Aura Kingdom 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Jumpstart Your Adventure

Taiwan- based X-Legend Entertainment Co,Ltd has actually remained in the pc gaming market because 2002 as well as has actually developed itself as a leading company of top quality anime-styled MMORPGs. The firm is best recognized for establishing Aura Kingdom, which was released back in 2013, as well as made its launching on mobile in 2018. While both COMPUTER as well as mobile manifestations of Aura Kingdom were mostly effective, MMORPG fanatics after that as well as currently, specifically followers of the franchise business will certainly most absolutely remain in for a reward with the launch of Aura Kingdom 2.

Aura Kingdom 2 takes you back to the dream globe of Azuria as you tackle the function of Envoy of Gaia, entrusted to secure the globe from the intruding darkness. While there are additionally numerous various other Envoys of Gaia on the planet, some pursuits you take as well as trips took a trip are done without any kind of aid from them however not totally by yourself too. As you remain to collect even more toughness to get over the obstacles in advance as well as conserve Azuria, you will certainly have the help of buddies called Eidolons that expand as well as establish like you do each action of the means.

aura kingdom 2 strategies

The video game might appear frustrating initially glimpse offered the grandeur of its globe as well as the top quality of graphics as well as total layout that it consists of. However, a fast study it will certainly expose simply exactly how instinctive the control styles as well as format are. Beyond that, Aura Kingdom 2 features a car course as well as vehicle fight attribute just like many modern-day mobile MMORPGs making it really simple to grab as well as play also for full newbies. Aura Kingdom 2 does have a huge selection of material as well as in-game attributes however past the fast overview on every very first circumstances of a newly-unlocked auto mechanics, there are countless integrated attributes that make it simple to browse via every one too.

In fact, you can constantly make progression no matter just how you pick to invest your time within the globe of Aura Kingdom 2. If you come across an unsurpassable obstacle or merely desire an extra effective technique in the direction of levelling up as well as collecting power, after that stick with us as well as look into our Aura Kingdom 2 ideas, cheats as well as techniques listed below! We are certain, that our detailed novice’s overview for Aura Kingdom 2 will certainly aid you to start your journey.

1. Choose The Class That Suits You

While there were substantially extra courses to pick from in the previous installations of Aura Kingdom, Aura Kingdom 2 presently holds just 4 unique courses to pick from. The numbers might fade in contrast with various other mobile MMORPGs on the market too, however every one is filled with countless capabilities as well as have distinct modern growth courses that supply even more deepness than many video games on the market.

The 4 courses in mood Kingdom 2 are Shinobi, Dragoon, Elementalist, as well asNymph Each one births a name that is unusual in the MMORPG globe however have freely comparable qualities to traditional courses RPG fanatics recognize with. For overall newbies, we will certainly be offering a quick review of every one’s toughness as well as restrictions.

aura kingdom 2 classes

The Shinobi has high strike worths however its unique benefit depends on its essential price. Much like assassins in various other RPGs, the Shinobi does not require precision, as damages dealt does not depend on it as well as rather count on chance that has actually been increased by essential price. The shinobi stands as the leading melee DPS in the video game.

The Dragoon might appear to show the greatest strike worth in the personality option display however in fact drags some courses regarding dealing damages to teams of opponents is worried. The Dragoon’s toughness depends on his protective toughness as he has the greatest protection as well as HP statistics amongst all the existing courses. As such, he is one of the most appropriate storage tank in group pursuits as well as obstacles.

Like mages as well as sorcerers in traditional RPGs, the Elementalist stand as the leading AoE damage-dealer amongst all 4 courses. Although the Elementalist’s raw damages outcome might not match any individual else’s on a per opponent basis, the included control results like stun provide the function a high worth versus crowd control. With the lack of a complete assistance course in the video game too, the Elementalist additionally has recovery capacities including even more to his/her worth in interplay.

Last, however certainly not the least, is the female-exclusive Nymph, which is the course matching of archers as well as rangers in traditional requirements. Simply sufficient, Nymphs show high strike worths as well as essential prices making them the most effective varied DPS in the lineup of courses. Although not so high up on protective statistics like the Shinobi as well as Elementalist, Nymphs are nimble as well as has much better opportunities than many to escape strikes.

Now, the penultimate inquiry that exists at the beginning of every MMORPG journey features recognizing which one is the most effective course. Most specifically for full newbies, it prevails to wish to play as what other individuals regard is the greatest course instead of opting for what fits their preference as well as choices.

Given the functions that each course plays in group pursuits in addition to every one’s play design on solo goals, what would certainly matter extra is in fact just how comfy you will certainly go to dealing with the course with its toughness as well as restrictions completely. As a willpower, for that reason, the most effective course in Aura Kingdom 2, just like any kind of RPG, is the course that functions finest for you.

2. Follow The Main Quest Line

Despite the development in attributes as well as video game settings that modern-day MMORPGs usually show, the video game’s tale, which unwinds as well as establishes as you advance via the major pursuit line, functions as its crucial facet. Similarly, Aura Kingdom 2 has an immersive story that matches the vibrancy as well as appealing charm of the dream globe that it has actually developed. Beyond being presented to the globe’s tradition as well as the growth of your function within it, the major tale functions as your secret to comprehending all the fundamental understanding you will certainly require on your trip.

aura kingdom 2 main quest

On the sensible side of points, finishing major pursuits as well as advancing on the video game’s tale is vital to opening every one of the video game’s attributes as well as video game settings. As every one supplies added methods of getting even more sources to enhance your hero, opening each video game setting as well as partaking in them asap is essential. Beyond that, each major pursuit achieved offers EXP as well as incentives every action of the means as well as these frequently consist of the equipments as well as fundamental sources you require to come to be more powerful.

As high as grinding as well as farming crowds throughout different locations in the video game has actually come to be a staple task in traditional RPGs, the exact same does not give as much EXP as well as sources as you can acquire from completing pursuits. As such, what you ought to largely concentrate on in Aura Kingdom 2 is to finish major pursuits as high as you can as well as just consider partaking in various other tasks when you can no more progress in the tale due to a challenging obstacle or a degree need that avoids you from doing so.

3. Strengthen Your Gears Whenever Possible

While levelling up instantly enhances your statistics as well as make you more powerful, a huge piece of what makes every personality various throughout several customers originate from the equipments they have. As equipments mostly add to your hero’s development in power, often tending to them as well as doing as high as you can to make sure that each item you carry goes to their finest variation comes as an all-natural requirement.

There are numerous methods Aura Kingdom 2. Usually, the fastest means is via the yellow “Power Up” symbol that shows up on the top left side of your display whenever there are offered upgrade or improvement choices you can do. In basic, nonetheless, many attributes can be accessed through the major food selection symbol at the top right edge of the display. Once you click it, you can access your equipments via either the thing or tools symbols on the left side of the food selection home window.

how to enhance gear in aura kingdom 2

The many fundamental improvement approach is stronghold as well as it degrees up an equipment item of your option as much as a particular degree based upon its quality. You just require Mana Crystals as well as some coins for each and every stronghold. While limit stronghold degree might be difficult to establish initially, the real degree of the tools in fact reveals its max stronghold capability.

After advancing even more in regards to personality degree, you will certainly have the ability to decorate treasures right into each tool. Inlaid treasures as well as stronghold degrees from substandard equipments can additionally be moved to the ones you have actually geared up through the acquire alternative. This attribute needs to make it to ensure that you need not stress much regarding buying a certain equipment.

There are still a variety of unlockable improvement choices offered for each and every item of equipment you have. While it might spend some time for you to be able to gain access to all these attributes, what matters extra specifically beforehand is that you increase your power as high as you require to so you can advance via the video game as high as you can.

It is considered that you will certainly not have adequate sources to max out stronghold degrees of each tools you have. In this situation, make sure to take an excellent take a look at every one as well as spend extra on duty that give you the statistics you require. For instance, if you seem like you require extra strike power, after that invest extra on strengthening your tool.

4. Be Selective When Upgrading Your Skills

There are presently 9 abilities that your hero can find out in Aura Kingdom 2 however just 5 of these abilities can be utilized concurrently in battle. Each one can have enhanced results based upon the proficiency degree as well as the proficiency degree can be elevated making use of ability publications as well as some coins. Initially, you will certainly have an excellent supply of ability publications from major pursuit incentives, dungeon runs, as well as unique occasions however quickly sufficient, you will certainly be requiring a whole lot even more of it.

how to upgrade skills in aura kingdom 2

If you count greatly on vehicle fight, after that it would certainly be rather appropriate to level up each geared up ability similarly. Once you get to degree 35, however, a 6th ability will certainly be opened as well as considered that you can just gear up 5, one ability that you invested ability publications on will certainly be benched as well as possibly will not be utilized for some time. With this, in addition to even more abilities ahead your means, it is essential to be careful when it come to the abilities you update beforehand.

In line with abilities as well as the ones you like to make use of, pick to assign skill factors according to ability use. Be certain to go through each symbol you see within the skill web page as well as establish the nodes you wish to open as well as update prior to investing factors. For currently, resetting ability factors does not sustain fees or expenses however probably at a later factor in your progression, it can birth some. In any kind of situation, it is essential to comprehend just how to make one of the most out of assigning skill factors, specifically because each factor used up will certainly produce various outcomes on the influenced abilities.

5. Level Up Your Eidolons Wisely

One of the attributes that establish Aura Kingdom 2, in addition to its various other manifestations, from all various other MMORPGs is its eidolon system. Instead of the normal adorable as well as snuggly family pets that are shown as a buddy in various other RPGs, eidolons in fact function extra like having your very own celebration of buddies to join you in your journey beyond group fights as well as group dungeons.

how to level up eidolons in aura kingdom 2

There are different methods of getting eidolons as well as there are greater than 40 distinct personalities to accumulate. You can, nonetheless, just release a group of 5 eidolons as well as see just one of them in battle. The major eidolon can utilize his/her best ability in addition to striking opponents. In this feeling, it is essential to pick from amongst your collection of eidolons, which ones to take into consideration as participants of your team, as well as which from amongst them takes the prime place.

To start, each eidolon in your collection can be strengthened making use of Eidolon EXP dirt, pieces, or crystals. They can get to an optimum degree equivalent to your hero as well as each ranking up additionally has a matching increase to statistics. You can communicate with each eidolon to enhance their fondness. If there is an enigma over them you can touch on it as well as they will certainly ask you 3 concerns that can enhance fondness if responded to appropriately.

There are additionally some products you can provide an eidolon to enhance fondness. Take note that a rise in fondness at particular factors will certainly enhance the eidolon’s statistics as well as can additionally open titles that give you incentives when geared up.

6. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, partnerships, clans, intrigues, as well as different similarly-themed gamer teams are a vital part of every MMORPG in addition to some video game styles that supply participating gameplay. While gamers can easily take pleasure in these video games totally by themselves, some material are specifically offered for participants of guilds or are a whole lot less complicated to complete with a routine collection of gamers as celebration participants. As such, every video game that has these systems do not leave the inquiry of whether you ought to sign up with one as the solution constantly stand to be in the affirmative.

aura kingdom 2 guild

In Aura Kingdom 2, you will promptly open the capability to seek as well as sign up with a guild beforehand, probably after a number of hrs right into your journey. On brand-new web servers, you will generally see a great deal of guilds with openings so the most effective means to pick from amongst them is to make an application for those that currently have a great deal of participants. Although it will certainly be testing to uncover simply exactly how energetic a guild is prior to you join them, a minimum of financial on numbers as a component of the guild’s total toughness as well as activity leaves you something to choose.

As quickly as you are approved right into a guild, you can currently enjoy a fast as well as uncomplicated incentive by finalizing in. Be certain to constantly inspect the everyday tab as there are different jobs that supply blue rubies as incentives for their conclusion. Take on the guild pursuit every day too to gain some guild task factors that add to establishing the guild as well as making you ideal incentives too. You can make a great deal of pals from within your guild as well as having sufficient will certainly aid you carry out much better in some dungeons so do not avoid sending them welcomes as well as approving the exact same from fellow guild participants.

7. Maximize Activities On Daily Events

Like all various other modern-day RPGs, Aura Kingdom 2 supplies a huge selection of material that you can enjoy in addition to the tale pursuits that you participate in at the beginning of your journey. These can all be accessed through the “Event” symbol at the top ideal side of the display. There are some occasions that need you to be in an event however most can be achieved by yourself. Be certain to use up every effort you have in these occasions as every one supplies incentives that can greatly enhance you EXP as well as progression.

aura kingdom 2 daily events

Commission Quests, Bounties, as well as Merc Quests are amongst the simplest to complete as well as will mostly supply really little obstacle to do so, conserve for the pursuits within the bounties that does not entail mob-hunting. In any kind of situation, you ought to attempt as well as be performed with these brief as well as straightforward pursuits beforehand as the incentives you acquire from them will certainly aid you with various other pursuits.

Dungeons, Event Tower, as well as Party Quest either permit or need you to be in an event to take the obstacle on. These video game settings supply incentives that are challenging to ranch anywhere else so make sure to take part in every one each day as well as obtain as numerous incentives as you can.

The field, as daunting as it appears, is not a real-time PvP video game setting. Tou can pick from amongst a choose variety of challengers to test as well as will certainly have the ability to see every one’s power to contrast it with your own. Although some might have greater power than you, you can make use of hand-operated play to your benefit so obstacle challengers as sometimes as you can to gain incentives absed on your ranking the complying with day.

8. Update Records In The Book Of Ramayan

Aura Kingdom 2 holds a compendium that tape-records all the opponents you have actually run into as well as beat within its globe. The Book of Ramayan stands not simply a collection of the opponents’ pictures however additionally aid enhance your statistics gradually.

aura kingdom 2 book of ramayan

As you uncover as well as beat even more opponents, you can tape them in the Book of Ramayan to gain stat increases. You can also level up the benefits you get from guide by beating much more opponents of the exact same kind.

Beyond the stat improves that you can level up based upon the variety of opponents you have actually beat, finishing the collection to a particular percent additionally makes you blue rubies. Given that blue rubies act as superior money on the planet of Aura Kingdom 2, every possibility to gain cost-free ones ought to not be missed out on.

9. Accomplish Achievements To Earn More Rewards

Although Aurta Kingdom 2 currently offers lots of instantaneous incentives through all task you take part in, extra can also be gained about just how much you complete. Under the pursuit symbol of the major food selection, you can see the success symbol, which when clicked, offers a vast checklist of accomplishments for you to complete to gain additional blue rubies.

how to earn more rewards in aura kingdom 2

Note that all the purposes outlined within each tab of the accomplishments web page enter line with all the acticities you require to participate in to advance in your journey. Progression within the major tale, dungeon runs, PvP tasks, Eidolon monitoring, personality improvement developments, as well as also laid-back life tasks all add to your total progression right here. On top of declaring incentives for the accomplishments you have actually currently accomplished, make sure to spend some time to check out the remainder of the targets that you might have the ability to safeguard quicker than others. On top of the cost-free blue rubies, your total development within the accomplishments web page give stat incentives based upon your ranking.

10. Take Advantage Of Special Events

Aura Kingdom 2 additionally sporting activities a wide range of unique as well as time-limited occasions that can greatly enhance your progression specifically on your first study the video game. These can be located within the “Gift” symbol you can discover on top of the major display.

aura kingdom 2 special events

There are numerous symbols within this food selection so make sure to inspect every one out many specifically the 7-Day Courses Strive to complete the purposes established right here, which are significantly according to the normal tasks you participate in as you play the video game. There are numerous beneficial incentives to gain that will substantially enhance your development.

11. Always Check Your Inventory

There are absolutely a great deal of products as well as sources to gain as you make your progression via the globe of Aura Kingdom 2. While some products are totally all set to be utilized as equipments or as upgrade products, some products come packaged within a breast or two as well as you will certainly require to open them to reveal real incentives.

aura kingdom 2 inventory

By clicking the thing symbol within the major food selection, you will certainly exist with a collection of tabs that classify every little thing within your online bag. Under the thing tab, you ought to take into consideration to touch on breasts or various other bundles as well as click the “usage” switch to open up every one up as well as expose the incentives inside. It is constantly much better to do this quicker than later on as the breasts might have equipments or various other products that can enhance your power.

In enhancement to opening up these breasts, require time to check out your products to get understanding regarding what every one can do. It is mostly feasible too that you might have ignored particular facets of the video game as well as analysis via a product’s summary will certainly advise you of it.

12. Explore The Continent In Your Free Time

Although there is a huge selection of tasks to participate in as you proceed your journey in Aura Kingdom 2, just the minimal degree demands disallow you from proceeding with the major pursuit just like efforts hold you back from investing even more time on everyday pursuits. If completing all your everyday accomplishments still does not satisfy your crave even more journey, after that make sure to check out even more of the undiscovered areas within the video game’s globe.

aura kingdom 2 map exploration

You can touch on the map symbol simply listed below the major food selection switch as well as you will certainly see the entire map together with NPCs you can consult with as well as crowd areas you can hang out grinding on. You can additionally touch on the continent symbol at the top left edge of the map home window as well as transfer to some areas you have actually never ever remained in previously.

The video game absolutely holds even more attributes as well as keys we have yet to uncover however taking into consideration every little thing, this is where we finish our Aura Kingdom 2 novice’s overview. We absolutely really hope that you found something brand-new as well as valuable after reviewing our overview which you have actually appreciated all what we shared. If you have actually played the video game sufficient to uncover your really own ideas or techniques, we significantly welcome as well as value reading about them!

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