BitLife Groupie Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Groupie Challenge

Another week, one more BitLife obstacle. As you might realize, Candywriter included some seasoning to its enormously prominent life simulator, BitLife, by presenting difficulties a number of months earlier– these are limited-time occasions where you are offered at the very least 3 demands, typically no greater than 5, and also asked to live your personality’s life based upon those demands.

For circumstances, the first-ever occasion of this kind, the Alphabet Challenge, asked gamers to develop a women personality and also have 26 children, with each of their names representing each letter of the alphabet. We have actually additionally seen difficulties motivated by Netflix’s Tiger King docudrama, along with 2 current ones that concentrated on rock fame and also flick fame.

The most recent obstacle Candywriter released is called the Groupie Challenge, and also while its summary refers to Yoko Ono, you do not need to be a well-known rock celebrity to finish it. And you will not precisely be separating your “band” like Ono purportedly did to theBeatles Instead, this obstacle concentrates on minority real-life aspects baked right into the video game, especially the reality that you can obtain a task at Candywriter and also share the exact same office with the exact same individuals (albeit in NPC kind) that aided develop BitLife and also make it the withstanding hit it presently is. So keeping that claimed, join us for this BitLife mini overview, where we’ll reveal you exactly how to finish the Groupie Challenge in as little time feasible.

BitLife Groupie Challenge Requirements– Be Born In Tucson Or Miami

If you have actually currently obtained the Teammate bow, this should not be anything brand-new to you. But if you have not, or if you aren’t aware of exactly how to obtain it, this bow is granted if you obtain a task with Candywriter, which has workplaces in Tucson, Arizona and also Miami,Florida As such, you would certainly require to be birthed in either among those cities, which you can conveniently establish when developing a personality. Decent Smarts is most likely the only requirement, although our aptly-named examination personality began with below-average Smarts however obtained that stat up as he experienced institution.

bitlife groupie challenge requirements

And considering that you might have seen that we chose a male personality, bear in mind that you might have a much easier time finishing the Groupie Challenge with a woman Bitizen– we will describe a little in the future in this overview, however there is no certain sex demand for finishing the obstacle.

As is typically the situation, avoiding of problem in institution is quite a good idea, exact same with examining tough whenever feasible to enhance your qualities and also obtaining your Smarts up (if required) by reviewing publications or signing up with clubs. Even a brief 32-page kids’s publication need to work, as it made with our personality. Just do not break down in course, disrespect or tinker any person, or respond adversely if somebody, might it be a schoolmate or an educator, attempts to tease you.

After you finish from senior high school, you’ll require to pick the ideal university program– Computer Science would certainly be one of the most a good idea, and also if you adhered to the abovementioned actions, you need to have no worry obtaining a scholarship. You might need to give up and also reboot the video game prior to you see Computer Science amongst the readily available training courses.

bitlife university application

If all else stops working and also your qualities aren’t that good/your moms and dads aren’t that abundant and/or charitable, you can constantly secure a trainee finance. Once once again, signing up with a society or sorority is advised if you have actually obtained excellent Popularity or far better, as this enables you to miss the meeting phase for the most part– if you require to obtain your Popularity up, signing up with clubs or sports groups, complimenting/conversing with schoolmates, and also becoming part of a society all can assist.

Once you have actually finished from university, merely try to findJr App Developer in the Jobs food selection and also obtain it. If you obtain the work, you have actually finished the initial primary demand of the Groupie Challenge by signing up with the Candywriter or BitLife group, specifically relying on whether you picked Tucson or Miami as your native home.

How To Quickly Get A Thousand BitLife Video Views

Another among the 3 demands of the Groupie Challenge is to publish a BitLife video clip on social media sites that accesses the very least 1,000 sights– out of the 5 in-game social media sites systems, there are just 2 that permit you to publish a BitLife clip, and also those are TikTo k and also You Tube. So exactly how can you obtain that evasive thousand-view video clip without needing to good luck out and also go viral with among them?

bitlife tiktok video views

Yes undoubtedly, going viral with a social networks upload resembles winning the lotto game in BitLife– based upon our monitorings, just regarding one out of 15 to 20 blog posts will certainly go viral. But if you wish to quicken the procedure and also go from simple double-digit sights to quadruple numbers, we recommend acquiring 5,000 customers for $145 on either system.

We would certainly even more advise doing this no greater than two times and also around 3 to 5 years besides each various other, since acquiring customers, specifically if it’s carried out in successive years, might obtain your account put on hold for spam! Our experience reveals that the systems will not be so flexible on the majority of events, so it’s ideal to play it secure.

We additionally recommend joining to TikTo k and also You Tube as very early as feasible– that would certainly indicate at the age of 13. The various other 3 networks are just optional, and also we would certainly, as a matter of fact, advise leaving them as is so you might focus on uploading TikTo k and also You Tube web content. When it involves the kinds of blog posts, it’s a great suggestion to blend in some dancing video clips, difficulties, arbitrary video clips, item testimonials, and also pc gaming clips (the latter is YT-only) while maintaining your BitLife posts at regarding half of your complete blog posts. Just stay clear of political and also motivational quote blog posts, since both of these can be damaging to your fan matter!

buying followers in bitlife

As an included benefit, we simply figured out that it’s feasible to end up being a Famous App Developer in the video game. If you have not strike the magic 1,000 mark then, you absolutely will when you get to celeb condition as an application programmer, so do not stress if you in some way neglected to pay attention to your social media sites task while attempting to finish this obstacle.

Marrying Someone From Candywriter Or BitLife– Why Do Female Bitizens Have An Edge?

As you’ll observe the minute you obtain worked with by Candywriter or BitLife– in the video game, that is– a lot of the staff members are male. That suggests you’re mosting likely to have a a lot easier address points when it involves the last demand, offered that your personality is women or if you’re a gay man and also there’s one more gay man in the work environment.

You will certainly additionally observe that a lot of the staff members seem based upon genuine individuals– Candywriter creators Nadir Khan and also Kevin O’Neil are the Tucson and also Miami managers, specifically– and also take place to be primarily three decades old and also listed below. We’re not fairly certain if the rank-and-file staff members are randomized, however the Tucson group in our playthrough was, for absence of a much better term, at first a sausage event.

candywriter staff in bitlife

There’s additionally the reality that both workplaces are fairly little, with just 5 rank-and-file staff members and also one manager each. Most likely, you’ll need to wait a long time prior to celebrating a marriage if you’re a straight man Bitizen signing up with a group virtually specifically composed of boys, though there is one man, Eric Blanchard, that is 54 years of ages and also consequently as a result of retire in 12 years, when he transforms 66. Still, we chose a male personality since we wished to even more test ourselves, and also he obtained wed to a women colleague at the age of 38. Most individuals that age currently are wed with children, but also for the objectives of the Groupie Challenge, that’s excusable in all, specifically offered the situations we pointed out.

Regardless of your Bitizen’s sex or sexual preference, the personality you wish to at first ask out would certainly be one with above-average Coolness and also Professionalism statistics. Thankfully, both are usually high for the real-life Candywriter staff members made use of in the video game, and also as an included benefit, a lot of them are solitary. (The abovementionedMr Blanchard, at the very least in our playthroughs, is not.) When it involves imaginary, created NPCs, you’re basically chancing– their statistics might or might not contribute to a work environment partnership, and also there’s additionally the opportunity that they may in fact be wed.

sharing assets with wife in bitlife

When you have actually discovered a colleague whom you like sufficient to ask out, make certain you obtain your Relationship bar approximately around 75 percent or far better– the most effective means to do this would certainly be to match them and also have a discussion with them at the very least yearly. Of program, reduced-Coolness personalities might inform you to stop talking also if you’re providing a praise, however that’s why that stat and also Professionalism are both crucial when vetting possible companions.

After you have actually gotten in a connection with among your associates, the typical actions comply with– enhance the Relationship bar with praises, discussions, or presents and/or by making love to them, acquire an authentic ring in the $20,000 rate variety and also above, suggest to them at a good and also enchanting place, after that get married, prenup or no prenup. Once once again, you will certainly be awarded with a brand-new hat or eyeglasses upon finishing the obstacle, relying on which of the 4 enigma reward breasts you pick!


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