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A crossword is a word problem that takes the kind of a rectangle-shaped grid of white and also black shaded squares. The objective is to load the white squares with letters, creating words, by fixing ideas which result in the responses.

For those that are addicted to word video games, Crossword Puzzle Free has lots of cost-free problems to play offline. And not just. Three brand-new problems await for you each day!

Join countless gamers that exercise their minds each day with the most effective crossword readyAndroid Brush up your mind with this straightforward and also addicting video game and also enhance your English vocabulary. It’s never ever been so very easy to discover a brand-new language.

crossword puzzle free answers

Crossword Puzzle Free is an enjoyable academic ready the whole family members. There are 200 English crossword problems to play offline. Xpress Mobyte constantly pay attention to your responses and also do their finest to bring normal updates to Google Play.

So, what are you waiting on? Download the most effective crossword application now and also begin playing. And if you’re stuck, do not fret. We address the everyday problems each day in order to aid you. Below you can locate a total checklist of Crossword Puzzle Free responses and also options.

Crossword Puzzle Free Daily Puzzle 1 (Medium) August 31, 2018

crossword puzzle free answers august 31, 2018

1A. pal: FRIEND
1D. website for a bite: COFFEE SHOP
2D. angered: PAIN
3D. Bryce Canyon state: UTAH
4D. big butterfly: MAJESTY
5A. “Copacabana” showgirl: LOLA
5D. knit: LACED
6D. “___ professional nobis”: ORA
7D. reindeer herdsman: LAPP
8D. curt: ABRUPT
9A. toolbox supply: AMMUNITION
9D. belly inhabitant: ANTACID
10D. harmonica: MOUTHORGAN
11D. dough: CASH
12D. binary numbers: ONES
13A. prefix for pilot: VEHICLE
14A. Mideast citizens: ARABS
15D. made obeisance: SALAAMED
16A. hands-up time: MIDDAY
17A. “It’s a Wonderful Life” supervisor: FRANKCAPRA
18D. collaborated: KNIT
19A. the audio of songs: SONG
20A. combustible gas: ETHANE
21A. throbs: VIBRATES
22D. timeless violin: STRAD
23A. disencumbers: RIDS
24D. on one’s very own: SOLO
25A. uneven: PATCHY
26A. reply to stimulations: REACT
26D. terza ___ (knowledgeable kind): RIMA
27D. checklist extender: ETAL
28D. arbitrary: ACCIDENTAL
29A. a fantastic lake: ONTARIO
30D. ¬ ¬ __ Dame: NOTRE
31A. hankering: IMPULSE
32A: Arafat’s org: PLO
32D. location: PLACEMENT
33A. Indian port: MADRAS
34D. Frank woman: ANNE
35D. prosecutes: SUES
36A. COMPUTER choice: MAC
37A. cooled down: SOOTHED
37D. floor covering product: SISAL
38D. Lamarr of Hollywood: HEDY
39A. bearded antelope: GNU
40A. lawful justifications: ALIBIS
41D. binges: BENDERS
42A. scarlet: RED
43A. wind indication: VANE
43D. gotten in touch with: WENT TO
44A. sought after: WANTED
45D. milk curdler: RENNET
46A. “Fatha” of jazz: HINES
46D. accompaniment of Zeus: HERA
47A. regulating body: US SENATE
47D. ligament: SINEW
48A. star Montand: YVES
49D. key objective: BALLOTS
50A. conveniently lighted product: KINDLING
50D. primary city of Northern Nigeria: KANO
51D. “Pretty Woman” celebrity: GERE
52A. beginning location: BEGINNING
53D. French storyteller Andre: GIDE
54D. “What an uncommon state of mind __”: IMIN
55D. Shrimpers’ requires: INTERNET
56A. offer forerunner: STAKE
57A. together: ONEATATIME
58D. starlet Gardner: AVA
59A. nearby: NEAR
60A. audacity: NERVE
61A. adjustment duplicate: EDIT
62A. they shifty: OWLS
63A. mid-day dos: TEAS
64A. bears’ burrows: DENS

Crossword Puzzle Free Daily Puzzle 2 (Easy) August 31, 2018

1A. scent: SMELL
1D. young’s reverse: OLD
2D. woodland woman: DOE
3D. music dramatization: OPERETTAS
4D. remainder: REPOSE
5A. delicatessens meat: PORK
5D. offer a __: HAND
6D. club drinks: ALES
7D. skirt size: MIDI
8A. reduced qualities: DEES
8D. Sahara, e.g.: DESERT
9D. water, to Jacques: EAU
10D. screw up: ERR
11D. compass p.: SSE
12A. very easy stride: LOPE
13A. __ Baba: ALI
14A. corn systems: EARS
15A. increased: GROWN
16D. demolish: EAT
17A. devoid of question: SURE
18A. freeway shoulder: ROADSIDE
19D. Compenhagen indigenous: DANE
20A. trunk: BREAST
20D. Heidi’s relative: CLARA
21D. bunnies’ kin: HARES
22A. knight’s fit: SHIELD
23D. priests: PRIESTS
24D. pythonic indications: PROPHECIES
25D. __ Witherspoon of “Legally Blonde”: REESE
26A. postponed: LATE
27A. in the __( till after that): MEANWHILE
27D. individuals: GUY
28D. poet’s prior to: ERE
29D. in addition: AND ALSO
30A. gallery offering: ART
31A. writer Jules __: VERNE
31d. cast a tally: BALLOT
32A. birthed: NEE
33A. utilized reasoning: REASONED
34D. tranquil: TRANQUIL
35A. storage space containers: CONTAINERS
35D. towered over hedge: BONSAI
36A. preferable top quality: PROPERTY
37A. constable’s team: POSSE
37D. __ capita: PER
38A. resident: LOCAL
39D. deceptive system: RIP-OFF
40D. Midwest state: IOWA
41D. valley: DALE
42A. yearn: PAINS
42D. NBC’s opponent: ABC
43D. dove’s audio: COO
44D. deary: HON
45A. the very least penalty: COARSEST
46D. disobedience: WRONG
47D. make a doily: TAT
48A. advantage: ADVANTAGE
49A. punching device: AWL
50A. opera song: ARIA
51A. want __: CONE
52A. Bombshell __ West: MAE
53A. ain’t, appropriately: ISNT

Crossword Puzzle Free Daily Puzzle 3 (Easy) August 31, 2018

1A. excellent success: HIT
1D. star __ Grant: HUGH
2D. psychic’s expression: ISEE
3D. Cruise and also Hanks: TOMS
4A. irritated: MAD
4D. vocalist with one name: MADONNA
5D. transformed: MODIFIED
6D. daddy: PAPA
7A. portion: ALLOT
7D. official necktie: ASCOT
8D. Andean pets: LLAMAS
9D. able to review: LITERATE
10D. Keats job: ODE
11D. Turner or Koppel: TED
12A. Gl’s club: USO
13A. medical professionals’ general practitioner: AMA
14A. slide: SLIDE
15A. ruby e.g.: TREASURE
16A. committed: COMMITTED
17D. exhausting agcy: Internal Revenue Service
18A. actror Charlton __: HESTON
19D. leading fluid: TAR
20A. Italian city: ROME
21A. additionally: AND ALSO
22A. commences: BEGINS
23D. row: RATE
24D. slim board: SLAT
25A. more stringent: STERNER
25D. tree liquids: SAPS
26D. suggestion: TILT
27D. environment-friendly treasures: EMERALD GREENS
28D. drape owner: POLE
29A. spinnaker e.g.: SAIL
30A. function: PURPOSE
31A. prayer: LOVE
32D. remodel: BRING BACK
33D. goes along with: COMPANION
34A. Boston __ Party: TEA
35A. pled: PLED
36D. desire: WISH
37A. dish ender: TREAT
38D. family members mem: SIS
39A. stress: ANXIETY
40D. sensible ones: SAGES
42A. institution subj.: SCI
43A. as soon as possible: ASAP
44A. flung: THREW
45D. steel bolt: BREEZE
46D. icicle’s area: EAVE
47D. shade changer: DYER
48A. crocodile’s kin: ALLIGATOR
48D. large ape: APE
49D. __ Cruces: LAS
50D. little quantity: LITTLE
51A. unfavorable ballot: NAY
52A. Juan’s daddy: PADRE
53A. ability: ART
54A. address: AVE
55A. rounded letters: ESSES
56A. French preposition: DES
57A. according to: PER

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