BitLife Baby Mama Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Baby Mama Challenge

Challenges are of the important things that has actually maintained BitLife preferred although it’s been around for nearly 2 years as the leading life simulation ready iphone as well as Android tools. Thanks to the great people at Candywriter, you can currently check your capability to live a life in a particular method by satisfying specific needs in these limited-time occasions. They have actually been around for many months currently, as well as the most recent one need to be a reward for those that are trying to find something a little bit extra, uh, outrageous.

Candywriter understood the most recent BitLife obstacle simply days after turning out variation 1.39, as well as this time around, it’s everything about complying with the mythology of Johnny Spillyourseed, as the video game will favorably inform you. We’re speaking about none apart from the Baby Mama Challenge, as well as while it is rather very easy contrasted to most various other obstacles, you will certainly require to be specifically abundant as well as specifically person, as you’ll require to be a man Bitizen with at the very least 20 better halves as well as 20 children, with each kid birthed to a various partner.

As normal, we’re below to aid every one of you finish the obstacle as promptly as feasible while it’s still live, so look into this BitLife mini-strategy overview if you wish to survive this obstacle as well as finish it quicker instead of later on!

Getting Started– Your Ideal Character Build

As you’ll see in the needs for the Baby Mama obstacle, and also as you might practically think, the very first requirement is one of the most vital, as well as the most basic– you require to be birthed man. This is an obstacle solely for man Bitizens, as well as while it is feasible to finish it while being gay, those that have God Mode might wish to change their personality’s sexuality to Bisexual or Straight for the objectives of this obstacle.

bitlife baby mama challenge requirements

Fertility likewise requires to be established high, as well as while these 2 statistics are mainly optional, you might likewise wish to raise Smarts as well as Looks to 70 as well as above– the previous assists in entering into university as well as obtaining a high-paying task later on, the last makes your personality extra, will we state, dateable. You might require to re-roll a little bit if you’re out God Mode, yet also if you wind up with a gay personality, you can overlook all sexuality-related motivates up until you’re finished with the obstacle.

When it concerns education as well as work, it is still best to pursue a hassle-free scholastic profession as long as feasible, though the vital point below is staying clear of juvie as well as staying clear of needing to obtain a pupil lending in university. Raising 20 children isn’t inexpensive, so you wish to get a scholarship or, at least, have moms and dads that are abundant sufficient to spend for your tuition.

There’s nobody particular training course you need to or need to not take, yet we would certainly recommend something like Economics, Finance, Marketing, Political Science, or anything that would certainly enable you to at some point make around $100,000 a year without needing to take a post-graduate training course.

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For this obstacle, we would really discourage ending up being a well-known celeb– you wish to make sufficient to sustain your super-large family members, yet not prosper sufficient for females to go to capitals when you inquire to authorize a prenup. As we’ll clarify below, prenuptial contracts will certainly come to be really vital as you obtain wed once again, as well as once again, as well as once again up until you finish the obstacle.

Choosing The Right Partners

Once you’re 16, you’ll have the ability to make love to your companions, which’s the earliest factor when you’ll have the ability to have children– in a lot of nations, you can just obtain wed at 18, so the vital point below is weding your very first infant mom (as well as obtaining a part-time task in university) in case of an adolescent maternity. So what do you require to do when trying to find a person to day, as well as at some point wed?

love interest in bitlife

During your education years, you can attempt seeking your women schoolmates or utilizing the Date choice, as well as from the moment you finish university till the age of 39 approximately, the Date choice will certainly become your buddy moving forward, as this permits you to day females as well as watch their standard statistics without needing to pay a charge.

Your finest options below would certainly be a person with high Money as well as reduced Craziness statistics. Low Money as well as high Craziness commonly causes women Bitizens declining to go off contraception as well as declining to authorize prenuptial contracts, so you need to choose the contrary below– if it’s the lady that asks you to authorize the prenup therefore the reality she’s richer than you, that’s simply where you require to be in regards to the Baby Mama obstacle.

how to use the dating app in bitlife

At the age of 40, the Date as well as Hook Up choices will certainly begin producing even more outcomes for older females– females that are sometimes also old to reasonably birth kids, suggesting those that are 50 as well as above. That’s where you can proceed as well as utilize the Dating App, which sets you back $100 per usage. We would certainly recommend looking for females aged 20 to 29, with the revenue at around $58,000 a year, as this reduces the possibilities of winding up with a person with little to no total assets as well as as a result, a better possibility of grumbling when the moment comes for you to make them authorize a prenup.

Propose At The Right Place, Choose A Cheap Wedding Plan, Make Them Sign A Prenup

When speaking about the important things you require to do prior to marrying, you’ll require to pick the appropriate area to recommend– Field of Tulips, Elegant Restaurant, Lighthouse, as well as Mountain are all suggested, though the guideline is to pick an extra-romantic location that will certainly enable you to recommend to your companion without needing to acquire a ring.

proposal in bitlife

Early on in the obstacle, we got rather our share of wedding celebration rings to raise the possibilities of suggesting effectively, so if you must, it’s finest to acquire something in the $10,000 to $20,000 variety, as well as stay clear of the phony fashion jewelry shop in any way prices.

For the wedding celebration strategy, it’s as easy as picking the least expensive one feasible, which immediately suggests deciding on No Honeymoon in the 2nd drop-down box. For the Venue drop-down box, maintain it inexpensive by picking Church, Courthouse, or Family Member’sHouse Weddings at Restaurants, Golf Courses, as well as various other chintzy locations set you back way too much, so do not hesitate to go as inexpensive as the drop-down choices enable you to.

wedding planning in bitlife

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Last, yet not the least is the issue of obtaining your companion to consent to the prenup– once again, they will certainly be likelier to concur if their Craziness is reduced as well as their total assets resembles your own, as well as likelier to differ with high Craziness as well as really reduced (believe $10,000 or much less) total assets. God Mode permits you to control all these variables, yet if you do not have God Mode, it possibly will not injure if you obtain wed a couple of times without a prenup, specifically as soon as you have actually obtained 8 children or even more as well as your financial institution equilibrium has actually been impacted a little bit by dealing with all those children.

Get Married, Have A Kid, Get Divorced, Rinse And Repeat

The primary parts of the Baby Mama obstacle are to be wed at the very least 20 times, contend the very least 20 kids, as well as make certain that each kid is birthed to a various partner. (You can, nonetheless, have greater than one kid with any type of provided partner.) But if you wish to finish the obstacle promptly, you’ll wish to follow this pattern– discover a person to day, recommend to them, obtain wed, contend the very least one youngster, after that obtain separated after the kid is birthed– either by utilizing the Divorce choice in your partner’s sub-menu under Relationships or just by going back to the Love sub-menu under Activities as well as dating a person brand-new. Children substantiated of matrimony likewise count towards conclusion, as long as you at some point obtain wed to the youngster’s mom.

family relationships in bitlife

You might deal with some resistance in the process– apart from turned down prenups, some better halves might reject to quit taking their contraception. If this takes place, simply wait 1 or 2 years after marital relationship as well as they’ll at some point leave the tablet. You can likewise stop as well as reboot if among your kids obtains a serious problem such as cancer cells, yet if they struggle with a small disease at any type of factor, make certain to take them to the physician ASAP. Just to be secure, you desire all those children to make it through up until completion of the obstacle.

exes in bitlife

Basically, you simply require to duplicate the above series of activities at the very least 20 times– this way, there will certainly be a great chance that you’ll have the ability to finish the obstacle prior to the age of 65. And as soon as the obstacle is total, you’ll be enabled to pick a reward upper body as well as unlock a brand-new hat or eyeglasses to contribute to your listing of devices!


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