Disney Princess Majestic Quest Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Help the Princesses Rebuild the Kingdoms

Disney personalities are enjoyed all around the world and also most of us delight in following them on their journeys. Well, Gameloft has actually prepared one more amazing trip, and also 3 princesses are awaiting you inDisney Princess Majestic Quest As the title claims, this mobile video game will certainly take you right into the globe of magic and also appeal. The video game is readily available for iphone and also Android tools, and also the vivid graphics will certainly blow your mind.

Disney Princess Majestic Quest incorporates an amazing story with a puzzle-matching board. In various other words, you will certainly be matching the same-colored treasures to aid the princesses. Yet, the challenges will certainly come to be a growing number of difficult as you advance with the degrees. Therefore, allow’s have a look at our Disney Princess Majestic Quest novice’s overview, as it features a variety of valuable pointers, cheats and also methods for those starting in the video game. Hopefully, our collection of pointers and also techniques will certainly make the jobs simple to finish. As an outcome, the video game will certainly be extra pleasurable also.

1. Earn Stars To Complete The Objectives And Tasks

The tale of Disney Princess Majestic Quest focuses on the 3 enchanting girls– Ariel, Belle, and alsoJasmine As it takes place, every one of them are encountering the very same issue– a magic tornado has actually struck the world and also spoiled their kingdoms. So, the girls are attempting to fix the damages and also recover order.

disney princess majestic quest objectives

That’s where you tip onto the scene. Your job will certainly be to aid the princesses in their initiatives to restore the royal residences and also halls. To do so, you will certainly require a specific variety of celebrities. The gold celebrities are among the in-game money, and also they play an important function inDisney Princess Majestic Quest To make clear, the celebrities aid you finish the purposes and also the only method to acquire the celebrities is by playing the challenge video games.

2. Use The Keys To Unlock New Locations

As we stated, the 3 princesses will certainly have their very own astounding kingdoms. Ariel will certainly be investing the majority of the moment with her papa King Triton underseas. Belle will certainly remain with the Beast, while Jasmine and also Aladdin will certainly attempt to refurbish their very own royal residence. These 3 places will certainly be readily available to gamers of Disney Princess Majestic Quest, and also some even more will certainly get here quickly.

disney princess majestic quest keys

Yet, not every one of them will certainly be opened at the beginning of the video game. In reality, you will certainly begin the tale in Jasmine’s kingdom, aiding her to restore tranquility to the world. As you play challenge video games, you will certainly get gold celebrities. On top of that, you will certainly additionally get beneficial tricks, which will certainly aid you open brand-new places and also components of the tale.

3. Play The Campaign Or Go Straight To The Puzzles

Once you open all 3 places, you will certainly be enabled to relocate with them as you such as. In various other words, you can finish one job for Ariel and afterwards go assistance Belle at her castle. Either method, you will certainly require to gain celebrities by matching the treasures on the challenge board. The Campaign with the purposes is situated on the left-hand side of the entrance hall display.

Yet, there is one more method of having funDisney Princess Majestic Quest In the lower best edge, an eco-friendly arrowhead can take you straight to the puzzle-playing location. To be specific, you will certainly leap right into the following degree that requires to be removed. Of program, you will certainly be awarded for each and every effective job and also you can invest the gold finishing the purposes in the Campaign setting.

4. Pay Attention To The Number Of Moves Left

When having fun Disney Princess Majestic Quest, the objective will certainly be to resolve the jobs by matching the challenges. In the instance of this video game, the challenges will certainly remain in the form of vivid treasures. By matching 3 or even more of those jewels, you will certainly make them vanish. As an outcome, the others will certainly come under the voids, developing even more mixes and also enhancing your rating.

disney princess majestic quest moves

Yet, the variety of relocations you can make will certainly be restricted. To make clear, the number on the left-hand side will certainly show the number of relocations you have actually left. So, constantly watch on this beneficial item of details and also readjust your approach as necessary.

5. Spend Coins To Buy Some More Moves

Needless to state, some objectives will certainly be extra requiring than others. In reality, occasionally you will certainly fall short in finishing the job within the readily available variety of relocations. For circumstances, in many cases, you will certainly be one relocation short from finishing the challenge and also resolving the goal. It do without claiming that such minutes can be discouraging and also they might trigger a frustration or more.

But do not toss your phone versus the wall surface right now! The video game provides a hassle-free service to this issue. If you lack relocations and also the job is not finished, you can purchase added relocations. Of program, you will certainly require coins to make the acquisition. Therefore, attempt to gather as lots of coins as feasible and also have them all set for these circumstances. Also, the gamers can purchase lives, which are required for playing the video game to begin with.

6. Match The Gems In Quick Succession To Fill Up The Wand

As we stated, magic powers are an important component of the tasks and also occasions inDisney Princess Majestic Quest Thus, it comes as not a surprise to see a magic meter in the lower left edge of the display. Also referred to as the Wand, this scale can be a practical device and also you ought to take advantage of it.

how to match gems in disney princess majestic quest

The scale at the Wand is filled up by matching the treasures. To be specific, the extra treasures you match in a brief period, the extra power will certainly most likely to the scale. Once the Wand is complete, an enchanting beam will certainly take a trip throughout the having fun area. On its method, the light beam will certainly remove the barriers and also gather the treasures that are required for finishing the job.

7. Use Power-Ups And Boosters To Complete The Objectives

Every phase in Disney Princess Majestic Quest will certainly provide you with a various job. Sometimes you will certainly need to release the fairies. On various other events, your job will certainly be to spread out the royal floor covering throughout the whole having fun area. Either method, the objectives will certainly test you to the core, and also you will certainly require all the assistance you can obtain.

For that factor, we advise utilizing boosters and also power-ups. In the upcoming phases, we will certainly clarify extra on the attributes of every power-up in the video game. For currently, it is necessary to find out that you can trigger the boosters by double-tapping on them. Or, you can switch their placements to trigger their magic powers.

8. Activate The Flare To Clear Out An Entire Row Or Column

The initially readily available power up when playing Disney Princess Majestic Quest will certainly be theFlare By matching 4 treasures straight, you will certainly develop this mini-rocket. After that, you can trigger the booster by double-tapping on the symbol. On top of that, the Flare operates in both instructions. In various other words, the gamers can remove the treasures situated along the upright or straight axis.

disney princess majestic quest flare

The Flare might not be one of the most effective booster in the video game. Even so, this rocket can impact the setting of various other treasures, moving them down and also reorganizing the playing board. So, do not be reluctant to utilize it whenever you obtain the possibility.

9. Activate The Bomb To Clear Out Big Sections

The following power-up you will certainly open in the video game is called theBlast As the name recommends, this booster will certainly trigger a blast on the having fun area. In reality, this power-up is absolutely nothing greater than a great old bomb. Needless to state, when you double-tap on the bomb, the ignition will certainly erase big portions of playing area.

To develop the Blast, gamers need to match the treasures in an L-shape. In various other words, 4 or even more treasures require to be in such a setting. Or, the gamers can additionally develop the Blast by matching the treasures in a T-shape development. In that instance, 5 or even more treasures require to be in closeness.

10. Use The Butterflies To Target Specific Gems

In some instances, the video game will certainly call for that you damage hard-to-reach treasures. More commonly than not, those floor tiles will certainly lie around the sides of the having fun area. Well, the ‘remedy’ for those circumstances conceals in the following power-up we will certainly provide. This booster is referred to as the Wings, however the form and also the attributes of the power-up appear like a butterfly.

disney princess majestic quest butterflies

Either method, gamers can develop this booster by matching 4 treasures in a square development. So, whenever you develop a square– a set of wings will certainly show up on the challenge board. After that, you can either switch the ceramic tile with one more treasure or you double-click on the booster. No issue exactly how you trigger the Wings, the outcome will certainly coincide– the butterfly will fly throughout the floor tiles and also remove the ones that require to go.

11. Match Five Gems To Create A Tonic

The following power-up on this listing is one of the most effective booster in the video game. As such, you ought to optimize its prospective when playingDisney Princess Majestic Quest The magic power of the supposed Tonic is to remove floor tiles of the very same shade. So, if you trigger the Tonic and also click a red treasure, all the various other red jewels will certainly additionally vanish from the playing location.

The Tonic can have a huge effect on the scenario in the area if you utilize it appropriately. In various other words, it is necessary to trigger power-ups in a tactical way. For circumstances, you ought to activate the Tonic when you have a great deal of treasures of a specific shade readily available on the floor tiles.

12. Align Two Simultaneous Matches To Create A Bonus Bag

The challenge board in Disney Princess Majestic Quest will certainly expand as you climb up the rankings. In various other words, a growing number of treasures will certainly show up on the display. In a method, this will certainly give gamers with even more alternatives for matching the jewels. On the various other hand, even more cells will certainly indicate that you require to obtain even more job done to finish the jobs.

disney princess majestic quest bonus bag

For circumstances, if you straighten 2 trines same-colored treasures, you can develop aBonus Bag To make clear, you require 3 environment-friendly treasures and also 3 yellow ones, side-by-side. Once you trigger them, a mystical bag will certainly land in their area. Well, the bag is just a brand-new power-up, however you will certainly need to click it to disclose its kind.

13. Create Combo Attacks To Unleash Tremendous Power

As you can see now, the boosters are a crucial aspect of the video game. They play a crucial function in damaging the treasures and also finishing the jobs within the readily available variety of relocations. Also, you might discover that some power-up are extra reliable than others. Well, there is a secret method of making the boosters much more effective.

The supposed Combo assaults are a pressure to be considered, and also you ought to utilize them at every chance. In short, they function by turning on 2 power-ups in surrounding cells. After that, both boosters will certainly damage the having fun area. Moreover, their powers will certainly be enhanced, which will certainly lead to complete trouble on the board. In completion, very few cells will certainly make it through the combination strike.

14. Use The Tools On The Right-Hand Side

Besides all the power-ups you can develop by matching a specific variety of treasures, various other devices can additionally assist with damaging the floor tiles. Those devices lie on the right-hand side of the having fun display and also might take a while prior to you open every one of them. For instance, the Mallet is the initial one to appear and also you will certainly need to get to degree 15 to open it.

disney princess majestic quest mallet

But your initiatives will certainly not fail. These devices are practical and also reliable, aiding you finish also one of the most requiring of jobs. For circumstances, Mallet can obtain specific cells. However, these devices additionally feature a minimal variety of times you can utilize them.

With the last idea, we placed a cover on our listing of Disney Princess Majestic Quest pointers, cheats and also methods. Hopefully, these methods will certainly aid you advance with the video game effortlessly. Even so, we are constantly open up to pointers. So, please leave us a remark if you recognize of any kind of various other valuable idea or method for the video game.

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