Age of Magic Best Heroes Guide: The Best Characters in the Game (Tier List)

Age of Magic is an extremely addicting mobile video game created byPlaykot It is a turn-based dream RPG in which you choose and also train heroes to conserve the globe from a bad power. As with every various other video game in the exact same style, your sources are restricted, and also you require to invest them intelligently. This is where our Age of Magic finest heroes overview enters into play: you will certainly have the ability to see which heroes deserve purchasing, and also which one are not.

Remember that similar to every rate checklist, it is very subjective, which we can not potentially check every mix offered in the video game. Our Age of Magic tier checklist is simply a sign and also is produced variation 1.13.2, future updates and also brand-new heroes will definitely tip the ranges of the equilibrium. Keep in mind that various heroes synergize much better with others, so some heroes may be far better than their power truly suggests when played along with heroes that synergize with them.

Another point that separates this video game from the others in the style, is that the positioning of your schedule does not matter in the least. There is no frontline or backline, there is no demand to put your therapists in the back, or your Tanks in the front, simply ensure your schedule is well rounded and also you will certainly have whatever you require to advance via the project and also win in PVP. So without additional trouble, we exist you our Age of Magic tier checklist, showcasing the very best heroes in the video game.

The Classes In Age Of Magic

age of magic best characters

The course system is a staple of any kind of RPG, and also Age of Magic is no various. There are 7 courses in the video game: Boss, Caster, Healer, Melee Damager, Ranged Damager, Rogue, and alsoTank As you would certainly anticipate, containers have the largest health and wellness swimming pools and also highest possible defenses and also can take a great deal of hits, rogues are extremely quick and also dexterous, and also have the ability to prevent a great deal of strikes from their opponents. Ranged damagers deal a great deal of damages from range, whereas melee damagers are experts in dealing significant damages from close range.

Healers are focused on recovering their colleagues and also maintaining them conscious guarantee they can maintain battling and also dispense their capacities, while Casters are a lot more concentrated on rubbing spells for their allies or destructive spells for their opponents. The manager course is a little a weird one. It isn’t extremely clear in the video game what their expertise is, plus there are just 4 manager devices already, so it’s difficult to find out what’s happening with them. Judging by their numbers, manager devices just have more powerful capacities than various other devices.

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The Best Tanks In Age of Magic

Tanks in Age of Magic resemble containers in every various other video game.They storage tank strikes and also spell to ensure that their sickly colleagues do not, shielding them from damage. Always bring a storage tank to eliminate.Realistically, you can bring 2 if you desire, they are that excellent.Since there aren’t placements in this video game, containers rely upon their ridicule capacity to secure their colleagues, so if you run greater than 1 storage tank, ensure to not overlap their insults, or you will certainly wind up squandering priceless turns.


siegfried age of magic

Siegfried is quickly the very best storage tank in the video game, nothing else hero gets back at near to his capacity to saturate damages for his group and also secure it.

Defender of the Council is the very best capacity you can ever before request for from a storage tank, as it requires opponents to assault Siegfried for 2 turns, while all at once recovering him for 40% of the damages they deal. This capacity is casted immediately at the beginning of the battle, so your various other will certainly have enough time to establish their destructive spells and also wage your gameplan. His various other 2 capacities are everything about shielding his celebration. Path of the Knight is a fantastic passive capacity that greater than increases the shield of Siegfried’s allies for 2 turns when they obtain struck by a physical assault, whereas Patronage of Light is a wonderful energetic capacity that offers a severe increase to Siegfried’s magic resistance and also shield, while likewise enhancing the shield of his colleagues by a somewhat reduced number.

The perk that originates from this capacity is so high that it’s difficult to warrant running any kind of various other storage tank as opposed to Siegfried, yet if you can not procure him, we have the excellent substitute for you.


dreverad age of magic

Dreverand is a tree, and also trees are trendy. Isn’ t that sufficient factor to run him?Fair Dreverad is a great substitute for Siegfried, and also right here’s why: Forest Forbids.

Forest Forbids is the traditional ridicule that requires opponents to strike Dreverad, yet it is greater than simply that, it likewise gives significant lovers to Dreverad and also his allies. Every Druid, Dreverad consisted of, sees their shield tripled and also their magic resistance quintupled. Allies that aren’t Druid “just” obtain half of the increase. Yeah … just. Angry Hive is a wonderful capacity that can transform also one of the most hazardous opponent right into a coward, as it has a 70% opportunity of decreasing the assault of all opponents by 25%, along with dropping their opportunity of racking up an important hit to 0. Roots of Piece is a fine capacity, absolutely nothing as well stunning, although it has the capacity of being extremely great if you take place to run a great deal of debuffs, as the even more debuffs influence the opponent device it strikes, the longer its impacts will certainly last on claimed opponent.

Unfortunately, Dreverad’s capacity to secure his allies is linked to a solitary capacity on a lengthy (5 turns) cooldown, so he is a lot even worse at maintaining his team secure contrasted to Siegfried, which’s why he is even worse. That claimed, Forest Forbids is so excellent that running him will certainly still enable you to deal with a lot of the solitary gamer material, along with developing an effective PVP group.

Arekhon Guard

arekhon guard age of magic

Akheron Guard isn’t great, yet this video game’s storage tank division is a little bit doing not have, so he made the checklist. That claimed, he’s alright for a great section of the video game, as much as the late video game, so you can play him if you do not have the fragments for Dreverad or Siegfried.

Since he’s a reduced degree device, he just has 2 capacities as opposed to 3, and also he does not truly supply anything to his group aside from the capacity to tease opponents. Arekhon Battle Cry is the traditional Tank capacity, it teases the opponents to require them to assault Akheron Guard, while likewise enhancing Magic Dodge Chance and also Magic Fortitude by 24%. This spell is alright, yet absolutely nothing stunning, although the evade can bring about some humorous minutes if you obtain fortunate. Power of Akheron is simply a recover that heals Arekhon Guard by 28% of its optimum health and wellness factors.

Arekhon Guard is a great storage tank for beginners, its capacity to storage tank hits is great many thanks to its wonderful health and wellness and also shield statistics. But you will certainly need to change him immediately with the various other 2 containers in this overview if you do not wish to take the chance of searching for on your own stuck on a degree incapable to advance.

The Best Healers In Age Of Magic

As with every RPG video game available, therapists are an extremely crucial course for each celebration. They recover allies, they avoid their fatalities, and also they ensure every person can maintain dispensing damages. It is typically a great concept to concentrate the therapist initially in every suit, eliminating them makes it dramatically much easier to handle the remainder of their group.


azariel age of magic

Azariel is certainly in the leading 3 finest therapists of Age ofMagic Unlike with containers however, there are lots of wonderful therapists in the video game, so it isn’t as well-defined similar toSiegfried Anyway, what makes Azariel so wonderful is just how difficult she makes it to eliminate her or her allies.

Her Passive Protection of Shadow is an insane capacity. If among her allies is dealt a deadly strike, they will not pass away, and also they will not have the ability to obtain eliminated for 2 even more turns, or till they obtain struck 8 times. This capacity is currently mind-numbingly effective as is, yet after that you include the truth that Azariel herself obtains recovered by 16% of her max health and wellness whenever an adversary obtains recovered. You can mess around this capacity though: Azariel herself isn’t influenced by this capacity, so by concentrating her you will certainly avoid it from triggering.

Also, Protection of Shadow can just trigger when every 6 turns. This could make you ask yourself “yet after that can not you simply concentrate Azariel?”, and also the response is “no”, as a result of Brotherhood of Blood, among her 2 energetic abilities. Brotherhood of Blood makes Azariel compromise a quarter of her health and wellness to recover all allies by 35%, plus in the adhering to 2 transforms the 2 weak allies will certainly be recovered by as high as 3 times of the damages Azariel offers.

If every one of this had not been sufficient, Azariel’s health and wellness can not go down listed below 1 for a turn, and also a 70% opportunity to make this resistance last 2 turns. Azariel’s fundamental strikes recover her by 180% of the damages dealt, which aids her remain in leading form also after utilizing Brotherhood ofBlood Lastly, Red Shadow is a fantastic offensive capacity that strikes and also curses the target, decreasing their perseverance and also recovery Azariel’s allies, plus assaulting a cursed target recovers the aggressor by 60% of the damages dealt.

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Azariel’s abilities have numerous impacts, and also all of them are wonderful, which is what makes her so wonderful. You can not fail by having an Azariel on your group, so attempt to obtain her, she will greatly boost your group. But if you do not procure her do not fret, there are various other wonderful therapists.


lucky age of magic

Lucky is a reduced degree hero than Azariel, so he just has accessibility to 2 abilities as opposed to 3, yet do not allow this fool you. He is equally as excellent as her, although he’s far better as an additional therapist as opposed to being your primary one.

The factor for this is Lifebloom, a capability that reanimates an arbitrary hero and also recovers fifty percent of their health and wellness, while likewise providing them the regrowth of 15% of their max HP for the following 2 turns. This capacity is wonderful, rebirth is great in this video game, as typically the opponent will certainly need to invest a great deal of sources to do away with among your devices, that you will certainly after that reanimate withLifebloom You can likewise utilize Lifebloom when your whole celebration lives, because situation Lucky will certainly recover 60% of the health and wellness of the ally with the most affordable health and wellness.

Overgrowth is likewise respectable, yet it is likewise an additional factor that makes Lucky much better as an additional therapist: it recovers allies listed below 50% of their max health and wellness by 20%, and also 5% to every person else, plus an additional based upon just how much health and wellness they are missing out on. Furthermore, allies will certainly take fifty percent damages create the following 4 strikes that struck them. His fundamental strikes have an opportunity of reducing the opponents they strike by 25% for 2 turns.

You can see why Lucky is a wonderful additional therapist: he is great at maintaining individuals active after the initial or 2nd round of spells have actually been worn down currently, which typically consists of the heals of your primary therapist. He is uninspired as a primary therapist, which is why we are placing him listed below Azariel, yet as we have actually currently claimed, he is equally as qualified, so ensure to at the very least think about including him to your team.


sacrif age of magic

Sacrif is a wonderful protective therapist, primarily many thanks to Light of Archons, a passive capacity that casts a guard on Sacrif’s weakest ally as quickly as her turn begins. She can likewise eliminate as much as 7 debuffs from an ally and also protect them if they have every one of their health and wellness factors. Lastly, with Holy Healing she will certainly recover virtually fifty percent of the health and wellness of her weakest ally, which of all the allies that come from the Archon intrigue (already Argen is the just various other Archon in the video game). If the target is currently at complete health and wellness Sacrif will certainly rather protect them.

Sacrif’s primary charm is Light of Archons, her recovery isn’t truly that solid, so do not rely upon her as a primary therapist. She is great at maintaining individuals active via her numerous guards though and also the truth that she removes debuffs is extremely helpful too.

The Best Rogues In Age Of Magic

Dodging is nitty-gritty for Rogues, and also there are lots of wonderful ones in Age ofMagic Let’s see that are the very best ones.


kage age of magic

The quantity of energy that Kage offers the table with his skillset is extremely high. First off, he makes opponents he strikes with his fundamental strikes incapable to assault him for a turn. Then he can conceal from opponents by spreading Shadow Smoke, which lasts for 3 turns, and also it boosts the damages of all allies concealed behind the smoke by 30%. Death Strike is an extremely fascinating capacity, as it deals an effective strike that makes it difficult to reanimate the hero it strikes, if it deals a deadly strike. Should they make it through the assault, they will certainly be incapable to obtain recovered for 3 turns.

We placed a great deal of focus previously on just how critical it is to have greater than 1 therapist, and also just how crucial recovery remains in this video game. Kage is the excellent solution to therapists, as he can negate recovery and also make it difficult to reanimate the heroes he eliminates.

His passive, Shadow Shuriken, offers him a 60% opportunity of assaulting an adversary that has actually simply been struck by an allied rogue. Kage likewise obtains a 10% damages rise for each successive turn invested hiding. Shadow Shuriken makes it simple to deal a great deal of damages free of charge by pairing Kage with an additionalRogue Luckily for us, there are lots of wonderful Rogues in the video game, so it is simple to develop an affordable group around this.


succubus age of magic

Another hero that makes the checklist of finest heroes regardless of not having a passive capacity, and also for a great factor calledDemonic Kiss Demonic Kiss makes the target incapable to assault Succubus and also to cast any one of their capacities for 2 turns. This result will certainly likewise strike 2 additional arbitrary opponents, and also they will certainly likewise be infected for 1 turn. Demonic Kiss is a remarkably effective disable that can transform the trends of any kind of fight, and also it is why Succubus made the checklist. Her various other capacity, Deadly Passion, deals substantial damages to the hit target, and also if the target is under the result of Demonic Kiss, the damages will certainly be enhanced by 250% and also finish the result of Demonic Kiss.

What this implies is that you can Demonic Kiss and also disable your opponents, and after that deal an exceptionally effective strike to them when the result will go out. Remember, Demonic Kiss will certainly quit opponents from utilizing any one of their energetic abilities, so you can as an example block Healers from casting their heals or guards or rebirths, or you can stop Casters from creating chaos. The absence of a passive capacity is greater than offseted by the large power of Demonic Kiss.


maedb age of magic

Maedb is quite comparable to Succubus, as her Wood Spirits likewise avoids struck opponents from utilizing any one of their unique capacities for 3 turns, while likewise eliminating lovers. Blades of Fury is an additional remarkable spell that resets the opponents’ campaign, while poisoning them and also dealing substantial damages, and after that her passive, Emerald Shadow, makes Maedb constantly concealed, boosts the rate of all allied Druids by 30%, plus her rate rises by 20% for 2 turn up to an optimum of 200% whenever an adversary is reduced or misses out on a turn.

This incorporated with Blades of Fury transforms Maedb right into an exceptionally hazardous Rogue that can deal substantial quantities of damages promptly, while her opponents will not have the ability to relocate.

Blades of Fury has the extra result of noting the hit opponent with a Melee Damager course mark. If the following assault versus significant target ir by a Melee Damager, after that the target misses out on a turn. This feeds right into her passive, sadly most Melee Damagers are quite poor contrasted to heroes from various other courses, so this will just have genuine application in the midgame, ought to you procure a Maedb on your own.

The Best Casters In Age Of Magic

Casters are extremely uncomplicated in this video game. They utilize magic to assault opponents and also safeguard allies. That’s it.


rok age of magic

Rock is a sorcerer that comes from the Beastmen intrigue. His spells are extremely straightforward. Frost Spike is an effective spell that deals substantial damages to a solitary opponent and also it has a cool of 4 turns. Fireball is an extremely effective spell that strikes all opponents and also offers substantial damages to them. This spell has a cooldown of 3 turns. Rok has accessibility to a 3rd capacity, Frozen Prison, which deals damages to all opponents and also makes them miss one turn.

That’s it. That’s all Rok does. Very straightforward, extremely uncomplicated, absolutely nothing as well difficult regarding him. And he is truly excellent which’s why he remains in this checklist.


myrddin age of magic

Myrddin manages the power. His initially capacity is called Thunder Strike, and also it harms all opponents instantaneously, as well as likewise harms them a lot more for the adhering to 2 turns. His 2nd spell is called Thunder Fury, and also it harms all opponents, with a 30% opportunity of making them miss their following turn. Myrddin likewise has actually a passive called Storm Vengeance, which strikes with lightning any kind of opponent that strikes Myrddin.

Myrddin is a Druid, and also therefore he has the capacity to cause Druid intrigue marks, reducing the rate of the target of 30% for 2 turns.

Blood Mage

Blood Mage isn’t just as good as the various other 2 wheels on this checklist, yet wheels is just one of those courses where your selections are restricted to start with, so he made the checklist no matter.

Rivers of Blood harms all opponents and also has an opportunity of extending the debuffs they are presently influenced by. It likewise decreases the damages result of all opponents by 26% for 2 turns. Overall a respectable spell, specifically when incorporated with various other heroes able to cast debuffs on opponents, as it lengthens them.

Dusk of Arekhon is an exceptionally effective spell, as it turns around all recovery provided for the following 2 becomes damages. It can quit also one of the most effective therapist from doing their work. This spell is what makes this personality functional later on in the video game.

Forbidden Ritual boosts the base statistics of all allies by 15%, and also it likewise boosts the campaign of allied Arekhon Undead by 10%.

The Best Boss In Age Of Magic: Sun Wukong

sun wukong age of magic

There are just 4 managers in the video game, and also it is instead vague what they succeed at, they appear to simply be excellent well-rounded personalities with effective capacities. Sun Wukong is without a doubt the very best one, and also the just one you ought to go for if you desire a Boss in your celebration

Monkey King is what makes Sun Wukong so excellent. It makes it difficult for him to miss a turn or obstruct his capacities. This implies your Sun Wukong will certainly constantly have the ability to deal with, also versus effective disables like Demonic Kiss orWood Spirits Furthermore, he improves the health and wellness factors of all his allies, two times as much to allied Beastmen, and also his damages rises by 4% for each vital hit his allies strike. All of this comes simply from Monkey King, Sun Wukong’s passive. His various other capacities enable Sun Wukong to rub himself to profane degrees and also deal even more damages than practically every various other hero in the video game.

He likewise disregards the targets’ shield when he strikes an important hit, and also his vital hits can not be evaded or obstructed. As if every one of this had not been sufficient, when he makes use of Ryuji Jingu Bang he has a 80% opportunity to eliminate all shield and also magic resistance lovers from the opponents he strikes.

All in all, Monkey King is an extremely strong selection for each schedule, and also you ought to focus on obtaining him, he is simply that excellent.

The Best Melee And Ranged Damagers In Age Of Magic

We will not enter deepness right into these, as no hero that belongs in these classifications is specifically excellent, which is a pity, as they do have some wonderful harmonies, as an example the one we discussed with Maedb previously. Here is a list of the very best damagers you may desire on your group, they will certainly offer you well up to the lategame.

Raarspit, Angrim, Infernus, Jagg, Sabertooth

raarspit age of magic angrim age of magic infernus age of magic jagg age of magic sabertooth age of magic

All of these are satisfactory damagers for both Melee and also Ranged classifications. I’m not mosting likely to define them comprehensive as all they do is damages. Which is great and also all, yet energy improves the better you get to right into the video game.

Just understand these 5 are amongst the very best damages dealerships you can potentially obtain, so if you’re wanting to increase your group with one, check out these.

This ends our rate checklist for Age ofMagic The video game is quite described, and also while the variety of heroes are reduced presently, the programmers are striving to bring us brand-new material. As with every rate checklist, it is very subjective, and also future equilibrium updates will certainly more than likely adjustment the placement of powers in between the numerous heroes, yet it is a great beginning factor nevertheless. Let us understand in the remark what you consider all the heroes we discussed, and also satisfied farming!

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