Brown Dust Tier List: Best Mercenaries in the Game

Neowiz, the programmer behind a variety of prominent mobile video games has actually produced an amazing brand-new RPG filled with methods. Brown Dust is a hero enthusiast sort of video game with a wide array of hirelings to gather.

With a wide array of hirelings to gather and also have fun with, you’ll normally have a wide array of methods to experiment with. Yes, Neowiz was additionally good sufficient to consist of a number of video game settings and also upgrades to have fun with as well! This video game can rather quickly use up your whole day with every one of its attributes. However, the trouble still continues to be with a hero enthusiast sort of video game. That would certainly be which heroes to go for as high as feasible? Our Brown Dust hirelings (mercs) overview, showcases a rate listing of the most effective personalities that you ought to intend to gather and also have fun with in the video game.

Notes: These are suggested mercs for each and every course that includes Legendary mercs. How you acquire hirelings depends on you. The positioning of your mercs is what makes a big distinction.

So without more trouble, we offer you the listing of the most effective hirelings you can enter Brown Dust!

1. Warrior Mercenaries


The concept for Taylor in Brown Dust is to have a Warrior merc that can quit challengers and also can strike numerous targets rather hard. Mixed with a great Fatal Rune or 2, Taylor can truly bring the damage to as much as 5 targets. The trouble is that lots of challengers can quickly come to be unsusceptible toFreeze The various other drawback is that she’ll be impacted by Stats Weakening up until you awaken her.


brown dust valze

Valze is amongst the most effective of Legendary Warriors inBrown Dust Despite the wit in her summary, this is a warrior you ‘d truly desire for abusing the backside of your challenger’s group. That’s regardless of where the back line occurs to be. She’ll increase her very own crit price, eliminates aficionados, and also neglectDamage Reduction It’s that tail end which is available in convenient on backside targets which is where a great deal of challengers will certainly have it. Death Guard is horrible good to have as well!

The trouble is that you need to awaken her to obtain theDeath Guard The various other trouble is that you’ll need to crank up some Assault Runes as well for her.


Barbara is available in convenient for abusing the row she’s positioned in. She additionally deteriorates adversaries, eliminates their capability to recover, and also can recover herself while increasing her protection. It’s that self-healing which helps in reducing the demand for a Support merc for recovery. It’s that mix of self-healing, protection increase, and also decreasing her target’s assault that makes her survival price rather high. The trouble is that you need to awaken her to obtain the self-healing and also the protection increase. Her 3rd ability isn’t constantly a terrific concept due to the fact that it relies upon the challengers to have the Reflective Counter ability.

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Xenon is just one of the hardest Warriors inBrown Dust His very own assault will certainly recover him (vamp result) and after that position a Bleed result on the target. If an adversary strikes Xenon, they’ll appreciate a damages decrease and also recover Xenon at the exact same time! The method to the recovery from being harmed is that it’s not based upon the adversaries’ damages which is being minimized when it strikes Xenon and also lasts 12 turns (1 time application for 12 turns). So the target hits Xenon for much less damages and also heals Xenon for the exact same quantity! The trouble is that the Bleed and also the Weakening can be gotten rid of rather quickly. That and also the very first hit from an adversary merc will certainly go to their complete damages.


Yuri is additionally a significant opponent which can strike numerous targets. The enjoyable component is that she enhances her very own damages, eliminates Stat Enhancements from targets, disregards Reflective Counter, and also can stun the targets she strikes. The brief variation is that she’s efficient messing them up and also cleaning them out! The trouble is that you’ll need to awaken her to neglect Reflective Counter so she will not promptly obtain countered. That and also opponent mercs can be unsusceptible to Stun and also Enhancement Nullifier.

2. Defender Mercenaries


brown dust lucius

Lucius is virtually the hardest Defender merc inBrown Dust Even if your challenger in some way eliminates him off, he’ll reanimate! Then once more, assaulting Lucius heals him and also he recovers himself.

With his consisted of Death Guard, he can be a calamity that wishes to occur for your challengers. The trouble is that you’ll need to lots Lucius greatly with Vital Runes to increase his HP as high as you can obtain it. You’ll additionally need to obtain him to +3 and also awaken him to be able to totally utilize him.


Iris is rather great to utilize and also an awful method for your challengers at the exact same time! First she’ll tease opponent mercs so they will certainly strike her. Once they struck her, they come to be charmed so they either struck their allies or themselves! Iris has a Barrier to help in reducing the hammering she might possibly wind up with. The trouble is that she’ll constantly need to take at the very least 1 hit from each opponent for her results to start. To aid maintain adversaries assaulting her, you’ll need to obtain her to +6. She’ll additionally require extremely solid Vital and also Shield Runes.


Antonio has a superb survival price with his self-healing and also damages decrease ability. Then any type of opponent mercs that assault him additionally recover him! At 40% of Antonio’s max HP, that’s a great deal of recovery he obtains per hit he takes. If you awaken him, he’ll additionally come to be unsusceptible to debuffs. The trouble with Antonio is that he makes allies assault details targets. This might hinder their normal strikes. You’ll additionally require to construct him up with solidVital Runes If adversaries are not assaulting him initially (backside targets) it’ll take a while prior to his abilities can start.


Cecelia can be a terrific Defender to have inBrown Dust Her primary method is to minimize opponent merc damages to 1 floor tile. This indicates that all the challengers that assault her, consisting of indirectly, can just strike 1 target as opposed to every one of them. For instance, Catherine can strike lots of targets with her strikes. If among those targets occurs to be Cecelia, Catherine can just strike 1 target regardless of that it is. To make issue even worse for your challengers, Cecelia additionally has self-healing, damages decrease, and alsoCurse The trouble is that you’ll require to obtain her to +3, awaken her, and also obtain her solid Vital Runes.


Aaron is one unpleasant Defender to carry your side! He’ll begin with his Taunt ability that makes opponent mercs continuously assault him. When they do assault him, they’ll get a few of their damages back to themselves! At the exact same time, their strikes recover him! Even if he does not obtain continuously struck, he still has self-healing. What makes Aaron stick out is his high crit price. The trouble is that you’ll need to obtain a blend of Vital and alsoRage Runes You’ll additionally need to awaken him to obtain his crit price up high.

3. Magician Mercenaries


brown dust catherine

You’ll certainly desire a bombing plane with a great deal of AoE inBrown Dust Catherine so occurs to be a truly terrific selection! When she strikes, she’ll do so with objective and also 6 times in one go. She’ll additionally increase the targets’ inbound damages so anything else that strikes them will certainly strike harder.

Then she’ll leave the fantastic existing of shedding adversaries for you! The trouble is that you’ll need to obtain her to +6 and also awakened her to have her complete assault ability. You’ll additionally need to crank her up with Vital and also Assault Runes.


Aie needs to be just one of the craziest Magicians in Brown Dust! The following point you recognize, numerous opponent mercs are all apes! This is not just enjoyable to see, it additionally raises the damages your challengers get. She’s additionally unsusceptible to debuffs and also offers a wonderful dosage of Curse to anything that strikes her!

The trouble is that you’ll need to obtain her to at the very least +3 and also awaken her to obtain her complete possibility. She’ll additionally require a solid Vital Rune due to the fact that her HP isn’t so high. Her Attack stat is excellent yet you’ll desire it a whole lot greater in situation the ape condition in some way obtains gotten rid of from the targets.


brown dust celia

Celia is not just the Legendary Magician in this listing; she’s additionally a really debilitating Magician! She can paralyze the whole opponent group in a solitary assault. First she’ll Curse all opponent mercs, after that she’ll make them incapable to get recovery, and also last but not least she’ll Silence them all. The enjoyable component is that she’s additionally unsusceptible to Attack Interference so adversaries can truly quit her.

The trouble is that because this is a Magician merc, all adversaries would certainly have currently had the possibility to assault at the very least as soon as. The larger trouble is the resistances offered to all mercs which might make Celia’s abilities as pointless.


Edwin can be one ruthless Magician to utilize on your Brown Dust challengers! Edwin is not just self-healing, he gets even more recovery when Puppet Show is gotten rid of or when the targets pass away. It’ll be enjoyable to see your challengers eliminate themselves as a result of Puppet Show’s results! Anything that strikes Edwin obtains a wonderful dosage of Curse! Anything that obtains struck by Edwin will not have the ability to get recovery. Don’ t fail to remember Edwin’s damages decrease result as well! The trouble is that you’ll need to obtain him solidVital Runes You’ll additionally need to awaken him so when he strikes, he can use Healing Prohibition.


Lorang is terrific at assaulting and also debilitating challengers. He has actually a great sized AoE with Freeze for anything he strikes and also anything that strikes him. Once he strikes, he’ll additionally leave the opponent mercs incapable to get recovery. In enhancing his Attack and also Crit Rate statistics, Lorang can absolutely strike a bunch! The trouble is attempting to obtain solid Assault and alsoFatal Runes Immunities for your challenger’s group will absolutely quit Lorang’s debilitating results.

4. Supporter Mercenaries


brown dust beliath

Beliath is one convenient Supporter inBrown Dust The concept is to maintain your group of mercs going as high as feasible. This begins with Beliath’s debuff resistance and also proceeds with her self-healing from opponent merc typical strikes. The crit price and also crit damages increases are absolutely good. However, her actual worth remains in her Resurrection ability.

Any ally within her AoE obtains reanimated upon fatality as a skeletal system. The skeletal systems are very little yet anything that strikes the skeletal systems will not like it! The trouble with Beliath is the positioning of your allies may not be consisted of in her AoE. This may tinker your group configuration through not using numerous options for merc positioning.


Themis is a great enhancement to your Brown Dust group. She’ll recover herself and also protect against Enhancement being gotten for anything that strikes her. She’ll additionally protect against Enhancement from being gotten rid of from your allies. Her Agility and also Crit Rate stat increases are constantly invited by mercs that can truly place it to excellent usage. The trouble is that you’ll need to obtain Themis to at the very least +3 and also stired up for her to be totally helpful. She’ll additionally require extremely solid Vital and also Shield Runes.


No, Brown Dust does not consist of teenaged witches! However, Sabrina does be available in convenient as a Supporter and also a lot more so throughoutWorld Boss Battle She can get rid of debuffs from allies and after that increase their Agility and also Crit Rate statistics. With her recovery solutions and also damages decrease for allies, she’s terrific to aid maintain your side active. Her AoE aids in not restricting merc positioning a lot so even more of your merc can be sustained. The trouble is that her recovery is identified by the optimum HP of each ally inside her AoE. This makes it tougher to establish which Runes to utilize past Vital.


Helena is a little an enjoyable Supporter inBrown Dust Her bottom line is to provide Charm Counter to allies that are inside her AoE. Once charmed, opponent mercs will certainly either strike their staff member or themselves! Of program, her Attack and also Crit Damage statistics increases for allies is available in convenient! Naturally, recovery solutions are constantly invited! The trouble is you need to obtain her to at the very least +3 and also stired up to totally utilizeHelena Her AoE can just conceal to 5 staff member. She will certainly require to have extremely solid Vital Runes furnished.


Stella is the Supporter of Brown Dust that can absolutely aid boost the survival price of your groups. First she’ll make them unsusceptible toStats Weakening Next she’ll increase allies Crit Rate stat. Last is the actual method toStella She offers alliesLifesteal Half of their assault will certainly recover them. That Lifesteal is serious in enduring 70 turns. The trouble is that you’ll need to obtain her to at the very least +3 and also stired up to totally utilize her. Her Crit Rate stat increase isn’t so high up until you +10 upgrade her. Her AoE makes merc positioning extremely restricted. She can just sustain as much as 4 mercs on your group.

This would certainly be our rate listing of the most effective hirelings inBrown Dust Do you concur with our choices? Let us recognize what you consider this listing and also if you have any type of various other recommendations for personalities that ought to be consisted of in this overview!

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