BitLife Supercentenarian Challenge Guide: How to Live to the Age of 120 and also Complete the Supercentenarian Challenge

If you have actually been paying attention to the most recent BitLife task on social networks, you must understand that the Code Merge must be coming quickly– however the Inbred Update will not, since that was an April fools’ joke. But what isn’t an April fools’ joke is just how Candywriter’s most significant success on both iphone and also Android is still popular with customers on both systems. Much of this concerns the once a week obstacles, which offer gamers a couple of days to develop a personality and also have them live their lives by the needs or standards supplied as component of the occasion.

The video game’s obstacle for Easter weekend break does not reference the vacation, neither does it tip its hat to popular culture like lots of various other current obstacles. Instead, we have actually obtained an excellent old video game mechanics-based obstacle, one that has just 2 needs for conclusion. However, the secondly of those needs takes place to be among the harder ones in the video game, which’s living till the age of 120.

bitlife supercentenarian challenge requirements

This is something just one individual has actually ever before carried out in the real world, however considering that the BitLife world isn’t specifically a mirror of the real life, living till the age of 120 takes place to be practical if you adhere to particular standards. So with that said stated, right here’s today’s BitLife mini-strategy overview, where we will reveal you just how to live 12 online years and also finish the Supercentenarian Challenge.

Avoid Vices, Stress, And Confrontations

When producing a personality for BitLife’s Supercentenarian Challenge, it’s ideal if you re-roll till you obtain somebody with Smarts and also Looks as near to 100 as feasible, as this will certainly be available in really useful as you reach your gold years.

But this isn’t as vital as the initial demand, which is to develop a first-generation Bitizen; they can be male or women, and also you can enhance their statistics in time with the normal methods, such as signing up with institution sporting activities and also various other tasks and also accessing the very least an university level. Just as long as Smarts or Looks aren’t particularly reduced, you should not have excessive trouble living the initial couple of years of your personality’s online life.

bitlife scotch

Generally, the secret to the initial fifty percent of your 120 years in this obstacle is to stay clear of points that might jeopardize your Happiness and alsoHealth That indicates preventing the lure to head to the club, and also constantly rejecting arbitrary deals to have a sip of an alcohol or a preference of some controlled substances.

bitlife workplace annoyance

Avoiding anxiety is likewise vital– it might injure your job efficiency, however constantly decline your manager (pleasantly, may we include) when they ask you to function additional hrs without pay. Likewise, stay clear of scenarios that might influence your Happiness, such as experiences with institution harasses or work environment gossipers and also pranksters– in such situations, you must constantly neglect them!

Spend Time With Loved Ones, Meditate, And Visit Your Garden!

BitLife supplies numerous means for Bitizens to accomplish comfort, and also thinking about just how vital this is to finishing the Supercentenarian Challenge, you’ll intend to do whatever in your power to maintain your Happiness at 100 or near to that. One of the very best means to do this is to make use of the Spend Time with All choice in Relationships to see to it you hang around with all your buddies, member of the family, and also pet dogs in one go– this is terrific for improving your Happiness substantially, as long as you do not have any type of liked ones you presently aren’t quadrating.

spending time with family in bitlife

And this choice can function specifically well after a fatality in the family members or the death of among your buddies– fatality of liked ones can significantly influence your Happiness in the video game, particularly if you endure numerous losses in the very same year! (Something that will certainly be really usual for the majority of gamers as they reach their 70s and also past.)

practicing meditation in bitlife

Aside from making use of Spend Time with All, you can likewise make use of the choices in the Activities food selection in order to enhance yourHappiness Chief amongst these would certainly be the Meditate choice, which can likewise assist enhance your Health, and also the Garden, which permits you to see your residence’s yard (if it has one) for some much-needed silent time and also comfort. Physical tasks like strolling and also mosting likely to the health club, in addition to journeys to the collection likewise increase Happiness as a second stat, so you can consider those too.

Beware Of Wild Animals!

Animal experiences are rather arbitrary in the BitLife world, however we did observe in numerous efforts to finish the Supercentenarian Challenge that they come to be extra usual once you reach your 8th years– as if destiny’s attempting to toss curveballs to avoid you from getting to the magic 120. The excellent information right here is that you will typically have the ability to escape from these pets– which consists of seemingly safe ones– and also live to strike the plus switch an additional year without effect.

bitlife bee

The problem? There’s a tiny possibility that also if you escape, the pet may pursue you and also, at the minimum, hurt you! Of training course, you can give up the video game prior to validating the pet assault, and also as long as it had not been a deadly assault, that will certainly reverse the occurrence. But you’ll still require to prepare on your own for this prospective spanner in the jobs when attempting to finish the Supercentenarian Challenge.

The Real Key Is Keeping All Stats As Close To 100 As Possible

At completion of the day, what you’ll truly require to do in order to get to the age of 120 and also finish the Supercentenarian Challenge is to maintain all your statistics as near to 100 as you might for every single year of your grown-up life. As we pointed out above, it pays to stay clear of all sort of problem and also lure, and also if you get ill, go to the physician or give up the video game in case you have actually fallen victim to a severe health problem or something that can not be treated by the majority of medical professionals. (e.g. migraine headaches, hay high temperature, and so on) It likewise aids to take place a healthy and balanced diet plan like the Mediterranean diet plan and also adhere to it for the remainder of your grown-up life.

bitlife geriatric ribbon

In enhancement, Follow the ideas over to maintain your Happiness high, and also when it involves your Smarts, go to the Library and also check out a publication if you observe your Smarts dipping to concerning 95 or reduced. And when it involves your Looks, frequently checking out the Gym and also walking might assist preserve it at 100 or thereabouts, however you might likewise intend to spend for some cosmetic surgery (with a respectable physician, certainly) as soon as you begin maturing and also your Looks begin decreasing visibly.

Follow all the ideas we recommended and also as soon as you commemorate your 120th birthday celebration, that finishes the Supercentenarian Challenge– and also releases you approximately select a reward upper body and also unlock a brand-new set of glasses or a brand-new hat!


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