100% Golf Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Unlock All Courses and also Achieve High Scores

If you played and also appreciated Corporate Salmon, Narcissus, or SHUMP, or significantly right into hyper-casual video games that supply a satisfying yet kicking back experience, after that Alexander Johansson’s most recent offering on the App Store, 100% Golf, might simply be the best ready you.

With thousands of various golf video games swamping the mobile video gaming scene, 100% Golf’s distinctively streamlined graphics and also gameplay technicians makes it to ensure that every person can discover to play it in an issue of mins. Presented with a timeless 8-bit graphics and also sound, 100% Golf can promptly offer you a feeling of simplicity as its noticeable simpleness has a tendency to leave extremely little space for disturbances. Mastering the video game takes a great deal of method and also perseverance, however, as each shot counts completely from the initial to the 9th opening.

There are no tutorials consisted of in 100% Golf although the controls and also gameplay are very easy adequate to recognize. There are neither various golf clubs neither air that would certainly influence just how each shot is made. As each training course is two-dimensional to the core and also restricted to the sides of your display, there are just a couple of information you require to check into to maintain improving at your video game.

If you are having a difficult time maintaining a regular excellent rating or if you are seeking much more reliable methods to sink shots, after that look into our 100% Golf newbie’s overview. With the aid of our ideas, cheats and also methods you will absolutely have the ability to get to high ratings and also break graphes.

1. Every Percent Counts

If you are questioning why the video game’s title is 100% Golf, the possibly you will certainly obtain what makes it special prior to finishing a program or a minimum of soon after. For each opening, you have 100% power and also you require to handle it well as each shot you make minimizes that power depending upon just how solid or weak your shots are.

Striking the golf round is finished with a slingshot technique and also as you hold and also draw in the direction of one end of the display and also launch your hold, the golf round will certainly push to the contrary end. As you draw and also at any time prior to you launch your hold, you can swipe left or right to change the instructions of your shot.

100% golf tips

The optimal power you can make use of is, certainly, 100% however if you do, that will certainly leave you with 0% or 0 factors at the end of the opening. The concept is to sink the round using as little power percent as feasible and also the much less power utilized on each opening, the far better. Running out of power prior to placing the round finishes your run for that opening and also having the round touch any type of water threat likewise finishes you with 0%.

Like any type of golf video game, however, a negative efficiency in one opening does not finish your run and also is likewise something you ought to not be worried around as the completeness of your efficiency follows you complete the 9th opening. The situation will certainly constantly be that you will certainly execute much better in some openings than others however in no situation will certainly you have the ability to complete an opening with 100% power.

Without air or various golf clubs available, every shot you make just adheres to a straight line and also, in addition to rubbing, just barriers in the process separate you and also the opening. So normally, each opening is developed as though you do not require to use up the whole 100%. Rather, the video game gives different methods and also techniques for you to complete an opening and also it depends on you to identify one of the most reliable means to do so, indicating the most affordable power usage.

2. Take As Much Time As You Need

Like any type of various other golf video game, 100% Golf is a video game of perseverance most of all else. The fundamental technicians might be various from various other golf video games, however the essential essentials of perseverance and also accuracy stay. For that issue, perseverance can affect accuracy and also given that there are no time at all restrictions within which you have to conjecture, you ought to do not hesitate to take stops in-between each shot to analyze the environments, identify the most effective strategy, and also execute your technique with much treatment.

100% golf hints

Again, there are several methods to take the golf round completely right into the opening and also prior to you also take the initial shot, you ought to take into consideration every practical alternative. For one, there are options to make when it come to utilizing 50% power in round as versus utilizing 25% power in 2 shots. With this straightforward duality, you will certainly constantly need to assume past and also take into consideration all feasible choices that finishes with 25 1% shots. Beyond power, drawing up the most effective course to take ought to likewise come previously making the real shot.

It can take a great deal of time to in fact have each shot result the precise very same means just how you intended it. With some method, along with bearing in mind of the power and also angle you make use of with each shot, you will certainly quickly have the ability to understand it. The golf round will certainly constantly take a trip a straight line however frequently, the most effective and also fastest means to the opening is a collection of little line of sights that make it appear like the round will certainly take a trip contours along the environment-friendlies.

3. Fairways, Bunkers, Water Hazards, And Trees

You can picture each opening or phase in 100% as level and also extremely 2-dimensional. The golf round just rolls throughout the level fairways and also shelters or sandtraps, water dangers, and also trees are all at the very same degree. Unlike traditional fairway in many various other golf video games, the rate at which your round takes a trip corresponds under the very same power bought the shot throughout the whole fairway.

As there are no going over any one of the offered barriers, the round will greatly decrease anywhere within the shelters or sand catches. As long as feasible, you ought to stay clear of having your round traveling via shelters and also walk around it rather. There will normally be circumstances when you will certainly be entrusted to nothing else option however to go across the shelter to reach the opening. The finest technique in such circumstances is to roll the round near the shelter initially prior to introducing a shot that is more powerful than you normal to take a trip the required range.

100% golf fairways, bunkers, water hazards and trees

Although water dangers in all various other golf video games misbehave sufficient and also includes a matter to your shots, it is much more penalizing in 100%Golf One your golf round touches simply the side of any type of water in the degree, you will promptly shed more shots, obtain a rating of 0% or 0, and also be taken instantly to the following opening. The point is, there will certainly be a great deal of openings that give extremely slim courses in-between bodies of water that appears developed to tempt you right into taking the threat.

For beginners, however, you ought to pick the much safer, much longer course and also just handle the much more tough dangers when you have a strong adequate grasp of your shots. Keep in mind that completing an opening with also a 5% rating is far better than water threat falls short.

Trees in possibly all various other golf video games can make it extremely testing for any type of shot to go across via and also, normally also, locations where trees are laid are rougher locations at the borders of fairways, making it more challenging to obtain the round from it. In 100% Golf, trees can obstruct your shots once you begin to touch and also hold the display, the fallen leaves will certainly go away providing you a better sight of the course below the fallen leaves. In significance, you just require to stay clear of call with the bark of the trees as the round will certainly pass below the fallen leaves, making the significant room inhabited by hair feel like an impression.

Considering the workaround on trees and also the underlying faster ways it can give you on your prospering runs, make sure to constantly benefit from it and also function your means around the trunks when possible. As it might be a difficulty to hold the display to see the barks prior to you make modifications to your shots, you can constantly think that barks go to the facility of the larger circle, also without requiring to hold the display.

4. Rotating Your Device Can Help Your Aim

Each of the 27 openings throughout the 3 training courses is basically fixed as you can not change sights and also point of views within the video game. With openings located in various areas and also with each shot causing a various angle from the opening or the following location you require to reach, you are rather needed to take shots from various angles, which is hard to draw particularly if you preserve your tool in a continuous placement.

100% golf rotation

One technique you can do to make each shot much easier is to change your tool’s positioning to attempt and also make each shot constant. Instead of plucking different levels and also attempting to launch shots continually, the simplest means to do it is taking down on your display to make a shot go upwards. Feel complimentary to turn your tool as though you can draw right down on it to introduce the golf round directly. It might take a while to obtain utilized to once you make a practice from it, your efficiency with each shot will absolutely enhance.

5. Pull Back Away From The Ball

For a great deal of video games in the mobile video gaming market that needs you to swipe or touch and also hold, there is constantly a presumption that you require to do so in addition to the personality or item where the activity ought to use. While doing so might not be from another location dangerous in some video games, it can make your video game a whole lot harder in 100% Golf.

100% golf ball

Whenever you touch and also hold the display as you draw back to spend even more power right into a shot, the percent of power will certainly be revealed best below the golf round. If you draw back on your display precisely top of the golf round, it will certainly be extremely hard or perhaps difficult to see the numbers. As we pointed out previously, all percent matters so evaluations regarding just how much power you are placing on a shot simply does not suffice if you are opting for a high rating.

You ought to bear in mind that you can touch and also hang on any type of component of the display for definitely the very same result. For some, it can be a little disruptive when you hold and also swipe down much from the golf round, change the power of the shot or possibly also the instructions of the shot. Doing so, nevertheless, in mix with changing your tool to make each shot a completely upright one will certainly make it a lot easier. If you can, pick to swipe away not simply from the golf round the course itself as you ought to constantly remember of just how to enhance that fired on prospering efforts.

6. Your Initial Goal Should Be To Complete Each Hole

Even if you are an experience golf gamer in computer game, or perhaps in the real world, 100% Golf’s straightforward yet special technicians takes a while and also method of obtaining utilized to. While ratings or typical scores for each and every training course is essential not simply for boasting civil liberties however to open the various other training courses along with the limitless setting, it is essential to establish bench a little reduced for your preliminary playthroughs.

100% golf course complete

For beginners, do not stress as much yet on one of the most reliable use power for your initial couple of shots. Your emphasis initially would certainly be to finish each opening with also simply a 1% rating at the end of it. That implies that you will certainly stay clear of water dangers whatsoever expense, or perhaps avoid sand catches as long as you can to conserve all power on the fairways.

Once you have actually played continually sufficient and also take care of to protect a rating of a minimum of 1% on each opening, then that would certainly be the moment to take into consideration elevating each of those ratings and also possibly also taking into consideration riskier actions simply to reduce the course from the teeing ground completely to the opening. Keep in mind that some openings are just developed to be much more tough than others and also the opening number does not always show the trouble of the phase.

7. Take Note Of Each Shot

Although we have actually stated it previously, bearing in mind of each shot you make is a really crucial job to do if you truly intend to establish terrific documents. It works out past just recognizing the collection of shots to make completely to the opening however instead, maintaining particular percents of power you require to buy each shot to sink it in the red calls for memorization or real notes for you to a minimum of gain some constant strong factors.

As an instance, the initial opening in training course one is the easiest opening in the video game. You can make an opening in one with 49% power and also can sink it also with anything much more. Of training course, if you are pursuing high typical percents you will certainly constantly intend to be finished with the initial opening utilizing just 49% power, creating a 51% rating and also a 5% general rating for the training course.

100% golf shots

On the 2nd opening, there is no straight course in the direction of the opening so the least quantity of strokes you can do to bank your shot is 2. The finest means is to normally allow the golf round slide as near the left shelter as you can without touching it. Any quantity of power to have the pass the shelter and also have a straight course in the direction of the opening functions virtually similarly.

You can attempt a 40% power on your initial shot and also an 18% power for your 2nd shot. While the range of the openings on the initial and also 2nd phase are almost the very same, you ought to understand that you will certainly require to tire even more power given that the course you will certainly take a trip on the last phase is not as straight as the initial one.

With each degree remaining precisely the very same throughout all your playthroughs, bearing in mind of each shot you make on each phase will at some point bring about a much better efficiency on every one. Again, it will certainly need a great deal of perseverance however that is simply what any type of golf video game is and also if you exercise with these approaches, you are assured to bank a high rating one after one more.

8. Quick Reset To Start Off Perfectly

If you are currently reaching to exceed and also would certainly desire a rating more than your previous one, the most effective means to set about each playthrough is to begin right, or flawlessly, to leave little space for difference in the staying openings. 100% Golf makes it to ensure that you can promptly reboot a video game anytime while you are playing and also while that function is something you can quickly neglect or overlook, it is an essential trick to damaging high ratings.

how to get a perfect start in 100% golf

For instance, you can establish bench high very easy adequate on the initial training course by utilizing just 49% power on the firt opening and also 58% power on the 2nd one. As both accomplishments ought to fairly be simple now in time, you ought to correspond adequate to constantly have the ability to do it each video game. If you stop working to do so, after that just strike the time out switch on top of the display and also click the residence switch, pick to play the very same training course once again and also intend to have the ability to complete both openings flawlessly.

You can pick to proceed playing despite just how you execute on the 3rd opening and also succeeding phases or you can reset after the 3rd opening up until you have actually gained a satisfying rating that you can continually duplicate. As you go on duplicating this procedure, you will certainly quickly discover on your own grasping each opening in the initial training course, one after one more, then that would certainly be the moment to carry on and also control the following training course.

9. You Can Play 100% Golf Offline

Video advertisements have actually time out of mind been an integral part of many free-to-play mobile video games. While some gamers might still not obtain the reasoning behind it, it is essential to keep in mind that complimentary video games require to benefit also for their designers to be able to maintain the video game running and also offered for every person to appreciate. This is particularly the situation for laid-back video games that supply little to no microtransactions to the general public and also would mostly, otherwise solely, count on the presence of video clip advertisements to receive the video game’s presence and also more advancement.

Although some video games gain a track record for lodging a lot of adverts in their video games that turn up virtually every action of the means, 100% Golf in fact just plays 2 brief video clip advertisements as you play each 9-hole training course. If the advertisements sidetrack you from doing at your top on each opening, or if you just intend to play with no type of disturbances, after that you ought to just transform your Wi-Fi or mobile information off as you introduce the video game.

Keep in mind, nevertheless, that remaining offline will certainly stop you from registering your high rating at the leaderboards. If you played and also appreciated 100% Golf, after that the least you can do is play the video game online and also allow those brief video clip advertisements slide.

And that summarizes all we have for you on our 100% Golf newbie’s overview. We absolutely wish that you appreciated all ideas and also methods we showed to you which you will certainly be conveniently able to use every one on your succeeding runs. If you have actually played 100% Golf thoroughly or possibly also damaged our documents for the initial 2 openings, do not hesitate to share your ideas and also methods with us!


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