Death Park 2 Walkthrough Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Save Lily

Death Park 2 is a scary video game created byEuphoria Studios It’s the follow up to the firm’s previous title Death Park, where your sibling Lily is abducted by a dream-roaming clown, planning to utilize her as a bridge to your globe. As you discover a method to conserve Lily, you will certainly likewise need to manage numerous beasts that stroll the roads outside, fix challenges spread around your community, and also take an additional see to the cursed amusement park. Can you endure the scaries within Farland City?

Death Park 2 functions different setups for both gameplay trouble and also problem intricacy, enabling you to customize your experience to your ability degree. This will certainly be gone over detailed later on in this walkthrough. Either means, you are not entirely powerless, as you can discover weapons to protect on your own from the animals hiding around. If you wish to conserve Lily and also also the entire community, after that remain with us and also take a look at our thorough Death Park 2 walkthrough overview!

Welcome To The Freakshow

When beginning a brand-new video game, you are provided 5 trouble degrees for gameplay, and also 2 trouble degrees for challenges The problem troubles are a basic “easy/hard” choice and also whether you can obtain tips by seeing an advertisement. The 5 gameplay troubles are as adheres to:

death park 2 difficulty level

Ghost: The clown and also his partners do not discover you in all, however advertisements will certainly disturb gameplay every couple of mins.

Easy: The initial trouble degree where you can in fact shed the video game, however you can open a various skin for the clown if you can defeat it. Monsters currently deal damages and also obtaining captured by the clown is an ensured video game over, however you can enjoy advertisements to obtain even more ammunition.

Normal: Monsters deal even more damages per assault and also the clown relocates much faster. You can no more enjoy advertisements to obtain even more ammunition.

Hard: Monster matter and also damages are enhanced, and also the clown relocates also much faster.

Extreme: Monster matter goes to its greatest, and also both the clown and also the beasts relocate really quickly.

Besides autosaving every single time you go into a brand-new location, spread throughout the video game are typewriters you can make use of to conserve progression. However, bear in mind that just one routine conserve and also one autosave can be kept If you require to begin a brand-new video game, you will certainly shed your previous save information

death park 2 unlocks

Another point to note is that just the initial 2 locations of the video game, the Prologue and also your House, are opened at the beginning You can unlock the following location by seeing 2 advertisements when you enter it for the very first time, or using single, in-app acquisitions Either means, they will certainly continue to be opened for future playthroughs.

Not-So-Safe Haven

The Prologue has you get up after you hear your sibling Lily yelling in her rest. Her bed room neighbors, however the door is secured, so you will certainly need to take an additional course with your moms and dads’ bed room. There is an additional course that brings about Lily’s bed room, however prior to you can enter it, you will certainly require to equip on your own.

death park 2 lily's room

death park 2 master bedroom

Near your moms and dads’ bed is a secure with a keypad The six-digit code is the day composed on a picture put on an end table Punch in the code to obtain your initial tool: a handgun A red balloon will instantly drift in, alluring you to touch it.

death park 2 master bedroom code

death park 2 master bedroom safe

At this factor Death Park 2 presents an auto mechanic you will certainly be seeing once in a while: getting in the desire globe using these balloons, which sometimes might stand out to reject go back to the real life or future gain access to. The desire globe will certainly open alternative courses for you to check out, however you can not lug tools while you are inside it

death park 2 bed balloon

When you go into the desire globe for the very first time, you will certainly have the ability to gain access to Lily’s area and also discover why she is yelling: the clown has actually abducted her in the desire globe, capturing her in a limitless rest! After the clown ends up ridiculing you, unlock Lily’s door so you can go back to your moms and dads’ bed room, after that communicate with the balloon to go back to the real life. With your moms and dads outdoors, you will certainly need to discover a method to conserve your sibling by yourself

death park 2 flashlight kitchen

The front door is secured, and also the only extra trick lies in your father’s workplace. As the straight course to the workplace is secured also, your only choice is taking a trip with the dark cellar Find a Flashlight in the kitchen area, and also an additional balloon drifts right into the living-room. Touch it to move on your own right into the desire globe once more and also go into the cellar.

Thankfully there is absolutely nothing that can harm you right here so you can securely relocate through, grabbing gun ammunition along the road and also the periodic medkit to recover health and wellness Once you get to the opposite side of the cellar, bear in mind to get the Hex Wrench en route upstairs. You will certainly require it later on.

death park 2 basement

death park 2 wrench

death park 2 office entrance

You have actually reached your father’s workplace, however the door is secured. Luckily, there’s a neighboring storage room with an air vent resulting in the workplace Use the Hex Wrench to loosen the air vent cover and also get to the workplace The risk-free is found at the much edge of the workplace alongside the workdesk, however an internet obstructs the means.

death park 2 office dream

death park 2 office reality

While there is an additional balloon situated to go back to truth, there is likewise a block problem that holds the four-digit risk-free code, which randomizes each playthrough Depending on what trouble you established the challenges on, it is either a 4 × 4 grid or a 6 × 6 grid In both situations you touch a square to turn it clockwise in order to prepare it in the ideal order You do not require to fix the problem in its totality; simply to the factor where you can construct out all the numbers

death park 2 easy puzzle grid

death park 2 hard puzzle grid

death park 2 office key

With the front door type in your property, head back to the desire globe to reenter the cellar. Unfortunately, the minute you reach the living-room balloon, it stands out and also the clown ambushes you with numerous decoy balloons Since you can not resist, you need to discover the ideal balloon while preventing the clown during, so maintain an ear out for his giggling The actual balloon is randomized, so we can not assist you now When you discover the actual balloon, you are without the clown’s clutches … in the meantime.

death park 2 clown decoy

death park 2 ballon search

As a pointer, the locations that adhere to will certainly require to be opened prior to you can proceed

A Quiet Knoll

death park 2 fog street

Now we check out Farland City. It has actually been left after beasts began attacking. While materials are spread throughout the area, consisting of tools you will certainly open later on, it is finest that you either escape from the beasts or remain out of view. The beasts’ inform are their steps and also roaring.

Despite it being quite apparent, your gun’s reduced publication dimension can make firing them a concern, in addition to them respawning when you (re) go into a brand-new area. Your initial objective is to head onto the road and also relocate western, where you will certainly discover a deserted police wagon with a city map on the hood and also a baseball bat which you will certainly require to preserve ammunition.

In the exact same location, there is a neighboring associate a typewriter You can swap tools by holding back the reload switch and also swiping up or down

death park 2 cop car front

death park 2 cop car back

Farland City is split right into 3 “areas.” Each area is divided by entrances, with you beginning in the center area. The healthcare facility lies on top area Along the means, you will certainly find an antenna with a missing out on part and also the graveyard to the eastern (which you will certainly need to go to later) As a guideline, you can discover ammo near to deserted Humvees.

So if you are running short, try to find theHumvees Ultimately, your primary objective is to reach the healthcare facility where you can discover a “rifle,” or instead, a submachine weapon which the video game calls a rifle, at the foot of the healthcare facility entry

death park 2 monster sneak

death park 2 antenna a

death park 2 hospital entry

After getting in the healthcare facility, search the function workdesk for points out of a medication called “HZ-3,” which can be located in the head physician’s workplace on the 2nd flooring. Alas, the only means up is with the extra stairways, which have actually been secured. You will certainly need to go with the slim hallways, making dealing with beasts a need

death park 2 hospital reception

The vital to the stairways lies down the corridor to the left, at the outermost healthcare facility area Take it and also head upstairs. You will certainly see 2 lifts generally hall, though just one of which can be engaged with later The various other lift is broken.

death park 2 spare stairs

death park 2 stairs key

death park 2 elevator slot

The 2nd flooring is instead simple, no word play here meant, as it is a course leading straight to the head physician’s workplace. Before you communicate with the door, remember of the name composed on the plaque to the left: it alters on each playthrough so you will certainly require to keep in mind it The minute you touch the door, an additional balloon shows up beyond of the hall. Touch it, and also your following experience with the clown starts.

death park 2 monster hallway

death park 2 head office

death park 2 hospital balloon

This component of the video game has you escaping from the clown and also responding to some concerns as you run away the desire globe The concern will certainly look like a join the ceiling and also you are provided 3 selections to address using getting in the provided door. The concerns, rephrased for readability, are listed here in no specific order:

  • Which is the (x) earth in the planetary system?
  • Which form has (x) sides?
  • Which of these words has one/two of the letter “e” or “r”?
  • Which of these declarations is a lie?
  • Which month has (x) variety of days?

death park 2 hospital chase

death park 2 hospital quiz

Answer these concerns properly and also you will certainly obtain closer to the head physician’s workplace Answer them incorrect and also you will certainly need to manage an additional concern. Eventually, you will certainly get to the workplace with an additional balloon waiting on you. Touch it to leave the desire globe. Now that you remain in the workplace, search the paint to the right to discover a wall surface risk-free.

Unfortunately, the trick to it has actually been hidden together with the late head physician You will certainly need to go see the graveyard, however do not fail to remember to take the graveyard entrance trick on the physician’s workdesk, together with an additional typewriter to conserve your progression It will certainly be a long time till you discover an additional typewriter so you must be planned for a lengthy expedition in situation you obtain eliminated.

death park 2 head office inside

death park 2 head office safe

Grave Robbing And Medicine For Older Brothers

death park 2 graveyard main entrance

Go bent on the healthcare facility and also head to the graveyard, making use of the map from the police wagon in situation you obtain shed. The front entrance is secured, however the trick from the head physician’s workdesk can open the side entry to the right of the front entrance

death park 2 graveyard side entrance

In the graveyard, try to find the tomb of the head physician, making use of the name composed on the workplace door. Go to the close-by church to discover a shovel. Unfortunately, a red balloon drifts out of the church, cluing you know what is following.

death park 2 doctor's grave

death park 2 church

Your 3rd hide-and-seek suit versus the clown has you looking for 4 gems: an emerald, a ruby, a sapphire, and also brownish-yellow Each gem is affixed to a headstone with either a sign (on simple) or a puzzle (on tough) etched under it The engravings are simple to view as their white radiance stands apart unlike the red filter existing in the desire globe.

death park 2 gem grave a

death park 2 gem grave b

Bring these gems to the church where it is secured and also each gem acts as a secret You need to match each gem to the sign made use of each edge of the lock, and also you will certainly recognize you obtained the right series when your personality states “I believe this functions.” Once you have actually opened the church, head inside and also touch the balloon.

death park 2 church lock

Back in the real life, you will certainly discover a shovel and also a shotgun, the latter of which can conveniently eliminate most beasts with a number of headshots. Head back to the head physician’s tomb to collect the risk-free trick. Once you have it and also have to do with prepared to leave, you will certainly discover that brand-new beasts will certainly be protecting the side entry

death park 2 shovel

death park 2 grave up

Evade them and also leave the graveyard, however take care as 2 various other beasts will certainly generate fairly near to the side entry as quickly as the map tons Carefully browse your back to the healthcare facility and also right into the head physician’s workplace.

death park 2 new monster

Once in the head physician’s workplace, unlock the risk-free to discover an injector, a keycard, and also a note claiming that there is another dosage of HZ-3 in the cellar, orFloor Zero Head back downstairs and also make use of the keycard on the functioning lift to relocate to the cellar. The HZ-3 dosage is situated in a little stockroom which will just open when the emergency alarm is triggered. It so occurs that the emergency alarm is damaged Thankfully it is instead simple to deal with

death park 2 floor zero

Next to the emergency alarm is a team of 4 buttons in a space. You need to change these on in the order offered by a collection of lights in the exact same area, where each light is linked to a button. On simple, the order of lights and also buttons is easy, however on tough the cables are entangled up so you will certainly need to adhere to each cord prior to striking the buttons in the ideal order.

death park 2 switch puzzle

Getting the order incorrect will certainly reset the buttons Your personality will certainly claim “I believe this functions” once you have actually turned on the buttons in the right order, enabling you to make use of the emergency alarm and also unlock. Find the HZ-3 dosage, which will instantly integrate with the injector, and also head back to Lily.

death park 2 fire alarm

Once you are back home, make use of the crammed injector onLily Unfortunately upon doing so, you discover that the clown expected this, capturing Lily also deeper in the desire globe. Needless to claim, it is clear the clown desires you to go back toDeath Park Head back outside, and also a cutscene plays where a firetruck takes a trip down the southwest edge of the map, where the theme park waits. Make your means to the now-opened part of the barrier

death park 2 southern farland

Surprise Sewer Trip And Military Mishaps

You are currently near the bottom area of Farland City, with Death Park on the back of the roadway There is a typewriter close by if you require it, and also as you take a trip to Death Park you will certainly discover the firetruck parked near a collapsed oil container with a fire surging close-by We advise taking care of the fire initially, so eliminate any type of close-by beasts so you do not obtain interrupted.

death park 2 firetruck

First, order the firehose on the back of the firetruck and also connect it to the close-by fire hydrant Once you have actually done that, head sideways of the firetruck to begin the pumps. You have 5 stress evaluates, and also your purpose is to obtain all 5 of them to optimal stress How these evaluates job will certainly rely on the problem trouble:

On simple, triggering a stress scale will certainly bring it approximately half-pressure while raising its nearby evaluates to quarter-full stress Over- pressurizing any type of scale will certainly reset the pumps outright, so you will certainly need to attempt once more.

On tough, triggering a stress scale will promptly bring it and also its next-door neighbors to complete stress and also the other way around You remain in no threat of over-pressurizing.

Either means, when you have all 5 evaluates established, the firetruck will certainly produce the fire Continue in the direction of the Death Park entry.

death park 2 fire out

When you get to the entry, you personality will certainly keep in mind that it makes use of an unique lock, and also the trick is possibly found in the close-by army base Look for the “steel scissors” (reducing pliers) at the park entry (which is a little bit harder to find contrasted to the rifle), and also an additional balloon drifts over the door. Thankfully, this balloon does not move you to the desire globe.

death park 2 entrance

Instead, you simply need to follow it, past the burning oil container (which we have actually produced ahead of time) and also right into a sewage system, making use of the scissors to open up eviction. You will certainly go by an additional antenna throughout the drain entry

death park 2 metal cutter

death park 2 balloon path

death park 2 sewer gate

Once you remain in the drain, there will certainly be a map of the location on a neighboring wall surface, and also an additional balloon to the desire globe Your following objective is to traveling with a puzzle and also open 3 entrances to the various other location, all while the clown hides inside it. Each entrance has an involved hand wheel, with the wheels found on the map listed below:

death park 2 sewer map

The initially wheel is put right before evictions themselves, so you can not miss it.

The 2nd wheel remains in the western loophole of the labyrinth

The 3rd wheel goes to the much loophole in the north Unlike the initial set of wheels, this set will gradually shut, so you will certainly require to rush when eviction is up.

With the clown securely away for the time being, you will certainly find a vacant water container and also a busted bridge that brings about the following area. The suggestion is to flooding the water container to make clear by utilizing some scrap, however just how it functions will certainly range problem troubles:

death park 2 sewer tank

On simple, it is simply an issue of shutting eviction in the center of the container and also swamping the left side of the container, bringing the scrap up so you can go across

On tough, it is much more intricate. Similar to the firetruck, you can not over-flood each side of the container or else it will instantly drain pipes the water You will certainly need to close eviction as water is gathering the ideal side of the container prior to filling the left side

Once you are throughout the container, you will certainly discover an additional balloon to truth, and also the door behind you will certainly secure, so no stress over the clown for the time being. Your following barrier is taking a trip with the drains to reach the base, while averting beasts that are wandering in the passages It is a little much easier to prevent them contrasted to the healthcare facility hallways, however be planned for a battle no matter.

death park 2 sewer sneak

death park 2 sewer save

After taking a trip with the drain passages, you will certainly discover a little area with a typewriter and also a schedule. Further down the corridor is a secured door with a matching keypad. How to open up the keypad will certainly once more, differ depending upon the trouble:

death park 2 sewer code easy

death park 2 sewer code hard

Easy setting will certainly have the code essentially composed alongside the keypad itself

Hard setting will certainly have a various code based upon the in-game day, presented on a screen in the typewriter area Use the schedule to figure out what day of the week it is, and also speak with a note near to the typewriter that demonstrates how the code ought to be input.

Unlock the door to head to the army base. As you take a trip much deeper right into the base, you will certainly experience an instead huge beast that instantly begins chasing you. Kill it rapidly.

death park 2 military monster

Now that the beast is dead, you can securely proceed down the hall to discover 3 doors, with among them opened. To open the various other doors, you need to communicate with the switchboard close by, straightening all 4 buttons to open up a space of your selection You can take a look at the various other spaces to obtain materials, however you must head to Block C, where you will certainly discover the trick to the Death Park lock. Pick it up and also proceed forward.

death park 2 switch board

death park 2 clown key

On the escape of the army base, there will certainly be an additional large beast hiding regarding and also an additional area secured with a keypad This keypad depends on some fundamental mathematics. You are supplied 3 formulas composed on a neighboring home window and also a cipher whose numbers and also mathematical signs have actually been changed

On easy, just components of the formulas are replaced, however on tough, not just is the whole formula changed with the cipher, however it is likewise mirrored This in fact tossed us in a loophole the very first time we experienced it.

death park 2 math code

Solve the formulas to discover the three-digit code to the keypad, opening the area which has some materials and also most notably the missing out on antenna parts Locate the leave to the army base, which brings about the center area of Farland City.

death park 2 antenna components

Saving Your Sister

Now that you have the trick, you can head right into Death Park to conserveLily If you chose to accumulate the antenna parts, do not fail to remember to mount them on the antennas as you take a trip back to the theme park. Once you have actually gone back to the Death Park entry, make use of the trick to go into the House of Horrors.

death park 2 park entry

death park 2 park ticket

death park 2 park save

Death Park is cluttered with beasts, and also the just conserve factor is a TELEVISION display at the facility of the park The initial point you must do is to get the Train ticket at a neighboring box office, after that make use of the ticket on the Train destination to the left of the cubicle The last antenna is likewise found right here, at the back of the park, so bear in mind to set up the missing out on part prior to proceeding forward. Once you trigger the Train, it will certainly breast open up a neighboring entrance, so adhere to the tracks to the last location.

death park 2 park train

death park 2 train gate

At the last location of the park, take the course resulting in the close-by bridge where you will certainly discover some equipments, a secured transmission, and also a nonfunctional bar When you get the equipments, one last balloon will certainly turn up, motivating one last experience with the clown.

Remember the train you triggered? The clown has actually fooled you right into sending out the train to Lily, that has actually been locked up on the various other end of the track! You require to function quickly and also set up the equipments in the ideal order to trigger the bar, relocating the train to the contrary track

Depending on your problem trouble, you either have forty-five secs or thirty secs to obtain the equipments in the ideal areas Luckily, we have the remedy listed below if you are having difficulty with this component.

death park 2 rail switch

death park 2 rail switch dream

death park 2 gear solution

death park 2 clown final

Death Park 2 has actually 4 ends based upon 2 elements: whether you take care of to conserve Lily in time, and also if you procured all 3 antennas functioning to maintain brand-new beasts out ofFarland City Our overview simply defined just how to obtain the very best closing, so we wish this will certainly assist you conserve both your sibling and also your community. If you individuals have any type of information that we missed out on, please allow us recognize in the remarks area. Thank you and also we wish you delight in Death Park 2!


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