Aura Fantasy Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and also Raise Your Battle Rating Fast

VNG Game Publishing is a Vietnamese video game programmer and also author that has actually gotten in the mobile video gaming sector in 2015. While several of the video games they created have actually not been launched in the worldwide market, the firm has actually released numerous famous mobile video game titles for their launch inVietnam Among the leading video games released by VNG Game Publishing we can locate CrossFire: Legends and also PUBG Mobile VN.

Aura Fantasy is a brand-new Idle RPG created by Rastar Games and also released by VNGGame Publishing Although there are various various other still RPGs in the mobile video gaming field, Aura Fantasy warranties to supply lots of gameplay technicians and also functions that have actually not been seen prior to in the style. Aura Fantasy fixate gaining experience factors and also sources also while you get on AFK condition or perhaps completely offline although there are lots of video game settings to take part in and also check out whenever you have even more time on your hands.

Over- the-top anime-style graphics and also a captivating actors of voice stars include in the complete immersion that the video game provides. If you are presently in the search for a still RPG where also a restricted time to grind will certainly make you advance relatively with the video game, after that make certain to examine Aura Fantasy out.

Collect and also take command of numerous heroes and also release a triad of them to take numerous obstacles on the planet ofAura Fantasy As an as soon as serene land that has actually come to be tormented by darkness and also desolation, the job of clearing its islands of monsters and also satanic forces exist with you and also your group of heroes. As you press ahead with your trip, you will certainly collect toughness and also sources every action of the method as increasingly more of the dream globe’s heroes join your rankings.

aura fantasy strategies

Between the journey developments, there is time to utilize the intel you have actually accumulated to take place pursuits and also check out dungeons to more enhance your group. Completely lacking any type of delimiting course in the direction of direct development, you can quite advance at a rate you pick and also wallow right into various other tasks as high as you please.

As there might be strange functions and also technicians in Aura Fantasy you require to be accustomed to no matter if you are an overall rookie or if you have experience with comparable video games, the tutorial that strolls you with the preliminary phases of the video game will certainly be a great deal of aid. You should, nevertheless, check out whatever that is being discussed in the tutorials else check out the aid area marked by a “?” on numerous in-game food selections and also home windows.

Overall, Aura Fantasy, similar to various other still RPGs, hold a little bit even more intricacy than various other still video games yet with the in-game aid areas and also indications that direct you each action of the method makes it a great deal simpler. If you locate on your own embeded a certain manager fight that prevents your journey progression and also really feel that you are hanging back regarding degree and also CP development of your heroes are worried, after that make certain to review your our Aura Fantasy novice’s overview. Our collection of suggestions, cheats and also methods will absolutely aid enhancing your development in the video game.

1. Push To Move Forward In Battle

As you study the globe of Aura Fantasy, Your released heroes will regularly be participating in relentless fights on a provided phase. Depending on the phase, you will certainly remain to gain gold, experience factors, and also intel per min which you can see at the top left side of the display. As you relocate better with phases, these quantities will certainly enhance yet to do so, you should have the ability to beat a manager on each phase. Beating a manager will certainly relocate you better throughout the map you can see on the display and also each success will certainly net you some experience publications you require to level up your heroes.

how to win more battles in aura fantasy

As manager fights expand even more difficult as you relocate from one phase to one more, do not be prevented if you shed later. The just charge for being beat by a manager is in fact being stuck on that particular phase for the mean time and also minority secs it requires to in fact experience the fight. In any type of situation, press regarding you can go and also as soon as beat, you can opt for the fast fight by clicking it under left of the fight scene and also gain 2 hours-worth of the work. As you can just use this function as soon as each day, make certain to utilize it sensibly and also wait on the farthest location you can get to within the day. As much as pressing past in charge fight you might not defeat previously, this would certainly currently be the moment to invest in some upgrades for your group of heroes.

2. Selectively Upgrade Your Heroes

Just a couple of mins within your study Aura Fantasy, you will certainly currently have a complete group of heroes to fight with the journey and also the prompt video game settings you open. Although the beginning heroes might be much from the most effective options you will certainly have as soon as you safeguard extra ones, updating each of them can aid you survive the beginning up until you acquire much better heroes.

how to upgrade heroes in aura fantasy

As anticipated, you will certainly be beginning with 1-star heroes for the preliminary stage of the trip and also as you gain extra treasures to mobilize extra from the pub, you can acquire 2 or perhaps 3-star heroes that come off with far better statistics. With this in mind, you ought to understand all source you buy each hero and also although you can in fact curtail the upgrades on each hero you have actually bought, Recall Scrolls that are required to do so sets you back 50 treasures from the store. Given the restrictions of every source you have and also require to update heroes, make certain to invest these products reasonably and also simply sufficient to surpass a details target. Most specifically when you are close to having the ability to mobilize much better heroes, it would certainly be best to conserve the extra restricted essential demands for each and every upgrade alternative.

First off, you will certainly require EXP publications to level up each personality and also once they get to a degree cap, you will certainly to eat course details symbols to advertise them, open a brand-new ability, and also increase their degree cap. EXP publications can be gotten from manager fights pursuits, elysia, patrols, and also the store while symbols are offered in the very same resources conserve the journey manager fights. Keep in mind that the even more promos you have a personality experience indicates the much less symbols and also EXP publications you will certainly conserve for possibly much better personalities that might quickly come your method.

As mobilizing heroes from the pub might not constantly award you with heroes and also rather provide you fragments for arbitrary heroes, bear in mind that these fragments are required to stir up each hero. A hero with a 1-star ranking will certainly need 40 fragments to be stired up to a 2-star hero and more. In significance, each hero you have in your lineup has prospective to be a 6-star one offered that you gain the required quantity of fragments for each and every awakening and also considered that mobilizing heroes calls for treasures which are exceptional money, it is recommended to count on the greater star-ranked heroes you acquire as they will certainly need much less financial investment to stir up.

As much as tools and also runes enter Aura Fantasy, you can openly gear up and also get rid of equipments from personalities and also change them over to others any time. This indicates that there is no requirement to stress over the financial investments you make in developing and also furnishing runes in addition to updating particular equipments for personalities you might just be borrowing.

3. Form A Balanced Team Of Heroes

Like all various other team-based RPGs, Aura Fantasy works with the very same principle of locating a great group that mixes well with each other as opposed to simply blending with each other the ones with the greatest fight ranking or rarity without factor to consider for harmony. Squads you develop will certainly be made up of 3 participants and also together, there are 3 various courses of heroes offered in the video game. In significance, this ought to make it simpler for you to choose just how to develop your team and also having a storage tank, a DPS, and also an assistance personality ought to be the standard and also reliable method to go.

how to form a balanced team in aura fantasy

On the personality display which you can access by touching on the personality symbol at the end of the display, you can click the development switch at the reduced left side of the web page and also faucet on the corresponding switches to see which of your personalities drop under which group. It might occur that you might not have a hero for each and every standard group yet make certain to examine all the same and also create the most effective group structure feasible.

Under each group, you will certainly additionally see heroes you have actually not gotten yet and also the corresponding variety of fragments you have actually accumulated for them. You might wish to bear in mind of the heroes you are close to acquiring as these might be unique situations that would certainly provide you a factor to check out the store frequently to attempt and also acquire their fragments.

4. Spend Your Earned Intel On Quests

While remaining AFK on a certain location regularly grinds experience factors for your account and also makes you gold and also intel, the intel you remain to gain in fact works as the critical product amongst the 3 that opens up doors in the direction of more development in the video game, specifically if you are stuck at that degree and also incapable to beat in charge to move on. The intel you gain is largely made use of to invest in pursuits that gain you a wide range of important sources with uncommon tools and also promo symbols being one of the most important loots. Each bounty pursuit provides an ensured collection of benefits for conclusion in addition to prospective decreases from depository and also various other loot resources on each map.

how to spend intel in aura fantasy

For beginners, take note of the intel quantity cap you can gain at the top left side of the fight display as remaining to fight while it is topped will certainly be a waste of it. As you get to greater degrees, the cap will certainly additionally enhance yet early, make it a practice to attempt and also diminish it as high as you can previously leaving the video game specifically if you will certainly be away for a long period of time.

One crucial information to think about when it come to pursuits is that these pursuits are classified by trouble degrees as shown by the variety of celebrities designated to each one. You can see this at the trouble fall listing and also you can additionally pick greater trouble pursuits where suggested BRs are additionally shown. Note that greater trouble degree bounty pursuits supply much better benefits yet if you rarely fulfill the suggested BR, after that you might not have the ability to finish the job as quickly or fall short in the pursuit entirely.

Another crucial element of bounty pursuits you require to bear in mind is that each map is made up of several areas split with websites. It might occur that you can finish the bounty on the very first location and also have the ability to send it outright to gain the pursuit benefits and also leave out of the pursuit map. It is, nevertheless, suggested to check out the entire pursuit map up until you have actually revealed and also recovered all prizes that can be located.

Likewise, some bottom lines on the map deal selection decisions and also it will certainly be necessary for you to check out the offered options. For one of the most component, the relatively extra frustrating choice is the selection that provides much better benefits. Exploring the pursuit map will certainly not easily diminish products or SP yet each fight you take part in does. Although you will certainly probably have ample SP to finish the map and also collect all prizes from it, there will certainly be surprise circumstances when you would certainly need to pick sensibly on each activity you take as your SP will certainly go out prior to you can catch all the prizes in it.

5. Expend Daily Attempts In The Arena

aura fantasy arena battle

The field is the computerized PvP setting of Aura Fantasy and also this is where you examine your group versus groups of various other gamers to get to seniorities. While it is mainly a fight of BR, bear in mind that a healthy group with great harmony can still sway groups with greater BRs. In any type of situation, make certain to test all groups you see on the listing to gain rubies, field coins, and also field symbols that you can trade at the purchase various important products that consist of hero fragments.

6. Add Friends And Visit Other Players

One of the one-of-a-kind functions that Aura Fantasy holds lie within the buddy system. Although you do not always need to be the various other gamer’s buddy to be able to see him, including even more close friends and also selecting to help them n some video game settings will certainly leave you with a consistent supply of individuals to have fun with in Elysia and also group dungeons.

how to add friends in aura fantasy

To begin, on the fight display, you can invest some intel to check out various other gamers’ maps and also unlock occasions to gain benefits. You can start a check out by touching on the Visit symbol at the top appropriate side of the fight display. Within the very same home window, you can additionally watch the listing of gamers that saw your map and also you can return the support by seeing their globe to assist. Keep in mind, however, that greater BR gamers will certainly have extra difficult maps so if there are lots of options, you might wish to opt for brows through on gamers that have BR near your own.

7. Dismantle Extra Equipment To Earn Magic Dust

As you perhaps on aFK setting or totally far from the ready time, your made tools might totally fill your restricted supply area. Although you can invest rubies to enhance the supply ports, consistently checking out the video game and also dealing with equipments you no more requirement is a feasible choice as you would certainly wish to conserve rubies for 10x summons.

how to earn magic dust in aura fantasy

Instead of undergoing your bag and also marketing undesirable tools for gold, you ought to rather continue to the rune holy place using the residence display and also dismantle your excess equipments for magic dirt. Once you have adequate quantities of magic dirt, you can start trying to craft runes. Do not stress over even more circumstances of failings than effective efforts as all magic dirt you eat adds to gaining experience indicate rate up the rune holy place.

8. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, partnerships, intrigues, and also comparable gamer teams have actually time out of mind belonged or MMORPGs in addition to various various other styles of multiplayer video games. Although Aura Fantasy can be quite played and also delighted in completely by yourself, having a great deal of close friends to have fun with in addition to coming from a guild will greatly increase your video gaming experience in addition to open extra opportunities for your development and also progression in the video game.

how to join a guild in aura fantasy

Guilds in Aura Fantasy might not outright gain you advantages in addition to having an added, and also easier, resource of close friends to have fun with. Once the guild gets to degree 2 with each participant’s task, the Guild dungeon comes to be opened where each participant can get involved and also check out the Deep Sea to fight beasts separately and also test employers as a group.

9. Aim To Accomplish Quests And Achievements

On top of the prompt benefits and also sources you gain from numerous tasks you take part in as you play Aura Fantasy, there are numerous extra benefits you can gain with everyday pursuits and also success. Both these collection of targets can be watched from the Quest symbol at the top appropriate side of the residence display. Daily pursuits need to be finished within the day and also will certainly reset the adhering to day. Achievements supply once benefits and also function as turning points about achievements you have actually gotten to about numerous elements of the video game.

how to accomplish more quests in aura fantasy

Each everyday pursuit you full makes you an important source you will certainly constantly have a demand for. Achievements, on the various other hand, incentive you with rubies and also various other uncommon products. It is necessary to regularly explore these established purposes as it works as an overview on what tasks you might have missed out on in addition to lead you on what the following quickly accomplishable accomplishment might be.

10. Take Advantage Of Special In-Game Events

There are numerous occasions in Aura Fantasy that can aid you increase your progression in the video game based upon just how energetic you are. While it holds true that you can level up and also expand your group more powerful also when still and also aways from the video game, in fact hanging out online and also partaking in the various offered video game settings that the video game deals will certainly award you a lot more.

aura fantasy events

While some occasions in the video game are continuous and also most likely to be constantly about, there are time-limited occasions that you ought to take well benefit of, specifically if you wish to advance quicker in the video game. The 7-day Trial Plan, which appears as quickly as you begin playing the video game and also lasts for the following 7 days provides the most effective benefits. For one of the most component, these includes tasks you typically take part in and also synchronizes significantly with pursuits and also success you would usually intend to achieve. As much as typical occasions go, there is also one occasion that compensates you for being on-line from 15 to 120 mins.

In any type of situation, make certain to make it behavior of checking out the numerous purposes outlined under each of these occasions as a great deal of it can be quickly completed similar to everyday pursuits. Additionally, allow the purposes function as your overview also in targeting details tasks you might have missed on as you will certainly not be anticipated to completely gadget a regular as quickly on your very first couple of logins on the video game.

That quite summarize whatever we have for our Aura Fantasy novice’s overview. We really hope that you have actually found out a lot from the suggestions and also methods we cooperated this short article. If you played the video game sufficient and also have actually found something we have not, do not wait to share your explorations with us as we would certainly like to recognize of any type of suggestions you could wish to include in our listing. Feel totally free to send us a message with the remark area!

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