BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Singer (Pop Star) or a Priest

BitLife has actually been around for a long time, and also programmer Candywriter has actually created yet an additional collection of professions that will certainly maintain gamers active. This interesting life simulation video game has actually acquired a great deal of followers that appreciate living 2nd lives via their personalities. Each personality’s whole life is endured a collection of text-based options. The options you make might have marginal influence on your personality’s life, or it might secure their destiny. Do you exist to your moms and dads to leave difficulty? Do you most likely to university? Is a life of criminal activity an excellent suitable for you?

There are a great deal of points to take into consideration when your whole life leads you. If you are brand-new to the video game, you might intend to look into our BitLife newbie’s overview initially. In this BitLife professions overview, we will certainly show you a lot of suggestions and also techniques on exactly how to come to be a Priest or a Singer (Pop Star)!

1. Don’ t Bother With School

For both the Priest and also Pop Star professions, education and learning is not truly required. You can proceed and also miss college and also locate another thing to do. Feel cost-free to complete secondary school if you desire, however never mind mosting likely to college or graduate college. All that will certainly do is overdo trainee car loans on your personality. There are various other prep work that you require to fret about, specifically for the Pop Star profession.

2. The Path To Priesthood

how to become a priest in bitlife

Aside from not requiring college, both brand-new professions have really little alike. For one, coming to be a Priest is possibly among the most convenient points to attain while coming to be a Pop Star takes a lots of prep work. There are just 2 points you require to remember when attempting to come to be a Priest: be great and also prevent sex. When confronted with any type of option, constantly what is ethically right. You ought to likewise prevent dating any person and also any type of various other possibility that might lead you to damage your vow of celibacy. Other than those 2, you simply require to use as a Deacon because that’s the beginning setting for the Priest profession. Keep striving and also you will at some point rise to Priesthood.

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3. Pop Star Preparation

There are 2 points that you require to service prior to you can also imagine coming to be aPop Star The initially one is looks. It would certainly be much better if you attempted to come to be a Pop Star when you roll a personality that has a high score on appearances from the get go. Once you obtain one, ensure you most likely to the fitness center as quickly as your personality is old sufficient. Keep striking the fitness center yearly and also maintain your appearances as high as feasible. Avoid cosmetic surgery due to the fact that it can obtain bungled and also you wind up uglier for the remainder of your life.

how to become a singer in bitlife

The 2nd point you require to service is popularity. You get to social media sites early in your life, so make the most of it. Post as typically as feasible to get a great deal of fans. You will not obtain numerous fans as soon as possible, that’s why you require to begin as early as feasible. You ought to likewise obtain a beginning work that currently entails remaining in the general public eye, like a star or a pornography celebrity. These ought to assist you obtain the popularity you require to come to be a Pop Star.

4. Entry Level Pop Star Job

Now that you have the popularity and also the appearances you require; you ought to begin searching for methods to enter into the Pop Star profession course. The beginning work for this profession is the support singer. It will not be readily available as soon as possible, so ensure you examine the work listings everyday. Once you obtain the work, simply maintain selecting to strive and also you will become advertised to a Pop Star.

BitLife is a whole lot even more enjoyable when you obtain your desire tasks. Follow our suggestions and also techniques over and also you will certainly come to be a Pop Star or a Priest in no time at all!

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