Dark Riddle Walkthrough Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Uncover Your Neighbor’s Secrets

Dark Riddle is an experience video game developed by Ukrainian designers PAGA TEAM where you explore what tricks your crabby next-door neighbor is concealing from the remainder of the community. You will certainly need to discover a means to slip right into his home as well as discover what is taking place within. Along the means, you will certainly discover numerous devices to aid you discover better: from secrets to open specific doors, to catches that can reduce your next-door neighbor down, as well as to a shocking wealth of apples you can gather as well as toss.

This video game must not be perplexed with the similarly-named Dark Riddle: Classic. Also by the exact same designers, it is based upon an earlier construct of the video game as well as has a various visuals design yet is or else mainly similar toDark Riddle While several of the important things in this walkthrough might get both video games, do not be shocked that there will certainly be some mild distinctions in between them. Regardless, this walkthrough will mostly cover Dark Riddle.

This overview will certainly cover Dark Riddle approximately its 3rd phase, though the video game’s finishing recommends that there will certainly be extra phases launched as time takes place. These 3 phases suffice to obtain to the base of this enigma. Stay with us as well as take a look at our Dark Riddle walkthrough overview to discover what your next-door neighbor is avoiding everybody!

Covering Controls And web content

dark riddle title screen

Now, upon beginning Dark Riddle, you will certainly observe that the video game has its very own in-game money classified “Yellow Apples,” which is made generally via in-app acquisitions. There are a great deal of choices readily available to make Yellow Apples without investing actual cash:

dark riddle apple prize

— The very first approach is by seeing an advertisement for 25 apples, a percentage yet it assists;

— The 2nd approach is by playing the everyday good luck spin as well as possibly gaining 20, 40, or 100 apples, in addition to various other rewards;

— The 3rd approach is by seeing advertisements at Riddle TELEVISION, which offers significantly profitable incentives for every single advertisement seen as well as is reset everyday;

— The 4th as well as last approach is by finishing success connected to Dark Riddle itself. These consist of points like tale development or obstacles, which can compensate differing quantities of apples.

Yellow Apples are made use of mostly to purchase products for your following run of the video game, so opportunities are you will certainly wind up hoarding fairly a reasonable little bit as soon as you have actually mastered it. During gameplay, you have 10 product ports: 4 for your belt as well as 6 for your knapsack. Items in your belt can promptly be grabbed by touching the belt symbol at the facility of the display, while things in your knapsack need to be exchanged with things on your belt in order to utilize them. To accessibility these, touch the knapsack symbol beside the belt ports.

You begin with just 6 knapsack ports yet you can broaden your knapsack by 6 extra ports using in-app acquisitions, as well as this purchase can be reconstructed to 3 times for an overall of 24 knapsack ports. This ought to not be essential as we will certainly inform you which points you can go down prior to proceeding to the following location. Among the things you can discover or buy are:

Apples— Plain old apples you can discover spread about. You can gather them as well as toss them to either break home windows or stun pursuers for 5 secs. Apples are multiple-use as long as they do not obtain thrown out of bounds. Apples can likewise pile so there is no demand to fret about them littering your stock.

Traps— Scattered around the next-door neighbor’s residential or commercial property are catches that will certainly stun you for a number of secs, yet can just influence you as soon as. If you can reach them without establishing them off, you can choose them up for your very own usage. Similarly, they can just be triggered as soon as prior to they are made pointless for the remainder of the run. One certain catch makes an audio that attracts the next-door neighbor to its place.

Batteries— Batteries are made use of as ammo for both weapons you can discover, though just one of them is actually essential for progression. These weapons can stun adversaries from a range, yet Batteries are restricted so you need to make your shots matter. Like Apples, Batteries can pile.

On the reduced appropriate edge of the display, there’s a switch that, relying on just how you push it, manages whether you leap or duck as well as stand. Tapping the switch will certainly make your personality dive, while holding as well as flipping the switch will certainly make your personality duck or stand relying on what instructions you flip. Keep this in mind so you do not begin entering area while attempting to leave cover.

The top appropriate edge has a map that follows your activity as well as reveals where your next-door neighbor goes to perpetuity; it will certainly blink red if he has actually found you. However, later you will certainly run into protection robotics that do not skyrocketed as well as exist either to incapacitate you or signal the next-door neighbor to your place. In the occasion you do obtain captured by your next-door neighbor, you can either invest 25 Yellow Apples or view an advertisement to leave his clutches as well as stun him for 5 secs, providing you time to run away.

Dark Riddle has 4 problem choices readily available:

dark riddle difficulty level

Ghost— From the next-door neighbor’s perspective, you do not exist, as well as he will certainly advance his course without obtaining troubled. His protection robotics will certainly respond to your visibility, yet they are or else safe.
Easy— The very first problem degree where the next-door neighbor is a real danger as well as you obtain 2 tips.
Hard— The next-door neighbor is extra hostile, as well as you obtain one tip. Traps are extra hazardous as well as it is more challenging to obtain essential things.
Insane— As anticipated, the next-door neighbor goes to his most hazardous, as are the catches. You likewise obtain no tips whatsoever.

Paying A Visit To Your Neighbor

dark riddle gameplay

You begin a brand-new video game at your home, with your next-door neighbor’s home nearby. In the occasion that you wish to purchase things, there is a little shop behind your home. But prior to checking out that, we recommend you get the apple that must be appropriate beside you. There is likewise a breast beside you that allows you save things, which will certainly be available in fairly useful later on.

The front gateway is secured tight, so order a neighboring cage, position it beside the next-door neighbor’s fencing as well as climb over. Make certain you climb up over the fencing when the next-door neighbor runs out view. Be cautious: there are protection electronic cameras on each side of your house which will certainly signal the next-door neighbor to your place if you remain in their view for also lengthy.

dark riddle front door

Once you remain in your next-door neighbor’s front backyard make your means to the front door; there ought to be some added apples near the patio in situation you require them. We advise making use of the apples to damage a home window or more open to make sure that in case you are discovered, you can make use of the home window as a way of retreat. Just remember that the next-door neighbor can follow you out of home windows fairly conveniently, so either elude him or stun him with a tossed apple.

dark riddle copper key

Now back to the job handy. Once you are within, make your means to the living-room by taking the door to the left, as well as get the Copper Key pushing the table. Once you have the Copper Key, head to the TELEVISION Room as well as make use of the Copper Key to open the closet, getting to the Silver Key.

dark riddle silver key

Across the closet, you could observe a grey keycard viewers that seems damaged, avoiding you from unlocking neighboring We will certainly reach that later on. As a sidenote, you just require type in your knapsack to open their matching doors; they do not require to be furnished on your belt. Batteries can be discovered around your house too, as well as we advise selecting them up as well as relocating them to your knapsack.

dark riddle second floor

Pick up the Silver Key as well as currently you can head upstairs. You could observe a heavily-locked secure with a keypad en route up; we will certainly reach opening that later on. Once you get on the 2nd flooring, you can make use of the Silver Key to open up a door resulting in theLibrary However, every various other door there is secured for the time being. Ignore it as well as head to the attic room.

dark riddle attic

After you have actually gotten in the attic room, head to the telescope to get the Nippers as well as theRocket Part The Nippers are essential for progression while the Rocket Part enables you to access a secret area for a success. With the Nippers on your belt, head back to the 2nd flooring as well as utilize it to open the chained-up door near to the stairways. This door brings about a wardrobe including the Gold Key.

dark riddle gold key

After you get the Gold Key, head back to the attic room as well as leap down onto the roofing listed below. You do not take dropping damages, yet it is ideal not to miss out on or else, you will certainly need to head back within as well as attempt once more.

dark riddle rooftop

On the roofing, head left in the direction of a home window resulting in your Neighbor’s room as well as damage it open either with a remaining apple or among packages close by. Climb right into the room as well as make use of the Gold essential to open the cabinet. This will certainly provide you accessibility to your very first weapon, theTaser The Taser can stun any individual it pinches hit 5 secs yet can just hold round prior to refilling. There are likewise a number of batteries close by for ammunition.

dark riddle bedroom

dark riddle taser

While you remain in the room, unlock the various other 2 doors inside: the door throughout the cabinet brings about the collection from previously, while the door at the back of the room brings about a terrace, where you will certainly discover a Yellow Keycard on a neighboring table. Be cautious as the porch has a sound-making catch along with a ladder resulting in the backyard listed below. At this factor, the secrets are no more required so do not hesitate to drop them off someplace.

dark riddle balcony key

If you agree to risk it, get the Yellow Keycard as well as head to the shed at the much edge of the backyard. The Yellow Keycard opens the shed door, resulting in an additional weapon you can get: the Crioblaster (sic). Unlike the Taser, the Crioblaster can stand up to 4 shots as well as freezes its sufferer for 8 secs. Just look out for a neighboring catch securing the weapon.

dark riddle shed

As for the Rocket Part, head back out to the roofing as well as to the home window beyond. Smash the home window open up to get to the research study, as well as you ought to discover an insufficient rocket hing on a closet to your left. Use the Rocket Part on the insufficient rocket as well as get to a secret area including theUniverse Map This is just for a success as well as absolutely nothing else. Nonetheless, we included this for interested visitors.

dark riddle study window

dark window rocket puzzle

Head back to the Television Room as well as fire the Taser at the busted Keycard viewers. This will certainly unlock resulting in your next-door neighbor’s protection area. There is no chance to disable the electronic cameras outside, yet your primary objective is to find a mobile phone on a neighboring rack.

dark riddle short circuit

dark riddle security room

dark riddle safe code

The phone will certainly have a four-digit code that randomizes each play via so keep in mind the code or choose the phone up. Head back to the living-room as well as type the code on the keypad. It will certainly take a while for the secure door to open up so view your back while it opens. Once opened, you will certainly have the ability to access the following phase of the video game.

dark riddle safe unlock

dark riddle frozen man

What Lies Beneath The Floorboards

dark riddle basement

Sure sufficient, your next-door neighbor’s cellar is a great deal extra fancy than his home, as well as while you will certainly be alone for some time, the video game will certainly advise you that your next-door neighbor has actually gotten in the cellar too. You will certainly likewise run into protection drones patrolling the cellar. They are safe, yet if you remain in their views for also long, they will certainly signal the next-door neighbor to your place; remain out of view or stun them.

Your very first purpose is to gather 2 Keycards, Blue as well asGreen The Blue Keycard lies in addition to a vehicle (just how that got in is any individual’s hunch), as well as you can arrive by browsing to a damaged section of the bridge as well as leaping onto the vehicle. The Green Keycard lies in a storage locker beyond of the area. While you remain in the very first area, you could observe a number of points near the Keycards:

dark riddle key truck

dark riddle key locker

Near the Blue Keycard is a console with a large red switch that calls for 2 things to accessibility: a Red Keycard, as well as a triangular form Near the console is a secured door that likewise calls for the Red Keycard.

Under the stairways closest to the Green Keycard is an additional randomized four-digit number Remember it too.

dark riddle basement code

Once you have both Keycards, unlock the door that calls for theBlue Keycard This will certainly lead you to a corridor where you will certainly satisfy the very first protection drone. Find a means to escape it as well as your next-door neighbor after that head to the back of the corridor. Once there, there will certainly be an additional door secured with a keypad as well as a little area with power streaming via it. Use the 2nd code on the keypad as well as get in.

dark riddle basement hall

dark riddle door numpad

This 2nd area has an additional awful shock in the type of an ice turret, which freezes you in position much like theCrioblaster You can switch off the turret using a button near to where you went into, so deal with the turret prior to doing anything else. At the contrary end of this area is a secured door as well as over that door is a console with 3 bars. Make certain the bars are raised to open the door underneath.

dark riddle crio peek

dark riddle levers

Under the door secured with the keypad is a door that calls for theGreen Keycard Unlock it, as well as you ought to discover a box of cables on the contrary side of the door. Take out your Taser as well as fire the cables. This will briefly turn off the power, obstructing accessibility to the tiny area for 15 secs, so scoot.

dark riddle electric wires

dark riddle small room stuff

The crucial point is to gather 2 things: the Laxian Key (which matches the triangular form on that particular console in the very first area) as well as theValve In the occasion the power returns while you are inside the area, there is a switch that shuts down the power for 15 secs.

Before you proceed, you will certainly require to turn on theLaxian Key Head back to the area with the ice turret to discover an additional console with a triangular port. A cutscene will certainly play where you place the Laxian Key (luckily quiting time in the occasion the next-door neighbor neighbors). Push the purple bar to trigger it.

dark riddle laxian charge

With the turned on Laxian Key, head to the area you opened with the 3 bars to discover a swamped sewage system. Near your setting is an area where you can mount the Valve which will certainly drain pipes out all the water, permitting you to head down; do not neglect to bring the Valve with you. Once you are down in the sewage system there is an entrance that calls for the Valve to open up, as well as throughout that gateway is the Red Keycard!

dark riddle sewer drain

dark riddle red keycard

Pick it up while eviction opens up as well as directly via to find a strange site. There ought to be a lift leading back to the very first cellar area as well as a door that calls for theRed Keycard Unlock that door by utilizing the Red Keycard as well as the Laxian Key to press the switch. This will certainly turn on the Portal as well as as soon as its operating, delve into to it to the following (and also since this writing, last) phase.

dark riddle portal off

dark riddle big button

dark riddle portal on

Out Of This World

Congratulations, it shows up that the site brings about some kind of spaceport station, as well as after a cutscene of you getting up onboard claimed terminal, you wind up finding out why your next-door neighbor is so crabby to start with.

dark riddle space crab

dark riddle crab mech

Horrible joke apart, currently you need to discover a means to return toEarth There are 2 breasts which contain things crucial to your retreat. The initially breast has an unique tablet computer that finds Energy Cells, while the 2nd breast not just has things you saved back on Earth, yet likewise a keycard that allows you leave your area. There is an additional console that provides you accessibility to the shop if you require it. You likewise need to take care of mobile variations of that ice turret you discovered in the cellar.

dark riddle energy tablet

Now, your primary purpose is to discover a means to leave the terminal, as well as to do that you will certainly require to power up a spacecraf to fly back toEarth To power up the ship, you will certainly require Energy Cells, which are spread around the terminal itself. You will certainly require to gather 18 of them in order to run away. The terminal is fairly huge so we will certainly simplify right into 3 areas: the Hangar, the Hallway, as well as the Garden.

If you are having difficulty situating Energy Cells, you can invest 300 Yellow Apples to briefly highlight any type of absent Cells via wall surfaces. Energy Cells do NOT pile so prepare to make repeat journeys to sustain up your retreat car unless you have actually completely broadened your knapsack. Four of these Cells are brought by protection drones as well as you will certainly need to stun them so as to get the Cells they carry them.

dark riddle camera ko

You begin in the Hangar as well as right as you begin, there is an Energy Cell existing following to the shop console; choice that a person up promptly. Navigating the Hangar can obtain a little bit difficult, so we will certainly simplify to make points simpler:

dark riddle energy cells

The least expensive flooring of the garage has 2Energy Cells The initially one is existing appropriate beside the ship’s gas pump, which has a screen on the number of cells are still required. The various other Energy Cell lies in a storage space cage atop a heap of brownish, portable boxes Either relocate several of packages away or leap onto the heap from above.

dark riddle lonely platform

The 2nd flooring has one Energy Cell in a collection of pet crates that you can just accessibility by leaping onto their system from above.

dark riddle hangar third

The 3rd flooring has 2 Energy Cells in pet crates situated throughout your beginning area The cage in between them has a number of Batteries.

Now that all the Energy Cells in the Hangar are represented, head to theHallway On the back of the Hallway is a trip of stairways as well as under those stairways is an additional collection of pet crates with oneEnergy Cell We would certainly advise climbing up the stairways to discover an additional set ofNippers You will certainly require it for the Garden.

dark riddle stair crates

dark riddle space nippers

The initially flooring of the yard is divided right into 4 “pieces,” each with a various dirt. The piece with blue dirt has an Energy Cell partly hidden right into it To dig it up, head to the piece with Sand as well as discover a Shovel in about the exact same area as you discovered theEnergy Cell Use the Shovel to release the Cell.

dark riddlde sand shovel

dark riddle buried cell

The 2nd flooring has an Energy Cell at the end of the stairways; you can not miss it.

The 3rd flooring of the yard has a number of Energy Cells for you to discover, as well as like the Hangar we will certainly streamline situating them:

dark riddle garden entry

dark riddle fountain switch

You could have observed a water fountain at the facility of the Garden when you initially went into. At the top of the Garden is a collection of bars. Interact with the red bar to close the water fountain off as well as obtain 2 Energy Cells: one ought to drop from the water fountain as well as onto some neighboring stairways, while the various other one lies inside the water fountain itself

dark riddle vine energy

One Energy Cell is hanging from the 3rd flooring using a sturdy creeping plant Once you are up there, make use of the Nippers to reduce the creeping plant as well as cost-free the Cell.

dark riddle vine platform

dark riddle moving crate

There is a relocating system with a pet crate kept in area by 2 creeping plants, one from the facility of the yard, as well as the various other on the much side. Use the Nippers to release the system as well as meticulously leap onto to the system. It can be a little bit difficult to obtain onto the system, a lot more so to reach the proper side of the cage to obtain an additional Energy Cell.

dark riddle droop tree

The last Energy Cell in the yard lies on the fallen leaves of the purple sagging tree Jump onto it from the facility of the 3rd flooring.

Once you have all the Energy Cells, gas up your retreat craft as well as head to the 2nd flooring of the Hangar to turn on a console, powering up your ship. The console is noted with a white symbol drifting over it so it ought to be very easy to place.

dark riddle ship escape

dark riddle the end

And that ends our walkthrough overview for Dark Riddle! We wish our walkthrough will certainly aid you in revealing your next-door neighbor’s tricks as well as living to inform the story. If you individuals have any type of pointers, methods or techniques we might have missed out on, please allow us recognize in the remark area listed below! Have enjoyable as well as pleased sleuthing!


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