Epic Seven Best Heroes Tier List: Our Top Picks for the Best PvE and also PvP Characters

Epic Seven has actually been a leading pressure in the mobile pc gaming market, specifically in the RPG category, given that its launch a little over a year back. Packed with unequaled graphics provided in 2D anime art design, a huge selection of remarkable heroes, and also substantial web content that remains to expand better, Epic Seven preserves to give lots of tasks for its gamers to take part in while remaining to expand its gamer and also fanbase also. While its appeal can be mostly credited to any one of the above factors to consider, Epic Seven’s side over various other RPGs, and also possibly method video games, hinges on exactly how elaborately you can personalize each hero and also exactly how every one can be additional customized to synergize much better with the whole group.

If you have actually just begun playing Epic Seven just recently, make certain to review our novice’s overview to have a far better understanding of the video game’s fundamental functions and also preliminary group make-ups. Beyond that, we additionally released an overview on Breath of Orbis places, farming for tools and also MolaGora, in addition to some suggestions on evaluating the possible worth of each hero you have in your lineup. Saying that Epic Seven has a great deal of personalities is definitely an exaggeration and also in this overview, we will certainly be concentrating on the ones we think about as being first-class in their corresponding areas of expertise. We have actually touched a little bit on some personalities we appreciated placing in our group at that time, however with countless updates that took place in the video game, we additionally need to upgrade our checklist of faves.

As a number of Epic Seven’s heroes benefit countless duties, we will certainly be classifying our choices based upon what we really feel are one of the most fundamental duties in the video game particularly: DPS, storage tank, and also assistance. While we recognize that Epic Seven has actually expanded even more tactically wide to consist of a range of duties for some personalities, we have actually taken into consideration a few of those duties to drop reasonably within the classifications we supplied. So without additional trouble, allow’s study our Epic Seven tier liest, showcasing the very best heroes in the video game!

Best PvE DPS

best pve dps in epic seven

Bellona [Ranger / Earth]

Bellona is our leading choice for PvE as the primary damage-dealer for the group. Her AoE strikes are genuinely exceptional most particularly her 3rd ability,Razorwind Fan Razorwind Fan targets all opponents and also includes a 65% opportunity to minimize each adversary’s protection worth for 2 turns. Further, if the ability is triggered with her initial ability, Windbreak Fan, the opportunity to trigger a protection break is increased to 85%. Windbreak Fan is additionally a significant abilities to make use of versus employer fights thinking about the damages it deals is about the adversary’s HP. While Bellona can be developed to optimize assault and also rate statistics, she can be a regular glass cannon that will rarely have the ability to take as much damages as she deals.

Luna [Warrior / Ice]

Luna might be much from the leading as a primary damages supplier for your event however she is both effective and also functional and also can be a terrific factor to consider for any kind of provided lineup. Her easy ability, Dragon Knight’s Will, makes her an awesome warrior that includes a strike increase and also boosted crucial opportunity whenever her HP is over 50% and also acquires a protection increase with crucial hit avoidance whenever her HP goes listed below 50%. Although Luna does not have any kind of AoE abilities or any kind of assistance abilities of any kind of kind, she can wipe off opponents individually and also will certainly additionally be a terrific employee to have versus employer fights.

Lidica [Ranger / Fire]

If you appreciate providing your whole group a lot more relies on release a strike after that Lidica must be amongst your leading choices in the video game. Lidica focuses on minimizing the adversary’s fight preparedness and also with her integral high statistics for rate, she can absolutely press the adversary’s fight preparedness a whole lot in fight. Lidica’s initial ability, Wild Rose, is currently extremely beneficial as it can currently press the adversary’s fight preparedness back by 15%. If the adversary has a debuff, the impacts are additional increased to 25%. Lilica’s 3rd ability, Public Execution, can conveniently transform the trend of fight as it reduces fight preparedness by 100%, reduces rate, as well as additionally avoids recovery for 2 turns.

On top of all that, it offers Lidica an ability nullifier and also avoids the following damages she will certainly sustain. Lidica’s base HP makes her a squishy personality and also damages in itself is not actually her strengths. As much as DPS is worried, her efficiency hinges on her rate and also the fight preparedness pushback that she can continuously utilize.

Best PvP DPS

best pvp dps in epic seven

Arbiter Vildred [Thief / Dark]

While normal Vildred is well above standard in our publication, Arbiter Vildred is a leading choice for PvP. As among minority heroes in the video game where each abilities is simply remarkable, Arbiter Vildred is what we view as a reduced protection group’s problem in the sector. For beginners, Sweep can deal damages to 2 opponents and also minimize their fight preparedness by 10%. His easy ability, Dark Contract vehicle restores him with 70% HP, 100% fight preparedness, boosted assault, complete emphasis, and also quickly resets cooldown for his 3rd ability. His 3rd ability, Dark Blade, is a solid AoE assault that does not have cool off when it exterminates an adversary device. While Arbiter Vildred might not sporting activity a great protection worth, we are counting on the activation of his passive ability to offset that.

Ken [Warrior / Fire]

Ken might not be a regular choice for for a DPS hero based upon his reduced base assault worths however the total influence of debuffs that his abilities have are better than totally dealing damages. To start, Knockout, which is his initial ability, includes a 35% opportunity of minimizing the adversary’s protection for 2 turns. As damages hinges on Ken’s max wellness, it will certainly come off well currently given that Ken has high base HP. Celestial Kick, his 2nd ability, strikes an adversary while improving his assault rate. It additionally includes a 75% opportunity of lowering the adversary’s protection. Last, however absolutely not the least, is Phoenix Flurry, which does enormous damages as well as additionally ensures a stun. Activating this ability gives Ken Vigor, which improves his assault and also protection worths in addition to additional boosting the influence of his key and also additional abilities.

Martial Artist Ken [Warrior / Dark]

Among the heroes taken into consideration meta when Epic Seven initial launched, Martial Artist Ken is an awesome personality for both PvE and also PvP web content. What makes him as a far better choice for PvE fight, is his capacity to respond to strikes particularly when struck with a crucial hit. His fundamental ability, Knockout includes a 50% opportunity to minimize an adversary’s assault for 1 turn. While it might not appear to be in harmony with his essential characteristic, he does not have an excellent protection for beginners so harm reduction is a great debuff ro offered. Martial Artist Ken’s passive ability, Dragon Flame, sporting activities a 30% opportunity to release a counterattack however ensures one if the assault makes him experience a crucial hit. Dragon Flame additionally makes certain a crucial hit and also offers damages proportionate to Ken’s shed wellness.

Martial Artist Ken’s best ability, The Coming of Asura, is an AoE damages that has a 50% opportunity to lower all opponents’ protection worths by fifty percent. On top of that, it boosts his assault for 2 turns.

Best PvE Tanks

best pve tanks in epic seven

Falconer Kluri [Knight / Earth]

Falconer Kluri in fact does much better as a protection breaker than a storage tank. While there are definitely much better options thinking about base HP and also protection worths alone, the mix of energy abilities Flaconer Kluri has makes her a guaranteed hero to maintain. First off, Light Step improves her fight preparedness by 15% in addition to the damages it deals, which is based upon Kluri’s protection. Her passive abilities is what makes her a respectable storage tank as it regrows 5% of her HP at the beginning of each turn. Her best ability, Fluri, Attack!, is what makes her fearful in both PvE and also PvP as it is loaded with a 75% opportunity of eliminating all aficionados, complied with by a 75% opportunity to prompt that adversary while minimizing protection worths.

Crimson Armin [Knight / Light]

As knights are generally made to be containers in a great deal of RPG, you can additionally anticipate the storage tank duty to sometimes come under a knight’s duty inEpic Seven While there are a lot of knights in the video game, we think about Crimson Armin as amongst our faves for that component. With fantastic base HP and also protection statistics to start with, each of Crimson Armin’s abilities make her a storage tank that can strongly sustain her entire group. Takedown’ damages is based upon Armin’s protection and also includes a 50% opportunity of prompting the adversary it strikes. Her passive abilities decreases crucial hit damages on all her allies by 10%. Her best ability, Shield of Holy Spirit, gives resistance for 2 turns and also invincibility for 1 turn.

Krau [Knight / Ice]

Krau might not be the very best storage tank if completely taken into consideration for a single duty however considered that he can be a fearful damage-dealer also in both PvE and also PvP fight, he is among our preferred containers in the video game. Krau’s fundamental ability, Swordstorm, can prompt an adversary with a 50% opportunity and also has actually damages based upon his max wellness. Charge, which is his 2nd ability, decreases an adversary’s fight preparedness by 35% and also improves his allies’ protection for 2 turns. His best ability, Summon Ziegfried, additionally deals damages based upon his wellness and also with the damages symmetrical to shed wellness, it can deal enormous damages if Krau has high max HP and also has actually shed a great deal of it in fight particularly given that it neglects the adversary’s protection. Summon Ziegfried additionally gives Krau with an obstacle for 2 turns that has actually toughness based upon his max wellness.

Best PvP Tanks

best pvp tanks in epic seven

Crimson Armin [Knight / Light]

Due to Crimson Armin’s best ability, Shield of the Holy Spirit, we discussed over in addition to his abilities and also statistics, he is our leading choice for the storage tank duty in PvP fight. We seriously do incline the reduced assault and also rate worths and also will just think about boosting his rate. While his damages worths are simply bottom-tier reduced, he greater than offsets it with his total top qualities that make him the very best prospect for his duty.

Corvus [Warrior / Fire]

Corvus’ fundamental statistics are in fact rather good and also with a protection collection, his abilities can make him a frightened adversary in fight. Shield Slam triggers damages based upon his protection and also has a 50% opportunity of moving a debuff on him onto his target. Macerate is an excellent group control AoE ability that reduces all opponents’ fight preparedness. On top of that, the ability can additionally stun an adversary if their fight preparedness is decreased to 0 adhering to the abilities result. Fury’s Advent, which is his best ability, additional increases his survivability with wellness healing, protection increase, an additional turn, and also improves his various other abilities for the following 3 turns.

Ravi [Warrior / Fire]

Ravi might not feel like a regular prospect for a storage tank as she does not have any kind of abilities to sustain her allies in fight. Despite that, she has wonderful beginning HP statistics, good protection, and also can additionally be developed to deal good damages. Ravi’s fundamental ability, Slaughter, is what can be developed around to make her fearful as it has lifesteal components you can better improve with tools collections. Demon’s Blood, which is an easy ability, rises Ravi’s assault whenever she strikes or is targeted by one. When struck, her fight preparedness rises by 8%. Devil Drive is a guaranteed showstopper as it is an AoE assault that has a 75% opportunity of causing stun for one turn plus decrease of the opponents’ fight preparedness to no.

Best PvE Support

best pve support in epic seven

Dienne [Soul Weaver / Ice]

Dienne is you well-rounded assistance personality that can be conveniently combined and also matched for the majority of lineups you can consider. While she naturally does not have any kind of recovery spells, outfitting her with the artefact, Rod of Amaryllis, can have her recover an ally with the most affordable wellness while utilizing her 2nd and also 3rd ability. To start, Light of Judgement improves her fight preparedness by 10% and also successfully offers her a lot more times to do her various other abilities. Blessing of the Goddess supplies an obstacle for the whole event for 2 turns as well as additionally eliminates an arbitrary debuff from each of them. Her 3rd ability, Saint’s Prayer, improves her colleagues’ assault and also crucial hit resistance for 3 turns as well as additionally improves her fight preparedness by 50%. With 2 abilities that enhance Dienne’s fight preparedness, slapping a rate established on her while additionally providing her the Rod of Amaryllis can absolutely have her maintain her group’s wellness extremely successfully.

Tamarine [Soul Weaver / Fire]

Tamarine is a special personality to plan with as she switches over settings in fight. While it might be a bit a lot more complicated than the common hero in Epic Seven, this is generally what makes her an extremely functional hero to have in your group. Switching duties comply with Tamarine’s best ability, Shining Star, which will certainly change her to idol setting after eliminating all debuffs on allies, recovering her to max wellness, and also providing her an additional turn. Serene Tune is a strike that additionally recovers an ally with the most affordable wellness however on idolizer setting, ends up being an AoE assault that eliminates all aficionados in addition to activates a double assault your ally that has the greatest assault worth. Song of the Forest supplies mass recover and also changes to a group lover that increases assault, improves fight preparedness by 30%, as well as additionally heals on idolizer setting. With the significant influence Tamarine can carry the event, improving her rate better with a rate collection will certainly make her a pressure to be considered in PvE web content.

Angelica [Soul Weaver / Ice]

While our initial 2 choices for ideal PvE assistance personalities are not mostly the very best therapists, Angelica is precise choice if you wish to focus on recovery most importantly else. As she is not remarkable solely for her recovery expertise, the obstacle and also resistance she can attend to the whole group can aid press your group with difficult Raids and alsoBoss Hunts To start, her key ability has a 20% opportunity of sensational a challenger it strikes. While it does not appear a lot, consider it as an included reward given that Angelica’s 2nd and also 3rd abilities are what makes her important. Origin of Life, which is her 2nd ability, recuperates the wellness of 2 colleagues, among which has the most affordable HP. Her best ability, Guide of the Goddess, is a mass recovery spell that includes an obstacle and also resistance for 2 turns. As both 2nd and also 3rd abilities depend on Angelica’s Max HP, loading her up with HP collections will certainly be the excellent develop.

Best PvP Support

best pvp support in epic seven

Ruele of Light [Soul Weaver / Light]

While complete revitalize to max HP plus short-lived invincibility is furthermore wonderful to have for PvE fights, we really feel that Ruele of Light’s whole abilities are preferable for PvP. Key to an Oath, which is her key ability, recovers an ally with the most affordable wellness. Her 2nd ability, Light Pillar, eliminates all debuffs, recuperates wellness, and also gives obstacle for 2 turns. Light Ascending is the best group assistance ability as it restores one dead ally while eliminating all debuffs from living allies, recovers all their HP to complete, and also giving every one of them invincibility also for 1 turn. As her base rate is doing not have, utilizing an HP and also speed up established on Ruele of Light will certainly be the very best choice.

Sage Baal & &(* )would generally consider our leading choices for assistance personalities as heroes that can recover their colleagues however provided Sezan [Mage / Light]

We & &Sage Baal’s total effectiveness in the Sezan, we need to consider him in our checklist. Arena & &(* )is reasonably complicated to plan around once you see exactly how to use his abilities for various circumstances in fight, you will certainly discover his effectiveness crucial. Sage Baal start, Sezan’s To, which has a 50% opportunity of placing an adversary to rest for 1 turn is a beneficial sufficient configuration versus groups doing not have or without resistance. Evil Spirit of Call, which is his 2nd ability, is an AoE spell that has an 85% opportunity of resolving an aficionado from an adversary in addition to a 65% opportunity of placing them to rest. Cloud to leave the ability at a prepared state gives Ruin & &Choosing a 10% fight preparedness reward at the end of the adversary’s turn.Sage Baal & &Sezan’s best ability,

Sage Baal of Sezan, deals damages based upon his max HP and also can recover his wellness to complete if the ability takes care of to eliminate his target. Eye there are numerous means to develop Death & & While, we suggest choosing an extra support-based develop for PvP and also boosting his rate and also giving him resistance is the very best method to go.Sage Baal we such as seeing all the Sezan visitor personalities in

Dizzy [Mage / Ice]

While as an outcome of the cooperation in between Guilty Gear and also Epic Seven, we in fact think about the impressive battling video game collection’ tritagonist as amongst one of the most harmful group control personalities particularly in the sector. Smilegate Megaport a complete pack of AoE damages throughout each ability with numerous debuffs, having her around can enormously misshape the challenger’s method. Arc System Works start, With’s fundamental ability, I To to Dizzy, has a 25% opportunity of sensational each adversary device. Used This the device has an energetic debuff, it takes much more damages. Catch Fish expands the period of debuffs on each adversary with the exemption of debuffs that trigger stability. If includes a 50% fight preparedness decrease on each adversary also. Gamma Ray leading everything off, her best ability, Gamma Ray, can minimize assault, rate, and also struck opportunity of all opponents.To that covers our leading choices for the very best PvE and also PvP personalities inEmotional Gamma Ray

And understand and also recognize that there are countless various other worthwhile heroes that must make it however thinking about whatever, these personalities are what our company believe are the very best for the duties we considered them for. Epic Seven continuously has updates that usually affect some heroes’ abilities, it might occur that a few of these heroes will certainly be nerfed or be changed somehow in the future. We any kind of situation, we wish you taken pleasure in reviewing our overview which it has actually motivated you to take a review at our choices if you have not done so in your lineup. As Epic Seven you wish to share your concepts concerning your very own leading choices in addition to share pertinent information on our choice, do not hesitate to do so by means of the remark area listed below!In

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