Elune Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Characters (Tier List)

Elune is a brand-new gacha video game released by Gamevil for iphone as well as Android tools. The video game includes over 200 various Elunes, that you can mobilize in the video game, every one with particular capabilities as well as statistics. The video game is rather comparable to most various other video games in its category, there is a great deal of farming needed, also if you invest cash on it, as well as you can choose to allow your personalities battle immediately.

In Elune, the method you invest your sources is critical to guarantee a smooth development with the video game. So you require to select personalities that, as soon as leveled up a little bit, will certainly have the ability to lug you with the different objectives the video game needs to provide. Our Elune finest heroes direct supplies you a rate listing of the greatest personalities that you ought to take into consideration contributing to your group.

There are 5 courses in the video game: storage tank, dps, debuffer, assistance, as well as therapist. Team structure issues, as well as at the beginning we recommend you concentrate on storage tanks, dps, as well as therapistElunes Debuffer as well as assistances are much better in the future in the video game, when you have sufficient sources to improve them by a whole lot, while the various other 3 courses are really helpful beginning with the reduced degrees.

The Best Tanks In Elune

Picking the very best storage tanks was hard. Fahrenheit is the only noticeable selection, as he is a Legendary system, as well as his statistics as well as package are just amazing. All of the various other storage tanks are flawlessly functional, as well as will certainly do their work well. Sid Reiner is a little bit of a strange selection, considering his statistics are a little bit less than those of greater rarity storage tanks, however after attempting him out, I’m persuaded he is leading rate.


fahrenheit elune

Fahrenheit is practically difficult to eliminate, he has a colossal variety of HPs, as well as numerous capabilities that minimize the damages he takes: the mix of Sacred Shield, Salvation Barrier, as well as Valiant Resistance makes him minimize a great deal of the damages he is intended to take. If you obtain him, include him promptly to your schedule, you will certainly not be let down.

Sid Rainer

sid rainer elune

Sid Rainer may really feel out of location contrasted to various other much more “all-natural” options, however take into consideration the following: you have 2 self-buffs, among which is protective, which when incorporated with Tenacity, Sid’s 2nd passive, makes him really survivable. Furthermore, he comes to be considerably more powerful versus condition result the reduced his wellness, making him in general an excellent storage tank.


Enme is a monster. Especially as a second storage tank many thanks to Eternal Life, his 2nd passive, that makes him restore every one of his dead allies 5 turns after he passes away. In a suitable circumstance, you can restore 2-3 heroes conveniently with this, transforming tough manager battles right into a wind. Realistically, you will not utilize this capacity in lots of various other battles. His various other capabilities provide some great sustaining to your group, specifically if you are concentrating on magic damages.

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The Best DPS In Elune

DPS are essential to any type of group structure. They deal a great deal of damages, as well as many thanks to their high damages numbers, gain added take advantage ofSupport Elunes Here are our favored DPS Elunes.

Rarity does not constantly equivalent high quality, however in Baldr’s instance, it absolutely does! His damages outcome is off the graphes, he can conveniently ruin a solitary target with his Ultimate, Flame Dragon’s Rage, or handle numerous opponents at the same time with Fire Whirl as well asPincer Attack He brings upon Blaze with his strikes, as well as his capabilities all enhance when they struck somebody influenced by Blaze, transforming Baldr right into an unstoppable fatality equipment (as if he had not been one currently).

Kang Rim

Kang Rim does damages. Lots of damages. So much damages you will not ever before require any person else. Ok, that’s a little bit of an overestimation possibly, however believe me, Kang Rim’s damages outcome is overpriced. He can additionally quickly eliminate opponents many thanks to Mark of Death, as well as his ability treasures even more improve the idea, making him considerably more powerful the even more targets he quickly eliminates. Furthermore, when he passes away, he brings upon damages to the aggressor that eliminated him equivalent to fifty percent of his max HPs. Kang Rim is frightening also overlooking every one of this, considering that his capabilities’ damages worths are insane high in normal fight also. His major problem is being not able to strike the backline, however no frontline will certainly ever before endure his massacre enough time for this to be a trouble.


cyrus elune

Cyrus is one more strange selection, as he is somewhat RNG-based when it concerns his numbers, however throughout my playtesting it hasn’t truly been a trouble, mainly many thanks to his uncommon Attack stat. He deals even more damages the reduced the adversary’s wellness is, so he isn’t excellent as your major damages resource, however if you have somebody else able to deal hefty damages, after that it comes to be tough to warrant not running Cyrus, many thanks to the mix of Executor as well asBlade Storm Blade Storm especially will promptly send off any type of adversary whose HPs go down listed below 30%, while Executor provides Cyrus a wonderful damages rise when he strikes opponents with reduced HPs. Definitely a strong choice for a second DPS Elune.


eris elune

Eris is solid as well as enjoyable to make use of. The idea is that she lovers herself as much as the factor she deals substantial damages. Monsoon as well as Whisper of the Wind, provide Eris high damages possibility, while Gale Blade as well as Tempest Slash make complete use these lovers. Furthermore, if an ally’s strike with the very same feature lands a crucial appeal an adversary, Eris’ opportunity of touchdown a crucial hit will certainly boost by 20% till she lands a crit. This makes Eris one more superb selection for a second DPSElune If your major DPS Elune can turn on Eris’ Wind’s Resonance numerous times throughout a battle, you will certainly discover on your own reviewing a great deal of large red numbers on the display, which’s enjoyable.

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The Best Healers In Elune

While are very important to maintain your group to life, specifically your frontline. Healers your frontline lives, your backline can deal a great deal of damages, as well as the longer every person survives, the even more damages you have the ability to deal. If ought to focus on having therapists over assistances as well as debuffers. I would certainly reach stating that running 2 therapists is usually much better than running 1 as well as an assistance/ debuffer, that’s exactly how vital they are. You for us, also reduced rarity therapists are excellent, so you will not need to use up lots of mobilize tickets to obtain qualified therapists, unless you are going for Luckily naturally.Freya has whatever your group requires: heals as well as guards.


freya elune

Freya establishes her besides the various other therapists though is her best capacity: What, which not just recovers all allies by a large quantity, however it additionally approves them damages resistance for a turn. Eternal Blessings, this capacity requires to be utilized at the correct time, so you may wish to not play the battles with the Naturally setup switched on if you are encountering a difficult manager. Auto of All’s passives stay up to date with the style of recovery as well as securing, as well as make Freya’s capabilities also much better. Freya is such an excellent therapist, I would certainly consider her able to work as a single therapist, enabling you to run an assistance/ debuffer instead of a 2nd therapist.She is adept at recovery either.


fabian elune

Fabian truth, he recovers greater thanIn Freya simply has in general much more energy, however if you are searching for pure recovery, after that of course chooseFreya Fabian can recover numerous targets at the same time with the power of solitary target recovery many thanks to He ofMark Radiance best, His of Guidance, can restore dead allies. Luminen passives give added recovery to his allies when their turns begin, boost their resistance, as well as finally, enabling the very first ally that gets a murder strike to endure, as well as enabling him to deal with 1 HP, this just functions as soon as per fight.His is one more really effective therapist.


eun elune

Eun recovery comes to be more powerful when the target’s wellness is listed below 50%, as well as she can both recover a bachelor, or her whole group with her best Her, that additionally gives added HP regrowth at the beginning of each target’s turn. Ultima Bow is excellent if you require your recovery to be a little bit much more expanded as opposed to a massive unexpected ruptured, that duty is scheduled to various other therapists. Eun is an extra offending therapist choice, as her passives assist her allies when she deals damages with Eun of Arrow, as well as in longer battles she comes to be more powerful after her 4th turn, many thanks toDesire Chrysanthemum Bloom is a fantastic choice for a second therapist, many thanks to the truth that her recovery can assist your frontline endure while dealing commendable damages, as well as enabling your major therapist to bill up their capabilities.Eun are everything about … sustaining.

The Best Supports In Elune

Supports have accessibility to heals, however do not recover as long as the committed therapists, as well as typically concentrate on aiding their allies by improving their statistics, or by cleaning up adversary debuffs. They can be run as opposed to a second therapist if you seem like you are doing not have damages.Supports is finest coupled with effective DPS heroes like


mana elune

Mana or Baldr, as her lovers give a great deal ofKang Rim Attack Speed additionally counters various other She lovers/ debuffs, many thanks to her passives Attack Speed as well asTime Steal Time Distortion your challenger lovers their very own If will certainly take the lovers as well as put it on herself, while additionally going back Attack Speed Mana debuffs from her very own allies, transforming them right into lovers. A strong selection to respond to adversary debuffers while additionally offering some lovers of her very own.Attack Speed may not be as fantastic as various other entrances in this listing, however reasonably, we can not simply put the greatest rarity


stella elune

Stella right into every listing as well as stop. Elunes is an excellent assistance for the majority of groups. Stella supplies a great deal of securing as well as obstacles to her allies, while rubbing them at the very same time. She just has 2 passives, however they are ample of what she requires to achieve. She certain to alternate in between Make as well as Galactic Blessings, to make sure that you maintain rejuvenating Zodiac Memory’s enthusiast.Galacitc Blessing is one with her bear doll.


reina elune

Reina Literally will certainly throw it to deal damages, or simply mobilize it to assist her in fight many thanks to her best: She! Bear Doll! Help doll remains on the area for 4 turns, as well as its statistics are based upon The’s. Reina collections What besides the various other Reina in the video game is the truth that her Elunes cooldown resets when she slaughters an adversary. Ultimate, incorporated with her third passive This’s If It makes With Bear Doll really tough to handle.Reina will certainly wish to target her, as her capabilities are really effective, as well as her bear doll is really frustrating to handle, however initially they will certainly need to remove the bear doll.

People can be separated right into sub-roles.

The Best Debuffers In Elune

Debuffers of them stand out at bring upon harmful condition as well as abusing those condition to more boost their damages. Some are superb at disabling opponents, making them not able to relocate or strike on a regular basis.Others is a crossbreed in between a DPS as well as


Mikazuki Debuffer bargains commendable damages, however the rewards include her capabilities’ second results. She ability, Her Special, strikes the adversary frontline, creating Phantom Barrage for 4 turns as well as Bleeding for 1, whereas her best, Epidemic, will certainly deal huge damages to all opponents.Goblin Strike, if the opponents struck are influenced by

Additonally or Weaken, she will certainly additionally cause Status Effect to them. Panic passives even more improve her capabilities, by creating Her to opponents she strikes with a crucial hit, or by decreasing the Weakness of the opponents she strikes.Tolerance & &

Popo & Pepe

popo and pepe elune

Popo concentrate on creating the Pepe result. Curse best Their will certainly cause Demonic Impact to all opponents, as well as it will certainly harm them, while Curse will certainly mobilize a hand that actually puts an adversary. Dark Touch from looking crazy, this capacity will certainly additionally cause an arbitrary Aside result if the adversary hit is currently cursed. Curse 2nd passive Their disables opponents vital hits when they are cursed, while Shadow Curtain, their 3rd passive, will certainly reset Endless Curse results on the opponents they struck, extending them for 2 turns.Curse is our overview to the very best heroes for each and every classification in

This Elune video game is still brand-new, so anticipate this to lapse eventually in the future, ought to the designers choose to present brand-new The, or to rebalance the present ones. Elunes is just a standard, if you located various personalities as well as having success with them, after that of course maintain choosing them. This complimentary to allow us understand in the remarks that your favored Feel are. Elunes farming!Happy

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