Dragon Raja Class Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Each Character Class

Dragon Raja is the current title from Archosaur Games, among the premier mobile video game programmers worldwide today. Built with the remarkable brand-new Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja includes premium gameplay and also graphics that equal those of console and also also COMPUTER pc gaming. With a substantial open-world and also innovative multiplayer gameplay, Dragon Raja is swiftly turning into one of the very best and also most prominent mobile titles readily available on both Android and also iphone systems.

In Dragon Raja, gamers get in an advanced globe that incorporates dream and also sci-fi aspects to develop an absolutely distinct world. Combine progressed modern technology and also effective magic as you partner with good friends from throughout the globe, doing pursuits and also joining occasions to level up your personalities and also tackle harder and also much more tough opponents. Dragon Raja likewise includes a few of one of the most extreme fight gameplay on mobile, with extreme real-time fight for both PvE and also PvP.

One of the very first choices that gamers need to make in this stretching brand-new mobile MMORPG is selecting a personality course for their characters. Your selection of personality course in Dragon Raja identifies the abilities readily available to your personality, and also their assigned functions in teams and also interplay.

There is a number of courses presently readily available in Dragon Raja, with even more to find, so it’s very easy to obtain a little overloaded with what course to pick. That’s why we generated an extensive Dragon Raja course overview to aid you choose which course is the very best for you.

Picking A Class

There are presently 4 courses readily available to play in Dragon Raja: the Assassin, the Soul Dancer, the Gunslinger, and also theBlademaster In this Dragon Raja course overview, we’ll experience each of the courses and also their specific toughness and also weak points, and afterwards go through a couple of fast pointers and also techniques to understanding your personality course and also leveling up your video game.

Assassin Class

assassin class in dragon raja

The Assassin course in Dragon Raja is a bit various than just how the archetype is generally provided in various other MMORPGs. Unlike various other video games’ assassins, the Assassin course in Dragon Raja isn’t a squishy however tricky rogue. Instead, the Assassin is a master of both melee and also varied fight, and also is a functional choice with the ability of embracing a range of playstyles.

The Assassin is a highly-mobile damage-oriented personality that allows gamers take a trip openly throughout the area, securing high-value targets easily. With a mix of varied and also melee strikes, the Assassin frequents all sort of circumstances and also celebration make-ups, with the ability of supplying the celebration with a trusted resource of accuracy damages to eliminate adversary therapists, barriers, and also also employers.

If you like having great deals of dress up your sleeve to deal damages in a range of methods, maintain on your own to life, and also rearrange on your own to even more helpful places in the center of fight, after that the Assassin is the best course for you.

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As dangerous as he is unsafe, the Assassin course in Dragon Raja is an incredibly active personality with busy gameplay, an accomodating understanding contour, and also, in the right-hand men, can giving out a few of the largest damages numbers in the video game.

Assassin Abilities

assassin abilities in dragon raja

One of the distinct aspects of the Assassin course in Dragon Raja is that it in fact has accessibility to 2 different ability trees. In Hunter Form, the Assassin access to the Hunt ability tree which stands for the course’s varied capacities– typically enchanting strikes that deal damages in a location of result. In comparison, the Shadow Form provides the Assassin accessibility to the Dark Shadow ability tree which stands for the melee capacities and also abilities that enable him to deal huge damages to opponents at close quarters. In order to switch over in between these 2 ability trees, the Assassin has accessibility to 2 capacities that are readily available in each of his positions.

Void Storm

Void Storm is utilized to go from the melee-oriented Shadow Form to the ranged-casterHunter Form Using this capacity improves strikes and also enchanting damages as long as the gamer continues to be in the type. Using Void Storm quickly provides gamers accessibility to Hunt capacities.

Dark Hunt

Dark Hunt is utilized to alter positions right into the melee-oriented Shadow Form, changing the Assassin’s Hunt abilities with Dark Shadow abilities. Casting Dark Hunt likewise gives gamers short-term invisibility, boosted motion rate, and also resistance to regulate impacts. Dark Hunt likewise uses Hunt Mark to close-by opponents, supplying the gamer with perks to damages and also cooldown while reducing adversary defenses.

Hunt Abilities

Prelude Dawn

The varied Assassin’s support capacity, Prelude Dawn is a continuous resource of area-of-effect damages that can be utilized often in fight many thanks to its reduced cooldown.

Dark Rhapsody

This capacity is utilized to draw opponents with each other to establish combinations. Enemies within the location of result are drawn in the direction of the facility, reduced, and also take damages gradually.

Nocturne Luna

With this capacity, gamers toss a big rotating blade at a target location where it will certainly remain throughout of the capacity, dealing damages to all opponents captured in its location of result.

Crystal Coffin

This capacity encloses the gamer in a crystal casket, making them not able to relocate or assault throughout, however likewise makes them unsusceptible harm and also regulate impacts. This capacity can be terminated any time.

Dark Shadow Abilities

Soul Fissure

This capacity reduces and also harms opponents straight before you.

Shadow Dart

This capacity enables the gamer to toss darts straight that deal damages to every little thing in their course. Shadow Dart likewise uses Nether Mark to all targets struck, triggering standard strikes guided at them to lower the cooldown of all Dark Shadow capacities per hit.

Shadow Strike

This capacity allows gamers promptly bill at remote opponents, dealing area-of-effect damages upon arrival. Enemies affected by Nether Mark reset the cooldown of Shadow Strike when struck.

Obsidian Edge

This capacity is a substantial area-of-effect nuke that focus opponents, making it really challenging to evade or prevent.

How To Play As An Assassin

The Assassin’s gameplay is busy and also action-oriented, typically requiring great deals of ability, accuracy, and also timing in order to play him well. Use Void Storm and also the course’s Hunt capacities to annihilate opponents from afar, and afterwards utilize to Dark Hunt to switch over right into your even more powerful melee-oriented Dark Shadow type once they’re within melee array.

Dark Rhapsody is an excellent means to number great deals of opponents with each other, so you can utilize to establish your much more effective area-of-effect capacities like Nocturne Luna or perhaps Obsidian Edge if you can switch over positions quick sufficient. In Shadow Form, among the very best ability mixes is utilizing Shadow Dart to note targets and afterwards rapidly complying with up with Shadow Strike to regularly involve away opponents in quick sequence.

Finally, understanding when and also just how to utilize the Assassin’s Crystal Coffin capacity is crucial to playing the course well. Make certain you utilize Crystal Coffin to negate your opponents’ most effective strikes and also terminating it at the best time to release your very own capacities on unwary opponents.

Soul Dancer Class

soul dancer class in dragon raja

In raw comparison to the Assassin course that’s concentrated on dealing as much damages as feasible, the Soul Dancer is the best assistance and also therapist course inDragon Raja While the Soul Dancer’s capacities focus on supplying the group with a mix of protective and also offending lovers in addition to consistent recovery, his damages outcome is still sufficient to make him a sensible solo course.

Of training course, being an assistance hero, the Soul Dancer’s real possibility is opened when the gamer takes part in celebrations and also team-based fight. The Soul Dancer is likewise one of the most distinct course in Dragon Raja, and also many thanks to its natural convenience, it is typically a welcome enhancement to teams searching for participants.

If you prefer the assistance function in various other RPGs, after that the Soul Dancer course is your best choice. While various other courses do provide some type of group energy, just the Soul Dancer can give the assistance abilities required to surpass Dragon Raja’s most tough web content. Featuring a mix of assistance, damages, and also control capacities, the Soul Dancer is a functional selection for gamers that value team effort and also lean in the direction of sustaining others with their design of play.

Soul Dancer Abilities

soul dancer abilities in dragon raja

Soul Dancer’s Pact

With this capacity, the Soul Dancer can share the impacts of Time Expansion together with the Soul Dancer, providing them boosted dimension, rate, cooldown decrease, and also damages reduction throughout.

Iceglare Shock

The Soul Dancer’s support, this enchanting assault offers damages to an adversary target and also close-by targets in a little location of result and also reduces all opponents struck.

Phase Shock

This capacity is a compelling enchanting assault that deals hefty damages and also triggers opponents that were struck to take added damages throughout.

Azure Mark

This capacity produces a big area-of-effect assault that deals damages to opponents captured within its distance over the period.

Time Expansion

This capacity is the Soul Dancer’s main buffing ability, utilized to raise motion rate, important resistance, and also cooldown decrease throughout.

Shadowy Light

With this capacity, the Soul Dancer’s Gemini or Soul Twin will certainly simulate the gamer’s activities and also cast an added circumstances of the following ability utilized. It likewise passively enhances the assault and also damages of the Gemini.

Recall Light

This capacity provides the Soul Dancer accessibility to recovery and also buffing. It recovers wellness on yourself and also a target ally, and also all allies within the area-of-effect obtain boosted criticals, AP, and also multistrike throughout while recovering a smidgen of wellness also.

Time Lock

One of the very best control capacities in the video game, Time Lock stuns– or even more properly, quits time for– adversary targets captured within its distance.

Witch’s Kiss

Another terrific single-target control capacity, Witch’s Kiss transforms the target right into a duckling that’s unable of assaulting or utilizing capacities and also has actually substantially minimized defenses.

How To Play As A Soul Dancer

Soul Dancer is an enjoyable and also very easy course to play, utilizing a large variety of capacities to encourage self and also allies while ensuring they remain healthy and balanced and also to life throughout every fight experience. What the Soul Dancer does not have in offending capacity, he offsets with lots of energy and also control. Start each fight with Time Expansion to optimize your damages outcome, established your combinations with Azure Mark, and also often cast Iceglare Shock and also Phase Shock to maintain your DPS good and also high.

In teams, make certain you utilize Soul Dancer’s Pact to encourage your most effective ally, as they’re most likely to profit one of the most from the rate and also damages lovers. Recall Light can be utilized to renew wellness to allies that require it, and also Time Lock functions both offensively and also defensively, as either an excellent means to open combinations or as a panic switch to conserve on your own or your allies from a hazardous scenario.

Finally, Witch’s Kiss is an excellent control capacity that can be utilized in almost any kind of scenario, however make certain you utilize it versus just one of the most effective targets because it has a high cooldown that requires critical usage.

Gunslinger Class

gunslinger class in dragon raja

The utmost varied DPS course, the Gunslinger might not have as lots of dress up his sleeve as Dragon Raja’s Assassin course, however it offsets it with large firepower. Deadly at lengthy array and also the de-facto finest DPS course in-game, the Gunslinger is among one of the most extremely advised solo courses. The Gunslinger likewise has unparalleled damages abilities, so she’s almost important to a lot of groups and also celebrations.

While the Gunslinger gets on the squishier side of the range, his damages outcome and also long-range abilities maintain him much sufficient from the battle royal that it does not truly issue. When coupled with a Soul Dancer or a Blademaster to maintain opponents away, the Gunslinger can control the area without needing to stress over taking excessive damages.

If you enjoy varied courses, after that the Gunslinger will not let down. The Gunslinger’s capacities enable him to come to be a rapid-firing desperado, accuracy marksman, or perhaps hefty weapons with the ability of annihilating whole battlegrounds. His zealous playstyle likewise enables quick removes and also very easy development, so you truly can not fail selecting this set for your personality course.

Gunslinger Abilities

gunslinger abilities in dragon raja

Pulse Bomb

This capacity is an excellent means to accumulate on area-of-effect damages, particularly at reduced degrees. With a really reduced cooldown and also high damages outcome, Pulse Bomb is the Gunslinger’s support capacity for dealing huge damages to teams of opponents.

Wind Shot

This capacity deals damages and also recovers Energy to the Gunslinger, while at the very same time causing Wind Mark on opponents struck. Enemies affected by Wind Mark activate an extra Wind Blast surge that recovers power and also offers location damages when struck by Pulse Bomb.

Alpha-Particle Cannon

This capacity consumes every one of the Gunslinger’s readily available Energy to deal huge damages in a straight line. Alpha-Particle Cannon deals even more damages relying on just how much power was invested to cast it. The Gunslinger is likewise unsusceptible to regulate impacts while casting this capacity.

Arbiter of Peace

This capacity is an excellent panic switch ability that Gunslingers can utilize when they’re bordered by opponents. It knocks away as much as 5 targets bordering the gamer while causing damages and also switching over the gamer to Heavy Weapon.

Tesla Solenoid

This capacity summons a Tesla Solenoid at the target place, causing a number of circumstances of small however quick damages to opponents within array, and also causing shock.

SPI Landmine

This capacity is usually utilized defensively to secure the Gunslinger as she strikes remote opponents. The SPI Landmine lasts 25 secs and also ends up being unnoticeable a couple of secs after being positioned. The SPI Landmine can be set off by unnoticeable opponents and also enables gamers to track any kind of unnoticeable targets struck.

Heat Blast

This capacity enables the Gunslinger to contact satellite weapons to pester a target location and also bargain hefty damages to all targets within the location of result. Heat Blast likewise brings upon Delay on all opponents struck.

Stealth Camouflage

Another terrific protective capacity for the Gunslinger, Stealth Camouflage makes the gamer unnoticeable for a period, enhancing protection and also removing them of all adverse impacts.

How To Play As A Gunslinger

When playing the Gunslinger course, it is very important to optimize the benefit of long-range capacities. In truth, a great deal of the Gunslinger’s capacities can not be utilized when targets are as well close, so it is very important to successfully handle the range in between you and also your opponents. With Gunslinger, your capacity to kite opponents will certainly figure out just how efficient you remain in fight.

Rotate your capacities and also understand using your distinct source, Energy, in order to deal as much damages as feasible.

Pulse Bomb is an excellent damages resource, however make certain you utilize it in tandem with Wind Shot to minimize its high Energy price. Alpha-Particle Cannon is an excellent opening relocation, enabling gamers to use up every one of their power to manage far-away opponents, providing time to recuperate the power invested as continuing to be opponents attempt to shut the range. Alpha-Particle Cannon is likewise terrific at sniping high-value adversary targets, such as varied damages suppliers and also adversary sustains.

Stealth Camouflage can conserve your life in unsafe circumstances, while Heat Blast is a substantial nuke that can transform the trend of a fight however ought to be conserved as a result of its high cooldown. SPI Landmine is an excellent means to strengthen your placement, so position them around you in the thick of a battle to offer you a quick home window to rearrange in situation the adversary obtains within melee array.

Blade Master Class

blade master class in dragon raja

The Blade Master is Dragon Raja’s Fighter/Tank archetype, possessing melee tools in fight to combat their opponents head-on. Blade Master’s stand out when they remain in the center of fight. Capable of taking damages in addition to they deal damages, the Blade Master course in Dragon Raja is likewise very flexible many thanks to its capacity to switch over fight positions.

Wield the accurate and also eager Meitou to strike promptly at your opponents, or switch it out for the huge greatsword-like Odachi to also the chances versus frustrating numbers. The Blade Master’s playstyle focuses on solving into the impact of fight, utilizing a mix of melee capacities to harm opponents and also take control of the area.

If you like standing up close and also individual with the activity, the Blade Master is an outstanding course to play. Since he’s the only course with the ability of continually face-tanking damages and also chuckling it off with nary a grimace, the Blade Master is likewise a crucial participant of any kind of celebration. Thanks to their natural tanking abilities, Blade Masters likewise create outstanding management functions in fight, because they’re constantly at the front of fight– securing colleagues while repeling opponents.

Many of the Blade Master’s capacities are developed to be efficient as combination abilities, so while the ability tree does look a little difficult, felt confident that it’s still a lot of enjoyable and also quite understandable.

Blade Master Abilities

blade master abilities in dragon raja

Red Lotus

This capacity deals damages to opponents in a straight line and also is utilized to switch over tools from the Odachi to theMeitou While possessing the Odachi, this capacity likewise enables gamers to charge-up their typical assault for a couple of secs to get added fight impacts and also bonus offer fire damages. Alternatively, Red Lotus can be changed with Whirlwind and also Thunder to deal bonus offer ice or lightning damages, specifically.

Night: Aftershock

This capacity tosses the Odachi at an adversary, triggering the gamer to switch over to theMeitou When the Odachi lands, it deals damages and also knocks opponents up. Alternatively, Night: Aftershock can be changed with Redoubtable, which triggers the tossed Odachi to buff ally defenses, or Fighting Spirit, which rather lovers allies’ offending abilities.

Odachi Abilities

Roundhouse Kill

This capacity triggers the Blade Master to do a swirling cleave assault that deals damages, brings upon hold-up, and also knocks opponents back.

Azure Moon

This two-part ability enables the Blade Master to jump to an adversary, bargain damages and also knock them back. On a hit, this capacity can activate Diagonal Slash which allows the Blade Master cost at the target dealing huge area-of-effect damages upon arrival.

Demon Rage

This capacity allows the Blade Master get in the Berserk state, greatly enhancing assault and also damages, however likewise enhancing damages got throughout. If the gamer is eliminated while in Berserk, the capacity Naraka is set off, briefly reanimating the Blade Master throughout.

Meitou Abilities


This capacity is a fast assault that deals damages and also knocks up opponents in a little area-of-effect. This capacity can combo right into Wane, which maintains opponents airborne much longer and also deals bonus offer damages, while enhancing the gamers’ evade possibility throughout.

Blossom Dance

This capacity is little area-of-effect reduce that offers damages and also brings upon the Cherry Blossom condition, which can be utilized to combo with Sakura Slay.

Sakura Slay

This capacity enables the Blade Master to bill at a target and also bargain damages in an area-of-effect. Sakura Slay detonates the Cherry Blossom brought upon on opponents for bonus offer damages, and also enables the usage of Ephemeral Beauty which is a large area-of-effect lowering capacity that deals hefty damages.


This capacity is utilized to rub the gamer and also enhances evade, motion rate, and also defenses throughout. Additionally, Void gives the Blade Master the Super Armor result which gives them with additional evade abilities and also counterattacks.

How To Play As A Blade Master

Blade Master is an outstanding course– it’s enjoyable to play, it’s extremely popular in teams, and also it’s obtained a few of the very best and also loudest capacity computer animations in the video game, as well. Playing Blade Master focuses on solving into the thick of the battle. Let on your own obtain bordered by opponents just to release your capacities on them up-close and also individual.

Becoming a great Blade Master implies in fact understanding the course’s capacities, specifically the combinations. The Blade Master’s capacities synergize with each various other, and also quite quickly, you’ll begin to discover just how these capacities connect. The Meitou capacities Blossom Dance and also Sakura Slay are an excellent combination for huge damages outcome. Azure Moon right into Diagonal Slash is an excellent means to shut the range versus extremely mobile targets.

In fight, the Blade Master need to likewise figure out which in between the heavy-hitting however sluggish Odachi or the swift-striking Meitou are suitable for the fight scenario. The Odachi is suitable for handling great deals of opponents coming your means, while the Meitou is terrific for taking apart much more active opponents and also solitary targets. Of training course, when you truly master Blade Master, you’ll have the ability to successfully switch in and also out of each tool position as required, making the most of the course’s prospective and also damages outcome.

Thank you for reviewing out Dragon Raja course overview! Whether you chose to opt for the flexible Assassin, the necessary Soul Dancer, the dangerous Gunslinger, or the terrifying Blade Master, we wish this overview had the ability to aid you identify which course is the very best for you! If you have any kind of concerns or remarks, please allow us recognize in the remark area listed below, and also do not neglect to inspect back with us for the current updates to Dragon Raja!

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