Ball Mayhem (Voodoo) Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Outplay Your Opponents

Ball Mayhem is French mobile programmer Voodoo’s newest addicting video game that’s out currently on iphone and also Android systems. The video game is based upon American Football, yet the guidelines have actually been streamlined in order to remain real to the programmer’s brand name of laid-back, bite-sized enjoyable. In Ball Mayhem you are playing as component of a football group. It begins with a dead round where both groups obtain 3 of their gamers to rush for the round. When your group seizes the round, your objective is to take it all the method throughout area. In this write-up we will certainly share some quite trendy Ball Mayhem rips off, suggestions and also techniques, so make certain you continue reading!

Of training course, if the opposing group gets the round, you will certainly need to tackle them to the ground and also take the round on your own. There are no designated placements in this video game. Your personality’s function modifications relying on that is holding the round. If you discover on your own battling to rack up goals, simply utilize our Ball Mayhem rips off, suggestions and also techniques listed below!

1. Know Your Role

ball mayhem voodoo cheats

As we pointed out above, your personality’s function modifications relying on that is holding the round. If you have the round, your work is to take it throughout area by whatever indicates essential. Unfortunately, you will certainly not have the ability to run plays or come on this video game. You will certainly need to go to the objective line on your own. If a colleague obtains the round rather, your work is to safeguard him whatever. That indicates pressing opposing gamers off the beaten track and also obstructing them to guarantee your colleague does not obtain dealt with. Finally, if the challenger obtains the round, your work is to ram right into them as tough as you can in order to swipe the round.

2. Master The Sudden Movements

When you have the round, you will certainly require to relocate promptly, yet never ever in a straight line. Make certain you consist of abrupt side activities, and also also the periodic backstep, in order to discover a clear course in the direction of the objective line. Do not trouble attempting to go head to head with one more gamer while the round remains in your hands as you will certainly probably wind up shedding it.

You might likewise wish to go for the edges as opposed to the facility of the objective line. Doing so will certainly make it less complicated to stay clear of the opposing gamers. Don’ t fear since there are no kicks at the objective after a goal, so it does not matter where you wind up as long as you make it throughout of the area.

3. Losing Possession Has Benefits

Do not stress if you shed the round as it can have its very own advantages. It is very not likely that you will certainly make it to the objective in a solitary run anyhow. The excellent information is that your personality in fact relocates much faster when you do not have the round with you. Use this included movement to discover a calculated setting prior to attempting to obtain the round back.

As an included reward, your personality can address max rate if he does not have the round. You will certainly recognize if your personality has actually gotten to the optimum rate if he has a route of fire behind him. This a great way to overtake a challenger that has belongings of the round. You can likewise utilize it to deal with challengers to oblivion!

4. Never Go Out Of Bounds

ball mayhem voodoo tips

One point you need to bear in mind is that the video game will certainly maintain going also if you head out of bounds. What’s even worse is that you will immediately falter on the ground when you leave the area, making it simple for your challengers to select it up. Pay attention to where you are headed when you have the round to stay clear of shedding it on a ridiculous blunder. Of training course, if you do not have the round, you are complimentary to head out of bounds as long as you desire.

5. Customize Your Game

Ball Mayhem supplies a great deal of modification choices. You can transform the attires, the round, the objectives, and also the plays. You can also open amusing little dancing relocates that your personalities will certainly do when they rack up a goal. Individual gamer designs can be acquired at 200 rubies each. The remainder of the modification choices, nonetheless, will certainly need to be opened by achieving various jobs. We have actually noted them all listed below to aid you get to every one of the modifications readily available.


Blue Plaid— Get to the Silver ranking by getting to degree 4
White— Get to the Gold ranking by getting to degree 7
Leopard Print— Get to the Platinum ranking by getting to degree 10
Gray Camo Print— Get to the Diamond ranking by getting to degree 13
Green Camo Print— Get to the Challenger ranking by getting to degree 16
Blue Camo Print— Get to the Champion ranking by getting to degree 19
Forest Green Uniform— Run 1,000 lawns throughout numerous video games
Gray Uniform— Run 2,500 lawns throughout numerous video games
Red with White Stars— Run 12,500 lawns throughout numerous video games
Purple Uniform— Tackle an overall of 100 challengers
Turquoise Uniform— Tackle an overall of 500 challengers
Black with White Stars— Tackle an overall of 1,000 challengers
Green Plaid— Win 15 video games
Black— Win 50 video games
Tiger Stripes— Win 100 video games
Red Plaid— Your personality ratings a goal throughout overtime
American Flag— Collect 200 rubies


The Bounce— Log right into the video game and also bet 2 days. It does not need to be successive.
Yeet— Log right into the video game and also bet 4 days.
Flamenco Boob Shake— Log right into the video game and also bet 7 days.
Soulja Boy— Score 10 goals
Chicken Dance— Score 100 goals
Limbo— Score 200 goals


Barrel— Steal the round 10 times
Cheese Wheel— Steal the round 50 times
Bomb— Steal the round 150 times
Watermelon— Score 8 goals in a solitary video game
Eggplant— Play 5 video games in overall
Hot Dog— Play 25 video games in overall
Popcorn— Play 100 video games in overall
Treasure Box— Hold the round for an overall of 80 secs

American football is not a simple sporting activity to play, yet with the aid of our Ball Mayhem rips off, suggestions and also tips, you will certainly be racking up goals like a professional! If you have anything to include, do not hesitate to drop us a line in the remarks!

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