BitLife Crazy Ex Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Crazy Ex Challenge

For the previous year approximately, Candywriter has actually presented regular difficulties for BitLife gamers, permitting them to participate in these limited-time occasions and also see just how very closely they can live their digital lives while adhering to a particular motif. As we saw in 2020, a few of these difficulties were basic achievement-based, such as the really initial one, which needed gamers to have kids whose names represented each letter of the alphabet. However, we likewise saw our share of pop culture-influenced styles, and also a couple of that needed Bitizens to participate in some unlawful tasks in the in-game cosmos.

For the initial difficulty of the brand-new year, Candywriter will certainly be taking you down a little bit of a criminal course once more, and also if you’re questioning what sort of criminal activities are entailed, allow’s simply claim they entail being incredibly affixed to the guys or females you formerly dated. So affixed that you ‘d in fact want to wed among them, years after you obtained offered with a limiting order for tracking them.

We’re discussing the Crazy Ex Challenge, and also while it’s obtained a relatively simple level of trouble contrasted to the standard difficulty, we have actually however thought of a BitLife mini-strategy overview to stroll you with the procedure of finishing it with as little lost time as feasible.

Start Dating, Hooking Up, Stalking, And Arranging Booty Calls While Early

When starting BitLife’s Crazy Ex Challenge, you can be either male or women, without details analytical needs either. You do not specifically require to obtain excellent qualities or have superb deportment in college either, though you would most definitely wish to end up secondary school in order to have a decent-paying work to pay for the attorney’s costs you’ll be forking over later in the difficulty.

bitlife crazy ex challenge requirements

You will, nonetheless, preferably require to begin getting in partnerships at a young age– in the video game, the youngest feasible age to have a guy or partner is 10, and also it isn’t unusual for charming companions to damage up with you after simply one year.

Once you get to the age of 18, nonetheless, you can begin having arbitrary connections with NPCs, and also we would certainly recommend you do that also– by this factor, it’s more effective that you currently work, as you’ll most definitely require to see a physician in case you capture an illness while attaching. These connections will certainly count as ex-spouses, and also when you have actually collected a minimum of 4 of them, you can begin tracking them as necessary.

Just most likely to the Exes area in the Relationships food selection, select an ex-partner, and also pick Stalk– if you obtain figured out, that will certainly act as the very first step prior to they obtain a limiting order versus you, yet be gotten ready for the tiny, yet arbitrary opportunity that they could assault you, and also perhaps eliminate you after capturing you in the act!

stalking ex-girlfriend in bitlife

As for setting up booty telephone calls, this is really simple– simply most likely to your checklist of ex-spouses, select any type of among them, and also select the Booty Call choice using phone or message. Some might concur and also be right over to your location, others might ghost you or transform you down, yet you’re just mosting likely to be asked to do this for a minimum of 3 ex-spouses. Once once again, that consists of previous connections, so if you lack ex-spouses to play “Call of Booty” with, you can constantly talk to even more NPCs and also see if they’re to do it once again!

Violating Restraining Orders– You Need To Be Arrested For The Violation To Count

In order to be offered a limiting order, you’ll require to obtain your connection bar with an ex lover to absolutely no. After that, you can send them sms message or make use of the Stalk choice once more, yet one of the most reliable means to obtain offered is to send them presents– they can be inexpensive presents or pricey ones, and also it does not appear to matter whether they behave presents or pointless ones. You might require to do this a couple of times, yet it’s not unusual to obtain offered right after sending out one present.

Once you have actually been offered 4 times, it’s time to go against those limiting orders. Once once again, offering presents suffices better than duplicated telephone call, messages, or tracking efforts, although if you obtain figured out while tracking, your ex lover will certainly call the police officers which will certainly count as an offense.

police arrest bitlife

Either means, it’s just taken into consideration an offense if you in fact obtain apprehended, though you can obtain apprehended numerous times for breaching the exact same order submitted by the exact same ex lover. The vital point is to obtain broken by the police officers a minimum of 4 times.

After obtaining apprehended, we would certainly recommend fleing– this just rarely functions, yet if it does, after that great for you. Otherwise, you will certainly be encountering the court in court, and also it will usually cost you concerning $10,000 to $15,000 to preserve one of the most pricey attorney, hence offering you the very best possibilities of defeating the situation. That’s where your normal work and also your earnings will certainly be available in helpful, and also we would certainly likewise recommend giving up BitLife and also reactivating the video game if you’re condemned.

It’s alright, nonetheless, if you’re condemned for the 4th offense, given you were located innocent and/or had the ability to flee the initial 3 times– normally, it’ll just be one to 2 years in the penal institution for breaching the regards to a limiting order.

Hire A Hitman To Take Out An Ex’s Spouse

In order to be a really insane ex lover, you’ll require to eliminate a minimum of among their partners once they obtain wed. That would certainly need tracking each of your ex-spouses to see if they’re wed, or heading to the Murder or Hitman areas and also waiting till “Ex’s Husband” or “Ex’s Wife” appears. By the moment your ex-spouses transform 25, there ought to go to the very least a few of them that have actually currently calmed down with a life companion, which’s likewise when you can work with a gunman to do the grunt work and also take that life companion out.

hiring a hitman bitlife

While working with a gunman leaves you with really, really tiny opportunity of obtaining captured and also apprehended if they get the job done, there are some possible issues to watch out for. They might run away with your cash, they might require dual pay after eliminating their target, or even worse, they might end up being a covert police officer! If any one of those points occur, or if points do not end up as prepared in otherwise, you can just stop BitLife and also reboot the application to remodel the procedure. You’ll still have your cash undamaged if you utilize this workaround, so do not hesitate to make use of the old quit-and-restart strategy if your employed weapon does not comply!

Pursue Multiple Options When Marrying An Ex Who Had You Served

The last need we’re mosting likely to go over for the Crazy Ex Challenge is weding an ex lover that formerly had a limiting order placed on you. This is probably the most difficult one to finish, and also while you might have the ability to go back to excellent terms with an ex lover you ‘d formerly tracked, it’s totally easy to understand that much of them will certainly desire absolutely nothing even more to do with you, also after the limiting order has actually been raised. However, there might be some whom you can encourage to day once more, which is why we would certainly recommend thinking about various choices amongst those that had you offered.

asking out for a date bitlife

Typically, the very best means to revive a connection is to begin with the booty telephone call– if they approve and also head over to your location for that laid-back sexual relations session, that can aid finish the booty telephone call need if you have not done so yet. More significantly, however, this often leads to the connection bar transforming environment-friendly.

After this, you can begin calling them up for a chit-chat or to match them. You can likewise send them a free of charge text or send them a couple of wonderful presents– focus on wonderful. (In various other words, no bent blossoms or various other uncomplimentary presents!) Once your connection bar is totally filled once more, you can provide an additional telephone call and also inquire out, or ask to revive your connection.

It appears that the above strategy functions best when it concerns arbitrary connections, in contrast to companions you had actually formerly remained in a real connection with. That claimed, it’s suggested to utilize this with a minimum of one ex-partner and also a minimum of one ex-hookup, and also when you’re in fact dating, you can comply with the normal procedure en course to marital relationship– acquire a ring from the legit jewelry expert in the Shopping area, suggest at an ideal location, and also prepare the marital relationship and also honeymoon like you usually would.

sending a gift bitlife

Prenuptials are optional now– the vital point is weding that ex lover that had actually when taken a limiting order out versus you, and also when you reach do that, that ought to preferably have you finishing the difficulty and also asserting your brand-new collection of eyeglasses or headwear from among the 4 breasts.


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