Dynasty Scrolls Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Conquering the Three Kingdoms

Welcome to the period of the Three Kingdoms! While this is without a doubt the duration of Shu, Wu, as well as Wei, mobile video game programmer Youzu based its hero enthusiast RPG, Dynasty Scrolls, on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms unique. As opposed to among the business’s earlier mobile titles, Forsaken World: Gods as well as Demons, Dynasty Scrolls is primarily still in play. You merely choose a team of heroes on your group as well as have them fight a rival group. However, it’s you that needs to by hand turn on effective abilities called Combo Skills throughout the warm of fight.

On a surface area degree, Dynasty Scrolls really feels virtually like every various other hero enthusiast RPG available where you develop a group as well as rely upon method or hero rarity to overcome the majority of your fights. While this does seem like it in some cases, the video game in fact goes much deeper than that with exactly how having specific heroes with each other offers enthusiasts or perhaps permits you to unlockCombo Skills Summoning heroes can likewise be rather much easier as you might develop that you would certainly such as by acquiring Hero Shards instead of depending on pure RNG.

If you have actually simply chosen this video game up on your own as well as desire to discover a means to violate all probabilities on the field of battle, after that review our Dynasty Scrolls novice’s overview listed below! We assembled a thorough overview with pointers as well as methods to obtain you begun heading to control your adversaries!

The Backstory Of Dynasty Scrolls

dynasty scrolls story

Before we explore our Dynasty Scrolls novice’s overview, initial allow’s speak about your existing scenario. You have actually been mobilized to the year 190, earlyFebruary A union has actually been developed versus the slave driver Dong Zhuo that had actually appropriated the throne of the district ofLuoyang At his request is the mightiest warrior of the Three Kingdoms, the epicLu Bu As it is when stated: “Lu Bu amongst guys, Red Hare amongst steeds.”

You have actually shown up in the nick of time to place an end to his power of mayhem as well as debauchery, as you have actually pertained to aid Liu Bei as well as his vouched bros Guan Yu as well asZhang Fei Your arrival can not be a lot more prompt, nevertheless, as it shows up that effective artefacts called Dynasty Scrolls have actually been spread all throughout the video game as well as attaining them all gives their holder the power to rule. It depends on you to acquire these scrolls as well as maintain them from coming under the hands of whoever may be the brand-new bringer of battle.

But exactly how will you, an only wanderer, full such a huge job? It will certainly take greater than simply possessing your tool thoughtlessly at any type of approaching soldier. Your just service currently is to bring a military with each other so you can progress as well as squash what’s straight in advance.

1. Fight Through The Story

dynasty scrolls main campaign

Let’s admit it. In any type of video game such as this, absolutely nothing defeats simply powering via the primary project. The tale of Dynasty Scrolls, while based upon the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, has some goofy writing. Speak of a DPS seeking a team, managers discussing that they aren’t also at their last type, adversaries shouting “Yeet!” as they toss their chained tools at you, or buoyant heroines requesting selfies will certainly be rather an usual view in this video game.

Not just will you witness this while you play, yet you will certainly be welcomed by intimidating adversaries as well as managers that will certainly attempt to oppose your cost. To survive them, you will certainly need to defeat them. After all, this is battle. But do not stress, for below at Level Victor, we’ll give you with what you require to understand if you intend to win.

Battle Basics

dynasty scrolls battle

There are 2 rival groups on each side of the display: your own left wing as well as the opponent’s on the right. Each group can have an optimum of 6 warriors simultaneously. With each strike your warriors execute, they develop what is called Rage, a scale they require to fill up to do their trademark ability.

At all-time low of the display, you will certainly see 4 orbs as well as 12 smaller sized ones that transform blue with each activity of any one of your warriors. The 4 orbs are your Combo Skills as well as touching them when they’re beautiful permits you to do them. On leading, you have a counter for the number of Rounds have actually passed. A Round passes when all warriors on both sides have actually had a turn.

In most instances, the group that sheds every one of its warriors sheds. However, in some fights like the Warriors Trials, there are specific problems you require to satisfy in order to do well.

Obtain Stars

Whenever you finish a fight in Dynasty Scrolls, you will certainly be granted with celebrities. These celebrities are rather vital as gaining them obtains you benefits. For circumstances, the initial incentive you can make by acquiring a specific variety of celebrities is the Wu empire warrior Xu Sheng, an effective single-target DPS.

To acquire these celebrities, below is what you will certainly need to satisfy:

3 Stars— No warriors have actually dropped.
2 Stars— One warriors has actually dropped.
1 Star— More than one warrior has actually dropped.

Obtaining these celebrities can be rather challenging after getting to a specific degree as combating mini-bosses or various other called personalities argued. You can attempt once more, yet watch on your endurance. You would not desire that going out!

Spend Your Stamina Wisely

As with a lot of modern-day mobile video games, Dynasty Scrolls likewise has an endurance system. You can make your endurance by:

— Waiting
— Buying Stamina Pills from the Market
— Claiming Stamina from the Events Menu by touching Benefits
— Receiving it from buddies

Stamina is the prime need for you to embark on fights. At the extremely the very least, you will certainly require 5 Stamina for a solitary battle. However, Stamina can likewise be made use of to Blitz for equipment (a lot more on that particular later).

Obtain Dynasty Scrolls

obtaining scrolls dynasty scrolls

After effectively finishing a phase, you will certainly be compensated with aDynasty Scroll Using a Dynasty Scroll will certainly give you an irreversible aficionado to your whole group, so do not skip on utilizing one prior to continuing to the following phase!

In enhancement, you can acquire even more Dynasty Scrolls by playing via personalityBiographies Compiling these scrolls will as a result update your personality’s high quality, providing crazy perks.

Daily Brawls

dynasty scrolls daily brawls

Brawling can give you a myriad of sources in a pinch supplied that you invest your efforts intelligently. Initially, you’ll just have the ability to obtain EXP Tomes as well as Silver, yet later you will certainly have the ability to make rarer as well as a lot more required sources.

Play Through Biography Mode

dynasty scrolls peach garden

No video game regarding the Three Kingdoms would certainly be full if you can not find out about the take on hearts that have actually lived as well as passed away via this time around duration!

In the primary display, there is a switch you can push to play via personality bios. Some of the fights below can be harder than that of the routine tale, yet you will certainly be substantially compensated for participating in this. For circumstances, some fights in Biographies can make you Hero Shards, Training Pills, Silver, as well as a lot more.

The highlight regarding these is you reach experience the historic occasions that occurred in each phase. For circumstances, the initial Biography you reach play via discuss Liu Bei, Guan Yu, as well as Zhang Fei making their brotherly vow at the peach yard.

One last point prior to we remain to the following thing: watch out for the Money Tree that shows up in each of theseBiographies They’re full of sources!

2. Upgrade Your Warriors

upgrading wei yan dynasty scrolls

Because Dynasty Scrolls is a hero enthusiast, updating each of your heroes equally will guarantee much better possibilities of success. Do note that you invest a various type of source each time you attempt any one of these. You can update your hero by doing the following:

Upgrade Equipment (Stamina as well as Upgrade Stones)

upgrading equipment dynasty scrolls

By furnishing different artefacts on your personality, you will certainly include in their statistics. These vary from their tools as well as shield, nevertheless. If you are missing out on an item, you have the choice to Blitz via a previous fight by touching a port that claims “Blitz” on it. At the price of some endurance, you will certainly have the ability to acquire these products a lot more conveniently.

Completing a devices collection will certainly enable you to update the personality as well as raise their statistics generally at the price ofUpgrade Stones The following quality of tools will certainly call for even more Blitzing or perhaps later, Synthesis, making each upgrade degree harder yet a lot more satisfying than the last.

Level Up (EXP Tomes)

Leveling your heroes up does not entail them straight obtaining experience factors from fight. Instead, you call for EXP Tomes that you obtain from winning fights or asserting them from occasions. There are 5 various EXP Tomes:

Basic Tomes (Green)– 200 EXP
Intermediate Tomes (Blue)– 1000 EXP
Advanced Tomes (Purple)– 2000 EXP
Ultimate Tomes (Orange)– 5000 EXP

How you invest these tomes is totally approximately you, yet it’s much better that you invest them intelligently.

Rank Up (Hero Shards)

Ranking up your heroes is among the objectives you ought to concentrate on if you want to have a more powerful group. This job needs you to accumulate their fragments continuously. More usual heroes can acquire their fragments via employment or via theSoul Shop Rarer heroes are harder to place up yet are definitely worth the difficulty. Recruiting commonly is essential below, so hire when you have adequate sources.

This is specifically valuable if you intend to acquire Hero Index enthusiasts.

Train (Training Pills)

training meridian dynasty scrolls

Training your heroes will certainly offer extra perks to their general statistics. The training is randomized as well as non-refundable, nevertheless. What we indicate is that if you pick to educate a hero as well as among their statistics reductions (yes, this can take place), you will certainly need to re-train them by investing an additional 5Training Pills Only train when you understand you can manage it.

Upon maxing out their Meridian, they will certainly be provided better, a lot more effective perks. There are a great deal of Meridians to undergo. Because of this, investing your Training Pills ought to be done equally as well as not simply on one hero.

Weapons as well as Armor

liao zhang gear dynasty scrolls

No video game with fabled warriors lacks a package of remarkable tools as well as shield. At a specific degree, you will certainly have the ability to furnish your heroes with tools as well as shield. Some of these come as a collection and also as collection tools goes, a variety of matching tools as well as shield on your hero will certainly give them effective easy perks. Of program, like whatever else, these can be updated too.

Enhancement (Silver)

enhancing equipment dynasty scrolls

This act enhances the base stat of the tool. Its max degree is two times your primary personality’s degree. Making every one of your tools as well as shield adhere to an also degree (e.g. All products go to Lv50), the hero using them obtains a benefit. This benefit, obviously, enhances per every 10 degrees.

Refinement (Refinement Stones)

equipment refinement dynasty scrolls

This attribute entails updating the Refine Stats of an item of tools. These statistics are different as well as pile with the primary statistics of the equipment item. Much like exactly how you make use of EXP Tomes on heroes, tools as well as shield likewise make use of different type of sources.

Basic Refinement Stone (Green)– 5 EXP
Rare Refinement Stone (Blue)– 12 EXP
Epic Refinement Stone (Purple)– 25 EXP
Ultimate Refinement Stone (Orange)– 50 EXP

Much like Enhancement, Refinement likewise gives you a benefit after you equally level up your equipment.

A Quick Look At Your Starter Heroes

Now that we have actually covered exactly how you can make your heroes more powerful, allow’s have a peek at the staminas of the heroes you begin with.

starting heroes dynasty scrolls

Your Character

Your personality, despite sex, can strike 3 arbitrary adversaries with their ability. They are rather functional as well as obtain more powerful as you proceed via the video game. Much later, you will certainly have the ability to furnish your personality with clothing that entirely change their actions as well as combating design.


Savory is the radical, bright-eyed little girl of Sun Jian, the Tiger ofJiangdong Known in Romance of the Three Kingdoms as Sun Shangxiang, she possesses a bow with lethal accuracy. Her Arrow Storm ability permits her to choose off any type of front-row adversaries as well as minimize their precision for 2 rounds. She, in addition to Bu Lianshi give you with your initial Combo Skill, Phoenix.

Bu Lianshi

Lianshi is Sun Quan’s favored accompaniment. She is smart as she is supporting as well as talented via track as well as dancing. As she has actually been understood to look after her lord, she can look after your personality too by recovery any person in your celebration with the most affordable HP with her Wrecking Song ability. This ability likewise harms a column of adversaries. Aside from giving your celebration with the Phoenix Combo Skill, she likewise offers the Max Chillax Combo Skill with Sonya.


Sonya, called Zhurong, the Goddess of Fire in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, is an aluminum foil toSavory While Savory masters harmful adversaries in the front row, Sonya goes for all the adversaries in the back row utilizing her White Tiger Shot ability, dealing benefit damages to the opponent target with the most affordable quantity of HP. Aside from approving you the Max Chillax Combo Skill, she likewise offers you the Stampede Combo Skill with her other half Meng Huo.

Meng Huo

The magnificent lord of the south as well as leader of the Nanman Tribe, Meng Huo, provides his undeniable toughness to the Shu clan in this video game. His fundamental strike strikes a solitary opponent two times, yet his Lord of the South bargains spray damages to an adversary as well as those beside them. In enhancement, he enhances his damages decrease for 2 rounds, making him your group’s initial container.

3. Fulfill Mission Requirements And Participate In Events

xu sheng dynasty scrolls

As this video game is dynamic with gamers, it’s familiar with occasions as well as goals. Fulfilling objectives in either of these might make you great deals of sources each time. Taking these as well as conserving them for later on or when you require them might assist enhance your celebration as well as maintain you on your toes wherefore you ought to do following.

Interestingly sufficient, there are Hidden Missions in this video game that you might complete without understanding. As the names suggest, the video game does not inform you what you need to do to make any one of the benefits made below. Keep your eyes peeled off!

4. Fight In The Arena For Prestige

arena fight dynasty scrolls

Arena fights are completely automated, yet they’re rather tough as it places your celebration loadout to the examination. Completing any one of these fights, in addition to climbing via the rankings, will certainly make you some excellent benefits located in theArena Shop The money below isn’t gold, silver, or Hero Souls, yet Prestige; a PvP-only money. Fight on as well as offer your heroes the best difficulty!

5. Use The Hero Index

hero index dynasty scrolls

The Hero Index is an area where you can watch your collection of heroes. As of this writing, Dynasty Scrolls over 50 heroes as well as checking, so there is a lot of time for you to open each and every single among them for your usage. Each of them has their very own specialized as well as therefore selecting those that match your requirements in a group is essential if you’re attempting to develop a reliable celebration.

After opening a details hero, they will certainly be readily available for upgrade in theHero Index Unlocking heroes in addition to updating them can include in your group’s general power degree. Higher power degrees indicates smoother fights for you.

Pulling Heroes

recruiting heroes dynasty scrolls

There are 2 methods you can draw heroes: Basic Recruit as well asPremium Recruit Using up Recruit Orders (both Basic as well as Premium, specifically) permits you to draw fragments of any type of hero. Basic Recruit has a reduced opportunity of drawing Epic Heroes while Premium Recruit uses much better possibilities of you obtaining them.

Both Basic as well as Premium Recruit Orders can be made from doing goals or joining occasions. At one factor, you’ll also obtain some from gaining Stars.

Later right into the video game, you will certainly have the ability to make use of the Faction Recruit attribute where you can elevate the possibilities of obtaining a hero from the intrigue of your option.

6. Think Strategically

dynasty scrolls strategies

Perhaps one of the most fundamental part of this video game, just like a lot of Romance of the Three Kingdoms- based video games, is the method behind it. It had not been the may of Guan Yu, Zhang Liao, Gan Ning, Lu Bu, or Meng Huo that won the fights alone, yet it was likewise the minds of Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi, Lu Meng, as well as Li Ru that backed these up. Regardless the fight, an audio method ought to paralyze the opponent pressures as well as offer you the edge.

Team Formation

team formation dynasty scrolls

The video game’s automated combating in fact adheres to an order based upon the positioning of your soldiers:

4 1
5 2
6 3

You will certainly need to determine that strikes initially as well as that strikes last. If you have actually taken care of to update a hero as well as have their starting Rage at a high, placed them at the cutting edge so they might bring upon very early damages to the opponent group. If you have a hero that recovers your group, placed them last so they might minimize what has actually been dealt to them by the enemy.

If you have actually observed that any one of your heroes have actually experienced in giving respectable damages outcome throughout the round, work with what makes them weak initially. If stated hero can not be conserved, draw them apart as well as change them with somebody more powerful if you can do that. You can see these by touching the Stats switch at the end of a battle.

Augmenting your rankings are Reserves; heroes that give your existing celebration passive enthusiasts. Deploying heroes that have fondness with each various other might likewise assist win fights. If you have no space for them in the energetic celebration, placed them on the books.

Team Composition

Every well balanced group is an advantage to have. But in some cases, if you have a lot more DPS heroes than you have containers or therapists, it’s time to reassess several of your released personalities. Sometimes, opponent devices experience even more damages from Magic strikes as well as some from Physical strikes. Having your group differ in damages kinds is an and also as well as it behaves objective to pursue.

Faction Buffs

faction buffs dynasty scrolls

Deploying an Epic Hero from a details intrigue will certainly give you aFaction Buff Piling on even more Epic Heroes of the very same intrigue from the initial one you released will certainly elevate the Faction Buff’s results, transforming your celebration right into a pressure to be considered. Get those employment orders out!

Combo Skills

dynasty scrolls combo chain

You will certainly initially begin with Phoenix, Max Chillax, Stampede, as well as if you have actually opened Xu Sheng as well as Yue Jin via Story Mode,Chain Using these Combo Skills at the ideal minute can conveniently offer you the lead in fight as well as utilizing them at the incorrect minute (or utilizing the incorrect ability, also) can ruin your group.

First consider what each of the abilities can do. As an instance, we will certainly check outStampede Stampede is rather valuable in employer battles as it has the opportunity to stun any person it strikes. However, utilizing this on an adversary that stands alone on his row is a waste, specifically if the target you intend to stun goes to the back row. Timing is whatever when it involves utilizing these abilities.

Do note that you do not call for the heroes of the Combo Skill released in your group as you battle; having the Combo Skill opened as well as in operation suffices for you to be able to perform it in fight. For instance, also if you do not have Sonya as well as Bu Lianshi in your celebration yet you have Max Chillax in your ability bar, you can still execute Max Chillax when it prepares.

Recycling Heroes

recycling heroes dynasty scrolls

This attribute is in fact among the more difficult tablets to ingest. If you have a hero that has actually outlasted their effectiveness to you (e.g. you have actually located an extra effective hero than among your beginners), you have the choice to reuse them. Recycling a hero indicates to reimburse every one of the sources that you invested in them.

The just point that will certainly not be reimbursed is their Star Level, so obtaining what Hero Shards of their own that you made use of to enhance them is difficult. With this, you will just acquire Upgrade Stones, Training Pills, EXP Tomes, Silver, as well as Equipment.

After reusing a hero, you can move every one of these re-earned sources to among your much better heroes that requires an upgrade. Don’ t stress over your old hero; the following time you intend to update them, it may be a lot easier this time around around as well as they’ll be a lot more powerful than the very first time you had actually experienced them.

7. Add Some Friends

adding friends dynasty scrolls

Lastly, do not fail to remember to make buddies with any type of or various other warlords you encounter. Adding buddies can give you some silver as well as endurance once they offer you presents. In return, you assist them, also, by sending them the identical presents. As the women personality of this video game claims “Teamwork makes the desire job!”

When you remain in a pinch for that last press in Story Mode or you require that fast tool upgrade, in some cases it takes a number of your buddies to maintain you perfectly equipped.

And that’s that for Dynasty Scrolls! If there is anything that we may have neglected, something that requires dealing with, or if you have any type of pointers of your very own that you wish to include, make certain to leave a remark listed below!

Raise your sword high as well as cost on! The destiny of the Three Kingdoms relies on you!


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