund Gummy, the muscleMr C, and also the long-neckedRoosto You need to meticulously slip about Eagle’s Junior High School and also discover not just a departure, yet additionally a method to immobilize your captors so they do not disrupt your getaway strategy. You are offered 2 choices to handle the mutant hens and also their master, yet in either case, they need to be managed. You have 3 attempts to get away prior to Sister Madeline places her strategy right into activity.

If you are trying to find some pointers, methods and also approaches to end up the video game asap, after that stick with us and also have a look at our Evil Nun 2 walkthrough overview listed below!

evil nun 2 gameplay

Evil Nun 2 sporting activities 4 trouble settings that mostly impact just how your abductors act throughout gameplay, along with some adjustments guided in the direction of the gamer:

Ghost: your captors do not respond in any way to your existence, not also regaining you must you run into them. However, an advertisement will certainly play every number of mins interfering with gameplay. You can “disable” the advertisements by switching off your phone’s web gain access to prior to beginning the video game Either means, this setting is wonderful for method runs, yet keep in mind that you can still shed the video game with negligence.

Easy: Should they find you, Sister Madeline and also her jerks will certainly chase you down and also capture you if they obtain close. They will certainly additionally check out any kind of dubious seem like gone down products or opened up vents. Getting captured by Gummy will certainly not finish the video game, yet he will certainly pin you down and also compel you to touch the display to get away prior to another person can capture you

Normal: Both your captors’ feeling of hearing and also motion rate are enhanced, and also Gummy will certainly signal Sister Madeline to your existence prior to running in the direction of you

Hard: Your captors’ features go to their highest possible, and also unlike the various other video game settings, you just obtain one life so attempt not to screw up.

evil nun 2 code

In all trouble settings, you begin the video game in a little space beside Sister Madeline’s bed room, with the religious woman and also her hens resting close by. This offers you a little running start for your getaway prior to they awaken so act quickly. You additionally begin with a catch that you can position straight below you, and also any kind of adversary that journeys it is quickly surprised You can view an advertisement prior to beginning a video game to begin with 5 catches, and also if you lack catches, you can view one more advertisement throughout gameplay to obtain 3 even more catches.

The very first point you need to do is meticulously leave your space and also try to find a four-digit code on Sister Madeline’s workdesk. This code is randomized on each playthrough so create it to assist you remember it later on. Next, head back to your space and also most likely to the edge closest to where you began, where you will certainly discover either parts for theEgg Gun Pick it up.

evil nun 2 cages

Once you have the weapon part, most likely to the opposite of your space to discover a secret area situated behind Gummy’s cage. Enter it to discover a little “center” that allows you take a trip to different locations around theSchool This center additionally has the various other part for the Egg Gun and also a workbench to construct it The Egg Gun, real to its name, fires eggs, and also can stand up to 5 eggs each time.

You can refill the Egg Gun by outfitting it and also connecting with a nest atop the secret flow, or by enjoying an advertisement. At initially, you will just have accessibility to the Garden and also the School yet in the future you can open up evictions bring about the Attic and also theChurch You can make use of the center as a “storage room” as you’re shuttling products in between locations.

evil nun 2 hub

Once Sister Madeline gets up, she and also Gummy will certainly patrol all 5 locations of the video game individually, whileMr C and also Roosto protect the primary hall. Sister Madeline and also Gummy will certainly go into and also leave with particular doors in any kind of offered location, which are shown with the expression “You can not go any kind of even more. It’s hazardous.” Stay far from these doors as high as feasible. The 2 fears will certainly break up periodically, yet Gummy will certainly constantly comply with Sister Madeline out of an offered location.

Time your sees to lessen the possibilities of obtaining discovered. There are vents and also crawlspaces spread around each location, yet opening up the vents is loud. While Gummy and also business can not follow you in, Sister Madeline can You can hear their steps as they take a trip so maintain your ears open. As a last resource, you can conceal in choose wardrobes to escape your pursuers, offered they really did not see you enter them. You can leave any time, ideally after you recognize they’re an excellent range far from you.

evil nun 2 vent

From this factor forward, the overview will certainly divide right into 2 areas: Finding an Exit and also Dealing with theChickens There are 2 techniques to handle the hens, depending upon whether you check out the School or the Garden initially, and also products particular to those techniques will just generate when you select to go into. We will certainly leave it approximately you on what technique you choose.

evil nun 2 closet

1. Open Says Me: Finding An Exit

Regardless of what technique you select to quit Sister Madeline and also her group, your primary purpose is to leave Eagle’s Junior High.

evil nun 2 garden

In the Garden, the trapdoor lies behind-the-scenes near to some greenhouses, and also your very first purpose is to shut off power to the 4 greenhouses inside, among which can be opened later on. Each greenhouse has a breaker and also changing them off is shown by the glass reddening.

Once all the greenhouses have actually been powered down, head to the wood shed close by, yet take care as both doors that Sister Madeline and also Gummy make use of to go into are instead close. In the wood shed is a steel rack consisting of a battery, which you’ll require to detach with cord cutters situated someplace in theGarden There are 4 locations where the cord cutters can generate in:

• On a busted wood rack beside the shed;
• In the shed, on a wall-mounted rack beside the battery;
• In a little veggie yard simply outside the shed, hing on the ground; or
• On a feces inside the secured greenhouse.

evil nun 2 battery

Once you have the cord cutters, head to the battery and also make use of the cord cutters to detach the battery. Make certain that you have actually shut off power to all 4 of the greenhouses or else you will certainly surprise on your own and also shed a life After you have actually separated the battery, bring it to the center for later on.

evil nun 2 ruler

In the School, you will certainly show up near a toilet on the very first flooring, and also you need to most likely to the 2nd flooring to discover a busted leader. Keep in mind that of the entrance doors is beside the stairways. The leader can generate on among the educators’ workdesks in the class, or on a rack near to the chalkboard in the chemistry laboratory/Sister Madeline’s class. When you discover the damaged leader, bring it to the center and also transfer to eviction bring about the Attic.

The attic room button is damaged, yet you can make use of the damaged leader as a makeshift bar to access to theAttic Bring the battery with you and also head to theAttic As for the greenhouse in the Garden, keep in mind of whose name is created on the greenhouse door. While you go to the School, try to find the chalkboard whose name matches that on the greenhouse and also inspect the instructor’s workdesk: the trick must be discovered in the workdesk cabinet.

evil nun 2 attic

In the Attic, most likely to the facility of the space that is lined with 2 collections of stairways. The stairways to your left has a crowbar dangling close by, yet disregard that in the meantime. With the battery in hand, climb up the stairways to discover a workdesk with a damaged telescope and also an unpowered button. Connect the battery to the button yet do NOT make use of the button right now. Go back downstairs and also grab the crowbar, and also head back to the center. Use the crowbar on the curved bars bring about the Church to access, yet head back to the School initially.

evil nun 2 telescope

Back in the School, inspect among the class workdesks for a set of glasses, which will certainly just generate in when you have actually linked the battery Normally, the workdesks you can connect with are organized in a rotating style, yet the workdesk you discover the glasses in will certainly not comply with that order, making it simple to see. Pick up the glasses, toss them to the ground, and also grab the lens that bulges of the structure. Bring that lens to the Attic and also utilize it to fix the damaged telescope Once that’s done, you can most likely to the Church.

evil nun 2 church

evil nun 2 lock

When you go into the Church, bear in mind that you’ll require to overturn an air vent to go into, and also among the entrance doors is simply throughout where you begin Make certain the coastline is clear prior to entering theChurch Once you have actually gotten in the Church, head to the church to discover a secured breast at the back The code to open the breast coincides one you discovered on Sister Madeline’s workdesk. Enter the code to open it. Inside the breast is a thigh, and also right here is where you require to act quickly.

evil nun 2 ice cream

On the 2nd flooring of the Church is a home window revealing one more religious woman shoveling it in on ice lotion, that we will certainly label “Sister Sweet- tooth,” and also one more home window with a bell on the windowsill. With the thigh geared up, sound the bell to sidetrack Sister Sweet- tooth and also add to the 2nd flooring Open the upstairs home window and also make use of the thigh to overturn package of gelato After you have actually done that, head to the Attic and also back to the workdesk with the telescope and also button

evil nun 2 delivery

You’ll obtain a sight of the road and also Sister Sweet- tooth obtaining one more distribution of gelato. As Sister Sweet- tooth heads back to the Church, turn the button when she gets on the seamless gutter This will certainly burn out among the lights close by and also terrify her, making her decline the front door tricks right into the seamless gutter which will certainly drain pipes right into one more seamless gutter in the Garden.

If you stop working to turn the button in time, you can head back to the Church to toss her gelato off her workdesk once more, yet you just have fifteen attempts prior to you lack lights to burn out You’ll recognize you have actually startled her in the ideal area when your electronic camera adheres to the tricks to theGarden Head to the Garden seamless gutter and also fish out the tricks, which will certainly open the front doors generally hall.

evil nun 2 keys

Now that we have actually covered just how to leave the School, it’s time to review both techniques to handle Sister Madeline and also her hens.

2. Chemistry Experiments: A Knockout Combination

evil nun 2 eyedropper

If you make a decision to go into the Garden initially, your personality will certainly make a decision to make a resting remedy to knock senseless his captors. Besides the battery, you will certainly require to situate an eyedropper someplace in the Garden: it can be situated either on the wood rack beside the shed or in a wheelbarrow throughout the secured greenhouse.

A dish for the resting remedy lies beyond of the shed: it utilizes 4 decreases of water, 3 decreases of ink, and also 2 decreases of “environment-friendly remedy,” every one of which can be gathered by the eyedropper at theSchool You can blend the components at the flask in the chemistry laboratory, and also the components need to be put in order. If you obtain glitch you can clear the flask and also begin once more. The components can be discovered in the adhering to locations:

evil nun 2 school sneak

Water can be discovered at a busted bathroom in the toilet throughout the one you go into in. It’s the only delay without a door, and also you may need to crouch to accumulate water.

• A container of ink can be discovered in an arbitrary college workdesk.

• The environment-friendly remedy can generate in among the little storage lockers on the 2nd flooring.

evil nun 2 chemistry

Collect each active ingredient and also include it to the flask, and also you’ll recognize you did it right when the remedy begins rippling environment-friendly smoke. Collect the remedy and also head to the Church.

evil nun 2 holy water

Once you go to the Church, put the remedy in the divine water typeface near to the church Though the video game will certainly state “infected,” in method it will just knock senseless anybody subjected by it. Get the Egg Gun, making certain that the weapon is completely filled, and also connect with the typeface. This will certainly “poisonous substance” the eggs, yet keep in mind to accumulate the eggs prior to leaving theChurch Once you’re back at the primary hall, make use of the changed Egg Gun to knock senseless Sister Madeline and also business, and also you can securely get away

evil nun 2 knockout

3. Demolitions Expert: Explosive Solutions

evil nun 2 stripe

If you go into the School initially, your personality will certainly make a decision to gear bombs to eliminate the hens in order to get away. When you initially go into the School, head to the 2nd flooring and also try to find a storage locker with a red stripe throughout the door, bearing in mind where it is. After you have actually accumulated what you require from the School, make use of the crowbar from the Attic to open up the storage locker, which will certainly have a damaged clock within. Take it.

evil nun 2 shovel

Your following job is to head to the Garden to discover 2 products: a screwdriver which lies either on the rack near the shed or in a storage room situated inside the greenhouse and also a shovel which is additionally found in the greenhouse or hing on an edge throughout the shed. Once you have actually accumulated those products, go head to the Attic to discover a steel detector, which can be discovered behind a sofa near to the workdesk, or in a little space near to the main location.

evil nun 2 padlocks

At the Church, there is a little space near the divine water typeface which has a workdesk, a storage room, and also a trapdoor with 3 locks Each lock has an equivalent trick of the very same shade, and also this is where you make use of the steel detector to situate those tricks. The steel detector will certainly beep quicker the more detailed it is to a secret, with its dial going from environment-friendly, to yellow, to red, the closer you are to the type in inquiry:

evil nun 2 key search

• The yellow trick is hidden someplace in the veggie yard, which you can discover with the shovel. You intend to have the steel detector’s dial at a loss to guarantee you’re excavating in the ideal place, and also while it is feasible to collect the location without the steel detector’s aid, it will certainly require time.

• The red and also blue tricks lie in the Church, and also while you do not always require the steel detector to discover them, they can be tough to place. The steel detector can be available in convenient.

evil nun 2 dynamite

Once you have all 3 tricks, unlock the trapdoor to discover 3 packages of dynamite Why a Church would certainly require dynamite is anybody’s assumption, yet obtain a package and also bring it to the center. Next, bring the screwdriver and also head to the Church’s 2nd flooring, where you’ll discover a brief wall surface with 4 screws Use the screwdriver to loosen them and also the clock on the contrary side of the wall surface will certainly diminish Head back downstairs and also accumulate the clock device from the now-destroyed wall surface clock.

evil nun 2 clock screws

Combine the damaged clock, clock device, and also the dynamite to make the bomb. You’ll need to by hand detonate it, yet do not stress, it has a five-second fuse and also its ticking will certainly bring in any kind of hens that hear it prior to detonating. The surge can obtain all 4 of your abductors, yet simply in instance you do not obtain them all, you can restore the bomb device from the surge. If you lack dynamite you can view an advertisement to obtain a brand-new one.

evil nun 2 bomb

4. Snooping And Sneaking In School

evil nun 2 sneaking

Since Sister Madeline and also Gummy can just remain in one area at the same time, take into consideration making an interruption prior to heading to a various location This must purchase you even more time to do essential jobs prior to they proceed their patrols, however simply beware as they may wind up catching you if you do not have a method of getaway. If you need to go back to the primary hall for whatever factor, there’s a little split in between the secret passage’s door and also the wall surface enabling a little glance right into your space to stay clear of obtaining captured by your abductors.

evil nun 2 door crack

The video game additionally utilizes a number of audio hints to show your existing standing: a piano chord suggests you have actually been found while a soft piano item suggests development Besides footprints, know the noises of doors opening up and also shutting as this suggests the area of a minimum of among your pursuers. The hens will certainly additionally cluck every so often and also Sister Madeline will certainly state “I assumed I listened to something” if she captures a dubious noise. If you’re ever before found, make use of challenges to decrease your captors’ developments so you can defeat them and also discover security If you have sufficient to save, area catches as you go to reduce them down and also purchase on your own time

evil nun 2 branches

When you initially go into a location, take into consideration opening up all the vents you can discover They make a noise when opened up, yet stay open also if you leave the location. If absolutely nothing else, you can defeat the hens with these vents and also just need to stress over Sister Madeline seeking you with them. However, a set of “vents” in the Garden will certainly open up briefly prior to shutting once more, making them hard to make use of yet protecting against Sister Madeline from following you with them.

evil nun 2 escape

And that covers our walkthrough overview for Evil Nun 2! We really hope that our collection of pointers and also approaches will certainly assist you endure the scaries of Eagle’sJunior High School If you individuals have any kind of pointers or methods that we might have missed out on, make certain to allow us recognize in the remark area listed below! Good good luck and also have a good time!


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