Cooking Fever Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Complete More Levels and also Keep Your Customers Happy

Cooking Fever is a habit forming time-management video game from Nordcurrent, that’s readily available for both iphone and also Android gadgets. The video game tests your critical abilities by encouraging you to assume and also respond rapidly while you get to the degree objectives.

When you open up the ready the very first time, a cook called Michelle will certainly welcome you and also aid you start. According to Michelle, your objective is to end up being the most effective cook in the area and also attempt to be a specialist in various foods. The property of the video game is rather easy. You simply require to pass every degree and also update the food, devices, and also the dining establishment. When you have sufficient cash (and also rubies), you can proceed to an additional place.

At initially, Cooking Fever is rather uncomplicated, however do not allow it deceive you. Expect it to obtain harder as you proceed in the video game. Not to fret though; we have actually obtained you covered. If you are looking for some beneficial Coking Fever ideas and also techniques, you have actually involved the best area!

Whether you are simply beginning in the video game or if you are a skilled gamer, we suggest you to look into our collection of Cooking Fever ideas, cheats and also techniques in order to finish even more degrees and also end up being a master cook!

1. Pay Attention To The Tutorial

Most gamers are guilty of avoiding the tutorial. You have actually possibly done it a great deal of times. In some situations, doing so will certainly not influence your gameplay, however in Cooking Fever, you must allow the video game show you the essentials. If you disable the tutorial, you can no more re-enable it.

cooking fever tutorial

Why is the guide important in Cooking Fever? There are 2 factors. First, newbie gamers can obtain puzzled concerning why they aren’t able to finish the a degree in spite of accomplishing the cash objective. Most of the moment, they do not see that there are extra objectives in order to finish some degrees, such as staying clear of client loss or melting the food. If you simply maintain the guide operating, it will arbitrarily appear in some degrees where extra info can aid.

Another factor is that gamers can obtain additional coins after completing the essentials run-through.

2. Get 5000 Free Coins, Here’s How

The noticeable method to gain coins is to play the video game and also pass the degrees. Note that you will certainly not obtain coins when you shed. If you locate on your own lacking in-game money, you can view an advertisement for 5000 coins.

Here’s just how:

— Open the video game.
— At the bottom-left component of the display, you will certainly see the “5000 cost-free” symbol.
— Tap on it.
— Watch an advertisement. Be certain to end up seeing the advertisement to make sure that you can assert the cost-free coins after.

This technique in Cooking Fever is restricted. You can obtain gold approximately 3 times daily. Sometimes, the 5000 coin incentive will just be approved if you mount an additional application on your tool. However, if you do not intend to maintain including even more applications right into your tool, there are various other means to gain even more coins, which you will certainly learn more about later on.

3. Log In Daily For Rewards

how to get more rewards in cooking fever

Logging in to the video game each day will certainly award you with a number of bonus offers.

— Day 1: 400 gold coins
— Day 2: 500 gold coins
— Day 3: 600 gold coins
— Day 4: 700 gold coins
— Day 5: 750 gold coins
— Day 6: 800 gold coins
— Day 7: 900 gold coins + 2 rubies

Once you have actually finished the seven-day day-to-day log-ins, it will certainly begin on Day 1 once again.

4. Aim To Level Up As Soon As Possible

As you play along, you will certainly see the relevance of leveling up. It allows you gain coins, along with treasures, which you will certainly find out, is the crucial money inCooking Fever To degree up, all you require to do is to maintain having fun and also accomplishing the objectives.

You additionally need to look out for the jobs. There are “Achievements” also, which includes a couple of Experience factors. Upgrading the dining establishment’s inside and also your cooking area things, particularly food and also food preparation devices, will certainly increase your XP, as well.

Early in the video game, you will just obtain 2 treasures. The optimal variety of treasures that you can gain is 7.

As you proceed to various other dining establishments, you will certainly see that the experience factors provided to gamers obtain greater. For circumstances, if you remain in the Sushi Restaurant, you can obtain anywhere from 500 to 900 factors. Many dining establishments in the video game can not be opened unless you have actually the defined XP degree.

If you have actually not gotten to the XP demand for a particular dining establishment, you can replay some degrees. Take note of the quantity of XP you can gain, which is shown alongside a product you desire to update. If you remain in the Seafood Restaurant, you can obtain 700 XP when you update the fish tank. However, it will certainly cost you 22 treasures.

5. Prepare The Food Before The Customers Start Pouring In

how to prepare food in cooking fever

You have a couple of secs prior to the consumers are available in. Grab the possibility to begin food preparation. This method, you currently have a few of the things on the food selection all set. The cornerstone or meal is best Kitchen Tabletop at the facility. It is additionally where you can locate the location for food preparation and also preparing food, in addition to the side meals and also the frying pan for keeping additional things.

The much more Tabletop ports are open, the much better and also quicker you can prepare food for the consumers. It is important, specifically for newbie gamers that have simply one frying pan and also grill readily available.

6. Upgrade Your Food And Equipment

There are a couple of reasons you must update your food and also food preparation things inCooking Fever If you have actually currently played food preparation video games or various other time-management video games prior to, you recognize just how important it is to update every little thing you utilize.

For one, you obtain even more coins when you update your components. It additionally permits the food preparation devices to run quicker, such as the beverages or soda pop dispenser. As your appeal gets even more consumers, they will certainly maintain returning to you and also frequently with the very same orders. You require to provide what they desire quickly, so you gain even more cash.

Another reason that you must update every little thing is that it increases your XP degree. As you have actually currently discovered, you obtain coins and also rubies when you level up.

A minimum of 2 frying pans, plates, and also beverage mugs must provide you a likelihood of winning every degree.

7. Keep Your Customers Happy

Unhappy consumers pay much less. Take a check out the photo listed below. Three collections have gold and also bronze coins (or ideas) while the one on the leftmost side just has 4 gold coins. When you are beginning in the video game, it will certainly not matter a lot. You possibly will not also focus on it as long as you reach your degree objectives.

how to keep customers happy in cooking fever

However, as you proceed in the video game, you will certainly recognize that every degree is important in obtaining all the cents you require for the following degrees.

Keep in mind that the quicker you offer your consumers, the better they are. Therefore, you require to update your devices. The dining establishment must additionally be reconditioned, which can aid make the consumers wait longer since they really feel much more comfy.

8. Complete Achievements To Get Free Coins and also XP

Achievements provide you cost-free coins and also XP. There are a variety of Achievements for you to finish, and also you can inspect the checklist out when you open up the video game. Enter the Main Menu and also faucet on the prizes symbol. Some of the Achievements that you must complete are:

— Completing 21 degrees without shedding a client to obtain 50 XP and also 300 coins
— Selling an overall of 200 beverages for 15 XP and also 120 coins
— Earning 1000 coins in ideas for 7 XP and also 70 coins
— Reaching Experience 30 for extra 300 XP and also 1,000 coins

Note that “Achievements” are various from “Tasks”

9. Complete Tasks

Whenever you begin playing degrees, you can rapidly access the Task food selection on the display. You will certainly see a red number on the left side of the Task or notepad symbol. It informs you the number of jobs you have actually achieved. The distinction in between Achievements and also Tasks is that the last depends upon the dining establishment you remain in. Meanwhile, Achievements make an application for the whole video game.

how to complete more tasks in cooking fever

If you remain in the Fast Food Court, which is the initial dining establishment, a few of the jobs that you require to finish are:

— Upgrading the soda pop to degree 1 to assert 10 XP and also 60 gold
— Serving 3 soda pops in 7 secs for 10 XP and also 60 gold
— Purchasing all the tabletop rooms for 15 XP and also 150 gold
— Increasing client waiting time to 10 secs for 25 XP and also 200 gold

The benefits are still reduced, however you will certainly see they will certainly remain to increase as you transfer to a much better dining establishment.

10. Get More Coins, Here’s How

After finishing every 5th degrees, you obtain even more coins– as long as you fulfill the three-star objective. If you fell short to do so, there is no demand to fret. You can maintain duplicating each degree up until you efficiently obtain 3 celebrities. You can gain 200 coins or even more whenever you full every 5th degree with a leading rating.

11. Leave The Coins On The Counter

One of the important things that establish Cooking Fever aside from various other comparable food preparation video games is that it does not need you to make chains. When you do jobs back to back, such as offering at the very least 3 consumers straight, the activity is called a chain.

cooking fever coins

In Cooking Fever, your objective is to obtain 3 celebrities for every single degree. Chains will certainly not influence your incomes. Therefore, if you are not all set for the following stream of consumers, maintain the coins on the counter. This method, you have even more time to prep the food. Then, you can offer the consumers right now when they show up. It is practical when a number of them purchase the very same product, and also you just have 1 or 2 plates or ports for food preparation.

Of training course, this method is not appropriate if you get on a timed degree where you need to complete the objective as rapid as feasible.

12. Upgrade Your Restaurant

As you finish even more degrees in the video game, you will certainly open the capacity to update the dining establishment you are dipping into. Remember that you can not take the upgrades with you to the following dining establishment. Therefore, you need to be sensible in picking which locations to boost.

The choices consist of updating the following:

— Tables for longer client waiting time and also enhanced time at the dining establishment
— TELEVISION for the very same objective as the tables
— Disco sphere for even more person consumers, enhanced offering time, and also a little greater rates for the food things
— Bar feceses for longer idea time and also waiting time of consumers
— Arcade maker for even more consumers

13. Do Not Overcook Food

how to avoid burning food in cooking fever

Burning food will certainly not cost you cash unless you toss it away. However, some degrees do not permit you to melt food. If you do, you will certainly require to remodel the degree from the beginning. If the degree does not clearly state that burning is refused, you do not need to toss the charred food away. However, you must have an additional frying pan for food preparation.

To see to it you take the things off the frying pan at the correct time, switch on the in-game noises from theSettings There is a loud “ding” appear every single time the food prepares.

14. Know What To Do When Your Customers Order The Same Food

If you have actually restricted ports for your food things, beware just how you offer your consumers. For instance, the photo listed below programs that 2 consumers are purchasing a hotdog, while an additional desires a soda also. If you just have one area for a hotdog, allowed an additional chef while you offer the client with simply one order. For the various other client, offer him the soda pop. It will certainly up his perseverance (or joy) meter while he awaits his different order.

The technique is to aid the client with the least variety of called for items initially. You can constantly renew the joy meter of a client with at the very least 2 orders by offering one product.

15. Spend Your Gems Wisely

There are several things in the video game that call for treasures. From upgrades to transferring to an additional dining establishment place to various other special deals, you require to invest rubies to obtain them. However, the majority of them are not a requirement for you to pass the degrees in the video game. For instance, updating to 3 tabletop ports is not required if you recognize just how to handle your time appropriately. You can still finish the degrees with simply 2 frying pan as long as you fulfill details objectives.

how to spend gems in kitchen fever

Some provides demand treasures for you to open them. For circumstances, there is the food preparation maker, which is readily available for a restricted time just. You can open it by paying 15 treasures. It is simpler to gain gold in Cooking Fever than rubies. You require to level up and also visit on the 7th day simply to obtain 2 rubies. Therefore, you need to conserve them as long as you can. Keep them up until you require them for the following dining establishment; or else, it can take numerous weeks for you to transfer to a brand-new place.

There are numerous dining establishments in the video game, consisting of City Restaurants, such as Fast Food Court, Bakery, Indian Diner, Sushi, FC Barcelona Sports Bar, and also Hell’sKitchen There are additionally Paradise Island Restaurants, that include Ice Cream Bar, House of Crab, Thai Food Stall, and also Sunset Waffles amongst several others. Another place is the Alpine Mountains, which has dining establishments like Michelle’s Caf é, Aloha Bistro, and also Salad Bar.

All the abovementioned places– and also others– included a rate: gold coins and also rubies. For instance, if you intend to open the Bakery, which is the 2nd dining establishment, you require to have 5000 coins and also 10 treasures. It does not appear a lot, however you can rapidly lack treasures if you utilize them for updating things, as well. The following dining establishment is the Chinese, which needs 10000 coins and also 20 treasures to obtain it opened, while the Indian Diner requires 15000 coins and also 30 rubies.

Unlocking the Seafood Bistro needs 25000 gold and also 50 treasures. It is advised that you wait up until this dining establishment takes place sale. When it gets on sale, you will just require 20000 gold coins + 20 treasures to open it.

16. Play The Casino Mini-Game

Once you get to XP degree 7, you can play the Casino mini-game where you can win approximately 30 treasures each day. The method below is to assert your Daily Bonus and also play the Casino right now. Place a $500 wager and also obtain a possibility to win 15 treasures. You have 2 efforts each day. Try your good luck every 12 hrs to make sure that you can obtain 2 15 rubies for the $500 wager.

There you have it! We have actually covered the essentials to aid you start and also finish even more degrees inCooking Fever If you have actually discovered any type of various other beneficial ideas or techniques for the video game, do not think twice to allow us recognize in the remarks listed below!

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