Brain Sharp Answers for All Levels

Brain Sharp is an amazing brand-new challenge video game on iphone and also Android systems, that might damage good sense and also bring you brand-new brain-pushing experience. The video game will certainly allow you unwind and also unwind to exercise your mind. Think of a solution that’s in some cases much more complex and also in some cases much more easy than what you may have anticipated.

But what regarding if you are a novice and also require some aid? Of training course, there might be times when playing this video game that you would not have the ability to progress on a particular degree. There might be some mind intros that you can not resolve, also if you rack your mind attempting to find up with the response.

If you obtain stuck, do not fret. You can constantly depend on our Brain Sharp solutions and also remedies. We have actually attempted to make this as extensive as feasible, so we have actually consisted of all the solutions in this write-up. But as we constantly alert you, you need to just describe the listing of solutions if you’re absolutely stuck and also not able to find up with the proper response!

Brain Sharp Level 1-10 Answers
Brain Sharp Level 11-20 Answers
Brain Sharp Level 21-30 Answers
Brain Sharp Level 31-40 Answers
Brain Sharp Level 41-50 Answers
Brain Sharp Level 51-60 Answers
Brain Sharp Level 61-70 Answers
Brain Sharp Level 71-80 Answers
Brain Sharp Level 81-90 Answers
Brain Sharp Level 91-100 Answers
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Brain Sharp Answers & & Solutions

Brain Sharp Level 1-10 Answers

brain sharp level 1 answerLevel 1: The watermelon is the most significant in the real world.

brain sharp level 2 answerLevel 2: Third line, thirteenth letter from the right.

brain sharp level 3 answerLevel 3: Count just the reindeer plus words reindeer in the inquiry: 9 is the response.

brain sharp level 4 answerLevel 4: The switch it’s directing at; faucet left.

brain sharp level 5 answerLevel 5: Drag the computer system image downwards to discover the button behind it and also transform it off.

brain sharp level 6 answerLevel 6: Drag all the fires on top of each various other to make the biggest one and also touch on it.

brain sharp level 7 answerLevel 7: Drag the sleigh to see the number; 9 is the response.

brain sharp level 8 answerLevel 8: Give 100 marks to allow you take place.

brain sharp level 9 answerLevel 9: Use 2 fingers, one for each and every side of the pinhead to raise the weight up right into the framework.

brain sharp level 10 answerLevel 10: The darkest colour is the black in the inquiry; faucet on it.

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