Cookie Run: Kingdom Squad Composition Guide: Tips & Strategies to Assemble the Best Team

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, fight plays as huge a component as handling your kingdom. Fighting is just how you both advance the tale and also gainCrystals This brand-new overview presumes you have actually not just review our Cookie Run: Kingdom newbie’s overview, however additionally that you have actually played this video game prior to and also ended up a minimum of a number of phases, and also obtained adequate Rare and also Epic cookies to change your Starter Squad and also Common cookies.

Combat in Cookie Run: Kingdom includes selecting a group of 5 cookies, each with a solitary ability. You need to time these abilities well in PVE. Even with an excellent group construct, an ability being timed improperly after that disturbed by say, an opponent’s stun, can transform a battle right around for the even worse. As for Arena PVP (battling player-made groups), all you can do is make the very best group you can think about. Not to state hoping the AI does not screw it up!

pve battle cookine run kingdom

Like several gacha video games such as Azur Lane, Arknights and also Guardian Tales, making a strong group is very important. They require to be able to sustain each various other, and also be fully equipped to handle their adversaries.

Our thorough Cookie Run: Kingdom team structure overview is suggested largely to provide you a suggestion on just how to construct an appropriate group, and also what cookies to go for. None of these are set guidelines, as ultimately, it depends on you to choose what type of group you desire.

So without additional trouble, allow’s look into our Cookie Run: Kingdom team structure overview and also see just how you can construct a solid group!

The Standard

team settings cookie run kingdom

One point you’ll discover with most of these groups is a rather recurring design: Two frontliners, 1 or 2 damages suppliers, 1 or 2 debuffers, and also the necessary therapist or assistance. There’s a factor for this. Even the Starter Squad you obtain early in the video game, outlined in our newbie’s overview, follows this design and also lasts remarkably long.

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They just run out of vapor in phase 3 despite being primarilyCommons Turns out, you constantly require some mass to survive the typically lengthy degrees in PVE, or make it through the preliminary auto-piloted ability spam battery in Arena PVP.

Long Battles Need Long-Lived Fighters

Cookie Run: Kingdom gladly penalizes an unbalanced group, particularly one that alters in the direction of just in need of support glass cannons. A group of squishy mids and also back damages suppliers without defense or recovery will certainly typically wipe out the very first number of waves just to obtain trimmed midway or towards completion.

The PVE of this video game is typically a fever pitch via a rather lengthy degree, with a number of waves entering your method. Having a well balanced group is so crucial, that it would certainly be more suitable to have a set of Rare tier storage tanks to shield your Epic tier damages suppliers, than to have just Epic- rate damages suppliers.

epic damage dealers cookie run kingdom

This makes durability crucial, so you constantly require something to compromise adversary assaults, recover your team or shield the damages suppliers. As for PVP, the defense supplied by contending the very least one frontliner and also therapist in the group is typically worth greater than including an additional squishy damages supplier at the price of no defense.

Frontliners Are Important

Often, however not constantly, what determines whether a group is offensively or defensively oriented isn’t the visibility of even more damages suppliers. It relies on the selection of frontliners you bring. Dark Choco and also Princess are durable debuffers typically discovered in the much shorter fights of Arena PVP. Yam, Madeleine and also Avocado are appropriate in the center with their AOE assaults that strike halfway decent hard, however not as tough as a devoted damages supplier’s ability. Milk and also Knight Cookie are protective wall surfaces, constructed to take undesirable interest far from harder-hitting however soft cookies like Espresso or Poison Mushroom.

The O.P. Scroll

old pilgrim's scroll cookie run kingdom

We will certainly additionally think you contend the very least the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll prize, as it is honestly hugely effective also when contrasted to various other Epic tier prizes. It offers a massive passive 30% ATK increase to your group, at just degree 1. You would certainly assume that makes it just great for glass cannon cookies like Espresso, however Healers’ standard recovery and also ability recovery typically range with their ATK stat as well! This boosts your team’s survivability.

Toppings, So Your Cookies Don’ t Taste Bland

topping set bonus cookie run kingdom

As for taking garnishes right into account, having 5 of the exact same garnishes is much more trusted than having various type of garnishes inside a cookie. Having a collection of the exact same garnishes offers a collection perk. When we make a checklist of what garnishes to provide your cookies, select one type of covering per cookie, not every one of them.

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Now keeping that in mind, below are some team make-ups that we have actually thought of, or confront in the area and also have actually shown fascinating.

Squad 1: Balanced Defense

FRONT 1: DEF/DR Purple Yam Cookie
FRONT 2: DEF/DR Knight/Milk Cookie
DAMAGES 1: ATK Espresso Cookie
ASSISTANCE 1: CD/HP Licorice Cookie
THERAPIST 1: CD Custard Cookie III/ CD/ATK Herb Cookie

This team concentrates on survivability. The 2 front cookies Purple Yam and also Milk Cookie concentrate on maintaining crooks far fromEspresso Espresso exists to send out the adversary to hell with his Grinder vortex. Licorice exists to mobilize mooks in advance to take the warmth for everybody else. Custard or Herb exist to maintain the event recovered and also active.

FRONT 1: PURPLE YAM COOKIE, DIFFICULT WALNUTS/ STRONG ALMONDS– Yam’s work is just to press melee adversaries far from your squishy, extremely chewable damages dealing cookies. With the suitable period of his spin assault, it must suffice to maintain Espresso shielded for the last couple of secs of their ability cooldown. On top of that, he’s additionally a beefy lover individual with tons of HP.

purple yam cookie cookie run kingdom

FRONT 2: KNIGHT/MILK COOKIE, DIFFICULT WALNUTS/ STRONG ALMONDS– Milk Cookie’s capacity not just increases his protection, however additionally makes him leap in the direction of the adversary. He additionally teases the adversary when doing it. If the adversary’s active combating him, after that they aren’t active murder Espresso.

If you do not have Milk Cookie, take outKnight Cookie While his ability does not enhance his protection, he still has a ridicule. He requires to be cautious with it in the future however. But much better for Knight to take the warmth than Espresso or Licorice!

knight cookie cookie run kingdom

DAMAGES 1: COFFEE COOKIE, ALL PORTS SCORCHING RASPBERRIES– Espresso Cookie is your main wave annihilator, with an ability that does a great deal of damages and also draws adversaries right into each various other. If this in some way does not eliminate the adversary wave, after that Purple Yam’s spin will likely end up the terribly hurt survivors off. If Espresso Cookie passes away very first or in any way in a poor run, that indicates you’re underleveled, or really did not call Milk Cookie sufficient.

espresso cookie cookie run kingdom

ASSISTANCE 1: LICORICE COOKIE, HEALTHY AND BALANCED PEANUTS/SWIFT DELICIOUS CHOCOLATES– Licorice Cookie’s below not as a damages supplier, however to send out a crowd of beasts in advance to take hits. The Healthy Peanuts aren’t for him. It’s for his mooks to last much longer. If you do not have 5 Healthy Peanuts, provide him 5 Swift Chocolates rather so he can contact his mooks regularly. He additionally increases your group’s DEF and also strikes the adversary with a lightning screw. Overall, an effective if squishy cookie.

licorice cookie cookie run kingdom

THERAPIST 1: CUSTARD COOKIE III/ NATURAL HERB COOKIE, ALL PORTS SPEEDY DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE– Along with Licorice Cookie, Custard Cookie III’s work is to enhance the survivability of your cookies at the beginning of a wave. He does this by providing a guard and also a beefy recover to both cookies on your group closest to passing away. If your front cookies are doing their work and also taking the impacts, they’ll obtain those guards. As for Herb Cookie, while he does not offer a guard, he recovers the whole event with his ability and also clears out any type of debuffs, in contrast to just recovery and also protecting 2 cookies.

custard cookie III cookie run kingdom

Squad 2: Balanced Agression

FRONT 1: DR Dark Choco
Front 2: DR/ATK Princess Cookie
DAMAGES 3: ATK Espresso Cookie
DAMAGES 2: ATK Rye Cookie/ ATK Vampire Cookie/ ATK Tiger Lily Cookie
ASSISTANCE: CD Custard Cookie III/ CD Herb Cookie CD Sparkling Cookie/ CD Pomegrenate Cookie

A really comparable team to the very first, however this moment manipulated in the direction of eliminating points much faster. You’ll see some relatively comparable teams such as this typically in PVP. It’s simple to see why it’s prominent. It still complies with the trusted 2 storage tanks ahead kind of group. This time though, the storage tanks provide your entire group much more attack by lowering the adversary’s protection. This method, you’re not counting totally on Espresso to deal hefty damages.

FRONT 1: DARK CHOCO COOKIE, STRONG ALMONDS– Dark Choco Cookie’s capacity is an AOE sword bang and also lightning strike that can decrease the adversary’s protection. This opens up the adversary as much as the damages dealing cookies out back. Give him some Almonds as he still needs to shield the extremely chewable geeks hiding behind his enormous cape.

dark choco cookie cookie run kingdom

FRONT 2: PRINCESS COOKIE, STRONG ALMONDS/SEARING RASPBERRIES– Princess Cookie, similar to Dark Choco Cookie, can do broad swing with her team that decreases the adversary’s protection. Pairing her with Dark Choco Cookie is a great way to bring the discomfort. Give her some Almonds so the squishy geeks in the mid and also back can conceal behind her huge poofy skirt. That or you can benefit from her ability’s 353.7% damages with a stack of Raspberries.

princess cookie cookie run kingdom

ELIMINATING 1: COFFEE COOKIE, SCORCHING RASPBERRIES– He does the exact same work below as up in the very first team compensation: Murdering every little thing in a wave. This time, he’ll do it much more dependably, because Dark Choco Cookie and also Princess Cookie both reduced the adversary’s DEF. The drawback certainly, there is no one with a ridicule in this team structure so Espresso may take even more hits than typical. Of program, the adversary can not touch him if they’re all dead!

espresso cookie cookie run kingdom

DAMAGES 2: RYE COOKIE/ VAMPIRE COOKIE/ CHERRY COOKIE/ TIGER LILY COOKIE, SCORCHING RASPBERRIES/– For your 4th cookie, you have a quite wide range you can select from. If you desire much more eliminating power, you can obtain Rye Cookie for even more continual damages. You can additionally get Vampire Cookie to snipe harmful back adversaries and also managers particularly in other words Bounty degrees and also PVP. If you wish to last a bit much longer, obtain Tiger Lily Cookie or Cherry Cookie for their stuns.

rye cookie cookie run kingdom

vampire cookie cookie run kingdom

ASSISTANCE: CUSTARD COOKIE III/HERB COOKIE/ SPARKLING COOKIE/ POMEGRENATE COOKIE, SWIFT DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE– Custard Cookie III is constantly a trustworthy therapist to bring if you aren’t sure that to make use of or do not haveHerb Cookie But if you wish to eliminate the adversary much faster, you can bring Sparkling Cookie whose recovery boosts your crit possibility, or Pomegrenate Cookie that increases everybody’s ATK power.

sparkling cookie cookie run kingdom

Squad 3: Hardtack Warriors

FRONT 1: Tank Milk Cookie/ Knight Cookie
FRONT 2: Tank Dark Choco Cookie/ Princess Cookie
FRONT 3: ATK Madeleine Cookie/ Purple Yam Cookie
DIFFERED 1: CD/HP Licorice Cookie/ CD Snow Sugar Cookie/ CD Pomegrenate Cookie
ASSISTANCE 1: CD Custard Cookie III/ CD Herb Cookie

Hardtack is a sort of biscuit typically utilized as armed forces and also seafarer’s distributions, for their simplicity of conservation. It gained names like molar breakers, sheet iron and also panzer plating. Soldiers typically needed to saturate them in coffee, alcohol or slam them to little bits with their rifles simply to consume them securely.

This team intends to recreate that by utilizing a bigger than typical variety of challenging, tooth-shattering front cookies. And behind them, sustain to make them also harder. This creates a group that can deal with in remarkable, in person fight.

FRONT 1: MILK COOKIE/ KNIGHT COOKIE, DIFFICULT WALNUTS/ STRONG ALMONDS– Bar none, Milk Cookie is the very best committed storage tank in the video game up until now. They have the capacity to tease, increase their protective toughness and also delve into the adversary’s face to attract as much unfavorable interest as he can. He’s simply really, really tough to eliminate! If the gacha’s been mean to you, Knight Cookie can occupy the slack as he does the exact same work of drawing in adversary firepower. He does not have the protection lover though. Knight needs to be much more cautious with his taunting. Barring that, take among the various other front cookies in this checklist.

milk cookie cookie run kingdom

FRONT 2: DARK CHOCO COOKIE/ PRINCESS COOKIE, DIFFICULT WALNUTS/ STRONG ALMONDS– Dark Choco Cookie’s capacity to decrease the adversary’s defenses with his AOE dark lightning sword bang aids offset the relatively reduced damages capacity of this team structure. He’s additionally with the ability of lasting through lengthy fights. If you do not have Dark Choco, Princess Cookie does the exact same work simply great if the gacha’s being unkind.

dark choco cookie cookie run kingdom

FRONT 3: MADELEINE COOKIE/ PURPLE YAM COOKIE, SCORCHING RASPBERRIES– Both Madeleine Cookie and also Purple Yam Cookie have abilities that do long, continual AOE damages versus an opponent wave. Madeleine Cookie’s ability heals himself while transforming his following a number of assaults right into crowd-cleaving sword light beams.

Oddly sufficient, Madeleine’s instead afraid routine of concealing in mid when utilizing his capacity ends up being helpful below. Purple Yam rotates his mace throughout the adversary’s face, compeling the cutting edge right into their back line. Pick one, after that load him with scorching raspberries to make him strike harder. They’re currently large and also you’re utilizing them as damages suppliers.

madeleine cookie cookie run kingdom

DIFFERED 1: LICORICE COOKIE, HEALTHY AND BALANCED PEANUTS/ SWIFT DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE/ POMEGRENATE COOKIE/ONION COOKIE, SWIFT DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE– Now what are these soft-baked breads carrying out in this group of musclebound, protein-enriched cookies? Each of these cookies can assist these currently long-lived cookies last much longer.

Licorice Cookie can mobilize a team of licorice beasts to enter front and also lose. Licorice additionally increases your team’s currently high DEF statistics while zapping the adversary with lightning. Pomegrenate Cookie can provide your goons a much required recovery while increase their assault power. If the gacha’s being mean, obtain Onion Cookie for her capacity to decrease the adversary’s ATK stat. Pick one, and also pack them filled with Swift Chocolates.

licorice cookie cookie run kingdom

THERAPIST 1: NATURAL HERB COOKIE, SWIFT CHOCOLATE/SEARING RASPBERRIES– There isn’t any type of factor not to bring a therapist in any type of kind of event, as the majority of PVE fights are lengthy marathons lasting several waves. Herb Cookie can clear out debuffs and also offer recovery for the whole event. Compare this to Custard III choosing whoever are both closest to being dead. You additionally do not require Custard Cookie III’s guards for these macho cookies. They can obstruct assaults with their faces simply great. Herb’s much more effective recovery must maintain them covered up while cleansing them of any type of debuffs.

herb cookie cookie run kingdom

Squad 4: A Massive Case Of Indigestion

FRONT 1: Tank Dark Choco Cookie
FRONT 2: Tank Milk Cookie/ Princess Cookie
DEBUFF 1: CD Onion Cookie/ ATK Cherry Cookie/ ATK Tiger Lily Cookie
DEBUFF 2: CD/ATK Snow Sugar Cookie/ ATK Cherry Cookie/ ATK Tiger Lily Cookie
HEALER/SUPPORT: CD Custard Cookie III/ CD Pomegrenate Cookie

For noticeable factors, discarding adversaries filled with debuffs can transform a poor battle around. A large stack of debuffs can typically also the probabilities versus adversaries with a greater power score than your very own group. Of program, bringing this team to PVP versus an opponent group with Herb Cookie or Clover Cookie (a set of debuff cleansers) in their group may lead to calamity, so do not.

FRONT 1: DARK CHOCO COOKIE, DIFFICULT WALNUTS/ STRONG ALMONDS/HEALTHY PEANUTS– A tanky, durable dark knight that can minimize the adversary’s protective toughness. There’s a factor he shows up so typically in these checklists, he’s an extremely reliable cookie generally. It’s tough to fail with this individual, particularly in a develop focused around stuffing the adversary filled with debuffs.

dark choco cookie cookie run kingdom

FRONT 2: MILK COOKIE/ PRINCESS COOKIE, DIFFICULT WALNUTS/ STRONG ALMONDS/HEALTHY PEANUTS– Watching a lot of wimpified adversaries attempt and also place a damage via Milk Cookie’s guard after he teases them is constantly excellent enjoyable. It’s additionally really helpful, as the various other cookies in this group are rather soft. That being stated, if you wish to finish the adversary’s anguish faster however a little bit much less securely, bring Princess Cookie with Dark Choco Cookie to provide an additional DEF Down.

milk cookie cookie run kingdom

DEBUFFER 1: ONION COOKIE, ALL PORTS SPEEDY DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE/ CHERRY COOKIE/ TIGER LILY COOKIE, ALL PORTS SCORCHING RASPBERRIES– Poor Onion Cookie is so afraid of the adversary, her macabre squealing sob can terrify the adversary right back. She can provide an opponent wave an ATK Down debuff, making their assaults versus both beefy guys ahead much more pathetic. Or you can obtain Cherry Cookie or Tiger Lily Cookie to quit them assaulting outright by destroying them right into an amazement.

onion cookie cookie run kingdom

DEBUFFER 2: SNOW SUGAR COOKIE, SWIFT DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE/ SEARING RASPBERRIES/ CHERRY COOKIE/TIGER LILY COOKIE, ALL PORTS SCORCHING RASPBERRIES– Snow Sugar Cookie’s Snow King can reduce the adversary’s assaulting rate for an instead long period of time. As with the previous port, you can call Cherry Cookie or Tiger Lily Cookie rather to knock everybody on their butts with a stun.

tiger lily cookie cookie run kingdom

ASSISTANCE 1: CUSTARD COOKIE III/ NATURAL HERB COOKIE/ POMEGRANATE COOKIE, ALL PORTS SPEEDY DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE– As is normal, Custard Cookie III and also Herb Cookie are the secure selection as they are committed therapists. Pomegranate Cookie on the various other hand is the spicier selection, providing an assault lover to your group in addition to a slower however much less particular location recover. They may require that assault lover because they do not have devoted damages suppliers like Espresso or Rye Cookie.

pomegranate cookie cookie run kingdom

Squad 5: The Gacha Smiles Upon Thee

FRONT1: DEF/DR Milk Cookie
FRONT 2: ATK/CRIT Dark Choco Cookie
DAMAGES 1: ATK Espresso Cookie
DAMAGES 2: HP/CD Licorice Cookie

So the gacha made a decision to be type and also has actually offered you one of the most meta of meta PVP teams in the video game. You may also use them. While the leading PVPers have actually just recently gone down Milk Cookie for even more damages, it appears to just operate at their degree due to the fact that their cookies are currently maxxed to hell and also back. This one will certainly obtain you to that factor.

FRONT 1: MILK COOKIE, DIFFICULT WALNUTS/ STRONG ALMONDS– Milk Cookie may also be an armored lorry. He’s constructed to shield the various other cookies in the team with his insult and also guard. He’s THE hardest cookie in the video game to split, so not surprising that he remains in the meta.

milk cookie cookie run kingdom

FRONT 2: DARK CHOCO COOKIE, SCORCHING RASPBERRIES/ JUICY APPLE JELLIES– Another among the PVP meta cookies, his DEF Down and also capacity to disrupt ability casts can transform a battle around if the AI determines to be wise. And otherwise, he’ll equally as gladly defeat adversaries down with his sword and also mass.

DAMAGES 1: COFFEE COOKIE, SCORCHING RASPBERRIES- Espresso Cookie’s capacity to outright remove an opponent wave is incomparable. His ability can additionally significantly injure a PVP event in 1 or 2 casts. That’s why he typically appears in these checklists. Just see to it Milk Cookie does his work and also maintains Espresso’s butt out of difficulty. Espresso has all the durability of a delicious chocolate chip cookie soaked in warm coffee.

espresso cookie cookie run kingdom

DAMAGES 2: LICORICE COOKIE, HEALTHY AND BALANCED PEANUTS/SWIFT DELICIOUS CHOCOLATES– This individual’s not just rather dangerous, he can additionally enhance the survivability of your group. His mooks do dual responsibility supplying additional damages and also taking the pinch hit your cookies. Not to state the ability itself zaps the adversary with black lightning and also increases your group’s protection.

licorice cookie cookie run kingdom

THERAPIST 1: NATURAL HERB COOKIE, SWIFT CHOCOLATES/SEARING RASPBERRIES– His capacity to recover the entire group as opposed to simply 2 actually terribly hurt people works for maintaining a group of primarily squishy cookies active. There is additionally his capacity to clear out debuffs, so your Cookies remain at optimum eliminating power regardless of what. Give him Raspberries for an extra reliable recover, or Swift Chocolates so he can recover and also clear out debuffs regularly.

herb cookie cookie run kingdom

ASSISTANCE 1: POMEGRANATE COOKIE, SPEEDY DELICIOUS CHOCOLATES– You currently have Herb Cookie as a devoted therapist, so you may also provide your group some additional murder power. For that, you have Pomegranate Cookie with her event recover and also ATK lover. After utilizing her, call Espresso to send out the adversary to following year!

pomegranate cookie cookie run kingdom

Squad 6: Crowd Cleaner

FRONT 1: DEF/DR/ATK Dark Choco Cookie/ Tank Princess Cookie
FRONT 2: DEF/DR/ATK Purple Yam Cookie/ ATK Madeleine Cookie
DAMAGES 1: ATK Espresso Cookie
DAMAGES 2: ATK Poison Mushroom Cookie
ASSISTANCE 1: CD/ATK Herb Cookie/ Sparkling Cookie/ Pomegrenate Cookie

This is a well balanced group with location damages in mind. The cookies below comply with the ever before trusted two-tank design while preserving the capacity to clear out groups. While this can indicate solitary target damages may experience, a well fed Espresso Cookie is effective sufficient to offset it. This is why he does not have actually any type of alternatives noted.

FRONT 1: DARK CHOCO COOKIE/ PRINCESS COOKIE, STRONG ALMONDS/SEARING RASPBERRIES– That’s again these 2 have actually shown up in a team checklist, either with each other or alone. These 2 are large adequate to fill up the duty of storage tank while debuffing the adversary’s DEF. Both of these cookies are fairly wonderful to have particularly in PVP. Their abilities exist to soften a group for the inbound stack of AOE assaults ready to destroy them.

princess cookie cookie run kingdom

FRONT 2: PURPLE YAM COOKIE, DIFFICULT WALNUTS/ STRONG ALMONDS/SEARING RASPBERRIES/ MADELEINE COOKIE, SCORCHING RASPBERRIES– Yam Cookie has a far-flung spin assault that presses the firing line back. Madeleine Cookie features a self-heal that transforms his standard assaults right into area-damage sword waves. They are additionally both fairly beefy, however Yam does a much better work shielding the cookies behind him. Madeleine has a tendency to hang back and also conceal in your mid line when utilizing his ability, so treat him as a damages supplier.

purple yam cookie cookie run kingdom

DAMAGES 1: COFFEE COOKIE, ALL PORTS SCORCHING RASPBERRIES– Espresso Cookie is among one of the most effective raw damages suppliers in the video game. His Grinder vortex can do major damages to both groups and also solitary tough targets. He additionally leaves any type of survivors much more prone to comply with up assaults by drawing them closer to every various other. Just maintain him shielded, his smooth dark bathrobe supplies no defense in any way!

espresso cookie cookie run kingdom

DAMAGES 2: TOXIN MUSHROOM COOKIE, ALL PORTS SCORCHING RASPBERRIES– Mushroom Cookie’s reeky poisonous substance assault can do major damages to a group. Which is what this team is everything about, so combine them with Espresso for optimum discomfort.

poison mushroom cookie cookie run kingdom

ASSISTANCE 1: NATURAL HERB COOKIE/ SPARKLING COOKIE/ POMEGRANATE COOKIE, SWIFT CHOCOLATES/ SEARING RASPBERRIES– As normal, it’s a selection in between whether you desire secure or spicy. Herb Cookie has one of the most trusted recovery of all 3. But if you wish to eliminate the group also harder, bring Sparkling Cookie or Pomegranate Cookie for their offending enthusiasts. Sparkling Cookie increases the group’s essential hit possibility. Pomegranate increases the entire group’s ATK with a location recover, however is not a devoted therapist. Pomegranate’s an assistance, which indicates in her still time she contends the adversary as opposed to recovery your cookies.

herb cookie cookie run kingdom

If you people have any type of yummy ideas for group make-ups, placed them in the remark area listed below. Not just will they be handy for the viewers, it may obtain them delighted to combat those groups in Arena PVP as well!


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