Dragon Raja Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Get Started in the Game

Dragon Raja is just one of one of the most highly-anticipated mobile RPGs of the year, as well as it’s lastly offered on iphone as well as Android systems. With over 1,000,000+ downloads as well as checking, Dragon Raja has actually established bench for mobile RPGs, flaunting a few of one of the most outstanding graphics ever before created for mobile. The video game was created by expert video game workshop Archosaur Studios, the exact same people behind various other preferred titles like Naval Creed: Warships as well as Novoland: The Castle in the Sky.

Dragon Raja is an RPG constructed from scratch for mobile systems. Running on Unreal Engine 4, the video game’s primary draw is its spectacular graphics as well as the exact same full-quality 3D you would certainly get out of a AAA title for COMPUTER or devoted video gaming consoles. Dragon Raja places gamers in an enormously thorough as well as absolutely spectacular open globe.

Featuring a deep as well as extensive personality development as well as development system full with courses, abilities, animals, as well as tools, Dragon Raja offers gamers complete control over their personalities as they discover the enormous video game globe that’s given birth to by a host of NPCs, numerous real-world places, as well as the visibility of thousands of countless various other gamers.

As with any type of MMORPG, Dragon Raja isn’t simply right here to look quite, either. With high-intensity, real-time battle systems in position, an affordable PvP system, as well as thousands of pursuits, occasions, as well as tasks for gamers to participate in, Dragon Raja is the conclusion of innovative video gaming innovation for mobile phones.

It’s an enjoyable video game that provides gamers a lots of material as well as boundless playability many thanks to interactive player-to-player gameplay, however as is anticipated of an RPG of this dimension as well as range, it can obtain actual challenging actual quickly. While most hardcore players may have no difficulty in all adapting to the several systems as well as video game settings offered in Dragon Raja, a great deal of gamers might discover it a little challenging and even frustrating simply to begin.

Fortunately, we have actually created a thorough Dragon Raja novice’s overview, including ideas, cheats as well as approaches, to reveal brand-new gamers exactly how to begin in the video game. If you desire some ideas, methods, as well as basic approaches to obtaining more powerful as well as far better at the video game, you have actually concerned the ideal location. So without more trouble, allow’s obtain study our Dragon Raja novice’s overview!

1. Get To Know The User Interface

Dragon Raja is an enjoyable, full-fledged RPG on Mobile, as well as includes a number of innovative gameplay tools as well as systems. With a lot customizability as well as deepness offered to gamers, greater than a few of you might deal with simply finding out which switch does which as well as which food selection you need to touch to see what you wish to see.

dragon raja user interface

Now, do not obtain me incorrect– Dragon Raja is an extremely well-polished video game, as well as its numerous intricacies as well as subtleties aid make the video game that far more fascinating as well as usable. However, if you are among the several gamers that deal with the food selections right out of package, permit us to reveal you the ropes as well as obtain you knowledgeable about the Dragon Raja interface.

The Motor Menu

Your one-stop-shop for all-things places as well as lorries. Press the Motor switch to open up the places user interface where gamers can open as well as update their places.

The Skills Menu

This component of the UI is booked for gamers to watch their abilities in fantastic information, giving a lot of details concerning damages numbers, results, modifiers, as well as much more.

The Rank Interface

Open the Rank user interface to see exactly how your personality contrasts to various other gamers from around the globe. Participate in occasions as well as PvP to climb via the leaderboards.

The Pet Interface

Characters in Dragon Raja can get to Pets that follow them around as well as commonly offer incentives. Use the Pet user interface to watch, feed, upgrade as well as also progress your animals.

The Wardrobe

Check out the Wardrobe to access any type of garments as well as aesthetic products that your personality has actually opened, as well as outfit them straight from the food selection regardless of where you are.

The Core Interface

The Core user interface offers gamers with a far more thorough introduction concerning their core as well as progressed statistics, especially highlighting the incentives obtained from Cores or treasures.

The Gear Interface

This is where gamers can access every one of the equipment as well as tools they discover in their journeys.

The Career Interface

Each Character can select an occupation when they begin the video game. Through the Career user interface, they can check their progression in their picked career, and even select a 2nd career at degree 60.

The World Map

The Purple Square noticeable near the leading right edge of the display, when touched, shows the World Map.

The Peace Button

Located near your gamer’s symbol in the top-right edge of the display, the Peace Button enables/disables PvP for your personality.

Other user interface aspects, such as Settings, Social, as well as Club (Guild) are much more uncomplicated. Settings permit you to readjust numerous video game setups. Social allows you interact with various other gamers. And Club is where you can access whatever your Club needs to provide.

2. Choose Your Class Wisely

When you initially develop a personality, among the initial huge selections you’ll need to make is what course you wish to play. Dragon Raja includes an excellent class-based personality system that offers each course special visuals as well as capacities. Of program, the capacities connected per course additionally makes them ideal for sure functions.

dragon raja classes

Whether you’re a follower of quarrels as well as face-tanking gameplay or favor to tackle adversaries masterfully at lengthy variety, and even if you simply wish to be everyone’s preferred therapist, Dragon Raja provides 6 special courses to pick from so you can play the means you wish to play. These courses are:

Fighter Class

One of one of the most preferred RPG archetypes, Dragon Raja’s Fighter course is a full-on fighter as well as a professional in fighting styles. While specialists in battle as well as dealing damages up close as well as with blinding rate, one of the most fascinating attribute for Fighters in Dragon Raja is their natural robot buddy, called aTitan Titans collaborate with the Fighter to deal as well as container damages for the gamer, while additionally giving a lot of energy as well as assistance.

Gunslinger Class

Masters of varied battle, Dragon Raja’s Gunslingers are modern fighters possessing an excellent collection of tools as well as innovation to desolate their enemies. Specializing in varied DPS, Gunslingers are unparalleled in regards to raw damages capacity as well as utilize their comprehensive variety of tools to dangerous impact. Apart from the weapons that the course is called after, Gunslingers additionally have accessibility to weapons strikes, landmines, invisibility areas, as well as bit light beams.

Assassin Class

Born from the mix of next-generation innovation merged with the blood of dragons, Dragon Raja’s Assassin course utilizes a wide range of tools as well as strategies to control the combat zone. Focusing on movement as well as evasiveness, Assassins are durable fighters that can outputting a few of the most significant damages numbers in the video game, while remaining awesome as well as out of damage’s means many thanks to premium gadgetry as well as legerdemain.

Blademaster Class

Blademasters are disciplined competitors, preferring close-combat experiences as well as making use of adversary numbers versus them. Wielding 2 swords right into battle– one large blade for sending off multitudes of adversaries, as well as one thinner, much more dextrous sword for accurate strokes as well as eliminating strikes, Dragon Raja’s Blademasters take satisfaction in their exceptional strike as well as protection as well as act as the video game’s go-to Tank course.

Scythe Class

Wielding a massive Scythe on the combat zone, the Scythe course is appropriately called as well as strikes concern as well as fear right into the hearts as well as minds of his adversaries. Dragon Raja’s Scythe course takes advantage of the lengthy reach of her tools to deal enormous damages to numerous adversaries while maintaining a risk-free range away. Combining movement as well as an inherent ability to resist numerous adversaries simultaneously, Scythes are masters of fatality itself.

Soul Dancer Class

Arguably among one of the most special courses in Dragon Raja, the Soul Dancer’s primary draw is that it’s constantly complied with about by a darkness– a being of light or spiritual significance that materializes like a twin bro or sibling to theSoul Dancer Dragon Raja’s primary Support course, the Soul Dancer makes use of magic to deal damages as well as appear adversary defenses, creating them to come to be prone or incapable to strike. Soul Dancers utilize their magic for a selection of various other points, as well, making them a well-shaped course that masters giving Support, as well as is often a welcome enhancement to any type of celebration.

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3. Getting Started In Dragon Raja

Once you remain in the video game, you’ll see a series of cinematics as well as a fast fight that’s long sufficient to offer you a preference of the battle, as well as right afterwards is where a great deal of individuals begin obtaining shed.

dragon raja tricks

At this factor, the most effective strategy is to simply proceed the primary pursuits. If you’re having difficulty browsing, you can push the mission pens on the left side of the display. This will certainly set off Auto-Find which will immediately stroll you to the correct mission NPCs, making it a whole lot less complicated to experience the initial couple of pursuits as a brand-new gamer.

Continue doing the primary pursuits till you transform level 20– do not fret, it will not take as well long. At degree 20, gamers get to Dailies– substantially increasing their choices in regards to development as well as play. In your initial day of play, you’ll have the ability to reach Level 35 simply by doing the primary pursuits prior to you encounter some obstacles as well as obstacles. At this factor, deal with your dailies as well as pursuits to enhance your personality, as well as equip them sufficient to appear your Main Quest plateaus.

Gear isn’t that tough to discover either– at the very least not at reduced degrees– so do not fret excessive regarding investing gold or rubies on tools.

4. Pick A Popular Build

Thanks to the wide range of statistics, abilities, as well as tools offered in Dragon Raja, gamers have a lot liberty to explore exactly how they play their personalities, in various functions as well as in various video game settings. However, this intricacy in personalization has actually additionally made it simply a little tougher to maximize a personality, as well as made it that a lot easier to mess up a personality in a huge means.

dragon raja builds

As gamers level up in Dragon Raja, they get to a number of statistics as well as abilities that they can select. By adhering to a prominent construct– there are plenty offered on the web– gamers can avoid many hours of construct testing as well as theory-crafting as well as go directly throughout outcome. Players as well as material designers provide a lot of different builds as well as playstyles for various courses, so choose one that you like, as well as follow it to see the results.

Of program, that does not imply you need to adhere to these builds right to the letter. Once you get a far better understanding of exactly how courses, statistics, as well as capacities function– which you most certainly will simply by playing the video game as well as checking out the builds– you’ll have the ability to readjust the builds based upon your very own recommended design as well as expertise.

5. Don’ t Go Alone

It’s harmful to go alone! Take this. Okay, perhaps it’s not as harmful as it remained in Legend of Zelda, however the factor is, do not go alone when you playDragon Raja It’s an MMORPG, as well as although you practically can set about whatever alone, possibilities are you will not wish to– not after you figure out exactly how gratifying it is to choose an event, and even to sign up with a guild.

dragon raja tips

If you favor the Lone Wolf design of play, after that even more power to you! But, if you wish to experience whatever that Dragon Raja needs to provide, as well as internet some superb unique benefits in the process, after that it’ll do you (as well as various other gamers, as well) a great deal of excellent to develop events as well as set about adventuring with each other.

Most of the material in Dragon Raja clearly urges gamers to participate in the social facet of the video game– events, guilds, pursuits, and so on– as well as offer enormous benefits for gamers that aren’t alone.

Although partying up as well as signing up with pressures with various other gamers has an entire lot of advantages– i.e. you’ll have the ability to tackle harder material, take place party-exclusive pursuits, as well as internet some elegant benefits while doing so– one of the most helpful component (specifically for gamers that such as to go solo) is the in-game Gifting system as well as Item Crafting.

In Dragon Raja, gamers have the ability to craft specific products as well as products that are needed for upgrades, pursuits, as well as various other type of material. However, some products can just be crafted by a certain course. That implies that if you play a Fighter, there are mosting likely to be some products that just you can craft, along with some products that you’ll never ever have the ability to craft on your own.

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That’s where Gifting is available in. With Gifting (as well as, by expansion, Trading) you can obtain these unique Job Item crafts from buddies as well as guild participants, so you’ll never ever be doing not have in these essential products.

Plus, you understand, you may make a pal or 2, to make sure that’s a perk.

6. Invite Your Friends

In instance you do not actually wish to make brand-new buddies or you’re the kind that has way too many buddies currently, we advise welcoming your buddies to playDragon Raja While we make certain you’ll have a whole lot even more enjoyable with the video game if you have buddies to have fun with, there’s additionally an additional reason that welcoming your buddies is an excellent concept.

how to invite friends in dragon raja

Dragon Raja presently provides a superb recommendation system. Whenever a gamer makes a brand-new personality, they have the choice to input a recommendation ID or a welcome code. If you refer your buddies to the video game, make certain you provide your Referral ID to make sure that you both can take advantage of the considerable in-game benefits.

In instance you’re questioning what the benefits are, right here’s exactly how it functions. If you refer a gamer to the video game, as well as they get to degree 60, both you as well as the individual you referred will certainly obtain 800 treasures. Gems are the video game’s superior money, available via occasions (minimal) or via in-app acquisitions.

The Referral System allows you welcome as several gamers as you desire, however you just take advantage of the initial 10 gamers to get to degree 60. That implies via the Referral System alone, gamers stand to get approximately 8000 (and even 8800 treasures if you were referred by another person).

7. Know Your Stats

Just like in any type of RPG, statistics in Dragon Raja represent your personality’s capacities. How much damages do they do? How much damages can they container? How long do their capacities require to reenergize? In Dragon Raja, each course has a certain collection of Primary Stats which recognizes which statistics expand in power one of the most as the gamer degrees as well as additionally works as a basic standard regarding which statistics gamers need to concentrate on boosting via equipment as well as tools.

dragon raja stats

Each personality in Dragon Raja has 5 base statistics, which after that convert straight to deal with capability depending upon their course. These base statistics are:


DISADVANTAGE, or Constitution, stands for a personality’s sturdiness, strength, or resistance to damages. In Dragon Raja, DISADVANTAGE boosts wellness, physical defenses, enchanting defenses, as well as resistance to crucial damages, depending upon the course.


STR, or Strength, stands for a personality’s may as well as physical capacities. In Dragon Raja, STR boosts wellness as well as capability power, as well as various other statistics depending upon the course.


INT, or Intelligence, stands for a personality’s intellectual ability as well as is often pertaining to enchanting expertise as well as capability. In Dragon Raja, INT rises wellness, enchanting strike, as well as a gamer’s capability to strike numerous adversaries simultaneously (multistrike), depending upon the course.


DEX, or Dexterity, stands for a personality’s physical capability, dexterity, as well as ability. Dexterity is commonly associated rate as opposed to stamina as well as is preferred by varied fighters. In Dragon Raja, DEX boosts wellness, magical/physical strikes, crucial hits, as well as multistrike, depending upon the course.


INS, or Insight, is a distinct Stat in Dragon Raja however functions in a similar way to Wisdom in various other RPGs. Generally preferred by magic customers, INS in Dragon Raja boosts wellness, enchanting as well as physical strikes, capability power, as well as cooldown decrease depending upon their course.

That need to suffice to obtain you begun on your extremely own Dragon Raja journey! We wish this overview assists make your gameplay experience much better. If you take place to understand any type of various other ideas or methods for the video game, do not hesitate to leave us a message in the remarks listed below!

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