Dragon Tamer Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Building Your Dragon Island and Managing Your Dragons

Bekko Games’ tackle the creature collector turn-based technique style took the Play Store by storm in latest weeks. The firm’s new cellular recreation referred to as Dragon Tamer options totally different battle modes, residence base customization, crew formations, and over 100 dragons to gather and lift. The recreation performs fairly equally to different cellular titles reminiscent of RAID: Shadow Legends, Monster Super League, and Summoners War to call just a few. Unlike these titles nevertheless, Dragon Tamer has a private contact: you may rename your dragons!

The highway to changing into an ideal Dragon Tamer is an extended (imagine us, it’s actually lengthy) and grueling one. You will likely be confronted with numerous challenges, frustration, and laborious work. In the tip, nevertheless, we guarantee you that Dragon Tamer is among the most rewarding experiences of a recreation that you could possibly ever have.

freya dragon tamer

If you’ve lately picked this recreation up, learn on and we should always be capable of provide you with sufficient tricks to ship you in your technique to changing into a Master Tamer! So with out additional ado, let’s transfer on to our Dragon Tamer information!

1. Spend Your Gems Wisely

worker's hut dragon tamer

Let’s get this one out of the way in which first. Because Dragon Tamer is a free-to-play recreation, the builders will discover methods to earn from it. Here, it’s principally by their premium forex referred to as Gems. These Gems can be utilized to perform duties faster or purchase varied different materials reminiscent of Growth Certificates, Spacetime Keys, and Dragon Tickets for summoning.

Do NOT spend solely on these.

While it’s tempting to spend your Gems on these little issues, the general value of it’ll chew you within the tail if you want your Gems essentially the most. Instead, spend your Gems on Statues that assist enhance your island, upgrades for buildings just like the Hatchery, and an additional employee for constructing development and island cleanup.

If you’re prepared to ship the builders some love, we advocate spending on the Piggy Bank as soon as it’s crammed with 400 Gems. Not solely is that this a giveaway from the devs themselves, however you’ll be spending lower than how a lot 400 Gems really value in the event you purchased them instantly. The finest a part of that is that this supply comes again to you every so often and finishing sure duties will add Gems to the Piggy Bank.

statue of treasure dragon tamer

If you aren’t prepared to spend a cent on Dragon Tamer, we advocate you save up for a Statue of Treasure. It passively generates Gems over time and will help you if you’re brief on this premium forex.

2. Diversify Your Dragons

breeding dragon tamer

Gaining dragons on this recreation needs to be an pleasing expertise for you. Making two dragons breed and ready for the result is among the finest (and most irritating) options of this recreation. Simply take two dragons and let love movement by the air. You’ll get an egg after a sure period of time… and that egg nonetheless must be hatched. This is the primary “gacha” of the sport.

Dragons will be obtained by breeding, utilizing Shards on the Spacetime Altar (extra on this later), and the Summoning Cave. Having all kinds of dragons can put you in modes like Adventure, the Mystic Mountain, the Forest of Sprites, and the Arena.

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A spread in breeds will assist you to experiment and perform methods whereby you could possibly make your chosen dragon shine. With a correct crew formation, you may even be capable of tackle opponents or levels considerably above your total energy score.

album dragon tamer

A function that Dragon Tamer doesn’t have is a task system. This means the participant should determine what dragon fits their formation based mostly on their abilities. Some dragons could also be devoted healers, and others could also be devoted DPS. However, that doesn’t imply they’re restricted to the position that they appear to excel at.

If you’ve used Shards or the Summoning Cave and also you occur to achieve a dragon whose aspect you should not have but (for instance, getting Psychic, Light, or Dark early), benefit from them by breeding. You’ll by no means know what new dragons you’ll uncover! Keep in thoughts that the longer the breeding session, the upper the rarity.

Early on, you may even be capable of breed (or summon) just a few Epic-grade dragons. Having Epic dragons in your crew could assist you to breeze by fights simply (if they’re used appropriately) as they are often fairly highly effective. These are the next:

aurita dragon tamer

Aurita (Water/Electric) – You first get the Aurita by summoning it with a Dragon Ticket. This is your first Epic. The Aurita is able to crowd management and debuffing; a straightforward technique to throw the enemy into confusion.

ruby dragon tamer

Ruby (Fire/Earth) – Getting the Ruby means finishing levels in Adventure Mode. Once you’ve acquired all its Shards, you may summon the Ruby egg on the Spacetime Altar. The Ruby is a lethal dragon able to taking up opponents one-on-one. In a duel, it’s fairly troublesome to defeat.

core dragon tamer

Core (Fire/Water) – By breeding Rare dragons with hearth and water components may provide you with a Core. The hulking, lumbering Core is a dragon that wields large fireballs at its command. If it isn’t enjoying with hearth, it could possibly shield itself or its buddies with thick partitions of ice.

Breeding two Epic dragons collectively could provide the likelihood to achieve a Legendary dragon! The approach right here is to verify no less than one among their components is similar. Just do not forget that your island would require extra habitats or upgraded variations thereof with a purpose to accommodate all of the eggs you’ll be bringing in.

3. Raise The Dragons Well

With every egg coming in quick (or gradual, relying on the ready time), it’s essential so that you can at all times make room for the infant dragon as soon as it’s born.

Observe first the aspect(s) of the dragon. This will decide the place you’ll want to put your child. If you don’t have sufficient area on any of the infant’s components, you may transfer one among your different dragons dwelling in a single habitat to a different. For instance, your child dragon goes to be a Lavagon (Fire/Psychic) and you’ve got a psychic habitat inhabited by a Mercury (Metal/Psychic). You can transfer the Mercury to a Metal Habitat whereas the Lavagon is put within the Psychic Habitat.

moth dragon tamer

At degree 50, it is possible for you to to assemble the Dragon Dojo the place you may home dragons that should not have a spot to remain. While this constructing is fairly useful, it doesn’t generate earnings like habitats. If you ever run out of area, you should buy the opposite islands round your essential one.

In addition to creating certain that your infants have an sufficient residence to remain in, they need to be well-fed and made stronger. If you may cap off their degree by feeding them to their max degree, achieve this. Their power improves tremendously per degree. If it is advisable to enhance the extent cap, save up for Towers.

With every dragon bearing a rarity, this doesn’t matter a lot within the recreation. The solely time rarity issues is at which a dragon reaches its degree cap:

● Common (C) – Lv60
● Uncommon (UC) – Lv70
● Rare (R) – Lv80
● Epic (E) – Lv90
● Legendary (L) – Lv100

What ought to matter is the way you deploy your formations. Get a crew whose abilities complement each other. In the long term, a well-balanced crew will be capable of destroy a crew that depends solely on energy rankings. We will speak extra about this later.

4. Food From Quantity, Money From Quality

To make your island thrive, you’ll have to account for the next issues: gold and meals.

Gold will be earned by doing a wide range of actions reminiscent of enjoying Adventure, combating within the Arena, promoting dragons you not want. The quickest approach you could possibly earn gold, nevertheless, is thru accumulating the gold collected by every of your dragon habitats. The greater the extent of the habitat, the extra dragons you may have in them. Consequently, the extra dragons in that habitat, the more cash you’ll earn. If these dragons have their ranges excessive, the quantity of gold you acquire can even enhance.

Additionally, it is possible for you to to earn gold and different helpful gadgets in case you have some Ruins in your island. These Ruins enable for just a few dragons to discover and uncover treasure and totally different worthwhile gadgets after a sure period of time. Ruins are costly to construct, so save up for them earlier than you do.

farming dragon tamer

As far as farms go, they’re the first supply of your dragons’ meals. Food will be earned very similar to gold, however let’s speak about a few farming methods. More costly meals can be found as you scroll down, however the quickest technique to earn meals is thru utilizing the standard Sunlight Plant approach.

Every 30 seconds, your crops will likely be prepared for harvesting. For every of these 30 seconds you might be enjoying the sport, you’ll be incomes 600 meals, and that’s just for a single farm. It could appear small if it’s a lone farm, however with a number of farms, you’ll be flooded in meals sooner and extra often.

It’s good to plant high-quality crops occasionally, however nothing beats protecting your self in your toes (or on this case, your fingers) on the subject of idling in your island. The 5-minute Artificial Breeding approach is right for if you’re off to battle since a few of these fights can take greater than 5 minutes to finish, particularly if the enemy is powerful.

Once you improve your farms to Mid Farms and Advanced Farms, the Greenhouse Farming approach, whereas barely dearer than the Sunlight Plant, is more cost effective because it yields a higher quantities of meals than the Sunlight Plant and the Artificial Breeding methods.

5. Fight! Fight! Fight!

arena fight dragon tamer

As it’s in lots of hero collector video games, Dragon Tamer presents no scarcity in fight. You can choose as much as 5 dragons in a single crew and even get the help of a pal’s dragon (in Adventure and Mystic Mountain solely). Fighting in Dragon Tamer is a process that entails utmost focus since technique and the timing of abilities can win nearly any combat. One technique to acquire benefit of a combat is by understanding how elemental harm works.

Elemental Damage

To begin off, it’s essential to know the weather. Elemental harm performs an essential position in any battle. Having dragons that resist components usually tend to survive an encounter relatively than these that don’t.

If a dragon is attacking with a component the enemy is weak in opposition to (indicated by a inexperienced sword above the enemy’s head when in fight), they’ll deal 20% extra harm. Conversely, if a dragon is attacking with a component the enemy is powerful in opposition to (indicated by a pink sword above the enemy’s head when in fight), they’ll deal 20% much less harm.

Below is the listing of components in addition to their strengths and weaknesses:

nature element dragon tamer

Strong VS: Metal, Psychic
Weak VS: Fire

fire element dragon tamer

Strong VS: Nature, Psychic
Weak VS: Water

water element dragon tamer

●  Water
Strong VS: Fire, Psychic
Weak VS: Electric

electric element dragon tamer

●  Electric
Strong VS: Water
Weak VS: Earth

earth element dragon tamer

●  Earth
Strong VS: Electric
Weak VS: Metal

metal element dragon tamer

●  Metal
Strong VS: Earth
Weak VS: Nature

dark element dragon tamer

Strong VS: Electric, Earth, Metal
Weak VS: Light, Psychic

light element dragon tamer

●  Light
Strong VS: Nature, Fire, Water
Weak VS: Dark, Psychic

psychic element dragon tamer

●  Psychic
Strong VS: Dark, Light
Weak VS: Nature, Fire, Water

Effects / Debuffs

Sometime throughout battle, it’s possible you’ll discover pink icons that seem above your dragons’ heads at any time when they take harm from an enemy dragon. These are referred to as debuffs or results. While buffs are simply as essential, these debuffs could throw gamers off as soon as they’re inflicted. Below is a fast listing of non-descript debuffs and what they do:


Icon Looks Like: A bunch of chains
Visual Effect: None
What it Does: Disables 4-Set Dragonbrand results and Magic


Icon Looks Like: A horned demon’s head
Visual Effect: The dragon has anime anger veins throughout
What it Does: The provoked dragon will auto-attack the dragon that provoked it solely utilizing their fundamental assault. It can’t be managed whereas at this state.


Icon Looks Like: A snowflake
Visual Effect: The dragon is encased in an icy jail
What it Does: Your dragon skips a flip.


Icon Looks Like: A spiral
Visual Effect: The dragon has a swirling gentle above their head they usually look dazed
What it Does: Your dragon skips a flip.

Damage Over Time

Icon Looks Like: Depending on the aspect of the assault, it may be a drop of water, a ball of fireside, or a bleeding lower.
Visual Effect: None
What it Does: The dragon takes harm each flip.


Icon Looks Like: A cancel signal
Visual Effect: An ellipsis coming out of your dragon’s mouth
What it Does: The dragon can solely carry out its fundamental talent.

Now that we’ve coated elemental harm and debuffs, let’s speak about the place we will apply this data.

Adventure Mode

adventure fight dragon tamer

This is the sport’s most simple fight mode the place you may take your dragons and combat by levels crammed with more and more robust enemies. Upon conducting a degree, do NOT click on Next Stage as you’ll be dropped at the subsequent stage with out altering your formation. Instead, return and examine the enemy’s formation earlier than attacking so you realize you may have the higher hand in elemental harm.

Completing ranges will enhance the quantity of loot you get from Idle Rewards (a sack icon on the higher right-hand portion of the display screen within the stage menu). These rewards accumulate after an period of time and from them it is possible for you to to achieve account EXP, gold, elemental crystals for constructing upgrades, and random Dragon Brands.

After finishing an issue, it is possible for you to to maneuver onto the subsequent problem, providing higher-quality rewards however with extra highly effective opponents.

Arena Mode

arena defense team dragon tamer

This is the PvP mode of the sport the place you’ll first should arrange a Defense Team. This Defense Team will combat in your behalf when you’re out combating different gamers.

There are 16 ranks within the enviornment. Here they’re in descending order:

● Immortal 1
● Immortal 2
● Immortal 3
● Immortal 4
● Immortal 5
● Immortal 6-10
● Immortal 11-20
● Immortal 21-50
● Immortal 51-100
● Divine
● Diamond
● Platinum
● Gold
● Silver
● Bronze
● Iron

To get to the subsequent rank, you will need to defeat opponents in succession. Winning battles by your Defense Team in addition to by combating opponents earns you factors that ship you up the ladder. Losing any battle, nevertheless, subtracts your factors and sends you down the ladder as a substitute. If you may have misplaced a battle, you may evaluation what may need occurred by watching a replay of the match within the Record menu on the essential Arena menu.

team composition dragon tamer

Having a specific amount of factors on the finish of a Season (every week in actual time) provides you prizes which you can declare. Other than that, you might also declare rewards that turn into obtainable to you every so often. One of those rewards is Arena Tokens.

Arena Tokens will be spent on the Arena Shop, the place you should have entry to numerous dragons which might be in any other case laborious to acquire by breeding. These dragons will be summoned with using their Shards.

There can be a way referred to as Revenge Farming the place you retain a weak Defense Team to lure weaker gamers to assault you. Once you verify your Record menu, it is possible for you to to “farm” Arena Tokens by beating those that beat your Defense Team. As dishonorable as it could appear, Revenge Farming may appear to be a fast and straightforward technique to acquire Arena Tokens. The Season Rewards will at all times have higher prizes for many who really attempt nonetheless.

Spacetime Rift

spacetime rift dragon tamer

The Spacetime Rift is a particular mode the place you combat a set squad of enemy dragons every rift. These dragons don’t change in crew composition. Instead, they turn into more and more highly effective in degree. In addition, every rift has a essential enemy dragon that guidelines it; a strong dragon that’s at all times in the midst of the formation.

What you may earn from this, nevertheless, is a set of Dragonbrands equivalent to the rift you’ve entered. We’ll sort out what Dragonbrands do later. Below are the rifts and what corresponding Dragonbrands they provide:

Fire Rift

Main Enemy Dragon: Core (Fire/Water)
Dragonbrands Rewarded: Freyr, Heimdallr

Thunder Rift

Main Enemy Dragon: Plough (Electric/Metal)
Dragonbrands Rewarded: Baldr, Jammu

Flood Rift

Main Enemy Dragon: Aurita (Water/Electric)
Dragonbrands Rewarded: Vidar, Mimir

Nature Rift

Main Enemy Dragon: Enki (Nature/Water)
Dragonbrands Rewarded: Bully, Schiff

Earth Rift

Main Enemy Dragon: Comet (Earth/Metal)
Dragonbrands Rewarded: Hoarder, Amir

Be warned that combating a battle within the Spacetime Rift would require a Spacetime Key. Regenerating as much as a most of 5 could take just a few days in actual time. Refilling these requires a hefty sum of gems, too, so we strongly counsel ready.

Mystic Mountain

mystic mountain dragon tamer

This mode is definitely tougher than the others because the enemy dragons right here scale in energy equal to yours. Mystic Mountain pits your crew in opposition to an ascending group of challenger dragon groups; all of which enhance in energy with every stage that follows. The catch right here is that in case your dragons die in battle alongside the way in which, they keep useless till the mountain resets (which is each 2 days), or until you pay 30 Gems to revive all of them to full well being.

To achieve success in Mystic Mountain, area your weaker dragons for the early levels so when you attain the later levels of the mountain that require your extra highly effective dragons, you’ll have a greater likelihood of profitable. To end your run, you must attain the highest of the mountain.

Every three victories, it is possible for you to to say rewards. These rewards assist you to buy different dragon shards within the Mystic Mountain Shop just like that of the Arena Shop utilizing Adventure Coins. The choice of merchandise fluctuate, nevertheless.

Forest of Sprites

forest of spirits dragon tamer

Compared to Mystic Mountain, Forest of Sprites could also be just a little bit simpler. It performs equally to a roguelite the place each time you full an encounter, you might be rewarded with a wide range of perks that would enhance your crew’s efficiency there. Just like Mystic Mountain, any dragon that perishes in battle will keep useless till the forest resets (each Wednesday) or until you utilize a Healing Potion to revive all of them to full well being.

Forest of Sprites measures your actions by 30 factors. Each tuft of grass that you just clear is 1 level spent out of that 30. Whenever you clear a tuft of grass, listed below are the attainable issues it’s possible you’ll uncover:

● Food
● Gold
● An enemy – Encountering an enemy will disable you from transferring to the grass tufts adjoining to it until it’s overwhelmed.

The enemies are shade coded for problem. Here they’re in ascending order:

○ Green Enemy
○ Blue Enemy
○ Purpe Enemy
○ Orange Enemy
○ Red Enemy – Stage Boss
○ Black Enemy – End Boss
● Treasure
● A therapeutic fountain
● A lure – Encountering it will barely harm all of the dragons in your social gathering.
● A Healing Potion – Used to heal or revive your dragons to full well being.
● A captured dragon – Freeing a captured dragon will assist you to recruit them in your Forest of Sprites run. After the run ends or in the event you end it, the dragon leaves you. This can be excellent so that you can check out totally different dragons that you just may not but have.
● The Next Stage – This gate is normally guarded by a Red Enemy.

Your purpose is to achieve Stage 10 the place you may get much more Mystic Ores to spend within the Dragonbrand Shop the place you’ll solely be capable of discover the Dragonbrands Tyr and Skade. Aside from Ores, additionally, you will be rewarded with different prizes.

Dark Trial

dragon tamer dark trial

After reaching a sure degree, it is possible for you to to take part within the Dark Trial. Here, your crew will likely be pitted in opposition to the meanest and strongest dragons within the recreation. Certain dragons and sure elemental affinities could have some boosts when taking up this new, difficult journey. The Dark Trial is split into three sections: Outer, Inner, and Core, every of which bearing 9 flooring. When you efficiently defeat one of many dragons guarding the gate, you won’t be able to make use of these dragons once more till you’ve unlocked the gate to maneuver to the subsequent flooring.

dragon tamer dark trial stage

While this mode appears loads troublesome than it seems to be, the payoff is price it since you’ll be rewarded with thousands and thousands of gold, a legendary Dragonbrand, and epic Dragonbrand materials for upgrading. Think you may take this fortress of elite dragons on? Give it a go and win your self some highly effective loot!

6. Use The Spacetime Altar To Your Advantage

spacetime altar dragon tamer

On the northernmost a part of the primary island is a floating rock with an hourglass and a portal. This is the Spacetime Altar. It’s a strong a part of your island that means that you can summon, sacrifice, and improve dragons. Here’s the way it works:


dragon summoning dragon tamer

As we’ve talked about earlier, dragons like Ruby will be summoned on the Spacetime Altar. With using Shards, you may summon any dragon within the recreation, offered that you’ve got sufficient of their Shards.


dragon sacrificing dragon tamer

When you may have duplicates of any of your present dragons, these will be sacrificed on the Spacetime Altar. Do know that sacrificial time will increase based mostly on the dragon’s variety of stars and their rarity. For occasion, for a Legendary dragon to achieve 5 stars, it’ll take 24 hours.

After sacrificing the dragon of your selecting, you’ll acquire its Shards. These Shards can be utilized to summon one other dragon of its sort or, extra importantly, improve their star degree.


dragon upgrade dragon tamer

As the dragon’s star degree rises, they’ll require an increasing number of Shards, so Common dragons are the best to improve and Legendary ones are the toughest.

If you should not have sufficient Shards, you may gather Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary Dragon Shards, which act as common Shards. This signifies that any dragon can use them offered that they’re equal to or above the rarity of the Shards.

Upgraded dragons will obtain a higher stat increase as in comparison with after they merely degree up. While this system of empowering them is extra time-consuming, it’s also simpler and rewarding. A 3 or 4-star Uncommon may need no downside dispatching a 1-star Epic or an un-starred Legendary. This goes to indicate that in Dragon Tamer, rarity isn’t every part.

Aside from utilizing the Spacetime Altar to make your dragons extra highly effective, there’s additionally making use of Dragonbrands.

7. Use Dragonbrands And The Magic Fountain

Dragonbrands, or manufacturers, are the gear of your dragons. Equipping your dragons with this stuff will grant them higher stats in addition to passive talents which will provide you with an edge in battle.

Supplementing this can be a Magic Fountain which you can acquire afterward within the recreation. The Magic Fountain additional augments your dragons’ talents by giving them a team-wide passive talent.


dragonbrands dragon tamer

Each dragonbrand piece has its personal set of stats and goes right into a corresponding slot marked by Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V, VI). However, there are 12 Dragonbrand units within the recreation, every of which granting two bonuses to any dragon sporting them. Here’s what they every can do:

freyr dragon tamerFreyr
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% Attack Bonus
4 Pieces Equipped: Dragon offers 10% extra harm for each 20% lower of the goal’s HP

vidar dragon tamerVidar
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% Crit Chance
4 Pieces Equipped: Dragon offers 40% extra harm to targets affected by Taunt, Stun, and Freeze.

baldr dragon tamerBaldr
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% HP Bonus
4 Pieces Equipped: When the dragon receives a important hit, it casts a defend upon itself (30% likelihood to defend its allies as nicely) that absorbs 10% of its max HP. This lasts for 1 flip.

heimdallr dragon tamerHeimdallr
2 Pieces Equipped: 30% Defense Bonus
4 Pieces Equipped: Dragon features 20% base therapeutic and 50% base therapeutic if its HP is beneath 20%.

mimir dragon tamerMimir
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% Effect Resist
4 Pieces Equipped: Dragon has a 15% base likelihood to randomly inflict results like Stun, Freeze, Taunt, or Seal for 1 flip.

bully dragon tamerBully
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% Crit Chance
4 Pieces Equipped: Each kill reduces the cooldowns of all of the dragon’s abilities by 1 flip.

hoarder dragon tamerHoarder
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% Attack Bonus
4 Pieces Equipped: Dragon’s assaults have a 50% likelihood to disregard 45% of the enemy’s Defense.

jammu dragon tamerJammu
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% Crit Chance
4 Pieces Equipped: Dragon has a 50% likelihood each important hit to deal additional harm based mostly on 10% of its goal’s HP. This is True Damage and can’t be mitigated. It is capped at 120% Attack.

amir dragon tamerAmir
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% HP Bonus
4 Pieces Equipped: Dragon has 30% likelihood to mirror 100% of injury inflicted to it.

schiff dragon tamerSchiff
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% Effect Hit
4 Pieces Equipped: Dragon has a 30% base likelihood to stun the attacking enemy for 1 flip.

skade dragon tamerSkade
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% HP
4 Pieces Equipped: Dragon reduces 25% of injury acquired by allies and receives it as 50% True Damage.

tyr dragon tamerTyr
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% Attack
4 Pieces Equipped: Dragon instantly makes use of its fundamental assault to strike the enemy with the bottom HP after killing an enemy utilizing a single-target talent.

iaso dragon tamerIaso
2 Pieces Equipped: 30% Defense
4 Pieces Equipped: The dragon recovers 10% of its HP and removes all management results at the beginning of its flip.
ares dragon tamerAres
2 Pieces Equipped: 15% Attack
4 Pieces Equipped: Every time the dragon loses 10% of its HP, its ultimate harm bonus will likely be boosted by 20%.

Magic Fountain

magic fountain time dragon tamer

This construction takes 1 day to construct however comes with highly effective magic that empowers your total crew whereas in battle. Equipping these spells earlier than a combat could put you over your opponent. There are at the moment 6 spells:

magic fountain dragon tamer


What it Does: Allies that get assault have a 15% likelihood to scale back a talent on cooldown by 1 flip. This has no impact if no abilities are on cooldown.

Protection (Unlocks at Magic Lv5)

What it Does: At the start of battle, all allies have elevated Defense and Effect Resist for 3 turns.

Health (Unlocks at Magic Lv10)

What it Does: Each dragon in your crew restores 2% of their HP at the beginning of their flip.

Counter (Unlocks at Magic Lv15)

What it Does: When any dragon takes harm, it has a 15% likelihood to retaliate. Multiple hits enhance the prospect to counter, however the countering dragon will nonetheless assault as soon as. The dragon that’s attacked solely retaliates with its fundamental talent.

Curse (Unlocks at Magic Lv20)

What it Does: This magic impacts your complete battle. The enemy receives harm based mostly on 14% of the Attack of the allied dragon with the best Attack stat. The harm is inflicted after mentioned dragon ends their flip.

Revenge (Unlocks at Magic Lv25)

What it Does: With each ally that falls in battle, dwelling allies obtain a 12% harm enhance towards their enemies. This Magic can stack as much as 9 occasions.

Leveling up your fountain’s magic requires Magic Crystals that may be acquired from growing the celebrities of your dragons. This will solely work if it’s the primary time for that breed, nevertheless. The quantity of crystals acquired relies on the rarity of the dragon and the quantity of stars it acquired.

8. How To Manage Your Time

Because Dragon Tamer is chock full of various cut-off dates for nearly every part, it’s a clever thought to handle your time. As we’ve talked about earlier, in the event you’re off to battle one thing for some time, you may as nicely plant meals that take 5 minutes or longer to develop.

egg hatching dragon tamer

If you’re upgrading a constructing or dragon, or breeding two dragons, they usually take greater than a few hours, you’d finest wish to do that earlier than you fall asleep. The subsequent morning will assure you with a shock (or a replica, in the event you’re breeding). Try to measure the period of time wanted in-game with what you may be capable of do in actual life so if you come again to the sport, it’s completed.

One essential technique to handle your time by deploying your dragon employees to totally different initiatives. One dragon employee will likely be devoted to larger, longer initiatives whereas the opposite will likely be used for smaller, shorter ones. For occasion, one dragon employee will work on eradicating a bit of particles that requires 2 hours to finish and one other employee will likely be in control of constructing one other Fire Habitat.

9. Make Friends, Speed Up Your Game

As the saying goes: “No man is an island.”, or no less than on this case, no island needs to be alone. Filling your Friends List with buddies will assist you to go to their islands and pace up something they could have in manufacturing. Likewise, they will do the identical to you they usually may even do it in the event that they have a look at their Social Log after seeing that you just’ve helped them. You could assist strangers in chat by visiting their islands and rushing up their manufacturing, too.

friends list dragon tamer

You may borrow their dragons’ help in Adventure and Mystic Mountain. Depending on their dragon, they could make your battles a breeze. You can do that as nicely, permitting your pals to take any two of your dragons with them on journeys.

Doing any of those actions will earn you Friendship Points. These factors can be utilized to redeem a wide range of sources within the Friendship Shop. Additionally, there are additionally dragons there which might be in any other case laborious to acquire by breeding.

10. Find An Alliance

No on-line recreation is full with out an alliance! In becoming a member of a guild, a clan, or because it’s referred to as on this recreation, an alliance, it is possible for you to to take part in distinctive challenges and occasions reminiscent of Alliance Boss and Alliance Warfare.

The Alliance Boss is a take a look at of endurance and power the place your crew of dragons is pitted in opposition to a single Legendary dragon whose stats enhance the extra occasions you decrease its well being bar. For collaborating, you acquire a prize of a few Alliance Coins however in the event you handle to attain the best harm out of your total alliance, you’ll have entry to a prize field.

Alliance Warfare entails your total alliance battling one other. In wiping out totally different members of the enemy alliance, your alliance is rewarded with a chest. This mode requires an utmost train of teamwork and coordination as every member is just given a restricted variety of possibilities to assault. At the tip of the conflict, the entire clan will obtain prizes of their mail.

alliance warfare dragon tamer

After incomes these Alliance Coins, these may also be spent within the alliance’s very personal Alliance Store. This retailer’s items rely on the Alliance’s degree, so in the event you’re hoping to unlock extra items within the retailer (particularly some Legendary dragons that may solely be acquired by this), be energetic and take part in your alliance’s occasions!

And that’s all we’ve got for Dragon Tamer, of us! Remember that the important thing right here isn’t to chase Legendary or Epic dragons, however to make use of efficient technique in nearly something and every part you do in-game. You’ll get these shiny dragons ultimately. Just like every part within the recreation, it’s a matter of endurance. While Dragon Tamer will be fairly time-consuming, it handsomely rewards you the longer you play.

If there’s something we missed right here or in case you have suggestions of your individual, do depart your ideas within the remark part down beneath!

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