Little BitLife 1.39 Update Guide: All You Need to Know About Little BitLife Version 1.39

For those that still might not know with Little bitLife, this is a life simulator video game from Candywriter that enables you to produce an online personality, or Bitizen, as well as have them live their finest … or worst lives. Whether your personality remains in college, at the office, or enduring their gold years in retired life, you can make all type of choices for your personality, might they be great ones or poor ones.

And you will certainly intend to make great as well as poor choices alike if you’re attempting to gather among the video game’s lots of bows (representing a specific kind of life lived), in addition to experiment with the expanding variety of occupations that are offered in the in-game globe.

Unlike the majority of the video game’s current updates, variation 1.39 does not included any kind of alternative name, as it is even more of a basic upgrade that does not have a details style. There are, nonetheless, numerous brand-new attributes that have actually been included, with a pair existing ones that have actually been entirely changed as well as reimagined.

Much of these brand-new enhancements have something to do with friends and family communications, yet there are additionally a couple of that will certainly enter into play in regards to education and learning as well as work, as well as additionally on the planet of criminal offense. Those are simply the intros, so if you prepare, join us as we offer our most recent Little bitLife overview as well as damage down every little thing you require to learn about the variation 1.39 upgrade.

Your Loved Ones Now Can Get Sick

In earlier variations of Little bitLife, it was just your personality that can get ill as well as most likely to the physician– there was no details on the wellness of your family and friends, as well as the only time you would certainly understand if they were experiencing any kind of deadly condition is when they would certainly pass away as well as you see their reason of fatality. With variation 1.39, these NPCs currently can get ill too, as well as you currently have the alternative to take them to the health center as well as have them see a physician so you can obtain specific enjoyed ones back to wellness.

taking daughter to the doctor in bitlife

When we claim specific enjoyed ones, however, remember that we are describing your youngsters as well as moms and dads. You will certainly see your brother or sisters, nephews, nieces, as well as buddies get ill periodically when you struck the Age switch, though you will just see the alternative to take a liked one to the physician with your youngsters as well as moms and dads.

There are a couple of points that you need to bear in mind, nonetheless, when it pertains to handling unwell family members. First of all, you will certainly not be instantly be required to an additional home window where you can pick medical professionals. You will, rather, require to by hand touch on the unwell loved one in the Relationships food selection as well as pick the Doctor alternative from there.

constipation in bitlife

You will certainly additionally require to do it fast! During one examination playthrough, our personality’s little girl passed away also if her whooping coughing was healed with a physician’s check out– the important things right here is that she was required to the physician 2 years after being detected.

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Then once more, there are additionally circumstances in which family members’ problems vanish instantly also if you do not take them to the physician as soon as possible. We’re uncertain if this will certainly be taken care of or covered in a later upgrade, yet simply to state, see to it to take your unwell youngsters or moms and dads to the physician ASAP if you see a home window informing you they’re unwell!

God Mode Exclusive– You Can Switch Control To Any Child At Any Point In Your Life

Now this following attribute seems an unique for gamers that have actually bought the God Mode add-on in Little bitLife This add-on, as normal gamers need to understand, enables you to pick your statistics prior to beginning a brand-new life, in addition to modify the statistics of numerous NPCs, might they be member of the family, buddies, schoolmates, or colleagues. Now, it’s obtained a brand-new attribute, which is the capacity to switch over control from your existing personality to that of any one of your youngsters.

According to Candywriter, this is developed to aid you “construct far better traditions,” as well as if you involve think of it, it makes good sense– all frequently, we have actually seen our personalities live to a ripe seniority, to the factor where their youngsters are additionally old guys or ladies with really little else to do in the in-game globe. This can be a particularly obvious concern if the kid you have actually delegated your whole ton of money to in your will certainly does not have youngsters of their very own as well as is also old to have youngsters!

how to switch lives in bitlife

In order to switch over to your kid’s life, just most likely to Relationships as well as faucet on the name of any one of your youngsters– you will certainly after that be asked if you want to switch over to their life or continue with your own. When you decide to switch over, there is no reversing– that suggests when you’re managing your kid, you can not switch over back to your previous life if, as an example, you have actually had them obtain wed and/or have youngsters in order to make certain that the tradition proceeds.

But the advantage right here is that you no more need to provide one hundred percent of your ton of money via the Will as well as Testament attribute as well as run the risk of the rage of your partner or among your various other youngsters. Automatically, that kid whom you’ll be managing will certainly obtain your whole ton of money– that’s whatever remains in the financial institution minus tax obligations, in addition to any kind of homes you might have, presuming that the personality taking control of is of adultness. (Otherwise, vehicles, homes, and so on obtain auctioned off customarily.)

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One catch right here is that when your previous personality passes away, their gravestone will certainly not be consisted of in the Cemetery, as well as you will certainly not get any kind of bows they may have gotten approved for– therefore, those chasing specific bows will certainly intend to regulate their personality from birth to fatality as well as not switch over to their children’s life. Still, this seems like an excellent factor to acquisition God Mode for a marginal one-time-only charge, in addition to all the personalization you were formerly able to do.

What To Expect From The Revamped Arrest System

Thanks to variation 1.39, obtaining jailed for a criminal offense is no more a cut-and-dry event. In the real life, individuals that obtain nailed by the police officers for one violation or an additional do not instantly wind up in the rear of a police wagon prior to dealing with a court as well as obtaining attempted. Of training course, it’s done in the world of opportunity that a suspect might take off the scene of a criminal offense, or maybe attempt to oil those hands by providing a kickback.

And normally, it’s feasible for suspects to attempt to tease with the detaining police officer, in hopes that a person’s sexual magnetism would certainly persuade the lengthy arm of the regulation to allow this pass. Those choices are currently all offered in the brand-new variation of Little bitLife

police arrest in bitlife

With the brand-new upgrade, you will certainly have several choices to select from if you obtain jailed for any kind of crime, with some exemptions that will certainly be described listed below. The most sensible as well as risk-free alternative would certainly be to give up as well as accept the authorities when captured. This selection will certainly constantly be offered, as well as based upon what we have actually seen, you will certainly constantly have a possibility to dash as well as wish you can effectively stay clear of obtaining jailed.

This is where the Professionalism bar will certainly can be found in, as seen on top component of the dialog box for apprehensions. If bench is red or orange, we’re chatting Chief Wiggum or Reno 911-level police– police officers that, preferably, could not also capture a cold. That suggests your opportunities of staying clear of apprehension would certainly be greater if you attempt getting away a police officer with reducedProfessionalism Otherwise, if bench is environment-friendly, these are sincere, diligent policemans that are proficient at their task– it is absolutely not suggested to run in such a circumstance!

The 2 various other options you might enter the apprehension dialog box might differ periodically, yet these consist of approaching the police officer– once more, your opportunities of an effective allurement will certainly depend upon the police’s Professionalism, so this is something best tried when the Professionalism bar is red or orange. You will certainly observe that there is a slider that enables you to pick just how much cash you want to provide as your allurement– bigger quantities indicate a much better opportunity of escaping the criminal offense.

caught by police in bitlife

You can additionally disrespect the police, though this absolutely will not conserve you from obtaining jailed– rather, they might toss an additional juvenile disrespect your method, or even worse, defeat you up if their Professionalism is particularly reduced! Something comparable uses if you attempt teasing with the police– reduced Professionalism can lead to a whipping, yet can additionally indicate you’re fleing scot-free, while high Professionalism suggests there’s no chance they’re taking your lure.

Although the apprehension system has actually been upgraded in variation 1.39, the dialog box still will not show up if you’re an underaged culprit– you will instantly be sent out to juvie for any kind of criminal offenses you’re captured devoting prior to you transform 18. That, also, would certainly hold true if you’re dealing with a life sentence or capital punishment for several murders.

Paternity Tests– A New Downside To Hooking Up

If you’re attempting to obtain that Lustful bow or just attempting to make your personality right into the utmost gamer, there’s a brand-new crease that you’ll require to manage, as well as one that may compel you to reconsider prior to making use of the Hook Up alternative or talking to an arbitrary unfamiliar person at the club.

bitlife paternity test

Prior to the brand-new upgrade, not taking care while attaching just suggested a higher opportunity of obtaining somebody expectant or conceiving, as well as a higher opportunity of acquiring a sexually transferred condition. With variation 1.39, man Bitizens might currently be asked to take a dna paternity examination when a previous connection has a kid!

As we have actually observed, the opportunities of being asked to take a dna paternity examination boost if you, as a man Bitizen, had a kid with the lady you talked to. But the main point in play right here is that you require to have actually talked to that lady, as well as she will certainly require to have a kid a couple of years down the line in order to demand that you obtain that dna paternity examination. And when you see the dialog box educating you that she’s asking you to take the examination, you’ll have 4 options– you can ghost her, consent to take the examination, approve obligation, or refuse to take the examination.

bitlife paternity test result

The most basic– albeit not practical– selection amongst these options would certainly be to ghost your child mother. Nothing will certainly occur initially when you pick this alternative, however at some time, she might begin pestering you once more to take the examination. If you outright decline to take the examination, that may not be also smart either, as one of the most likely end result would certainly be a court-ordered dna paternity examination– declining to take one will certainly lead to you obtaining jailed for ridicule of court, which will, obviously, raise the brand-new apprehension dialog box we reviewed in the earlier idea.

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Agreeing to take the examination, might it be court-ordered or otherwise, will certainly have 2 end results– either you’re the father or otherwise. If it’s located that you’re the papa of your fling’s kid, they will instantly be included in your checklist of youngsters in the Relationships food selection. That will certainly additionally be the end result if you pick the Accept Responsibility alternative. Either method, this will typically indicate difficulty with your companion at the time, so be really mindful if you pick to mess around on your loved one in the Little BitLife world!

New College Majors And Careers Have Been Added

Ever really felt restricted by the options your personalities had for their university education and learning? Have you ever before wanted your Bitizen to take the very same university training course that you did, just to find that it had not been amongst the offered choices in the video game? That occurs to be among the numerous modifications that have actually gotten here on variation 1.39, as Little BitLife currently includes 13 brand-new university majors– Accounting, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Communications, Criminal Justice, Economics, Graphics Design, Journalism, Marketing, Philosophy, Physics, as well as Religious Studies.

journalism course in bitlife

You will certainly observe that a number of these programs are linked to certain occupations that are offered on the Jobs tab, which suggests you might currently require to take a Journalism training course if you intend to be a Writer or a Reporter, or take Criminal Justice if functioning as an authorities investigator interest you.

As you can see, this preferably suggests much less head-scratching occupation options, particularly for NPC family members as well as buddies that, in previous variations, would certainly usually locate job as Dishwashers or Janitors after ending up graduate college or an university training course that preferably need to indicate great deals of far better task possibilities.

carpenter job in bitlife

In enhancement to the brand-new university majors, Candywriter has actually included numerous brand-new occupations to the video game– 10 of them to be certain, particularly Baker, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Casino Worker, Fashion Designer, Horse Jockey, Jeweler, Nail Technician, Private Investigator, as well as Wedding Planner.

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Looking at the freshly included programs, Criminal Justice need to be an appropriate training course for prospective P.I.’s, while Fashion Designer as well as Wedding Planner might incorporate perfectly with several of the formerly offered majors in the video game. All points taken into consideration, this suggests even more range as well as even more collectible things for those gamers that intend to contribute to their in-game success with every brand-new playthrough of the video game.

Other New Features Available In Little BitLife Version 1.39

Moving on the various attributes included as well as various other modifications on variation 1.39, the initial one discussed on the modification log is the alternative to for single pairs to run off. This is a terrific method to stay clear of a variety of different worries in in-game partnerships– rejecting moms and dads, needing to purchase an involvement ring to recommend, needing to intend the wedding event, as well as the opportunity of needing to authorize a prenuptial arrangement.

Successfully bolting with your companion (which calls for both of you to be a minimum of 18 years of ages) gets rid of all this, yet we have actually observed that it’s really, really difficult to persuade companions to run off– it’s often not nearly enough to just see to it that your Relationship bar is complete! Those with God Mode can attempt decreasing their companion’s Willpower stat in order to boost the opportunities of effectively bolting, yet this isn’t assured either to function. Just a note for those preparing to run off– as there are no prenups included, anticipate to shed cash in case you as well as your partner obtain separated!

eloping in bitlife

A couple of updates earlier, Candywriter included the alternative to accent, beginning all Little bitLife gamers out with a set of tones as well as one hat as well as introducing that added headwear as well as glasses can be opened by finishing difficulties. With variation 1.39, it’s not simply your personality that can put on the hat or glasses of their selection, as family and friends participants will certainly additionally have the ability to accent randomly once they get to specific age. We have actually observed that there are a lot of friend/relative NPCs adorning in the video game, though this is something that may be fine-tuned in succeeding updates.

The modification log additionally keeps in mind that gamers need to anticipate “much more madness”– up until now, we have actually seen this reveal via buddies with high Craziness statistics appearing regularly to request recommendations, play tricks, or make welcomes to trios, to name a few “insane” tasks as well as peculiarities. You might additionally see even more antics from companions that have a high Craziness stat– that suggests you need to anticipate even more disloyalty, much more pricey acquisitions behind your back, as well as much more situations that highlight your buddies as well as companions’ “insane” habits!

In enhancement to the previously mentioned brand-new attributes, gamers will certainly once more see the gravestone as the really initial point once their personalities pass away, with choices near the bottom component to move on as well as begin a brand-new life (or have among your youngsters take control of) or reverse the fatality via the $1-per-useTime Machine New gamers will certainly additionally be chatted via the essentials of Little bitLife via an “onboarding circulation,” or short tutorial, while every person will certainly reach see the modification logs each time the video game obtains a brand-new upgrade after beginning it up for the very first time post-update.

Lastly, a minimum of amongst the called attributes, you will certainly see a Back switch under best component of your personality’s logs (right over your personality’s statistics) that enables you to return to the previous food selection you had actually watched.


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