BitLife Rock Star Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Rock Star Challenge

As most BitLife gamers need to recognize now, it was a number of months back when its manufacturer, Candywriter, presented the principle of difficulties, which are limited-time occasions that need gamers to develop a personality whose life minutes tick specific boxes as well as meet specific needs based upon a provided style.

This function is offered on both iphone as well as Android variations of the video game, as well as the most up to date such difficulty to go online need to be a reward for any individual that might have, at particular factors in their lives, wished to be an abundant as well as popular artist.

bitlife rock star challenge requirements

Personally, the most up to date BitLife difficulty was rather a very easy one for us, as well as maybe for you also, if you’re the kind of gamer that intends to transform their Bitizens right into celebs. The difficulty we are describing is the Rock Star Challenge, as well as this is your opportunity to release your inner Mick Jagger … or Adam Levine, if you favor more recent rock celebrities that have actually obtained the “relocations like Jagger.”

But it’s greater than simply arriving in right here, as you’ll additionally require to meet one more 3rd of the “sex, medications, as well as rock ‘n’ roll” saying, as well as it’s not the one that has something to do with obtaining thrown away. So without additional trouble, right here’s our BitLife mini overview for rapidly finishing the Rock Star Challenge.

Creating Your Character– Smarts Are Optional, Looks Are Everything

When producing a brand-new personality for the Rock Star Challenge, there is one stat that you need to be focusing on over whatever else, which’sLooks Based on our experience, a Smarts stat of 40 or above is essential so as to get an entry-level work in the Pop Star profession track, however you need not fret way too much concerning this stat– if you do not have God Mode so you can modify your statistics prior to your personality is birthed, we would certainly recommend re-rolling up until you obtain a personality with 80 Looks or far better. This difficulty is open to male or women Bitizens, so you do not require to focus on gender either– once again, it’s everything about Looks when it pertains to personality production.

bitlife character attributes

When enduring your developmental years, there aren’t any type of constraints that would certainly need you to avoid of problem and/or obtain great qualities in institution. The stereotyped rock celebrity, nevertheless, isn’t precisely the academic kind, so you can break down in course, resist versus harasses, tinker schoolmates, or play hooky as you please. You can also acquire a rap sheet as an adolescent or leave when you get to the adultness to do so as well as it will not matter– the Background Vocalist work does not need any type of diploma neither does it invalidate those with a rap sheet.

background vocalist job in bitlife

If you prefer to have a contingency in situation rock fame does not exercise, it’s additionally your telephone call if you desire to remain mannerly as well as go to university prior to beginning your profession. But for the functions of finishing this difficulty as rapidly as feasible, we advise obtaining that Background Vocalist work right after finishing from (or quiting of) senior high school. As common, you might need to give up the application as well as reactivate it repetitively prior to the opening appears in the Jobs food selection.

The 100 Lovers Requirement– Use The Hook Up Option Freely, But Play It Safe

One of the 4 needs of the Rock Star Challenge is to copulate a minimum of 100 enthusiasts. This would certainly consist of all sorts of enthusiasts despite sex identification or sexual preference, however the reality that you’re mosting likely to require to contend the very least a numerous them might make this a little bit lengthy. However, there is one choice that you can almost spam by duplicating it a number of times each year, beginning with the moment you transform 18, which’s the Hook Up choice in the Love sub-menu under Activities.

bitlife safe sex

With that in mind, there’s no demand to get in a partnership or have youngsters if you wish to finish this difficulty– if anything, having a household can reduce right into your financial institution equilibrium as well as total assets. That additionally suggests your personality will certainly require to exercise secure sex throughout of the difficulty if you wish to stay clear of having children. You can additionally pick the “Use a Condom” choice if offered as well as “Make Sure to Pull Out” if it isn’t, however that does not simply place you in danger of obtaining your fling expecting– or obtaining expecting if your personality is women.

That additionally places you at the danger of getting a sexually sent illness, though in our playthrough, our personality had a Sexually Transmitted Disease for a number of years (it shows up that herpes is currently practically incurable in the video game), obtained a number of companions contaminated, as well as passed away with the Wicked bow at an instead seniority, well after the difficulty was finished.

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If you can aid it, we would certainly recommend revoking any type of experiences where a prophylactic isn’t offered, however the essential point right here is to maintain spammingHook Up And if you pick to visit the club as well as celebration, hand down the medications (you would not wish to eliminate your personality too soon or provide a dependency that can influence their work efficiency) as well as do not hand down the arbitrary connections– that, also, can aid!

Posing For A Nude Spread

Perhaps the simplest of the 4 needs to meet is the one that would certainly need you to position for a naked spread on the cover of a publication, however prior to you arrive, you would certainly require to come to be a Famous Pop Star initially. Provided you do not obtain any type of dependencies, maintain striving annually, as well as obtain your efficiency bar filled out asap, you can arrive by the time you reach your late 20s, thinking you began job as a Background Vocalist right after senior high school.

pop star life in bitlife

Having social media sites is optional, all points taken into consideration, however it does aid if you contend the very least one account energetic in the video game, as obtaining confirmed boosts your Fame by around 20 percent. But besides that, the very best means to improve your Fame stat are to maintain starring in commercials as well as release your initial publication as well as see to it it isn’t a flop.

Once your Fame gets to the half mark, that’s when you would generally obtain your initial deals to position for a publication cover. Oftentimes, the preliminary deal would certainly need you to position in a swimwear, however ultimately, as well as additionally due to the fact that publication photoshoots usually enhance Fame significantly, you need to obtain a naked photoshoot deal in a year or more.

Just be gotten ready for the repercussions– if you have a companion, there’s a possibility they can suggest with you over your choice to position naked, as well as if your mommy’s still to life, they can additionally do the very same! As such, you might wish to restrict on your own to one naked shoot, considered that these do not pay as high as commercials. And that would really bring us to the last factor in this overview.

How To Get Your Net Worth Up To $100 Million Quickly

The last demand in the BitLife Rock Star Challenge is to gather a total assets of a minimum of $100 million, as well as there are 2 means you can arrive prior to the age of 60. The initial technique is the natural one, as there would certainly come a time when your income as a Lead Vocalist would certainly enhance tremendously– often from the $100,000 yearly array to around $5 million or even more upon striking the age switch!

bitlife rock star tv commercials

This generally occurs when you remain in your mid-to-late 30s, as well as when it does, this can actually obtain points reaching enhancing your total assets is worried. Again, it’s far better not to have children for the functions of this difficulty, as well as while you can acquire a house if you desire, it’s suggested that you do not buy any type of cars and trucks, as their worth decreases much faster as well as you have actually additionally obtained yearly upkeep expenses to take into consideration, specifically if you’re attempting to make points a lot more rock star-authentic by acquiring a cars.

In enhancement to allow your ton of money expand naturally, we would certainly recommend starring in as lots of commercials as feasible, specifically when your Fame goes to 95 percent or greater. If Fame goes to 95 to 98 percent, you can do advertisements for $1 million per pop, however if it goes to a best one hundred percent (or 99 percent), that figure boosts to $2 million for each and every promotion you reduced.

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As long as the choice to star in a commercial is offered, go as well as seize the day– it additionally assists to launch numerous publications when you can, though this choice generally is offered every 5 to one decade approximately.

If you comply with every one of the actions we had actually recommended over, there’s a great chance you might wind up finishing the difficulty by the time your personality remains in their middle-to-late 50s. Upon conclusion, you will certainly be offered the now-usual option of 4 reward boxes, each of which has a brand-new hat or a brand-new item of glasses you can include in your checklist of opened Accessories.


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