Cure Hunters Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Save the Earth

Cure Hunters is an amazing brand-new mobile video game created by Lucky Kat Studios, the very same firm which provided us Beat Street as well asNom Cat The video game is an action-paced platformer with roguelite components, with a fast lane, as well as 10 unlockable personalities. Cure Hunter occurs in the world Earth, which obtains struck by a meteorite, which subsequently brings an effective infection that contaminates the majority of the populace of the earth. Your objective is to eliminate all the contaminated individuals, that became beasts, to stay clear of the infection to spread out a lot more, while the survivors study a treatment for the condition. In order to development to the adhering to degree, you need to eliminate each and every single opponent in a location. If you intend to win even more impressive employer battles as well as open brand-new personalities, after that make certain to take a look at our Cure Hunters newbie’s overview for pointers, cheats as well as techniques!

1. The Characters

There are 10 personalities in Cure Hunters, every one of them has its very own Hit Points, as well as tool. There are 3 groups of base tools: Pistol, Machine Gun, as well as Rocket Launcher, every one of these has its very own traits: various fire prices, recoil, as well as damages. Obviously, one of the most pricey personalities are one of the most effective ones, however the good news is also the middle-tier ones suffice to finish the video game in one resting, as long as you play well. Let’s take a look at the different personalities in the video game.

Dr Dellton

cure hunters dr dellton

The personality you begin with.Dr Dellton is furnished with a normal handgun with suitable fire price, reduced recoil, tool fire array, which bargains 1 damages per shot. This incorporated with the truth he has just 3 Hit Points makes him reasonably weak, as well as you must explore updating to a far better personality asap.


cure hunters ramboy

The least expensive personality to unlock, Ramboy is a little far better thanDellton He has 3 Hit Points, just like Dellton, however his tool is total a little far better. It is a gatling gun with really high fire price, reduced array, which bargains 1 damages per hit, the recoil is rather bothersome, as you can not continue while capturing, you will certainly be embeded location. You can hold your finger on the fire switch to maintain shooting as well as make optimal use the damages he uses.


cure hunters hoodie

As strange as his sprite suggests, Hoodie is a strange personality in the video game. For beginners, he has just 2 Hit Points, which would certainly make him rather poor, however after that you take a look at his tool, a Laser Pistol that deals a great deal of damages considering its rather high fire price, reduced recoil, as well as tool fire array. A simply offending personality that will certainly need some skill to make one of the most out of, however an actual employer awesome if you can endure the defend enough time.

Pvt Killron

cure hunters pvt killron

A directly upgrade ofRamboy They both have the very same tool, with high fire price as well as reduced array, other than Killron’s bargains 2 damages per hit, contrasted to Ramboy’s 1. A 100% damages rise is absolutely nothing to discount, particularly given that a lot of opponents in the video game have rather reduced health and wellness, employers consisted of. Additionally, Killron has 4 Hit Points, 1 greater than Ramboy, which implies he is simply much better in every facet.

Zombie Dallton

cure hunters zombie dallton

The zombie variation ofDr Dallton. Ss you might think by its rate, is an updated variation of the personality he is based upon. Sporting a Laser Pistol that has the very same fire price, array, as well as recoil asDr Dallton, it does 3 times as much damages, with a monstrous 3 damages per hit. He additionally has 5Hit Points Very great personality, also if you can not pay for the greater rate ones, Zombie Dallton will certainly make ending up the video game method less complicated than with the earlier personalities.

Zombie Ramboy

cure hunters zombie ramboy

The pattern of “every personality is simply an upgrade to the previous one” brake withZombie Ramboy Don’ t obtain me incorrect, Zombie Ramboy is far better than every little thing we have actually seen thus far, however at the very least he is a little various. He has 6 Hit Points, which is two times as several as Ramboy’s, however his tool is what makes him truly various. A Rocket Launcher that deals 5 damages per hit, with reduced fire price, which bargains damages in a location around the surge. This implies that you have the ability to strike on your own, making him to need some obtaining made use of to, additionally he is really poor at battling in close quarters. This makes opponents that leap in the direction of you rather unsafe. Overall, a rather effective personality that requires some experience to obtain made use of well.

Zombie Killron

cure hunters zombie killron

We are back to the personalities that are simply an updated variation with a various sprite. Zombie Killron utilizes a Laser Pistol that deals 3 damages per hit, as well as like every various other Pistol, it has suitable fire price, tool array, as well as reduced recoil. What makes him far better? The truth he has 7 Hit Points.


cure hunters dartfey

I recognize I’m seeming like a damaged document, however …Dartfey is the last upgrade to the Pistol possessing personalities. 8 Hit Points, 4 damages per hit, as well as all the various other attribute of thePistol Obviously excellent, he needs a great deal of coins to be opened.


cure hunters diest

When you unlock Diest, whose tool is a laptop computer, you could assume “ultimately a various tool”. I need to offer it to the designers, at the very least they attempted to distinguish this personality on a sprite degree … regrettable the laptop computer is right now an additional Lase Pistol that deals 5 damages per hit. Diest has 9Hit Points That’s it truly. Amazing personality.


cure hunters herdjie

Herdjie is one of the most pricey personality you can open, as well as for excellent factors. His base tool launches eruptive felines, that eliminate every little thing in one hit, other than employers, however also them obtain sent off rapidly as a result of just how effective this tool is. Herdjie additionally has one of the most Hit Points out of everybody else, however there’s a catch. It is really simple to wind up destructive on your own as a result of just how his tool functions, so you will certainly wind up taking a lot more damages usually than with various other personalities. It is additionally rather tough to ruin the turrets affixed to the roofings, which contributes to the problem. He is still unbelievably effective, as well as when you discover to utilize him, he will certainly remove the video game really rapidly for you.

2. Get Used To The Enemies’ Attacking Patterns As Well As Your Weapon

Knowing totally just how to use your tool, its damages, as well as the health and wellness of your opponents is vital to complete the video game. For instance, you require to focus on your recoil when you leap as well as fire, or you take the chance of winding up right into a spike catch, rarely a preferable possibility. Luckily, there are added tools in the video game, which you can buy at the end of each phase with Silver Coins, the money you obtain for eliminating opponents. These tools will certainly permit you to endure in various scenarios where your base tool would certainly obtain you eliminated. The just drawback to the additional tools you can buy is that they have a restricted variety of ammos, you can buy added bullets at the stores, as well as some opponents will certainly drop them also, although each tool has its very own sort of ammunition, so do not depend on going down the ideal one from beasts at all times.

cure hunters weapons

Bosses are one of the most essential opponents to recognize the assaulting patterns of, as it will certainly make taking care of them a lot more conveniently. For instance, you can conveniently beat the initial employer by resting on a system right beside him, contend him, and after that when he begins assaulting you with his projectiles, leap down as well as relocate in the direction of a system that is still beside him, other than beyond. Figure out just how the different employers assault, as well as rapidly design a strategy to prevent their hits while striking them frequently, as well as you will certainly discover on your own triumphant conveniently.

As we have actually currently claimed, various tools are great in various scenarios. Rocket Launchers are excellent versus employers, as they deal enormous damages, as well as are ridiculous at tool array battle versus teams of opponents many thanks to the truth the damages they deal remains in a location around the factor they struck, as well as for this really factor they are awful versus opponents that are close to you. Pistols are the jack of all professions, as they are great in every scenario you can think about, they are the risk-free choice if you are uncertain on just how you intend to play the video game. Machine weapons are the reverse of Rocket Launchers, they are excellent in reduced array battles, however they misbehave at anything else, given that their array is horrible.

3. How To Obtain Gold Coins And How To Spend Them

Gold coins are the exceptional money of the video game, you can obtain 150 daily by willingly viewing video clip advertisements, as well as 25 every hr by touching on the here and now symbol right listed below the Game Shop symbol. It will certainly take a substantial quantity of time to open all personalities if you are not mosting likely to invest cash on the video game, as well as reasonably, the video game isn’t enough time to validate the delay. For instance, opening Herdjie expenses 8000 gold coins, which implies that, presuming you obtain 4 times a day the totally free 25 coins every 3 hrs, as well as the watch all the everyday advertisements, it will certainly take 27 days to open him. Considering the whole video game can be ended up in concerning 30-40 mins, you could intend to choose a less costly personality. My individual recommendation is to go for Zombie Dallton, that is the greatest worth personality all points taken into consideration. He does not set you back excessive as well as he suffices to finish the video game.

cure hunters tips

You can additionally invest gold coins when you pass away to proceed the degree where you passed away, the rate is 25 gold coins for the initial restore, 50 for the 2nd, 75 for the 3rd, and more, approximately 200 gold coins, which is the optimum you will certainly invest to proceed. You can additionally view a video clip advertisement to proceed, however you can do this just when per run.

Do not invest gold coins to proceed. Even if you need to reactivate the video game from the ground up, you will certainly make some even more gold coins at the end of the video game, as well as you must conserve approximately open added personalities, as they will certainly make advancing with the video game a lot more conveniently.

This concludes our overview for Cure Hunters, the video game is instead brief, however the phases are randomized, which implies you will hardly ever play the very same phase two times. There are lots of personalities to unlock, as well as the gameplay is vibrant as well as really enjoyable. The greatest weak point of Cure Hunters is that it is rather short, given that you will just need to clear 3 employers (plus the tutorial’s) to complete the video game. Regardless, you must definitely offer this video game a shot, particularly if you like system shooters. If you have actually located any type of various other additional idea or method for the video game, make certain to allow us recognize in the remarks! Happy capturing!

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