BitLife Back to School Update Guide (Version 1.22): Intelligence Test Mini-Game, Retirement Plans, Career Collecting, Work Hours and also Stress Levels Explained

Candywriter, the firm behind different word and also facts video games such as What’s the Difference, What’s the Pic?, Letter Soup, and also a couple of others, flourished when they launched BitLife in 2015. Unlike those abovementioned video games, BitLife is a mobile title that can absolutely attract you in regardless of its somewhat complex auto mechanics.

This video game is constantly among the top-ranked life simulators (or RPGs generally) on the App Store and also Google Play alike, and also it’s not a surprise why. The video game permits you to take control of a man or women personality (also known as a “Bitizen”) and also lead their lives from the minute they are birthed, right as much as their fatality, and also while doing so, you’ll have the ability to choose their university training course and also methods of work, have them wed the guy or lady of their desires, and also make different choices that might influence their digital lives somehow. (You might intend to hand down this video game if you’re under 17, however, as a result of the fully grown situations that a person can anticipate from a title similar to this.)

For the previous couple of weeks, we have actually been on a regular basis maintaining you in the loophole with each upgrade Candywriter launches for the video game. In this BitLife overview, we’re having a look at variation 1.22, which turned out recently and also presented a range of brand-new attributes. These brand-new attributes, regardless of the apparent back-to-school motif, primarily focus on the work environment, though there’s one cool brand-new mini-game that can be really beneficial when enhancing among the 4 crucial statistics for each and everyBitizen Join us and also take a look at our most current BitLife overview as we have a look whatsoever the brand-new attributes that’s consisted of in the back to institution upgrade (variation 1.22) such as the knowledge test-mini video game, retirement, occupation accumulating, function hrs and also stress and anxiety degrees plus a lot more! So allow’s reach those brand-new attributes and also take a look at them one at a time!

The Intelligence Test Mini-Game: Give Your Bitizens Some Extra Smarts

Unhappy with exactly how your personalities in BitLife aren’t specifically the sharpest devices in the shed right from the outset? The brand-new upgrade, the good news is, has actually made it feasible to boost your Bitizens’ knowledge via the Intelligence Test mini-game. But this will not be your ordinary INTELLIGENCE examination where you are asked inquiries concerning mathematics, English, reasoning, and also figuring out which photo does not belong with the remainder of the team. Instead, you’ll be asked to remember the order in which the 4 tinted squares in the pattern illuminate, and also recreate this right after the video game reveals it to you by touching on the squares in the proper order. The extra patterns you recreate, the greater your rating would certainly be– consider your rating in the mini-game as the matching of a real-life INTELLIGENCE examination rating.
Each square makes an equivalent music note once you touch on them, so you might intend to maintain that in mind too and also ensure you’re playing this mini-game with your earphones on. However, we would certainly suggest taking an additional action in order to guarantee your Bitizen ratings as very as feasible in the Intelligence Test.

bitlife intelligence test mini-game

This additional action, as detailed listed below, would certainly be to open up a data processing application on your computer system– it might be Word, Notepad, or Pages (for Mac customers), or it might at the same time be a note-taking application, however as long as it permits you to kind some message, it needs to function great for you. If you choose the antique means, creating points down on paper might likewise function, though you’ll require to be fast.

Once a tinted square illuminate, kind (or list) the shade’s very first letter (G for environment-friendly, B for blue, Y for yellow, R for red) and also maintain doing this as the pattern obtains longer and also the examination proceeds– you’ll start with 4 tinted squares brightening, adhered to by 5, 6, 7, and more. That indicates if the introductory pattern is environment-friendly, environment-friendly, yellow, blue, you’ll intend to kind something like “GGYB” on words processing/note-taking application, after that prolong it to “GGYBRBB” if the following 3 tinted squares that illuminate are red, blue, and also blue, specifically.

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Take note that a person error on the Intelligence Test will certainly finish it immediately, and also if your Bitizen ratings specifically reduced– state, 80 or reduced– their Smarts stat will generally take a hit. That’s why we highly suggest conserving this examination for any kind of personality with this stat at 50 or much less at the time you’re playing the mini-game. As real-life INTELLIGENCE ratings really, on and off go beyond 200, you would preferably intend to go for a rating of 120 to 200 if you intend to make your Bitizen dramatically smarter, once again, we would not recommend playing the mini-game for a person that isn’t, well, foolish in the in-game globe. There are various other methods for your Bitizens to raise their mind power, so send them to the Library, as an example, if you require a minor increase of Smarts.

You Can Now View Your Bitizens’ Performance Scores At Work

While variation 1.22 of BitLife is referred to as a “back like institution” upgrade, it interests keep in mind that you still can not see exactly how well your Bitizens are performing in institution while they’re still researching. But Candywriter did the following finest point– or something equally as excellent– and also made it feasible for gamers to see exactly how well their personalities are performing in the work environment, must they have permanent work or be offering in the armed force. The video game explains this as a “efficiency rating,” though it’s really extra like a bar that fills out as a staff member does far better at the office– if it’s environment-friendly, that indicates they’re doing rather well, if it’s orange, after that their efficiency is adequate however requires a reasonable little renovation, and also if it’s red, they’re as close as they can reach the joblessness line.

bitlife job performance

This efficiency bar will certainly show up despite the task your Bitizens are functioning or which branch of the army they are offering. However, if you’re aiming to obtain these personalities advertised at their work or eligible for a raising, the most effective point to do is still to maintain selecting the Work Harder alternative, possibly concerning two times or three times a year, till the efficiency bar is entirely filled. Also, ensure that you’re staying clear of any kind of scenarios that can trigger heartache or result in bad wellness– connecting (and also obtaining conditions), entering into quarrels at the bar, and also various other unsafe tasks are still not suggested if you’re pursuing a promo and/or a raising, as these can all jeopardize your efficiency by decreasing your Happiness and also Health statistics.

Retirement Plans– Planning For Your Bitizens’ Golden Years

Once once again, Candywriter did an excellent task– no word play here planned– by enhancing the employment-related auto mechanics of BitLife with the brand-new upgrade. But these brand-new adjustments to the in-game work environment go much past the enhancement of an efficiency bar that allows you maintain more detailed tabs on your Bitizens’ job life.

Back in previous variations of the video game, it was feasible to continue functioning till you’re means previous old age– some playthroughs, actually, just had us obtaining let go when our personalities got to the age of 85 to 90. But with variation 1.22, you can willingly relinquish operate at whenever you desire– that’s right, you can really call it an occupation if you have actually gained millions as a renowned pop celebrity or star, just like several real-life celebs have actually carried out in the past. You can also retire well prior to you must really be retiring– we have not seen if this would certainly raise the possibilities of one obtaining the Lazy bow, however the factor is that retired life is currently a choice at any kind of provided time for usedBitizens However, the most effective alternative is still to wait till you can get a pension plan from your company prior to hanging it up and also delighting in retired life finally. (As a side note, it’s likewise feasible to go back to function also after retiring, must you alter your mind– simply do not anticipate a great deal of readily available work when you’re an in-game senior!)

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One essential point prior to we carry on to a lot more workplace-related adjustments made to the video game– the changelog on the BitLife application summary does state that retirement are readily available for “was worthy of” workers. Indeed, there are a couple of cautions to this brand-new attribute, and also these primarily focus on your Bitizens’ job efficiency. Don’ t anticipate them to be qualified for a pension plan if they aren’t specifically the most effective workers available, specifically if the efficiency bar is constantly red or near to non-existent!

Find The Perfect Job To Apply For With The Job Recruiter

Before the brand-new upgrade, selecting the best task was in some cases an instance of trial-and-error. While there were several noticeable courses for Bitizens not to take, as specific work plainly specified their academic or job needs, there were times when requesting a work could take some uncertainty– as an example, simply exactly how excellent should your Smarts and also Looks be if you intend to use as a Background Vocalist? Are your Looks sufficient for an acting task, or would certainly you be much better fit for job as a Cameraman? Thanks to the Job Recruiter, you can bypass these grey locations and also request a work that you would definitely be gotten based upon your characteristics, with the most effective feasible income too.

bitlife career collecting

Before making use of the Job Recruiter attribute, bear in mind that this will certainly call for a cost (generally concerning $900-$ 1,000) ahead out of your Bitizens’ pockets. And likewise keep in mind that this only aids with task option and also does not really make certain that you’ll be obtaining the task! You’ll still require to address those task meeting inquiries as seriously as feasible– other than, obviously, when the recruiter obtains eccentric and also begins asking you concerning personalities fromThe Office Or Marvel superheroes. Sadly, it’s still a little trial-and-error with these inquiries, though in many cases, you definitely do not intend to pick Dwight as the personality from The Office you associate with one of the most.

Work Hours And Stress Levels

With the brand-new upgrade, you can currently readjust your functioning routine and also handle your stress and anxiety degrees. By clicking the Job tab after that touching on your task’s summary near the top of the display, you will certainly see a couple brand-new choices which you can experiment with– we currently talked about the Retire attribute, so the alternative you’ll intend to most likely to currently would certainly beHours By touching on Hours, you can readjust the variety of hrs you function each week, with the default being 40. However, you’ll likewise require to ensure that your work isn’t emphasizing you out, which is what brings us to the Stress bar currently located in the Schedule tab below your profession.

As you might anticipate, an eco-friendly stress and anxiety bar indicates you’re unwinded essentially at the office, and also if bench is filled right to the center, you’re functioning the perfect variety of hrs each week. If bench transforms orange, you’re experiencing a little work environment stress and anxiety however still a little bit away from getting to emergency, and also if it’s red, you’re practically near to obtaining worn out with your task. Reducing your once a week work can lower some stress and anxiety if bench transforms orange, however keep in mind that there are several, several outdoors elements that can raise your stress and anxiety degrees at job. These all come down to your Happiness and also Health statistics, so if your companion simply left you (hence taking a massive appeal your Happiness) or if you obtained battered after a run-in at the bar (and also decreasing your Health while doing so), you will usually locate points at the office extra difficult, to state little of the decrease in efficiency we cautioned you around previously. Watch a motion picture, most likely to the fitness center (or most likely to the physician if you’re really sick), and/or exercise some reflection so as to get those statistics back up for your Bitizens.

Additionally, there might likewise be times where you will not have any kind of selection however to approve a larger or lighter work, lest you run the risk of an efficiency decrease or even worse, obtaining discharged by your manager. With the brand-new upgrade, your Bitizens’ managers might action in and also ask you to place in extra hrs or function a little much less each week, though the advantage concerning this is that it’s generally momentary– just for a couple of years prior to you can go back to your normal work. As we warned, it’s far better to approve this demand than to deny it if you do not intend to endanger your task safety and security!

Career Collecting And New Job-Specific Scenarios– Never A Dull Moment For Your Bitizens

Aside from the abovementioned brand-new attributes used on the brand-new upgrade, there are various other points that you can expect when it involves job-related auto mechanics in BitLife. As Candywriter clarifies in the changelog, you can currently “accumulate” occupations just like you accumulate bows, which must offer you, partially, even more reward to maintain playing the video game and also finishing even more playthroughs with various kinds of Bitizens, from clever to stupid, fine-looking to hideous, secondary school failures to university grads with differing locations of competence or expertise. In order to accumulate an occupation, you’ll require to function a particular variety of years because particular occupation, so do not go jumping from one task to the following if you’re attempting to accumulate among the 144 readily available in the video game at today. We would certainly suggest giving up the video game and also rebooting if you’re attempting to have your Bitizen function a particular task– some work, such as Singer, Sculptor, and also Actor, to call a pick couple of, do not appear as typically as others, however by rebooting, you will certainly obtain a fresh listing of work to select from.

bitlife career specific scenarios

One various other factor to maintain accumulating work is the intro of “hundreds” of brand-new career-specific situations. For instance, if you’re a star– a Pop Star, Actor, or Porn Star– you might run into a scenario where you will certainly be asked whether you intend to reply to a fellow star that tosses some color at you on social networks, a talk program, or anywhere. As a History Teacher, the video game might ask you exactly how to show your pupils when it involves specific subjects– state, whether you think Christopher Columbus was the very first individual to find America, as we had actually seen in one previous playthrough. And if you pick the Cameraman occupation, you might need to ponder on whether to keep back your sneeze, weep, or go to one more area if you occur to be collaborating with Christian Bale (yes, he of the notorious on-set crisis from numerous years back)– that did occur throughout one more playthrough.

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As you can see, Candywriter has actually included lots of eccentric, amusing, and/or amusing situations many thanks to the brand-new upgrade, and also you’ll need to attempt as several occupations as feasible to experience them all. Some– however not all– of your selections might have an impact on your task efficiency or your Bitizens’ stays in basic, so ensure to pick carefully! (Or do not, if you want to mess around and also maintain points fascinating for your Bitizens.)

Other Changes We have actually Observed

BitLife variation 1.22, as we have actually reviewed, is primarily concerning making your Bitizens smarter (or dumber) and also providing extra adaptability at the office. But with each upgrade comes tiny adjustments to gameplay and also the total customer experience, and also keeping that in mind, we have actually made a pair monitorings concerning specific in-game auto mechanics.

In previous variations of BitLife, it was feasible to obtain a person expectant (or obtain expectant) at a really young age– also at the age of 14, when the video game permits you to begin dating. This would certainly have been feasible by locating a companion, damaging up with them instantly, and also welcoming them over for a booty phone call, which they would clearly require to approve. But provided exactly how adolescent maternity is, whether we like it or otherwise, a really severe real-life subject, the video game shows up to have actually made it difficult (or near to that) to obtain expectant listed below the age of 16.

Speaking of maternity, we saw a substantial uptick in the variety of losing the unborn babies for women Bitizens in the video game– either our very own personalities or their companions. As we see it, the price of losing the unborn babies appears a little bit too expensive for convenience, to ensure that’s something that might or might not be fine-tuned in future updates.

In enhancement to what we have actually observed over, we can not rather validate this yet, however BitLife shows up to have actually fine-tuned its fatality formulas, as it’s currently apparently extra feasible for older Bitizens to unexpectedly pass away (generally a year or more after being detected with an ailment that’s left without treatment) also if their Health is over 70 percent. Again, we can not totally validate this, however it appears extra typical in variation 1.22 based upon our current playthroughs.

Since we do not intend to leave you on such a down note for this approach overview, we have actually seen some fascinating brand-new non-work-related situations– currently, you might be asked if you desire your baby Bitizens to weep, take the product, or just draw it up if their moms and dads will not get them a cookie. And provided exactly how Candywriter can in some cases obtain topical with their recommendations and also concentrate on current viral patterns, we have actually been asked a couple of times in the video game concerning what we assume concerning American ladies’s football gamer Carli Lloyd and also exactly how she’s been kicking basket at an NFL preseason practice.

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