Dragon Raja Pets Guide: How to Acquire and also Evolve Pets in the Game

Dragon Raja is the most up to date and also biggest MMORPG on iphone and also Android today. Developed by Archosaur Games, the exact same designer behind hit multiplayer titles like King of Kings, Novoland, and also Naval Creed: Warships, Dragon Raja is without a doubt their finest video game yet.

Built with the very sophisticated Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja includes impressive graphics and also extreme gameplay that can equal also that of AAA titles for gaming consoles and also also for COMPUTER. Of training course, sensational graphics aren’t the only point that Dragon Raja has going all out. It’s a full-fledged MMORPG developed from the ground-up for smart phones.

In it, gamers can discover a huge and also in-depth open globe, produce distinct personalities via the video game’s thorough personality development and also personalization system, and also also coordinate with gamers from around the globe many thanks to Dragon Raja’s player-to-player interactive gameplay.

Dragon Raja has an entire number of elegant bells and also whistles, however at its core, it’s an MMORPG with a great deal of the important things that we enjoy concerning MMORPGs. It has great deals of loot, an extensive story, a lot of fully-voiced personalities, outfits, and also also family pets. That’s right– family pets.

If you’re a huge follower of gathering family pets– from itty-bitty animals that follow you around to robot giants that damages, storage tank for, or assistance gamers– after that take a look at this, our Dragon Raja family pets overview, where we stroll gamers via the numerous family pets in the video game, along with revealing you exactly how to obtain them, look after them, and also aid them expand.

Pets In Dragon Raja

Starting at gamer Level 50, family pets can be opened inDragon Raja You obtain the initial one totally free, however the remainder should be opened either by acquiring brand-new ones from the store or by finishing pursuits. Each of these family pets brings something brand-new and also distinct to the table, so go on and also attempt to obtain every one of them!

pets in dragon raja

There are an overall of 6 family pets in Dragon Raja, and also each of them can be educated and also updated to get even more power. These family pets sign up with the gamer in battle and also offer various perks relying on which family pet you have and also which phase of advancement they have actually had the ability to accomplish. There are additionally 2 primary kinds of family pets in Dragon Raja– Light Pets and also Dark Pets– which are made use of to establish what type of perks and also results they get and also can communicate with.

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Players can have one Light Pet and also one Dark Pet outfitted at any type of offered time, so it is necessary to recognize which associate an animal has so you recognize you can outfit them. Pets additionally get statistics relying on their proprietor, so the more powerful you obtain, the more powerful your family pet expands together with you.

Adams Prototype

adams prototype dragon raja

The Adams Prototype is a trendy and also adorable robot family pet that follows you around any place you go. It’s a Light- kind family pet that deals physical damages to all adversaries in an area-of-effect. He’s a wonderful starter family pet that supplies lots of energy. Plus, the Adams model yaps also, and also informs a couple of jokes from time to time, also.

How To Acquire Adams Prototype

You obtain Adams totally free as soon as you strike gamer degree 50.


An alternate to the Adams model, Elisa is additionally a heavy-hitting physical damages supplier however offers much better damages to solitary targets than in an area-of-effect. Elisa is a Light- kind family pet.

How To Acquire Elisa

You can obtain Elisa in Kassel College beginning at Level 50. Interact with the School Board’s Mysterious Shop NPC to acquire her for coins.

Tamago Cat

tamago cat dragon raja

The Tamago Cat is a Dark- kind family pet that causes hefty wonderful damages to all adversaries in a location of result. Tamago Cat is rather comparable to the Adams model, other than that it deals wonderful damages as opposed to physical.

How To Acquire Tamago Cat

You can obtain the Tamago Cat by acquiring him from the Item Mall for rubies. Tamago Cat appears in the Mall beginning at Level 65.


konniski dragon raja

Another magic-oriented family pet, Konniski is the Tier II Light- kind family pet and also is a straight upgrade over Adams model. Although he deals wonderful damages as opposed to physical damages, Konniski is a wonderful option of family pet that’s even more qualified at greater degrees.

How To Acquire Konniski

You can obtain Konniski by acquiring him from the Item Mall for rubies. Konniski appears in the Mall beginning at Level 75.

Abyss Dragon

abyss dragon dragon raja

One of the more powerful family pets in the video game, Abyss Dragon is the Tier II Dark- kind family pet and also causes physical damages in an area-of-effect. Apart from his AoE strikes, Abyss Dragon additionally triggers a hot spring to emerge with his utmost capability, dealing large damages in a big AoE.

How To Acquire Abyss Dragon

You can obtain Abyss Dragon as a benefit for finishing the How To Train Your Dragon pursuit for Night Watcher.

Kuma II

kuma II dragon raja

Kuma II is one more Tier II Dark- kind family pet that’s simpler to obtain than Abyss Dragon however perhaps not as efficient in battle. Kuma II causes wonderful damages in a broad location of result.

How To Acquire Kuma II

You can obtain Kuma II by acquiring him from the Item Mall for rubies. Kuma II appears in the Mall beginning at Level 85.

Pet Evolution

Pets in Dragon Raja are normally gotten in their child-form– their prettiest, however additionally their weakest type. As gamers proceed via the video game, they’ll have possibilities to develop their family pets. This boosts their battle ranking and also performance, along with transforming their physical kinds.

dragon raja pet evolution

All Pets in Dragon Raja begin in their Child Form however can develop right into their Adult Form and also in the future, theirUltimate Form Each time these family pets develop, they get brand-new capabilities and also boost qualities, making them extra powerful fighters in general. However, unlike a few other video games (I’m checking out you, Pokemon) where most family pets develop by themselves, family pets in Dragon Raja call for unique treatment and also focus if you desire them to expand together with you.

In specific, Pet Evolution in Dragon Raja needs you to feed your family pet and also degree them up. There are 2 sort of family pet food in Dragon Raja– Low XP (Green) and also High XP (Purple). Keep feeding your family pets to level them up. At Level 60, family pets develop from Child Form right into their Adult Form, and also at Level 100, they develop once more right into their Ultimate Form.

And this is where we finish our Dragon Raja family pets overview. If you have anything to contribute to the details we cooperated this post, please drop us a line in the remarks!

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