AFK Arena Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Units (Tier List)

There are a great deal of heroes in AFK Arena, and also while the majority of them go to the very least functional, several of them lead the pack, and also you need to place added sources right into obtaining them and also supporting them. Different heroes are proficient at various phases of the video game due to the development system: a hero’s optimum degree is based upon their degree of rising, and also some heroes get to a higher-level cap than others, that makes them extra fit to the later phases of the video game. Other points to think about, specifically when constructing a group in the very early to mid-stages of the video game (as much as hero degree 160) just how very easy they are to acquire. If you are searching for suggestions and also methods on just how to play the video game, you can have a look at our AFK Arena newbie overview, or at our sophisticated overview. We have actually additionally shared various suggestions and also methods on just how to progress with phases as rapid as feasible.

Another aspect to think about when constructing your group is just how you prepare your make-up to function. You will certainly have a frontline and also a backline, on the frontline you will certainly desire a minimum of one container, perhaps 2, although some Agility heroes are great to place in the frontline too, many thanks to their high wheelchair and also capability to evade a great deal of strikes. In your backline you will certainly desire an assistance, really crucial due to their heals and also CC (Crowd Control) capacities, and afterwards your damages suppliers.

In this AFK Arena overview, we will certainly examine the most effective heroes in each function, and also describe why they are so excellent.

UPDATE: We have actually released a fresh rate listing of the most effective personalities in AFK Arena, that you can have a look at at this web link!

Best Overall Hero– Brutus

brutus afk arena

Brutus is generally set to be the outright finest hero in AFK Arena, and also completely factors. He has excellent mass many thanks to being a toughness hero, he deals a crazy quantity of damages, and also his skillset is remarkable. The mix of Last Gasp and also Brutal Defiance is one of the most effective mix of spells in the video game, ensuring Brutus offers two times as much damages while providing him remarkable survival. Brutus is fantastic in any way phases of the video game, and also he has the ability to get to the outright optimum degree cap of 240. The disadvantage? His rarity. Luckily, occasions can repair that, by enabling you to obtain an additional duplicate of Brutus every once in a while.

Best Supports– Nemora & &Tasi

nemora afk arena tasi afk arena

(* )is an incredible assistance hero.

Nemora quantity of receive she offers is fantastic in the constant video game settings like the The and also the Labyrinth, and also it’s fantastic in normal fights also. Twin Peaks you have Then, a capability that improves the more powerful your adversaries are, and also ends up being outrageous at degree 4, which you open at degree 181, enabling the charmed adversaries to cast their ultimates versus their very own colleagues. Beguile plus of running Another is that she’s buyable in the Nemora shop, which implies that you will certainly have the ability to get even more duplicates of her, so you will certainly constantly have the ability to rise her.Labyrinth is extra offensively oriented, she can get rid of an opponent for 4 secs, making them vanish from the combat zone, she can teleport around the combat zone rubbing allies or dealing damages, and also her supreme places every one of her adversaries to rest, dealing added damages to them when they awaken. An excellent enhancement to every schedule.


Best Mages & &Shemira Belinda

shemira afk arena belinda afk arena

is an insane effective mage, with the ability of winning battles on her very own, many thanks to her capability to recover herself, while making adversary spellcasters ineffective, her supreme,

Shemira, permits her to hold video games in one of the most determined of circumstances, specifically at degree 3. Tortured Souls aspect to think about is just how very easy she is to rise, much like Another, because of the reality you can merely acquire her at the Nemora shop.Labyrinth is everything about giving out damages, she has really high opportunity of striking for an essential hit, many thanks to

Belinda and also Brilliance, while her various other 2 spells deal substantial damages in a location around her target. Blessing to Compared, she definitely requires security, as she can not receive herself, so play her with even more protective make-ups.Shemira–

Best Tanks & &Lucius Seirus

lucius afk arena seirus afk arena

(* )is the most effective pure container in AFK

Lucius’s everything about enduring as long as feasible, and also he is excellent at it! Arena can recover his damaged colleagues, he can raise a guard to make himself a lot more survivable for a quick amount of time, has accessibility to a good CC spell in He, and also his supreme, He’s Divine Strike, is the most effective protective spell in the video game, enabling Heaven to safeguard every one of his colleagues by any kind of type of damages. Protection is your finest option if you are searching for a durable frontline hero that is fantastic at shielding your backline.Lucius is additionally remarkable at shielding your frailest heroes, primarily many thanks to his supreme, Lucius, which presses away all those adversaries whose major goal is to teleport behind your backline to straight take care of them while preventing your frontline, like

Seirus and also Abhorrent Torrent.Athalia– Silvina & &

Best Damage Dealer Athalia Lyca

athalia afk arena lyca afk arena

mentioning simply offending heroes,

is by far the most effective option.

When of her capacities have to do with dealing insane quantities of damages. Athalia can additionally stun her target, and also her supreme permits her to deal damages to several adversaries at the same time. All a She hero, she additionally counts as a hero of any kind of intrigue when determining Being enthusiasts, which is constantly good! Celestial, she is unbelievably uncommon to discover, so making her ascend is rather tough, however it is definitely worth it.Faction is an additional fantastic damages dealership, able to shreds her target’s protection, and also rubbing her allies’ assault rate. Unfortunately concern with

Lyca is just how weak she is very early video game, so if you discover her very early you will certainly have a hard time a little bit to obtain her to the greater degrees, however do not stress, as quickly as she begins striking the mid-game (degree 81+) she ends up being a monster.The: Lyca AFK

Related: to Arena Team Guide the Best Teams (Dominate)Game Per Tier are the most effective heroes in the video game, and also while it could appear intimidating initially to really procure your hands on them, considering that they are really uncommon, do not stress, there’s lots extra heroes that are excellent, specifically previously in the video game, where it’s much better to make use of reduced rarity heroes, as it is less complicated to make them rise because of them being extra usual.Level Bracket–


Supports, Ferael Arden Raine

ferael afk arena arden afk arena raine afk arena

just factor

isn’t with

The and also Ferael is that he’s rather negative very early video game, he requires degrees to end up being any kind of helpful, however he ends up being really solid when he gets to degree 101+. Nemora is everything about mobilizing spirits to haunt adversaries, and also he can stun several targets, that alone makes him frightening, after that you include the reality that degree 4 Tasi can quit adversaries from striking for extended periods of time, and also you obtain an inhuman assistance.He is a little an outlier contrasted to every various other hero, in spite of his optimum degree being 160, he is still helpful also in the most up to date phases of the video game, many thanks to just how extremely effective his Accursed Arrow are.

Arden various other hero whose optimum degree is 160 is especially sensible late right into the video game, however Entangling Roots still takes care of to be remarkably excellent after that. No mosts likely to demonstrate how effective CC can be.Arden isn’t a typical assistance, actually she’s a little a damages dealership. This after that you review her

Raine and also But, and also recognize just how effective her debuffs are. Exploit intensifies the damages her colleagues and also herself do by a lot that she made it to this listing.Cripple– She & &

Mages Mirael Isabelle

mirael afk arenaisabelle afk arena

most offending mages not called

are rather negative.

Honestly, whom we put amongst the most effective, is a little bit uninspired come late-game, so discovering suitable heroes for this area showed to be an obstacle. Shemira isn’t that negative very early video game, she’s an assured benefit from doing the tutorial, she is sensibly very easy to update, and also she uses some energy with her Even Belinda, however you will certainly observe just how weak she ends up being around degree 100.Mirael can get to degree 240, and also she’s satisfactory for the whole video game. Flame Shield is quite respectable, however she has a massive disadvantage: her

Isabelle capability is harmful to her colleagues, which is why she’s thus far down the listing.She– Soul Power,

Tanks, Hogan Grezhul Thoran

hogan afk arenagrezhul afk arenathoran afk arena

containers do their task very well, and also I would not truly have any kind of concern with placing

and also

Most amongst the most effective, they so take place to be somewhat even worse than Grezhul and also Thoran, however they are still fantastic on the frontline. Lucius is remarkable very early and also mid-game, and also you obtain an additional Seirus duplicate of him simply by visiting for 6 days straight, which is what makes him so excellent. Hogan can quickly obtain a Elite+ You sensibly early in the video game, making your task of constructing your group early video game a lot less complicated. Legendary offers excellent CC, also, it’s a pity he caps at degree 160.Hogan’s greatest trouble is that it takes a while for him to increase, he isn’t excellent very early video game, and also will certainly require to have every one of his capacities opened prior to sufficing as a storage tank. He claimed, he is excellent late video game, so if you are preparing for the long run, by all implies maintain him about, you will not be dissatisfied.

Grezhul is finest explained with one word: steady. That is constantly respectable in any way phases of the video game. Thoran appears outrageous theoretically however in method it’s instead unsatisfactory considering that also if you reanimate on your own, your adversaries will certainly have currently changed target to that lags He, making the rebirth instead useless. Resurrection is really hazardous vs high damages make-ups however, many thanks to Thoran and also He.Retaliation– Taint,

Damage Dealers, Saveas, Vedan, Silvina Ira Khasos

saveas afk arenavedan afk arenasilvina afk arenaira afk arenakhasos afk arena

initially 4 are remarkable damages dealership as much as degree 160, they are very easy to discover and also rise, and also they supply your group with really high quantity of damages, their trouble is being not able to transcend degree 160, unlike the greater rate heroes.

functions finest with a therapist, as his damages is based upon his existing wellness, and also his damages outcome is really high.

The is excellent very early video game, however comes mid-game she begins diminishing hard, she’s still okay till her degree cap, however the reality she ends up being considerably even worse ways you should not invest a lot of sources on her previous degree 81.Saveas is especially proper at winning battles if his degree is more than his adversaries’, many thanks to his really high maintain and also his supreme that makes him unsusceptible to whatever. Ira is still excellent also later on in the video game and also he can get to degree 240, his only trouble that

Vedan exists.Khasos is completion to our AFK Brutus overview to what in our viewpoint are the most effective heroes in the video game.

This in mind that not getting on the listing does not suggest the hero isn’t excellent and also can not function, they are simply normally substandard to their equivalents on the listing, however every hero is flawlessly sensible, and also you should not stress way too much regarding what heroes you obtain from your summons, the much better heroes will at some point show up in time. Arena, specific heroes function much better in mix with others, and also much better versus others, relying on several consider fight, like the Keep reward, or the Also toughness and also weak points, and even by the basic reality that specific heroes are much better when coupled with heals, or specific type of enthusiasts.Faction you concur with this listing? Faction you assume there are various other heroes that should be below?

Do certain to allow us understand in the remarks!Do

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