Crossing Void Tier List: A Complete Guide to the Best Characters in the Game

Crossing Void is an amazing brand-new gacha-RPG created by 91Act for iphone as well as Android gadgets. In this title, you mobilize as well as educate personalities from numerous anime franchise business/ light books that were computer animated by the workshop Dengeki Bunko, as well as the objective of the video game is to get rid of all the tale web content as well as producing the supreme group.

This Crossing Void overview’s objective is to assist you select which personalities to concentrate on to make your video game development as smooth as feasible. If you are searching for ideas as well as techniques on exactly how to start in the video game, take a look at our novice’s overview rather. In instance you are a lot more curious about some innovative ideas, after that we recommend you to take a look at our Crossing Void progressed overview, along with our comprehensive group overview.

As with every video game of this kind, there are various functions that a personality can satisfy: damages suppliers of different kinds (some concentrate on the front row, some on the center row, some on the back row, some offer AoE damages), therapists, as well as sustains that supply various sort of lovers.

In this Crossing Void tier checklist, we are mosting likely to concentrate on personalities that take place the major row, as assistances normally function best when coupled with certain personalities. We are mosting likely to state assistances that in our point of view job best with each personality. So without additional trouble, allow’s look into our Crossing Void tier checklist, showcasing the very best personalities in the video game.

The Best Damage Dealers In Crossing Void

If you are searching for an effective damages supplier, these are your best choice. You obtain a Mikoto Mikasa as a beginning device, to ensure that’s quite good, although normally you will at some point desire her S-tier variation eventually in the future, yet a minimum of you can begin pumping sources right into among the beginning personalities without really feeling regrettable.


asuna crossing void

If you are searching for a personality able to promptly wipe out the adversary in the front row, after that look no more. Asuna is the very best front damages supplier by a mile. Every time she strikes, she gets an aficionado that raises her very own Crit price, plus both of her fundamental capabilities deal large damages to the adversary in the front row. Neutron has the fringe benefit of raising all damages taken by the adversary group. Asuna’s orgasm capability is called Mother’s Rosario, as well as it will certainly most of the time right out eliminate the adversary in the front row, many thanks to its large damages outcome as well as high important price.

If you are really feeling Frisky you can couple her with Miyuki Shiba, as well as make use of successor joint orgasm capability:Idol Girl Performance This capability is a double-edged sword, as it raises the damages as well as important price of all allies, yet at the exact same time likewise raises the damages dealt by all adversaries. Fortunately, additional important opportunity methods Asuna will certainly wind up eliminating her adversaries quicker than they will certainly eliminate her in many scenario, particularly if your various other personalities take advantage of the added important opportunity.

If you do not intend to play high-risk with your assistances, you can couple her with Yuuki as well as usage Inheritance of 11 Combo Sword, which is merely a Mother’s Rosario that strikes the adversary between row, instead of the one in the front.


shana crossing void

Shana is an excellent personality, amongst the very best in the whole video game. All of her capabilities struck all adversaries with no concern, as well as she has excellent statistics. Crimson offers physical as well as mysterious damages throughout all adversaries, with successive swirling strikes, Hien tosses a fire wave in the direction of adversaries harming every one of them with physical as well as mysterious damages, along with bring upon the Bleed standing, which deals additional damages to them every turn. Her Climax ability, Kessen Ougi, likewise brings upon hefty damages as well as Bleed to all adversaries. All of these capabilities deal a great deal of damages, plus they struck both the physical as well as mysterious protection of the adversaries, making them hard to protect from as a result of the blended nature of the damages. Bleed is a condition that requires to be eliminated promptly, prior to the damages begins accumulating.

Supports smart, she sets well with Erio, Yukina, as well as Wilhelmina, depending upon exactly how you intend to come close to the battles with her. Wilhelmina will certainly better boost her physical damages, while the various other 2 will certainly supply her with some energy in the kind of Dispell as well as Shields.


kuroyukihime crossing void

Another weird personality in this checklist. Kuroyukihime concentrates on dealing damages to the center row. All of her capabilities strike solely the center row adversary. Death by Barraging has actually the included benefit of rubbing her very own colleagues, making them deal added damages for a number of turns. Her orgasm ability’s peculiarity is its really high important benefit price, which suggests it will certainly really frequently strike the center row adversary with an essential hit, obliterating them.

Pair her with the assistance kind of Kirito as well as view the fireworks released by their joint Star Burst Stream!

Miyuki Shiba

miyuki shiba crossing void

Miyuki Shiba is everything about mysterious damages, as well as she likewise gives a little assistance with her Zone Interference as well asInferno The previous eliminates lovers from the adversaries it strikes, whereas Inferno offers large damages to all adversaries as well as likewise raises the damages they take. Miyuki does not deal as much damages as Shana, as well as she’s concentrated on a solitary kind of damages, yet she offsets it with her enhanced energy.

My preferred assistance to couple with Miyuki is Zero, as it better raises the AoE damages she deals, yet the others are great also.


kirito crossing void

Kirito is one more hefty player that will certainly leave a damage in the adversary group. Spinning Shield provides Kirito a Shield to safeguard him from inbound damages while likewise dealing damages to the adversary in the front. Horizontal Square lowers the recovery of all adversaries while likewise dealing physical damages to them. Lastly, his orgasm capability, Starbust Stream, merely deals large physical damages to all adversaries.

Pair Kirito with Ako to open the Pro & & Noob capability, as well as the heads will certainly roll!

Emi Yusa

emi yusa crossing void

Unlike a lot of the various other personalities in this checklist, Emi concentrates on dealing damages to the back adversary. Both her 0-cost capability, Skylight Charge, as well as her orgasm capability, Hero’s Awakening will certainly strike the adversary in the back. All of her capabilities deal blended mysterious as well as physical damages as well, which is quite good. Lastly, her Skylight Flame Slash strikes all adversaries as well as eliminates numerous lovers from them, which is constantly an excellent possession to have in a damages supplier, given that some lovers can be really irritating to bet.

Pair her with Ryuuji Takasu to include a capacity that not just eliminates lovers from adversaries, yet likewise removes debuffs from your very own group. Very helpful versus particular schedules.

Mikoto Mikasa

mikoto mikasa crossing void

Lastly, we haveMikoto You obtain a B-tier Mikoto in the beginning event the video game provides you, which suggests you can begin developing her up as well as obtain an excellent damages supplier. Don’ t fret about the reality she isn’t the S-tier variation of the personality; the video game has actually an auto mechanic called Inheritance that enables you to move whatever concerning the reduced rate personality to the greater rate one.

Mikoto concentrates on dealing Arcane damages. All of her capabilities deal lots of mysterious damages to all adversaries, with Electric Shock likewise bring upon Bleed to every one of them. My preferred assistance for Mikoto is Shizuo Heiwajima, as it lowers the adversaries’ recovery for a number of turn, which constantly can be found in helpful.

I do not have a particular recommendation concerning what assistance to couple with her, every one of her cross abilities are great, yet none is much better than the others, it boils down to individual choice.

The Best Assist Characters In Crossing Void

Assist personalities can do a great deal of points: they can recover their colleagues, location lovers on them to make them a lot more effective, or cause debuffs to their adversaries to make them weak. The video game makes a difference in between Assist as well as Heal personalities, as well as you can filter by either course, yet we are mosting likely to organize them with each other, as their functions are frequently linked anyhow.


tomoka crossing void

Tomoka is an excellent help personality. She does whatever: her Soothing Fireworks supply continuous recovery to every person on her group, Fan Dance puts a shielding lover on her colleagues, as well as Pure Angel badly raises the damages every one of her colleagues will certainly sell the following turns. Her skill, Soothing Guard, is likewise excellent, as it provides your event an extra ability factor at the beginning of each turn.

Tomoka’s sustains assist her rise her physical damages outcome. I such as Little yet Powerful when you couple her with Enju, yet Happy Clean Up is likewise suitable.


ako crossing void

We currently stated Ako in the assistance group, yet her major variation is likewise absolutely nothing to belittle. Her greatest stamina is her orgasm ability: Caelum, a solid spell that eliminates all lovers from adversaries as well as debuffs from allies, as well as likewise makes them unsusceptible to debuffs for a number of even more turns. She’s really solid versus schedules that depend a whole lot on buffing as well as debuffing to obtain points done. Her Heal recovers the ally personality that remains in the front row, while Angelus summons an Angelus that secures her as well as her close-by colleagues. Her sustaining set is respectable, particularly Caelum, so take into consideration running her if you are locating on your own shedding to extreme buffing/ debuffing.

Another terrific factor to run Ako is her skill: Cleric of Love, that makes all allies take much less damages when Ako remains in the event.

Kirino Kousaka

kirino kousaka crossing void

A little bit of a strange choice for a sustaining personality, given that from a fast look, it feels like her major emphasis is AoE damages. But hear me out: Smiling Queen of Nightmare is a respectable sustaining capability, given that it recovers every one of her allies while likewise eliminating Bleed as well asBackfire Also, her supreme gives offending assistance to her group by raising the damages taken by all adversaries for a number of turns.

Still not impressed by her assistance capabilities? Check out her skill after that: Magical Girls, which raises the damages outcome of her group, while likewise decreasing the damages they take when Kirino’s wellness goes down listed below 60%. That’s a rather high limit for such an effective skill.

Shizuo Heiwajima

shizuo heiwajima

Shizuo gives numerous lovers to his groups, while likewise being a decent damages supplier in his very own right, that makes him a great personality to run in several schedules. This is generally many thanks to the mix of his skill, Brawling Puppet, as well as hisBerserk Attack Brawling Puppet raises the damages of Shizuo’s whole group whenever he is struck, while Berserk Attack brings upon damages to all adversaries as well as lowers their recovery. That’s it. Simple yet efficient.

To optimize his energy set him with Celty Sturluson, given that their joint assault, Ikebukuro Legend, additional rise the damages taken by all adversaries.

This finishes up our overview to the very best personalities inCrossing Void What we learnt while playing the video game was that many personalities went to the very least able to hold their very own also in the tougher phases, although some certain capabilities were preferred in particular obstacles, depending upon the adversary schedule. As with every rate checklist, this set is extremely subjective, if you differ with any kind of access, see to it to allow us understand in the remarks!

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