BitLife Harley Quinn Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Harley Quinn Challenge

As of this writing, we’re still waiting on Candywriter to turn out a considerable, feature-packed upgrade for BitLife like they made use of to often in 2019 and also 2020. But they have actually done a respectable work maintaining gamers hectic with numerous once a week obstacles– limited-time occasions that commonly compete 4 days and also enable gamers to live their lives based upon a provided style and also anywhere from 3 to 6 needs based upon that style. While numerous obstacles have actually been instead basic in nature, there have actually been others that concentrate on prominent TELEVISION programs and also flicks, consisting of that common staple of summer– superhero flicks.

Many current BitLife obstacles concentrated on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however this suggestions its hat to a specific DC Extended Universe personality you will certainly be seeing on movie later on this summer season, and also one you saw in an instead polarizing movie with a really comparable title regarding 5 years back.

bitlife harley quinn challenge requirements

Naturally, we are describing Harley Quinn of the Suicide Squad, and also in this brand-new difficulty, you’re going to obtain your possibility to come to be the DCEU’s resident psychiatrist-turned-criminal, at the very least in a couple of noteworthy methods. So with that said in mind, below’s our BitLife mini-strategy overview for the week, and also a detailed consider exactly how to wind via the Harley Quinn Challenge with as little initiative as feasible.

Getting Started– Be A Female With Good Athleticism

As you’re mosting likely to be living a digital life motivated by a women DCEU personality, you will certainly require to develop a women personality for the Harley Quinn Challenge– additionally, make certain that she’s birthed throughout the UNITED STATE, due to the fact that Gotham City, nevertheless, is greatly motivated byNew York City Other than that, the only standard stat you’ll require to focus on is Intelligence– it’s better that you develop a personality whose Intelligence begins at about 60, in order to enhance your opportunities of obtaining those scholarships.

bitlife character attributes

Logic might determine that in order to generate a personality finest fit for the Harley Quinn Challenge, you’ll require to establish her Special Talent to Crime if you formerly spent forGod Mode However, you’ll require to bear in mind the 2nd demand of the difficulty, which is to exercise acrobatics. That indicates becoming part of your intermediate school or senior high school acrobatics group, which calls for great Athleticism– if you have God Mode triggered, you can proceed and also establish her Special Talent to Sports and also you’re prepared.

practicing gymnastics in bitlife

Otherwise, you might require to re-roll your personality a little bit till you see specific life occasions that indicate sports disposition, or select the tricycle when asked which abilities you, as a young child Bitizen, wish to bend– this frequently boosts the opportunities of having great Athleticism as soon as you have the ability to sign up with sporting activities groups in college.

How To Become A Psychiatrist

The following demand in BitLife’s Harley Quinn Challenge is to come to be a psychoanalyst, and also it’s really essential that you really wind up on this occupation track, and also not the really comparable, yet eventually various psycho therapist track. While it’s feasible to come to be a psycho therapist after completing a Psychology training course in university, that will not do it for this demand– rather, you require to obtain a Psych bachelor’s degree, after that participate in clinical college for the following 6 years prior to getting a Junior Psychiatrist work.

psychiatrist career in bitlife

As clinical college can be rather costly, you must maintain your university qualities as high as feasible and also prevent getting involved in problem– that indicates utilizing the Study Harder alternative and also preventing the lure to miss college or allow your schoolmates consider your paper throughout tests. It might take a while prior to you obtain that Psychiatrist work, however when you do, you do not require to remain as well long at the work– actually, you just require to remain enough time to manage a trip car for the following component of the difficulty!

There’s Still No Surefire Way To Guarantee A Successful Bank Robbery

If you wish to finish the Harley Quinn Challenge, you’ll require to burglarize a financial institution like Harley Quinn would certainly, which indicates utilizing a croquet club as your tool. However, it continues to be exceptionally difficult to carry out an effective financial institution burglary in BitLife, and also a great deal of it still involves possibility, of which you do not have much of, as regarding 9 out of 10 (or even more) financial institution burglaries will certainly finish in an apprehension. (Unless you become part of a criminal offense distribute, which would certainly offer you a sporting chance of efficiently burglarizing a rely on your very first couple of efforts.)

bank robbery in bitlife

Although it could make good sense to sign up with a criminal offense distribute (sorry, the Suicide Squad does not matter) in order to boost your opportunities of an effective break-in, there are some points you can do to somewhat enhance the probabilities of escaping the criminal offense. Some gamers have actually observed that you might require to have a relatively quick, yet nondescript trip car– that indicates no portable autos or run-down jalopies, and also no cars either.

successful robbery in bitlife

That indicates your best options for a trip car might consist of mid-priced pickup like the Toyota Tundra orToyota Tacoma Your option of camouflage continues to be greatly unimportant– whether you’re choosing something probable like get in touch with lenses or a police officer attire or something entirely shocking like aMrs Doubtfire outfit (which our examination personality put on for her effective break-in), it does not appear to figure in in whether the burglary prospers or falls short. Just maintain giving up the video game, reactivating, and also renovating the burglary till you draw it off with no troubles.

Commit A Petty Crime To Land Yourself In Minimum Security, Then Make Your Escape

In order to finish the financial institution burglary demand, the burglary requires to be a success, and also as we stated, you require to make use of a croquet club. You do not wish to land behind bars for a stopped working burglary, after that get away, as that will certainly influence your opportunities of obtaining it right the 2nd time. Instead, your best option is to carry out the break-in after that devote minor criminal offenses till you obtain captured.

bitlife conviction

The finest criminal offense to devote is break-in– merely face the house owner or their pet dog till they call the cops, which should not take as well long. Once you remain in cops wardship, accept the police officers, and also when it involves your test, select a public protector and also beg guilty. Remember– the last demand is to get away from prison, so you really wish to land behind bars and also not escape scot-free.

For criminal offenses such as pickpocketing, break-in, and also theft, you’ll typically be punished to a year or 2 in minimal protection jail, which must produce a simple retreat. Remember the standard policies of BitLife gets away– the guard will just stroll flat initially and also will certainly make 2 actions for each step you make. But if you still locate it as well challenging to get away, there are a number of websites and also You Tube video clips that use detailed walkthroughs for getting away from any type of sort of jail design in BitLife.

prison escape in bitlife

Break out of prison efficiently and also you have actually finished the Harley Quinn Challenge– select a reward upper body and also you have actually obtained an additional item of eyeglasses or headwear that you can make use of on any type of energetic or future Bitizen or their liked ones.


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