BitLife Pro Sports Update II Guide: A Look at BitLife Version 1.43 also known as The Pro Sports Update Part 2

Is there anything you can not carry out in the online globe of BitLife? Candywriter’s super-popular life simulator ready iphone and also Android is 2 years of ages and also checking, and also it’s remarkable to consider just how the video game is currently rather than just how it began back in 2018. That’s due to the fact that the business maintains presenting brand-new updates and also including brand-new functions and also auto mechanics, and also this month has actually been everything about specialist sporting activities. Finally, you can place your accomplishments in secondary school or university football, basketball, and also baseball (to name a few) to excellent usage while making numerous bucks. But as it ends up, the globe of online sporting activities in the BitLife cosmos has actually simply gotten back at much better.

As excellent as it was, Candywriter adhered to up this month’s Pro Sports Update with an additional, smaller sized one that likewise concentrates on specialist sporting activities. But even if it’s smaller sized does not suggest it isn’t loaded with lots of brand-new functions and also enhancements. In reality, a couple brand-new sporting activities have actually been included, pro professional athletes can currently win every significant honor their sporting activity needs to provide (along with champion rings), and also those that have God Mode can currently make every edit conceivable to the thousands of sporting activities groups readily available in the video game.

You can likewise play filthy if you have (or wish to), as game-fixing and also doping have actually likewise gotten in the image in the brand-new upgrade. So without more trouble, allow’s continue to our newest BitLife overview, where we stroll you via the 2nd Pro Sports Update, or if you wish to describe it by its number, variation 1.43.

Athletic Scholarships– A New Way To Study For Free

Previously, the only university scholarships readily available to Bitizens were the common ones that you can obtain for being an excellent pupil in secondary school, or post-graduate scholarships you can receive if your qualities were superb in university. Now, you can obtain a sports scholarship for your ability in sporting activities, though you will undoubtedly require to see to it you have excellent qualities also in order to receive one!

how to get an athletic scholarship in bitlife

Given that a number of the video game’s sporting activities permit you to transform professional right after secondary school, it shows up that a lot of the moment, you can anticipate to obtain a sports scholarship for your accomplishments as a football gamer. Most of the moment, you’ll still be asked at once if you wish to sign up with the professional basketball or baseball draft if you succeeded in the sporting activity in secondary school, or used an agreement to play specialist football if that was your leading sporting activity. Still, this is a fantastic method to save money on cash and also stay clear of the problem of paying those debilitating pupil funding financial debts!

New Sports Have Been Added

Unfortunately, you still can not utilize your fighting styles training for greater than simply bar battles and also various other physical run-ins, and also you can not utilize your subscription in the secondary school or university fumbling group as a tipping rock to the globe of sporting activities home entertainment. But while Mixed Martial Arts and also professional fumbling still aren’t sustained in the BitLife cosmos, 2 various other prominent sporting activities have actually been included variation 1.43, and also those are ladies’s beach ball and also guys’s rugby.

According to the changelog, ladies’s beach ball is a “profitable” sporting activity, and also while it will not pay as long as a number of the guys’s sporting activities do, this might provide your woman Bitizens a possibility to gain substantially even more cash than they would certainly gain if they played professional basketball. This is, regretfully, an instance of art mimicing life, thinking about that real-life WNBA super stars gain much much less cash than their male equivalents in the NBA. There are 32 groups overall in the BitLife Volleyball League, which are all based in the United States or Canada.

rugby contract offer in bitlife

As for rugby, the sporting activity isn’t half as prominent in North America as it remains in Europe or Australia, yet if you have actually developed a personality that was birthed in either among those continents, this sporting activity produces an excellent option to American football. The BitLife Rugby League includes groups based in Australia and also New Zealand, while the BitLife Super League is allegedly an English organization, though there are some groups from various other nations that would certainly need you to relocate there if you authorize an agreement with them.

Aside from the brand-new sporting activities, Candywriter has actually likewise presented a brand-new football organization– BitLifeCampeonato Brasileiro Makes feeling, thinking about Brazil has actually created numerous fantastic gamers via the years and also has perhaps one of the most popular football organization in South America.

You Can Now Win Individual Awards And Championship Rings

Regardless of the sporting activity you pick when going professional, you can currently win any kind of among a number of private honors if you execute all right in an offered period. The very first honor you can win, obviously, is Rookie of the Year, though you’ll most likely require to good luck out with excellent beginning qualities when you begin your specialist profession. As such, this might prefer those that pick to play college sporting activities initially instead of going professional right out of secondary school, so you might wish to take into consideration that alternative also if you concentrate on a sporting activity that permits secondary school grads to be prepared right after college graduation.

Once you have actually exercised and also educated enough time to obtain your qualities up, you will likely be qualified for the various other honors, that include Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and alsoMost Valuable Player Being Offensive Player of the Year belongs to being your sporting activity’s leading marker, or in specific sporting activities where various settings are evaluated based upon various metrics, one of the most effective offending gamer generally. Defensive Player of the Year is furthermore obvious– most sporting activities have an honor of that specific kind, and also in baseball, all settings have their very own certain Gold Glove honors.

winning a football championship in bitlife

Interestingly, it appears that Candywriter changed points up by crash– in the video game’s matching of the majors, the Gold Glove mosts likely to the very best player per setting, while the Silver Slugger mosts likely to the very best fielder! We would certainly venture a hunch to state this might be covered in a succeeding upgrade– unless it was a calculated switcheroo to stay clear of entering problem with the real-life MLB.

You can likewise win a Cy Young Award in baseball for being the very best bottle in the organization, along with Most Improved Player in many sporting activities for publishing the largest renovation in statistics from the previous year.

Lastly, you have actually obtained the MVP honor, which identifies quality on both violation and also protection, hence making it the hardest one to win. You’ll wish to maintain winning even more of these honors in order to enhance your possibilities of making the Hall of Fame, which we will be discussing in the following pointer.

In enhancement to the private honors we pointed out, you can likewise gain champion rings if your group win a title in your picked sporting activity. These rings can either be approved, declined, or pawned when used to you, and also when you approve them, you can treat them like any kind of various other item of precious jewelry or antique, suggesting you have the alternative to hold on to them or to recondition them or market them, to name a few. The video game claims you can pass these rings to the future generation, which holds true, though they will regrettably need to be auctioned off if the individual that’s obtaining one hundred percent of your ton of money is a small.

Getting Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame

Thanks to the brand-new upgrade, you might wind up obtaining sworn in right into your sporting activity’s BitLife Hall of Fame if you have a standout profession, ideally throughout! There are, nonetheless, a couple of flaws to this brand-new attribute that we have actually observed, though we’re certain these will become dealt with in succeeding updates. For one, it shows up that it’s rather tough to obtain sworn in right into a Hall of Fame if your profession finishes as a result of aging, i.e. you reach your very early 40s and also no person intends to provide you a trial run despite just how well you played in the last period.

We have actually observed this also in personalities that had actually collected several champion rings and also private honors via the years. Induction, nonetheless, seems most likely after 5 to 10 years if you willingly relinquish your sporting activity. This most likely makes good sense, given that many fantastic professional athletes in the real life make a large bargain concerning retired life news, yet it appears a little bit off that it’s so hard to obtain sworn in if you had a fantastic profession yet silently hung it up as a result of age/lack of rate of interest from any one of your professional organization’s groups.

how to get into the basketball hall of fame in bitlife

Another trait we have actually observed with Hall of Fame induction is that it does not appear to have much of an effect, if any kind of whatsoever, on yourFame In several, otherwise all instances, Hall of Famers in an offered sporting activity are basically assured star condition permanently, or a minimum of till a couple of years pass from their retired life and/or induction.

But however, BitLife has constantly had a technician in which you require to maintain starring in commercials, doing aim for publications, and so on, in order to stay appropriate once you have actually relinquished your star profession, so this may be much less most likely to be covered than the previous concern.

Getting Bribed To Throw A Game– Should You Do It?

In the real life, there have actually been various rumors including point-shaving, banking on video games, and also various other sorts of video game dealing with. With the brand-new upgrade, BitLife has actually presented this shabby aspect to its globe of sporting activities, as you can currently be used big quantities of cash from underhanded people to toss a video game. You will certainly after that have 3 selections– take the cash, disregard to the antics, or reject the deal outright and also report them to the correct authorities. Which is the very best alternative to pick?

If you’re attempting to obtain your Respect up amongst your other gamers, your followers, and also organization authorities, you will likely wish to reject the deal and also allow the powers that be recognize that somebody’s paying you huge cash to repair a video game. Sometimes, this will not lead to anything aside from your Respect bar rising a little bit, yet in many circumstances we have actually observed, the video game fixers will certainly respond to this by defeating you up! Most of the moment, you do not require to fret– you’ll just shed a little Health and also you will not require to miss out on any kind of video games or see your efficiency decrease. However, that take the chance of remains, and also there’s a really tiny opportunity (regarding we have actually seen) that you’ll shed a great deal of Health.

how to do match fixing in bitlife

Now you can likewise pick to approve the allurement and also toss a video game for numerous bucks. You might not see much usage in doing this, thinking about most sports occupations pay you millions annually. But if you pick to approve the allurement, you’ll require to gauge a couple of points– one, you might shed a bargain of Respect for tossing a video game at the wish of the fixers. Two, you might ultimately obtain captured if you toss several video games or suits and also approve several kickbacks!

Once that occurs, that will certainly cause the typical apprehension situation, where you can range from the police officers, provide an allurement, tease with the policemans, or just accept them– the prison sentence for suit dealing with is 4 years, and also we have actually observed there’s a far better opportunity than typical of obtaining founded guilty! As it appears, this isn’t among those criminal offenses that you can avoid if you have actually obtained the ideal attorneys. (Or a lot more properly, can manage the ideal attorneys.)

The 3rd and also last alternative is to disregard, which, as well, might influence your Respect in an unfavorable method. As you might recognize now, reduced Respect might see you obtaining traded several times, and even obtaining cut without any person revealing rate of interest in you later! However, this is probably the best option of the 3, so overall, you can alternative in between reporting the fixers or neglecting them– approving the cash is as well high-risk and also most likely unworthy the additional millions you can gain under the table!

New Ways To Cheat– Get Juiced At Your Own Risk

In the changelog for Version 1.43, Candywriter kept in mind that there are “brand-new means to rip off” if you’re a specialist athlete. The business really did not enter into the specifics, yet if you look carefully at your professional professional athlete food selection, you will certainly see that a brand-new alternative has actually been included with the brand-new upgrade, which’s Performance Enhancer.

To placed it candidly, that alternative provides you the option of whether you wish to take some steroids or otherwise, and also if you pick to do so, that’s mosting likely to lead to some huge gains to your Fitness, which, consequently, permits you to enhance your private qualities quicker when you educate them. Once the video game asks you if you make sure you wish to make use of an outlawed efficiency booster, pick Yes, and also you’re ready– you might see something such as “Strength +3” appear in the following dialog box to verify that you have actually efficiently obtained juiced.

As any kind of sporting activities follower ought to recognize, making use of efficiency improving medicines is outlawed from nearly every professional sporting activity not even if it’s a kind of disloyalty. It might likewise bring about some wellness problems, along with “roid craze,” and also as you’ll observe after a couple of years of obtaining juiced in BitLife, you’ll see that “oh, dear” emoji appear frequently with a coming with dialog box right after taking the medicines.

bitlife drug test

That might suggest you have actually fallen victim to an instance of something as basic as acne, or even worse, maybe an instance of hypertension or impotence. The high-blood stress is very easy to treat with many medical professionals (if rather expensive), yet that does not relate to ED– as we have actually observed, this is among the in-game illness that could need a journey to the Witch Doctor and also risking your life till you take the remedy that functions.

Aside from the wellness dangers of taking steroids, there’s likewise a possibility you might obtain a circumstance where the media will certainly ask you if you have actually been taking PEDs to grow or improve at your picked sporting activity– you can either confess the reports (negative concept), attempt to disprove them, disregard them, or outright shoot down the claims. Such circumstances are very easy to deal with, yet points might obtain a lot more made complex when it concerns the arbitrary medicine examinations that appear once in a while– you can either reject to take the examination, change your pee with an arbitrary individual, or suck it up and also take the examination.

Refusing to take a medicine examination causes an automated three-year restriction, and also while switching over frequently functions– you might need to attempt this 3 to 4 times in many instances prior to somebody accepts aid you rip off– you might lack individuals to ask and also have no option yet to take the medicine examination. Of training course, there’s a little opportunity that you could evaluate unfavorable for PEDs also if you have actually been utilizing, yet in every circumstances up until now, a favorable examination has actually led to a five-year restriction from all sporting activities in the BitLife cosmos. There’s no three-strike regulation in this online instance of medicine screening, so if you pick to rip off by utilizing PEDs as a professional professional athlete, be planned for the feasible effects!

The effects we pointed out are not the just one we ought to advise you around– we have actually observed that right after an arbitrary medicine examination, the alternatives to generate income via commercials and also publications will not generate any kind of chances. You can still generate income via photoshoots, though as you ought to recognize now, specific loved ones could not be as well insane to see you bare all for a publication cover. It likewise appears that PED usage might likewise substantially lower your possibilities of Hall of Fame induction– this appears to adversely influence your Greatness bar, and also it do without claiming that often doping is no other way to enhance your Respect as a specialist athlete.

You Can Now Edit All The Team Names In God Mode

Not pleased with Arizona’s football group obtaining called the Arizona Cardigans or Cardi B’s? Thinking maybe of transforming all the group names to those of their real-life matchings? Or possibly you wish to transform a group’s shades to match your individual choice, or perhaps relocate them to an additional city, similar to the New Jersey Nets ended up being the Brooklyn Nets a couple of years earlier. You can currently do all that many thanks to variation 1.43, and also you can do this also if you aren’t, or aren’t yet a specialist athlete. The catch, nonetheless, is that you require to have God Mode made it possible for, which sets you back a little cost to acquire yet is most definitely worth it.

how to edit team names in bitlife

Simply faucet on the major food selection switch on the top left of your display, after that scroll toEdit Sports Teams There, you will certainly locate every one of the sustained organizations for males and females, and also you can begin by touching on the organization of your option and after that on the group you desire to modify. From there, you can transform the group’s complete name, e.g. “Carolina Painters” can be transformed to “Carolina Panthers” rather conveniently, along with the house city, primary, and also additional shade.

Be mindful, however, when transforming group names and also various other info– as we have actually observed, the name you pick will relate to all future personalities you develop and also lives you play out! For instance, the BitLife Basketball Association group “San Antonio Duncans” (a noticeable referral to Tim Duncan) remained in area for all our examination Bitizens after we transformed the name to that.


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