Calibria: Crystal Guardians Tier List: Best Heroes in the Game

Calibria: Crystal Guardians is just one of the latest team-based RPGs readily available for iphone and also Android gadgets. Developed by Mars Game Hong Kong, Calibria: Crystal Guardians is a luring brand-new mobile title that integrates preferred card-based and also still aspects to provide an one-of-a-kind gameplay experience. With lots of material and also over 200+ heroes readily available for gamers to hire, train, and also furnish, Calibria: Crystal Guardians is a legendary experience waiting to open up.

In Calibria: Crystal Guardians, gamers are charged to create teams of fabulous heroes to combat the wickedness and also demonic pressures that want the power of theCalibria Crystal Each of these heroes has accessibility to an one-of-a-kind collection of capabilities, and also stand for the globe’s intrigues. In order to encounter difficult experiences and also frustrating chances, gamers should carry out one-of-a-kind methods to conquer their foes. Calibria: Crystal Guardians is appreciated by over 100,000+ gamers from throughout the globe, each trying popularity and also magnificence as they work together in the direction of the legendary project, or complete versus each various other in the Arena.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians is a legendary RPG with a great deal to provide, and also with over 200+ heroes to pick from– each with various characteristics and also capabilities– it can obtain a little frustrating. Throw in the video game’s deep auto mechanics and also battle systems– intrigue benefits and also trait-based abilities, as an example– and also also a few of one of the most seasoned players may obtain puzzled, not to mention more recent gamers. Upgrading Heroes takes some time and also initiative, also, and also couple of points resemble being as frustrating as understanding you simply invested all your products on a hero that does not truly execute well in its duty.

If you’re the type of gamer that a) needs to know which heroes their effort and time is ideal invested boosting, b) suches as to min-max heroes and also groups for optimum battle efficiency, c) tries to find one-of-a-kind abilities and also mixes for their playstyles, or d) every one of the above, after that we have actually prepared this Calibria: Crystal Guardians tier checklist simply for you.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians Tier List Overview

Before we get involved in the information, right here are a couple of points to make note of. First, a great deal of points can affect a Hero’s power and also efficiency in Calibria:Crystal Guardians Level, tools, runes, abilities, and also also intrigue plays a massive component in identifying that wins and also that sheds in fight. This Calibria: Crystal Guardians tier checklist categorizes a few of one of the most effective Heroes readily available in the video game, however that does not indicate they’re so totally damaged that the plain visibility or engagement of these heroes suffices to determine a fight. Of program, experience, ability, harmony, and also also good luck might enable a group of weak Heroes to win versus a group made up totally of S-rated Heroes.

calibria crystal guardians team

That claimed, the category system we have actually attempted to use in this Calibria: Crystal Guardians Hero Tier List attempts to place each Hero not according to their base power degrees when you initially obtain them, however instead according to their power capacity, or just how much a lot more effective can they obtain with sufficient initiative and also financial investment. For instance, some S-Tier heroes might execute poorer than various other, lower-tier heroes at first, however have much more end-game prospective contrasted to others that might fall-off at later phases.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians additionally allows gamers take pleasure in a number of video game settings, that include the major PvE project and also occasions, however additionally the PvP Arena, Guild Missions, Challenge Levels, and so on Each of these video game settings differs hugely from each other– each needing various methods and also mixes of capabilities– and also consequently, Heroes that are high entertainers in one video game setting might be inadequate or typical in an additional.

Generally, nonetheless, the general rule is that effective Heroes are effective despite video game setting, however relying on the Hero and also the video game setting, your gas mileage might differ. This Tier List is based primarily on the PvE aspects of the video game, however ought to additionally approximately show exactly how effective they remain in various other facets of the Calibria: Crystal Guardians, too.

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Finally, we want to define that this Tier List for Calibria: Crystal Guardians will just consist of the leading 2 greatest rarity degrees in the video game– Natural 4-Star and also 5-Star Heroes– with the exemption of a couple of 3-Star Heroes that provide way too much energy to skip. The option to consist of just these rarity degrees was made based upon the monitoring that in higher-tier gameplay, specifically in the Arena, extremely couple of individuals use Heroes less than Epic- rarity. Instead, Heroes that are Rare, Uncommon, and also Common are frequently made use of as gas to encourage various other, higher-rarity heroes to enhance their capabilities.

If you wish to know even more regarding Calibria: Crystal Guardians or find out about a couple of helpful methods, suggestions, and also techniques to beginning and also improving in the video game, do not fail to remember to have a look at our Calibria: Crystal Guardians newbie overview focused on brand-new and also intermediate gamers.

Now, without additional trouble, right here’s our take on the most effective and also most rewarding heroes in Calibria: Crystal Guardians!

S-Tier Heroes

Heroes with game-changing capabilities and also almost godlike statistics are very uncommon, however in many cases they’re a welcome enhancement to any type of event or group. These are the S-Tier Heroes that offer the video game a few of one of the most effective capabilities and also outcome a few of the greatest damages numbers readily available. S Tier Heroes are extensively considered the utmost Heroes readily available in the video game, however occasionally get flak for being “damaged” or “subdued”.

S-Tier Attack Heroes

Eve– 5-Star Hero

eve calibria crystal guardians

Eve is perhaps among the toughest– otherwise THE toughest– ATK Hero in the video game. With effective Team aficionados and also opponent debuffs, Eve is a core Hero to a few of one of the most reliable group structures inCalibria Build her with ATK, CrDmg, and also ATI.

Hades– 5-Star Hero

hades calibria crystal guardians

Locked behind a paywall, Hades is well-known amongst gamers for being an outright busted monster on the battleground. If you paid great cash for Hades, after that do not stress. He’s God- rate in nearly each and every single video game setting, and also if you like steamrolling the competitors, after that he deserved every cent.

Joan– 4-Star Hero

joan calibria crystal guardians

With an effective AoE nuke and also ATK Down debuffs, Joan is an outstanding farming Hero that masters PvE in addition to in the PvPArena For optimum efficiency, construct her around ATK, CrDmg, and also ATI.

Lich King– 5-Star Hero

lich king calibria crystal guardians

Hands down the most effective farmer in the video game, the Lich King is geared up with a range of capabilities that make him a welcome enhancement to any type of event. His unsurpassed AoE damages makes him the most effective alternative for farming also one of the most difficult degrees with unparalleled rate. His third-tier capabilities additionally make him beneficial in the Arena, especially when it pertains to protecting and also maintaining his group to life. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and also ATI.

Loki– 5-Star Hero

loki calibria crystal guardians

With his Mind Control capabilities, effective ATK Up aficionados, and also accessibility to Freeze and also Untargetable, Loki is very considered among the most effective ATK heroes in the video game throughout each and every single video game setting. If you desire a hero that can bring you with every one of the video game’s material– be it PvE or PvP– after that Loki is the means to go. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and also ATI.

Lucifer– 5-Star Hero

lucifer calibria crystal guardians

Another Hero that masters nearly every video game setting, Lucifer beams as a result of his effective capacity to minimize an opponent group’s Max HP. Particularly beneficial versus employer battles and also in the Arena, Lucifer can make fast job of also the tankiest group structures. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and also ATI.

Spider Queen– 5-Star Hero

spider queen calibria crystal guardians

Outclassed just to the Lich King in regards to farming capacity, the Spider Queen is an exceptionally flexible ATK hero with AoE damages and also the one-of-a-kind capacity to overlook opponent defenses. Build her with ATK, CrDmg, and also ATI, and also set her up with a group that makes complete use Cleave to optimize her capacity.

Zeus– 5-Star Hero

zeus calibria crystal guardians

The utmost Boss competitor, Zeus’s collection of capabilities makes him among the most effective choices if you’re aiming to handle one of the most difficult degrees in the video game. While his flexible set makes him reliable in nearly anything, his ability to deal higher damages to adversaries the much less HP they have makes him an essential for quick boss-fight runs. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and also ATI.

S-Tier Tank And Defense Heroes

Asura– 5-Star Hero

asura calibria crystal guardians

Asura flaunts the greatest damages outcome out of every various other storage tank in the video game, and also his capacity to hold up against damages additionally outshines plenty of of them. Hard- striking and also hard-to-kill, Asura is the best Tank hero for any type of structure. Build him with SPD, DEF, and also HP.

Valkyrie– 5-Star Hero

valkyrie calibria crystal guardians

Great damages and also also much better survivability. Valkyrie is a preferred Tank hero that can bring groups with mostly all of the video game’s material. While her capabilities are solid sufficient as they are, what makes Valkyrie really beam is her one-of-a-kind Revive capacity, which allows her bring dropped allies back to life in the middle of fight. Build her with SPD, DEF, and also HP.

Monkey King– 5-Star Hero

monkey king calibria crystal guardians

Tanky and also flexible, the Monkey King accomplishes god-tier condition many thanks to his 100% opportunity to proc stun. In several instances– PvE, Arena, obstacle degrees, Catacombs, what have you– that 100% stun might indicate the distinction in between success and also loss. Build him with SPD, HP, and also CrDmg.

S-Tier Assist Heroes

Dao Lord– 5-Star Hero

dao lord calibria crystal guardians

Dao Lord is just one of those Heroes that succeeds whatever video game setting you placed him in, and also despite exactly how you construct him. Unlike various other Heroes that beam many thanks to 1 or 2 of their readily available capabilities, Dao Lord kicks butt with any one of his capabilities geared up. No min-maxing required, however if you intend to see simply exactly how reliable he can obtain, construct him with SPD and also HP.

Elven Queen– 5-Star Hero

elven queen calibria crystal guardians

Arguably the most effective buffer-type Assist hero in the video game, Elven Queen is a great enhancement to any type of group structure. With group aficionados, guards, resistances, and also also Invincibility, Elven Queen functions well with nearly every various other hero in the video game. Build her with SPD and also HP.

Medusa– 5-Star Hero

medusa calibria crystal guardians

Versatile and also reliable, Medusa’s capabilities make her an outstanding option in nearly all facets of the video game. Focusing on compromising the opponent as opposed to rubbing allies, Medusa can aid make one of the most challenging degrees attainable also without a maximized group or fully-leveled heroes. Build her with SPD, HP, and also Hit.

Mikhael– 5-Star Hero

mikhael calibria crystal guardians

Perfect for farming groups, however additionally the suitable Leader Hero for when you intend to enter as several abilities and also hits in as feasible prior to your opponent also as an opportunity to respond, Mikhael substantially ups the efficiency of any type of group he gets on many thanks to the 33% SPD aficionado when he’s the leader. Build him with SPD, CrDmg, and also HP.

Selene– 5-Star Hero

selene calibria crystal guardians

One of the most effective therapists with a wonderful Revive capacity, Selene is the utmost defensive aid hero with large capabilities tailored in the direction of maintaining the group to life. Build her with SPD and also HP.

Succubus– 5-Star Hero

succubus calibria crystal guardians

With ATK Up for the group and also DEF down for the opponent that lasts 3 turns, the Succubus makes the hardest degrees a little unimportant, especially when she’s constructed efficiently. Build her with SPD, HP, and also Hit.

A-Tier Heroes

S-Tier Heroes might remain in an organization of their very own, however because of their family member rarity and also high upgrade contour, the majority of gamers will certainly have structures composed of A-Tier Heroes Excelling in their corresponding duties of Attack, Defense, and also Assist, A-Tier Heroes are a few of one of the most effective Heroes in the video game, and also with sufficient time and also source financial investment, they can bring gamers with one of the most challenging material effortlessly.

A-Tier Attack Heroes

Angel of Death– 4-Star Hero

angel of death calibria crystal guardians

If you do not have accessibility to the fabulous Lich King, after that the Angel of Death will certainly attend your farming demands. One of one of the most preferred AoE farming Heroes, the Angel of Death is a wonderful farming alternative for more recent gamers. Build her with ATK, CrDmg, and also ATI.

Archmage– 5-Star Hero

archmage calibria crystal guardians

The Archmage’s one-of-a-kind Reflect capacity makes him among the most effective counter Heroes to take right into nearly any type of video game setting. Build him with SPD, CrDmg, and also ATI, and also take him to the Arena to see if you can transform various other gamers’ most effective capabilities versus them.

Enchantress– 5-Star Hero

enchantress calibria crystal guardians

Enchantress has a few of the greatest base statistics in the video game and also paired with her solid power decrease capabilities, she can transform also one of the most well-balanced opponent group structures right into livestock for her allies to have fun with. The power decrease does not operate in some video game settings like Lair or Catacombs, however she’s still a top-tier choice in every various other video game setting. Build her with SPD, CrDmg, and also ATI.

Mountain King– 5-Star Hero

mountain king calibria crystal guardians

With his capabilities, the Mountain King can giving out solid ruptured damages or biking his resort to provide him added energy on the area. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and also ATI.

A-Tier Tank And Defense Heroes

Dragoon– 5-Star Hero

dragoon calibria crystal guardians

An effective Hero in his very own right, the Dragoon really beams in battle experiences where he can generally disable an opponent’s utmost capabilities. Most beneficial in employer degrees and also in the PvP Arena, the Dragoon is a qualified competitor that can Dispel debuffs and also make also one of the most effective adversaries pointless. Build him with DEF and also HP.

Popo– 5-Star Hero

pop calibria crystal guardians

When it pertains to harm gradually capabilities, Popo isKing With his capabilities focusing on harmful quantities of Bleed, Popo is ideal made use of in the Arena where his damages capacity is amazing. Build him with a mix of SPD, DEF, and also HP.

A-Tier Assist Heroes

Athena– 5-Star Hero

athena calibria crystal guardians

With an effective capacity to reduced group cooldowns, in addition to the capacity to regulate her allies to cast their first-tier capabilities at one time, Athena is an effective contender and also assistance hero. Build her with SPD and also HP.

Druid– 4-Star Hero

druid calibria crystal guardians

While various other heroes are “all-around”, the Druid is ideal called simply having a lot of one type of energy– protection. With DEF Up, Cleanse, Heal, Dispel, and also Energy gain, the Druid masters celebrations with great deals of DEF Heroes that are made significantly extra sturdy many thanks to his set. Build him with SPD and also HP.

Una– 4-Star Hero

una calibria crystal guardians

With outstanding group aficionados all over, Una is an outstanding starter option for raising the efficiency of your whole event. Build her with SPD and also HP.

Windwalker– 3-Star Hero

windwalker calibria crystal guardians

One of minority 3-Star heroes to make it to this checklist, Windwalker has the one-of-a-kind capacity to provide added resort to your ideal heroes. Essential for the majority of farming builds, set Windwalker up with heroes like Lich King, Spider Queen, or Angel of Death to speed-farm degrees inCalibria Build her with SPD and also HP.

B-Tier Heroes

Although statistically on-par with A-Tier Heroes in regards to raw numbers and also power degrees, B-Tier Heroes locate themselves beats as a result of their situational nature. Although, theoretically, they might equate to and even outshine various other Heroes, the scenarios in which they attain this efficiency are uncommon and also conveniently responded to. Still, in the best structures, these B-Tier Heroes are still totally efficient in pressing with the video game’s most challenging degrees. However, unless these Heroes suit one-of-a-kind methods for your group structure, we suggest spending your sources in the direction of A-Tier Heroes rather.

B-Tier Attack Heroes

Boxer Mui– 3-Star Hero

boxer mui calibria crystal guardians

Tanky sufficient for also one of the most difficult material, Boxer Mui’s capabilities make her an outstanding option for boss-fights and also experiences with effective adversaries. Use her ATK Down and also DEF Down capabilities to make adversaries at risk, and also tidy up with the remainder of your group. Build her with SPD and also HP.

Flame Spirit– 4-Star Hero

flame spirit calibria crystal guardians

Although not as innately effective as various other strike heroes on this checklist, the Flame Spirit, when made use of properly, can go beyond also S-Tier heroes. In unoptimized group structures, the Flame Spirit underperforms. However, in the best group, Flame Spirit can control PvE and also theArena Try constructing a group made up of Windwalker, Una, a Tank/Healer, and also 2 Flame Spirits to see this hero’s complete capacity. Build her with ATK, CrDmg, and also ATI.

Holy Swordsman– 4-Star Hero

holy swordsman calibria crystal guardians

Holy S.Man is a reliable B-Tier Attack Hero under the best conditions however is generally topped by various other, extra flexible heroes. Holy Swordsman beams versus high-DEF heroes and also is perhaps the most effective counter to adversaries piling protection. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and also ATI.

Lumi– 4-Star Hero

lumi calibria crystal guardians

With an opportunity to proc Freeze, Lumi might have been A-Tier many thanks to her statistics and also capabilities. However, because of the family member unreliability of her Freeze debuff, we consider her a B-Tier Attack hero with specific niche abilities. Build her with SPD, ATK, and also HP.

B-Tier Tank And Defense Heroes

Abyss Lord– 5-Star Hero

abyss lord calibria crystal guardians

While normally not a suitable choice as Defense hero, the Abyss Lord is remarkably reliable at managing opponent Dragoons in the PvPArena In PvE, Abyss Lord bargains modest damages and also has solid sufficient survivability to make him sensible, however he’s extensively considered the most effective means to handle pesky Dragoons in theArena Build him with SPD, DEF, and also HP.

Arthur– 4-Star Hero

arthur calibria crystal guardians

Arthur’s outstanding statistics make him the excellent option for regulating the battleground in your support. With capabilities that proc Taunt, ATK Down, and also DEF Down, Arthur would certainly be a wonderful option if he had not been topped by various other DEF Heroes higher on this checklist. In any type of instance, Arthur is especially reliable in the Lair video game setting. Build him with SPD and also HP.

Pharaoh– 4-Star Hero

pharaoh calibria crystal guardians

A really all-around Tank, Pharaoh does not master any type of certain scenario and also has typical statistics and also capabilities. However, he still sees great deals of usage in nearly any type of video game setting many thanks to hisShield If you require a little added survivability, bringing Pharaoh onto your group might attain specifically that. Build him with complete HP runes.

B-Tier Assist Heroes

Holy Cleric– 3-Star Hero

holy cleric calibria crystal guardians

You obtain this Hero at the beginning of the video game, and also for brand-new gamers, she makes outstanding assistance. Due to her rarity degree (3-stars) she’s quite very easy and also simple to update, and also her energy can take gamers completely with to mid-game. You’ll be maintaining Holy Cleric for some time, however do not hesitate to change her when you have more powerful Heroes readily available to fit her duty. Build her with SPD, HP, and also Hit.

Necromancer– 5-Star Hero

necromancer calibria crystal guardians

The Necromancer is a help hero that’s a wonderful option for novices. He executes quite well in the majority of video game settings, and also although his damages outcome isn’t something to slap around, he’s a fairly secure alternative that offers gamers stable progression. Build him with SPD, ATK, and also HP.

Whisp– 4-Star Hero

whisp calibria crystal guardians

With her extremely flexible capacity set, Whisp is a beneficial hero to purchase. With modest damages capabilities, and also the ability to recover, guard, increase, and also eliminate debuffs on her allies, Whisp matches any type of group structure. Build her with SPD and also HP.

C-Tier Heroes

These C-Tier Heroes, while practically still effective as higher-rarity Heroes, are merely topped by various other Heroes in their rarity-level, making them not the excellent option for committing useful products and also sources to update. However, they’re still 4-5 Star Heroes, so they’re still effective in their very own right and also will certainly probably execute far better than lower-rarity alternatives. With sufficient financial investment and also appropriate harmonies, C-Tier Heroes are greater than efficient in surpassing also one of the most difficult degrees.

C-Tier Attack Heroes

Fallen Angel– 5-Star Hero

fallen angel calibria crystal guardians

We dream Fallen Angel was a little superordinate on thisTier List He’s not always weak, however his capabilities are most definitely situational. He’s S-Tier when it pertains to Levi 10, however the majority of gamers will certainly locate that he significantly underperforms in nearly every various other video game setting, conserve perhaps for Arena where he’s just fine. For Levi 10, construct him with SPD, CrDmg, and also HP, however if you demand taking him right into various other video game settings, make certain you concentrate your group structure on SPD which he takes advantage of considerably.

Vampire– 4-Star Hero

vampire calibria crystal guardians

Powerful in some scenarios, and also almost pointless in others, the Vampire is most definitely a particular niche choice and also executes in different ways relying on your group in addition to your opponent’s. Build him with SPD, ATK, and also HP.

C-Tier Tank And Defense Heroes

Destruction Idol– 5-Star Hero

destruction idol calibria crystal guardians

Take him right into top-level PvE and also you’ll observe that Destruction Idol isn’t almost comparable to the various other storage tanks in the video game. However, in PvP, Destruction Idol is just one of one of the most challenging heroes to handle. Used by a great deal of gamers to climb up the leaderboard and also preserve their ranking, a durable Destruction Idol is god-tier. However, if you do not intend on playing PvP, there’s no factor to pick him over the various other storage tanks pointed out in this checklist. Build him with complete HP runes.

Iron Heart– 5-Star Hero

iron heart calibria crystal guardians

This situational storage tank masters the Arena and also Lair video game settings however chokes up anywhere else. If you’re battling to surpass the burrow or desire a benefit in PvP, a reliable Iron Heart can obtain you there. Build him with complete DEF runes and also see the distinction.

C-Tier Assist Heroes

Cupid– 3-Star Hero

cupid calibria crystal guardians

For a 3-Star Hero, Cupid can ludicrous heals that can bring a celebration back from the verge of fatality. However, with the extremely high cooldown on his most beneficial capacity, it’s frequently extra functional to select heroes that have extra dependable heals. Build him with SPD and also HP.

If you have any type of remarks or recommendations concerning our Calibria: Crystal Guardians tier checklist, we would certainly like to check out your concepts, so leave a message in the remark area listed below! Your favored Hero not provided? Tell us why you assume he should have to be consisted of in the checklist and also we’ll make it take place.

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