Battle Breakers Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Characters (Tier List)

Battle Breakers is an outstanding gacha RPG produced by Epic Games for Android, iphone, as well as COMPUTER. The video game has complete cross-platform assistance which suggests you reach proceed your progression on any one of your gadgets. You will certainly intend to do that, also, due to the fact that there are many points to do, one tool might not suffice.

The video game is embeded in a globe that has actually been overwhelmed by dark pressures. Most of the populace has actually been caught inside crystals, as well as it depends on you to save them all. We have actually released an in-depth newbie’s overview for Battle Breakers in the past, so if you are simply starting in the video game, after that we suggest you to head over to that write-up for some valuable suggestions as well as techniques.

The trip will certainly be dangerous, yet you will certainly have the aid of different heroes. You can just take 5 of them to fight, so you will certainly require to put together the most effective feasible group out of the hundreds that you can hire. Each hero has his very own collection of abilities as well as features. Deciding which ones to spend your sources in can be tough. If you can not identify that you desire on your group, make certain to have a look at our Battle Breakers tier checklist, as we are mosting likely to display the most effective heroes in the video game!

Best Light Heroes


razor battle breakers

Despite being simply a Very Rare hero, Razor has the possible to come to be an effective AoENuker She is average as a standard hero, yet when you update her to 5 celebrities, she can deal large damages as well as make fast job of any type of challenger many thanks to her Passive as well as Commander abilities that includes much more blades to herCrystal Daggers What’s also much better is that you can farm her fragments from degree 20-8, making her very easy to obtain contrasted to most various other heroes on this checklist.


She is a Super Rare hero that can be updated approximately 6 celebrities. Her easy ability Break Armor permits her to lower adversary DEF by a massive 75% for every single effective crit or block. Since her Commander ability Combat Veteran offers the whole group a 15% increase in block as well as crit possibility, you will certainly be shredding the adversary group effortlessly.


Since she is fairly brand-new, she often tends to be underappreciated. She is a Super Rare container therapist that can additionally give out large damages. Her Commander ability heals for 100% of her ATK after every Reflex Def, making almost difficult to take her down.

Noble Guardian

Another Light hero that’s aggravating to face. He brings back mana to his colleagues permitting them to utilize their abilities quicker. He is additionally a terrific therapist. His Commander ability is among the most effective in the video game, recovering his group for 35% of their max HP while providing a 40% ATK aficionado as well as 200% DEF aficionado for 8 turns.


Another Very Rare hero that can deal large damages. His Piercing Lance I give out 250% ATK to all opponents. It ends up being a lot more effective many thanks to his Passive ability that offers him a 25% rise in ATK while at complete wellness. The just capture below is that he will certainly leave the combat zone for 5 turns while he bills up his lance. Depending on the circumstance, the fight might more than prior to he can also release his ability.

Sun Wukong

The event never ever finishes with this ape on your group. His easy offers him a 15% Double Strike increase for the enjoyable of it. His Commander ability includes an additional 15% Double Strike increase, this moment for the whole group. Team him up with fellow dual demonstrators as well as view your heroes maintain punching.


She is the 3rd Very Rare hero on this checklist as well as potentially among the most effective Supports in the video game. Her Shield of Light enhances her group’s DEF by 100% of her ATK for 3 turns. This impact is increased for heroes on her row. All opponents are additionally blinded for 3 turns, which suggests their Reflex ATK will certainly not be activated. Her Commander ability expands the period of Shield of Light by 4 turns as well as also includes 50% ATK HP regrowth.

Best Dark Heroes

Dreadlord Karne

dreadlord karne battle breakers

He is an additional Very Rare hero whose fragments you can farm. Just struck phase 21-8 till you have sufficient to mobilize him. His Abyssal Gaze deals damages to all opponents as well as substantially lowers their DEF. As a Shadowknight, he has high HP as well as strike development. Unfortunately, he additionally has a substantial 8-turn cooldown as well as a reasonably reduced mana swimming pool. His Commander ability No Hope deals damages to opponents on Dark Terrain, as well as it functions well with his passive.

Cuddle Team Leader

This Super Rare treatment bear offers good AoE damages, yet her stun is where she genuinely radiates. Boogie Combo stuns her target as well as close-by opponents for 3 turns as well as disables their Reflex DEF for the very same period. Her Commander ability is additionally good, recovering the group for 15% of their max HP every 4 shuts off cooldown, as well as 100% every 10 shuts off cooldown. She is excellent for auto-battling throughout tale setting.


Despite having a horrible Commander ability, Zedia is feasible among the most effective feasible heroes to partner withSun Wukong She will certainly strike compatible her colleagues for 3 turns when her Sinister Strikes is energetic. Her Reflex ATK additionally offers her 20% Double Strike possibility. If that’s not nearly enough, her passive makes her comply with up all assaults with a 2nd strike at 50% ATK power.


She is a Super Rare hero that can function well on a Dark component group as her passive immediately wrecks non-Dark surface as well as develops Dark surface on neutral cells. What genuinely makes her radiate, nevertheless, is her Commander ability Harvest Souls as it is among the most effective mana healing abilities in the video game.

Lu Bu

Make this Super Rare hero your Commander as well as your opponents will certainly recognize the definition of discomfort. His Obliterate unique ability offers 250% to 530% ATK depending upon his existing HP. The reduced his wellness, the greater the damages dealt. It additionally recovers him for 20% of the damages dealt. His Commander ability Warlord offers him a 30% increase in ATK, added 40% max HP, as well as 25% Block possibility rise. His passive makes him a lot more savage by enhancing his damages by 20% for 2 assaults after obstructing.


This Super Rare hero concentrates on using surface. Team her up with heroes that produce Dark surface in order to maximizer her capacity. Her easy ability offers her added 3% damages for every energetic Dark surface on the area. Her Commander ability additionally harms all opponents near Dark surface for 100% of her ATK. Her Exploding Palm unique ability offers 200% ATK damages on opponents. When her target passes away, it will certainly take off as well as deal a substantial 400% ATK damages to close-by opponents. This additionally develops Dark surface for 10 turns, making her a lot more effective on the following strike.

Sandor Nighthawk

This man might simply be a Very Rare hero, yet he can permastun employers when they get to listed below 50% HP many thanks to his passive abilityMaim His Special ability additionally stuns opponents for 2 turns as well as lowers their ATK by 25% for 4 turns. Make certain you have nukers on your group to capitalize on the stuns.

Best Water Heroes

Cryosteel Golem

cryosteel golem battle breakers

Very couple of heroes can contrast to this man when it involves infraction. He can alamost permastun employers as well as can offer his group significant lovers. The just drawback to this man is that he is tough to unlock. You can just obtain him by getting to degree 300 in your beast pit, which’s a lengthy means to go.


She is a Super Rare assistance hero whose unique ability revitalizes all dead allies as well as heals living allies for 300% of her ATK. She additionally has a terrific Commander ability that permits her to equip an ally with either raised ATK or DEF, or important surface perk for 10 turns.

Tessa Trueshot

If you have actually reviewed our newbie overview, you would certainly recognize that you can in fact obtain Tessa at the start of the video game. She is actually a Boss Killer as she deals 25% even more damages to employers. Her Commander ability additionally enhances her whole group’s ATK by 20%. She is the most effective starter hero in the video game, so make certain you obtain her!


She might be simply a 5-star hero, yet she can be extremely aggravating when in a group of astonishments. Her easy ability permits her to eat 60 mana when she passes away in order to immediately reanimate. That by itself can be irritating, yet that’s not the finishing touch. Make her a Commander as well as all your opponents will certainly be postponed for 1 turn on every Color Match activity. Throw in a couple of stuns right into the mix as well as your opponents will certainly never ever obtain their turn.


Despite being simply a 5-star hero, Zerous is in fact a terrific astonishment, specifically when violating Fire important heroes. His Special ability Bash has a reduced cooldown as well as stuns its target for 2 turns. The stun period is increased if the target is Fire important. His Commander ability allows the group take in 30% of Water damages got as well as offers a 15% ATK increase for all Water heroes.

Sie Lung

You can almost listen to the Bruce Lee audio results whenever this Super Rare hero utilizes his Hundred Fists unique capacity. Make him the Commander as well as the Hundred Fists will certainly strike all opponents on the combat zone. Team him up with Dan Go to make opponents hemorrhage after every strike.


Remember exactly how excruciating Vera can be after each effective crit? Well toss this lady right into the group for her Relentless Tide as well as you’ll obtain an additional 20% increase in important possibility plus a 20% rise in ATK. She will certainly additionally passively boost her very own crit by 10% for every single standard strike that does not crit. If you have a lot of high cooldown heroes, make her your captain as well as rest them beside her to lower their cooldown.

Best Nature Heroes

Lady Sun

lady sun battle breakers

This Super Rare hero has among the highest possible ATK scores in the video game. That’s why you do not require any type of expensive techniques with her. Use her Hail of Bullets unique ability to make her immediately strike for 203% of her ATK at the beginning of each turn for 5 turns. Since the ability just has a 4-turn cooldown, you’ll prepare to cast it once more by the time its period finishes. Add her Lightning Reflexes passive right into the mix, as well as she’ll be punching the adversary’s lights out in no time at all.

Mobile Battle Suit

If you want a manager awesome to change Tessa on your group, this man is your best option. As a Super Rare system, he has far better statistics thanTessa His Blitzkrieg ability additionally strikes opponents continuously till his mana goes out. Both Commander as well as passive abilities recover mana, permitting him to establish an additional Blitzkrieg on the off possibility that the adversary endures the initial one.

Eternal Protector

This is potentially the most effective container in the video game as that’s all he ever before does. His unique ability develops a bulletproof guard that takes in approximately 450% ATK. While the ability is energetic, he will certainly obstruct all inbound assaults. When utilized as a Commander, he will certainly lower damages gotten for every person on his row by 25%. His easy rises his block possibility each time he falls short to obstruct. If he effectively obstructs, his ATK enhances rather.

Guan Yu

If you require a container that can additionally deal good damages, you might select this man rather. His Rock Form unique ability enhances his DEF by 30% of his ATK as well as it lasts for 5 turns. He has 100% possibility to obstruct when his HP is over 70%, so all you require is a quite constant therapist as well as you would certainly have a person to obstruct assaults constantly.


Since he is simply a Very Rare hero, he is fairly much easier to obtain contrasted to the various other access on the Nature checklist. His unique ability as well as Commander ability both profit the entire group. Power Strike enhances the group’s DEF by 10% of his max HP for the following hit. His Defensive Tactics, on the various other hand, enhances the Block possibility of the group by 20%.


Players that do not such as checking out ability summaries have a tendency to undervalue him, yet essentially, he’s the most effective Nature astonishment there is. He stuns opponents for 3 turns each time he respond to assaults. Since his unique ability sets you back a simple 35 Mana, you will certainly have the ability to cast it commonly, thus assuring counters for the remainder of the fight.

Silent Blade

Since he is a benefit for acquiring the Battle Pass, you may not be inclined to obtain him. If you do hire him, however, he can be incredibly effective in a Nature schedule. His easy ability allows him strike an opponent each time a colleague makes use of a harmful unique ability. The passive is additionally activated if a Nature colleague makes use of any type of unique ability. His Stealth ability enhances his ATK by 75% as well as makes him untargetable for 5 turns. Making Commander will certainly enable him to strike an added target throughout Backstab as well as boost the period of his Stealth by 1 turn.

Best Fire Heroes

Dan Go

dan go battle breakers

We have actually discussed him previously as a great colleague for Sie Lung, yet he’s actually terrific for any type of hero that has multi hits. He might not appear all that excellent as a 5-star hero, once his per-turn problems pile, you will certainly marvel exactly how conveniently he can remove also the most difficult employers.

Fuma Kotaro

Possibly among the most effective choices for Commander on a dual strike group. Hook him up with Sun Wukong as well as various other dual demonstrators for an enjoyable punching event. His Commander ability Ninja clan offers a terrific 25% increase to ATK as well as Max HP to all Assassins, Blademasters, Martial Artists, as well as Ninjas on his group. Most dual demonstrators drop under those courses anyhow, so you should not have issues filling that schedule.

Incarnation of Shiela

This woman can deal large damages to employers with herMeteor Shower On top of that, the ability neglects Reflect, Counter, as well as Intercept, making sure that she strikes her target with no issues. Her easy offers her far better survivability regardless of being a mage supplied there suffice Fire surface to sustain her recover. Her Commander ability makes her a much more powerful awesome, yet you would certainly be losing out on abilities that assist the whole group.

Golem Master Dao

Summoners aren’t also prominent now, yet if you were to perform, after that Dao is your male. His high mana swimming pool permits him to cast Summon Golem numerous times in fight. Golems generate near the target as well as will certainly strike by themselves. When they pass away, they take off, dealing a lot more damages while doing so. Making Dao your Commander will certainly offer his Golems the power to mobilize added Grunts as well as Lesser Demons, thus loading the combat zone with your minions.


Pet combinations are additionally not as prominent currently, yet if you wished to make one of the most out of your family pets, you will certainly require Ember on your group. Her Commander ability as well as unique ability both include animal costs, permitting you to mobilize family pets a great deal quicker. Her passive additionally makes her much more effective for every single Fire hero on the group, so she can deal good damages also without the family pets.

Best Pet Characters

Fierce Cloudpuff

fierce cloudpuff battle breakers

Don’ t allowed the charming name fool you. This little furball is the conserving poise of family pets in this video game. He substantially lowers the adversary’s DEF for 3 turns as well as offers large damages on his very own. He also enters to take the pinch hit among your heroes when his Reflex DEF is activated. If you ever before make a decision to spend sources right into obtaining a pet dog, obtain this man.

Cuddle Cloudpuff

While not as enormous as the Fierce range, this set has terrific recovery powers. When in a pinch, or if you do not have a therapist on your group, you can mobilize him, as well as he will certainly disperse 600% ATK as recovery amongst your most damaged heroes. He will certainly additionally enter as well as take the hit instead of your heroes when his Reflex DEF is activated.

Olympian Cloudpuff

Stuns are constantly welcome to have in your toolbox as well as this man stuns all opponents for 2 turns with his Freeze Bomb ability. The just trouble is his damages. His unique ability just deals a pitiful 10% of his ATK to all opponents.


Even though he is not as valuable as the Cloudpuffs, he can be terrific when utilized at the correct time. Wait till you have one adversary with a solid capacity prior to releasing this little monster.

When it involves setting up the excellent group, understanding your heroes’ staminas as well as weak points is the secret. Make certain you bear in mind whatever you picked up from our Battle Breakers tier checklist when you develop your group! Do you concur with our choices or you favour various other personalities? Let us recognize your ideas in the remark location listed below!

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