BitLife Valentine’s Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Valentine’s Challenge

For greater than a year currently, Candywriter has actually been offering BitLife gamers something to expect on Saturday mid-days et cetera of the weekend break– in addition to the very first couple of days of the brand-new week. These are the regular difficulties, which need you to develop a brand-new personality and also have them live their lives based upon a particular style. In current weeks, we have actually seen difficulties influenced by the Twilight legend, Finding Nemo, and also The Great Gatsby, and also today, it’s never shocking that the obstacle has something to do with Valentine’s Day.

bitlife valentine's challenge requirements

After all those weeks in which Candywriter launched pop culture-flavored difficulties, they have actually mosted likely to the a lot more basic with this one, though it’s however topical offered the timing of the launch. The Valentine’s Challenge occurs to be an instead simple one to finish, though as you’ll discover, it can spend some time for you to fulfill among the demands. But we can still conserve you a long time in finishing the Valentine’s Challenge, which’s what we will be talking about in this week’s BitLife mini-strategy overview, which covers every one of the obstacle’s 5 demands and also reveals you just how to finish them with as little rework as feasible.

The First Two Requirements– Save The Shady Stuff For Your Teenage Years

When developing a personality for BitLife’s Valentine’s Challenge, there’s no sex or stat demand that you require to remember– you can develop a man or women personality and also you do not actually require to re-roll your personality to guarantee your statistics go to a particular degree. You may, nevertheless, develop a personality with a minimum of suitable Looks, as this will certainly make it much easier for you to discover the numerous companions you’ll require to have in order to finish the obstacle’s demands.

Being that you can tease with schoolmates by the time you get to the age of 8, we recommend you do this back then to obtain prepared for your very first sweetheart or guy. You can begin dating by the time you get to the age of 10, though it does not need to be that early, as practically, you can just begin ripping off on a companion at the age of 16.

bitlife hook up

Flirting with various other schoolmates does NOT make up as unfaithful, however talking to a pal (which you can begin doing at 16) absolutely counts because of this. That stated, also if we suggest unfaithful as beforehand as feasible, there’s no particular age in which you require to rip off on your companion, equally as lengthy as you do a minimum of when.

On the various other hand, we recommend that you obtain involved to your guy or sweetheart asap– keeping that in mind, you can begin taking part-time work from the soonest time you can do so, which goes to the age of 14. That will certainly permit you to purchase an economical (around $5,000), non-fake ring by the time you prepare to recommend, which is the age of 16.

calling off engagement in bitlife

After your companion states of course, you can go on and also abort the interaction also previously striking the Age switch, therefore satisfying the “abort an interaction” demand actually fast. You can after that damage up with them so as to get the following demand off the beaten track.

The Sooner You’re Married, The Better

This does not simply describe just how among the Valentine’s Challenge’s demands is to wed somebody simply one year after fulfilling them. But given that we did state that, the secret right here is to purchase a 2nd interaction ring– a real, yet affordable one– or attempt your good luck suggesting without a ring at a realistically enchanting area.

bitlife emerald ring

You can either be functioning a part-time task in university or functioning your very first permanent task after secondary school, however regardless, you need to have no worry managing a 2nd ring in the $5,000 rate variety. Propose at an enchanting area (not always an uber-romantic one in this situation), and also when your companion states of course, pick the Courthouse or Church as the place for your wedding celebration, and also hand down the honeymoon to ensure that you can have as affordable a wedding event as feasible.

wedding planning in bitlife

In enhancement to obtaining every one of the above done no behind one year after fulfilling your fiancé or other half, it is additionally more effective that you obtain wed asap, indicating in your late teenagers or very early 20s. In most nations, the adultness for marital relationship is 18, and also given that we developed previously that you can recommend to somebody prior to you get to adultness, it is feasible to obtain this off the beaten track by the time you’re finished with secondary school. But why obtain wed so early? Read on for the last idea, and also we’ll inform you the factor.

Renewing Your Vows And Making Your Marriage Last 50 Years

Once you have actually gotten married with your companion, that’s when the simple, yet taxing component of the obstacle starts. You can in fact restore your promises any time after your marital relationship– you do not always require to wait a number of years– however it’s the last demand, where you require to make your marital relationship last 5 years, that can take a while to finish.

renewing wedding wovs in bitlife

That all stated, all you need to do right here is to remain faithful to your partner– no arbitrary connections and also no fooling around with pals or colleagues. Preferably, you’ll require to either have an automobile or a home, and also you will certainly additionally require to remain utilized– all this is required in order to avoid your partner from badgering you regarding these points and also impacting your Relationship bar.

But you do not always require a pricey auto or residence, and also you can take any type of type of task you want– equally as lengthy as it isn’t in the mob, as competing companies can arbitrarily eliminate your loved ones!

bitlife wife profile

As NPC Bitizens apparently have actually dealt with ages of fatality, there’s absolutely nothing you can do if your partner passes away prior to your 50th wedding celebration anniversary other than shot once again with a brand-new personality or make use of the Time Machine (at $1 per usage) so you can discover a various companion to settle with. But in many cases, NPCs can have rather long life expectancies, so there’s an excellent possibility you and also your in-game partner will certainly commemorate half a century as a couple. And when you do, the exact same procedure makes an application for asserting your reward– pick a reward breast out of the 4 to open a brand-new device, might it be a hat or an item of eyeglasses!


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