Calibria: Crystal Guardians Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Achieve Glory

Calibria: Crystal Guardians is the latest RPG from Mars Game Hong Kong, established for iphone as well as Android systems. An amazing as well as one-of-a-kind enhancement to the crossbreed card-based RPGs for mobile, Calibria: Crystal Guardians supplies lots of brand-new gameplay components as well as presents over 200+ heroes throughout several intrigues. Level up your heroes as well as create reliable groups as you come to blows versus devils as well as secure the Calibria Crystal, an icon of hope as well as spiritual power to your individuals.

In Calibria: Crystal Guardians, gamers can offer command to thousands of heroes, each with their very own one-of-a-kind capabilities as well as qualities. These heroes likewise synergize with each other to create one-of-a-kind mixes as well as execute varied approaches as well as techniques. With a gamer base having actually simply damaged over 100,000+ individuals, the race is on to accumulate as well as pick the most effective as well as most effective heroes, to press ahead the story-driven project along with take on gamers all over the world to see that stands highest in the video game’s placedArena With a lot competitors as well as essentially thousands of heroes to accumulate as well as update, we developed a comprehensive Calibria: Crystal Guardians newbie’s overview, consisting of pointers, cheats as well as approaches, to aid gamers start in this amazing brand-new RPG. So without additional trouble, allow’s look into our Calibria: Crystal Guardians newbie’s overview!

1. Focus On Character Progression

Calibria: Crystal Guardians motivates gamers to proceed via the globe as well as unlock a growing number of things as they as well as their heroes obtain more powerful. While most RPGs urge the contrary– others desire gamers to enjoy the various experiences throughout the progressing procedure– Calibria desires its gamers to obtain as solid as they can as quick as they can, so they can reach the most effective incentives as well as unlock every one of the video game’s material.

calibria crystal guardians character progression

Character development in Calibria entails leveling up heroes to obtain even more power, which will certainly after that enable gamers to proceed via the video game’s globe as well as overarching tale. Progression likewise entails searching for as well as furnishing a lot more effective equipment as well as runes, along with investing Calianite (the in-game money) to boost devices along with heroes. For the fastest means to level up as well as obtain more powerful in the video game, comply with these pointers as well as methods:

Finish Your Starter Perks

Starter Perks are Calibria’s guide objectives. While they remain in the video game to present gamers to numerous video game technicians, attributes, as well as choices, the Starter Perks likewise award gamers handsomely for their effort and time. Even for doing one of the most fundamental jobs– like opening up specific food selections, browsing attributes, or doing points you would generally be doing anyhow like leveling up heroes as well as fighting beasts– the Starter Perks benefit gamers with Gems (superior money), experience, power, therefore a lot more.

calibria crystal guardians starter perks

If you’re simply beginning, doing all the Starter Perks is a fast means to offer on your own a respectable increase in the direction of higher-level play. Make certain you end up every one of them as quick as you can so you can be qualified for the Super Pack benefit, which is increased if you end up within the moment obstacle. The timer begins when you initially begin playing the video game, so best of luck as well as godspeed.

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Follow Your Growth Plan

Since development as well as personality development is such a large bargain in Calibria: Crystal Guardians, the devs placed in well-balanced as well as brilliantly-implemented video game system for satisfying gamers for their time as well as dedication.

calibria crystal guardians growth plan

The Growth Plan in Calibria functions likewise to a Battle Pass in a lot of video games, other than it’s totally complimentary without “Premium Track” that places a paywall in between you as well as your loot. The Growth Plan just details specific jobs for you to do, like missions– Collect 5 Runes, Reach Level 5, Upgrade a Hero to Level 10, and so on– and after that provides you incentives for achieving them. These incentives are absolutely a lot more than what straightforward fight can provide.

The Growth Plan is almost infinite as well as will certainly remain to supply gamers with jobs as well as objectives, along with ever-increasing incentives. Every time you end up a collection of jobs in your Growth Plan (described as a round), you’ll promptly be offered a brand-new collection of jobs which are harder, yet frequently a lot more satisfying.

How To Level Up Fast

how to level up fast in calibria crystal guardians

Apart from the Starter Perks as well as the tiered incentives you receive from your Growth Plan, there are likewise a number of widely-known (as well as some not-so-widely-known) methods to leveling up quicker. If you wish to obtain your personalities as much right into the video game as feasible as well as in as little time, after that take a look at these pointers:

Use Your EXP Cats

EXP Cats are pseudo-heroes that can you give up to offer your real heroes a large quantity of experience, permitting you to level them up in virtually extreme amounts. Gained as an incentive for a handful of missions, as well as occasionally (although hardly ever) as a decrease from fight, EXP Cats, if you have sufficient of them, are the de facto fastest means to level up, bar none. However, considering their rarity, EXP Cats frequently offer just as an increase to aid personalities obtain within correct battling capacity, as well as will hardly ever be made use of to max out a new hero.

Pop Your EXP Booster

calibria crystal guardians exp booster

Gained as an incentive from a selection of missions as well as success, EXP Boosters are things that boost your experience obtained from numerous resources. If you wish to level up your heroes quick yet do it in the conventional means– fighting beasts as well as doing missions– after that the EXP Booster will certainly aid you arrive with much much less initiative as well as time financial investment.

Run The Quick Level Quest

A preferred choice for brand-new gamers that are simply beginning yet wish to obtain their preferred hero solid sufficient to lead the remainder of his celebration, the Quick Level Quest is absolutely the means to go. To try the pursuit, just enter into the Quest (readily available from the Main Menu), after that pick the Fight tab, as well as select the Quick Level pursuit.

Not just does the pursuit offer heroes a large quantity of experience, yet it likewise compensates gamers with effective equipment as well as an EXP Booster to aid them along in the direction of higher-level play.

Pair A High-Level Farmer With Low-Level Heroes

This might be a little innovative for more recent gamers to carry out, yet if you’re currently well right into the video game as well as simply wish to level various other heroes a lot more effectively, after that this method will certainly work.

Most gamers position top-level farmer heroes in teams with low-level ones, and after that take the celebration to fight where the farmer hero does all the job as well as the experience is divided amongst the celebration. Farmer heroes can consist of any person with great deals of area-of-effect DPS abilities, yet if you have them, we suggest the Lich King, the Spider Queen, as well as the Angel of Death.

Get Free Pack Codes

calibria crystal guardians free pack codes

Of program, among the fastest methods to level up is to get to the video game’s rarest as well as most effective heroes. While this component is primarily RNG, you can enhance your probabilities of obtaining excellent heroes by benefiting from complimentary pack codes which are normally readily available from the Calibria programmer’s social media sites web pages like on Facebook.

2. Battle Strategies

Now that you understand exactly how to acquire toughness as well as obtain power in Calibria: Crystal Guardians, it’s time to present you to the video game’s technicians as well as approaches. Despite being greatly farming-oriented (getting experience, getting equipment), the video game isn’t everything about larger numbers. With its turn-based fight, its variety of abilities, as well as various hero/faction harmonies, also a low-level celebration can handle frustrating probabilities if they play their cards right.

calibria crystal guardians battle strategies

Although method as well as techniques are hardly ever required in lower-level material, they are definitely crucial once you reach greater degrees, especially in the player-versus-playerArena If you’re battling ahead up with a fight strategy, or desire a side over the leaderboard competitors, right here are a couple of approaches as well as methods to aid obtain you began:

Mix And Match Hero Types

There are 4 major Hero enters Calibria:Crystal Guardians These are the Attack heroes, Defense heroes, Assist heroes, as well as Tank heroes. True to their names, Attack heroes are concentrated on dealing high quantities of damages as well as are generally appropriate for offending functions. Defense heroes are equipped with statistics as well as abilities to supply the celebration with protective enthusiasts as well as capabilities. Assist- kind heroes concentrate on maintaining the celebration active as well as reliable with a selection of recovery impacts as well as enthusiasts, along with maintain opponents weak as well as at risk. Tank heroes are created to take large quantities of damages, giving up offending capacity for crowd-control impacts.

calibria crystal guardians hero types

If you wish to do well in Calibria: Crystal Guardians, its vital to blend as well as match hero kinds to develop a well-shaped celebration. A team being composed totally of Attack heroes will not prosper when up versus storage tanks as well as therapists. Conversely, a team of Defense heroes could not have the ability to result sufficient violation to end up the adversary off prior to their very own defenses go out. Make use numerous hero kinds as well as integrate them with various other kinds to create a celebration that works as well as effective.

Choose The Right Captain

calibria crystal guardians captain

Heroes in Calibria: Crystal Guardians included their very own one-of-a-kind collection of abilities as well as capabilities, yet in addition to that, each of them likewise radiates when taken into the function of leader, orCaptain Apart from exactly how they carry out in fight, Heroes likewise impact others around them when they take the lead of the celebration. Some heroes might inspire allies with boosted health and wellness or rate, while others might supply the celebration with a protective increase.

Take right into account what makes your celebration solid, as well as what it is weak versus, as well as select the most effective Captain to highlight those toughness as well as get rid of those weak points.

Pick The Best Skills For Your Heroes

calibria crystal guardians skill tree

The heroes of Calibria might have accessibility to a wide range of abilities, yet gamers can just select to outfit a handful of these capabilities right into fight. Depending on what your celebration requires, make certain to pick the abilities that make your celebration a lot more reliable en masse. If you discover your heroes constantly passing away to adversary AoE assaults, possibly you can exchange out among your heroes’ offending capabilities for one that offers a team-wide protective aficionado.

On the various other hand, if your celebration has lots of damages currently making some heroes not extremely reliable, possibly you can exchange out their abilities to be a lot more Utility- concentrated rather.

Max Out Your Best Heroes First

In Calibria: Crystal Guardians, not all heroes are made equivalent. Apart from their Hero Type, heroes in the video game are categorized according to rarity, as represented by the variety of celebrities in their personality information web page. The support of your celebrations, specifically at reduced degrees, could be composed primarily of 3-star heroes, yet at greater degrees of play, 4-star as well as 5-star heroes control the having fun area with their innately greater statistics as well as usually a lot more effective abilities as well as capabilities.

how to max out heroes in calibria crystal guardians

That stated, also amongst heroes of the very same star-level, there are those that beam as well as there are those that are outperformed as well as outplayed. Check out this rate listing (upgraded Feb 28, 2020) for a few of one of the most effective heroes to obtain your hands on.

3. Hero Tier List


S-Tier A 5-Star Assist Hero, Selene is probably among the most effective therapists in the video game. Having Selene in your celebration has actually been confirmed to be the distinction in between success as well as loss in a great deal of situations, as she beats virtually any kind of various other therapist in the video game.

Elven Queen

calibria crystal guardians elven queen

S-Tier Another 5-Star Assist Hero, the Elven Queen is a versatile hero that masters virtually every function. She has superb offending capacities, the ability to secure as well as secure allies, as well as also has recovery capabilities that can match that ofSelene As a Captain, the Elven Queen likewise enhances the resistance of the whole celebration.


A-Tier A 4-Star Assist Hero, the Druid is very flexible as well as versatile. With the power to deal damages, dispell adversary enthusiasts, as well as slow-moving opponents, as well as boost the rate of his allies (when Captain), the Druid is a prominent choice that has actually assisted several gamers via the a lot more tough degrees of Calibria.


A-Tier Una, as gamers might called the elven woman that reveals gamers the trap the in-game tutorial, is a 4-star Assist Hero that sees lots of usage in top-level play many thanks to her one-of-a-kind capacity to avoid adversary recovery for a while. Una can likewise dispell enthusiasts from opponents, making her among the most effective heroes to make use of versus a Healing/Buff concentrated adversary,


A-Tier A 5-Star Attack Hero, the Dragoon is a terrifying fighter efficient in outputting large quantities of damages while remaining healthy and balanced as well as active with his normally high defenses. The Dragoon is likewise efficient in resolving magic as well as sensational opponents, providing him improved energy as well as effectiveness in any kind of function.


A-Tier Despite being just a 3-Star Hero, the Windwalker is an essential Assist Hero, specifically for gamers that wish to ranch material. While reasonably powered in regards to violation as well as protection, the Windwalker radiates with its one-of-a-kind capacity to recover as well as recuperate power for allies, permitting them to survive longer as well as utilize their capabilities regularly.


A-Tier A 5-Star Attack Hero, the Archmage can dispensing a few of the greatest damages numbers in the video game. He likewise has accessibility to lots of location of result assaults, consisting of Freeze which is just one of minority abilities in-game that can disable adversary celebrations completely.

4. Choose The Right Runes

Runes are Calibria’s variation of equipment as well as devices. Instead of furnishing your personality with tools as well as shield (they currently have that, clearly), you boost their capacities by outfitting them with enchanting runes that supply numerous enchanting impacts. These runes enhance personality statistics, as well as when incorporated effectively, can approve effective collection incentives also.

calibria crystal guardians runes

Using runes, gamers can enhance hero stats such as health and wellness, power, protection, and so on Make certain to select the appropriate runes for the appropriate heroes relying on the function they play in your celebration. Tanks as well as Defensive heroes will certainly require a lot more health and wellness as well as defenses, while your offensive Attack heroes could make far better use rate as well as strike than boosted survivability.

5. Master The Faction Mechanic

calibria crystal guardians faction mechanic

With Calibria’s Factions technician entering dip into mid- to top-level material, gameplay ends up being much deeper as well as intricacy boosted, yet in a great way. All of the heroes in the video game come from a particular intrigue, as well as each of these intrigues connects with others in various methods. Simply, intrigue incentives as well as downsides are computed listed below:

Lawful Faction

Signified by the shade Green, Lawful Heroes get a benefit when battling versus Evil, as well as a downside when battling versus the Chaotic.

Chaotic Faction

Depicted in the shade Yellow (or Orange), Chaotic Heroes get a benefit when battling versus the Lawful, as well as a downside when battling versus Evil.

Evil Faction

Represented by the shade Magenta, Evil Heroes get a benefit when battling versus the Chaotic, as well as a downside when battling versus the Lawful.

Light as well as Dark Factions

Of contrary suitables as well as ideas, the heroes of Light as well as the heroes of Dark both get a benefit when battling versus the various other.

There you have it! This finishes our newbie’s overview for Calibria:Crystal Guardians In instance you have actually uncovered various other pointers or approaches, that we have not consisted of in this overview, do not hesitate to allow us understand by leaving a message in the remark location!

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